my ilwin

One day I’ll learn how to background. Like thinking out what to put there and then put it there so it would look as a background etc. So far floating in the void. Anyway - I drew it for a Valentine contest in one DeviantArt group. I like these two and I like them together. There’s lots of mistakes probably, but well… I did my best as usual :)

Please don’t repost, edit or use anyhow, I’m putting lots of effort into it and I want to decide myself where and how would I present it. Thank you.


I also finished Adrien today (and haven’t die while making his hair surprisingly). There were lots of work, returning, unraveling, thinking out new ways, starting again and again with him and not just with the hair, so I’m glad he’s done now. There are some details missing but I’m not gonna stress myself because of that. 

Please don’t repost, edit or use anyhow. I put lots of effort into making and I’d like to decide myself how I’d like to present my work. Thank you

Adrien would dress as Ladybug for Halloween wouldn’t he? And yes I think he’d totally wear the antenna headdress though Ladybug actual have none. Also what if Marinette would be the one to make the costume for him? Like Adrien would talk with Nino what he’d planned and Nino would either tell him to ask Marinette himself (because he’d know she is good at sewing and stuff and after all she did the hat and so) or he’d say Alya and she would recommend Marinette. And so Adrien would ask Marinette and suddenly Mari would be taking Adrien’s measures and then he’d come to her for testing the wip costume and Marinette would probably have big troubles to focus on the real world around all the time :D.


Ian Chesterton
Posable arms and legs. I did some more work on the hair after all and it’s better (yay). I mean the fringe wave, I unfortunetly couldn’t do anything more with the area around left ear, that still looks wrong. Although it still look bit strange on the pictures whole - i.e. the ringe as well. Anyway I’m rather satisfied with the result :)

And as you can see on the last picture he’s very clear about his wishes and demands so you know what comes next ;)