my ideas are weird sometimes

Luna is a mirror.

In my more fanciful moments, I truly believe this. In Princess Celestia you see power, you see glory, you see knowledge and law. You are helpless not to be awed by it. And in Princess Luna, you see yourself. And you are just as helpless against the truth of what you see.

“Hey, uh, Rarity? Are you in there?”

“What? Oh, yes. What is it, Twilight?”

“I asked how your Canterlot shop was doing lately.”

My eyes are on Luna again, and I force myself to respond before Twilight fades out of view and I forget what she asked me once again.

I chuckle. “I’d love to talk business, darling, but I’m afraid I’ve had a little too much wine. I don’t have much of a head for numbers right now.”

“You’ve had two sips from that glass.”

“Yes, well, I’m a notorious lightweight.”

“That is the least true thing I’ve ever… and Pinkie is naked in the punch bowl. Excuse me.”

“Of course. Please thank her for removing her dress this time.”

In the distance, I hear Pinkie shout, “I’m the secret ingredient!” And I’m sure I hear more than a few cheers along with it. It seems we’re having our usual effect on important state events. I don’t think Twilight would have it any other way, really.

…Goodness, where was I? Ah, yes. Luna.

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Garrett was not usually a man to experience jealousy. He rarely wanted for much beyond staying clear of the Templars, and yet here he was, with jealousy bubbling thick and hot in the pit of his stomach.

He sat near the back of the Herald’s Rest, tankard untouched in front of him as he watched them.

How Fenris had come to befriend Dorian, Garrett wasn’t sure. A Tevinter mage on the cusp of being a magister, the one thing Fenris despised above all else, and yet there they were, chatting over the bar like old friends whilst waiting on their drinks.

Really Garrett knew he had no reason to be jealous. Dorian had shown great respect for both Garrett and Fenris, and knew his bounds - any casual flirting was merely friendly banter, as evidenced by his interactions with the Inquisitor and other members of the Inner Circle. And yet…

“If you’re not careful, your face might get stuck like that.”

Garrett looked up to see that Bull had taken up the seat opposite him with his own tankard. The one eyed qunari gave him a grin and Garrett tried to return it. He must have failed miserably if the smirk on Bull’s face was anything to go by.

“Never thought you’d be the jealous type,” Bull went on, still grinning. “The way Varric writes, anyone would think you were a complete pushover most of the time.”

Garrett snorted, and said dryly, “I’ll need to thank him for that.”

“Don’t worry so much. Dorian flirts with everyone. He does that.” Bull leant back in his seat. “Everyone has their defence mechanisms.”

Garrett cocked an eyebrow at that, but said nothing and simply took a swig of his drink as Fenris and Dorian made their way over with their drinks.

“Well someone’s looking a little less than cheery,” Dorian commented, glancing over Garrett. “Fenris, you’re not starving him of attention, are you?”

Fenris smirked, and with a completely straight face, deadpanned, “only when it gets the best noises out of him and has him begging.”

Bull nearly gagged on his drink, a good amount spraying out of his nose. Garrett near choked, feeling his whole face heating up, and Dorian was cackling in delight. Fenris merely smirked, seating himself next to Garrett.

“You’re enjoying this,” Garrett grumbled, lowering his tankard.

“You seem to be doing enough scowling for both of us,” Fenris replied smoothly. “I might as well give myself reason not to add to it.”

He slipped his hand over Garrett’s thigh, leaning in a bit closer when Dorian and Bull weren’t looking.

“I am yours, you stupid man,” he said lowly.

Finally Garrett let out a short chuckle, shaking his head. “I know. I’m sorry.”

Fenris smiled, squeezing Garrett’s thigh.

“You can make up for it later.”


It’s been a while since I haven’t posted one with mister Jack Maynard so here we go! I really enjoy this idea though, my imagination is weird sometimes haha . By the way, sorry for not posting this week end I was spending it with my sister but here I am, with some of my own ideas again! Hope you like it my lovely bunnies (Idk what I’m on about )

Jack walked into the shop, the paper in hand as he looked around the empty shop. Jack was confused as he was here for his appointment in time but not one was in the shop. Just as he made his way to the counter, a girl showed up and as soon as she looked up, he was mesmerized. A smile was forming on his lips as his eyes analysed her face. “Mr Maynard , right?” He jumped out of his thoughts at the sound of her voice. “Yeah, that’s right. You can call me Jack.” The fake blonde boy said, a smirk showing on his lips. “I’m Y/N. I’ll be the one tattooing you today.” She replied, smiling back and Jack noticed the small dimples showing on her cheeks.

Y/N grabbed the paper from his hands and looked at the drawing, who seemed to be the tattoo. “Follow me.” She ordered and made her way to the equipment, sitting down on her stool and watched the young attractive boy sit on the other stool and cross his arms on the black bench, clearing used to the situation. “Are you a loyal costumer of ours?” She asked as she was putting the plastic gloves on and putting the transparent liquid on Jack’s toned arm. “I actually am.” He replied, grinning up at her and his eyes suddenly fell on her own tattoos. She didn’t have too many but still quite a few. And it had Jack hypnotised. His eyes were watching every detail of the three ones on her forearms. A small guitar on her right arm, a feather with some letters on her right wrist and a date on her left one.

Jack didn’t even realize that she was already sticking his skin with the needle impregnated in black ink. But he was so used to this sensation that he couldn’t feel any the pain anymore. His eyes were darting over to the wall behind Y/N. Some drawings were hanging on the wall and they were insanely good. “Did you draw that?” Jack asked, breaking the silence in the room. And Y/N glanced over her shoulder slightly, smiling at him. “I did.” She simply shrugged before focusing back on the tattoo. “You’re very talented.” Jack admitted, watching the cheeky little smile that she was trying to hide. “I’m not sure flirting whilst you’re getting a tattoo is the right thing to do.” Y/N joked. “Who said I was flirting?” Jack teased and she blushed even more. And then it went silent again only for a few minutes until Jack’s curiosity grew.

“Sorry for asking but what’s the date for?” He asked, eyeing the tattoo on her left arm. “I could ask you the same question.” She replied, eyeing his own and Jack laughed slightly at her comment. “It’s my birth date. Silly, I know.” Jack answered, his blue eyes meeting her green ones. “Your turn.” He said, nodding towards her arm again and she sighed. “It’s the date where I got my first tattoo.” She replied, her eyes focused on the last touches of the design. “You really love being a tattooist, don’t you?” Jack asked but it sounded more like an affirmation. “I do.” Y/N stated, wrapping the plastic foil around his arm as a smile appeared on her lips. Jack was fascinated by the way her eyes were glowing at the question, simply by her. And he was annoyed that it was done so quickly because he had to leave and probably wouldn’t come back in a long time.

As Y/N was putting everything away and throwing the gloves in the bin, she looked at the tattoo, her arms crossed. “Why ‘LDN’?” She asked, her own curiosity growing. Jack stood up as they made their way to the counter, allowing him to pay for his new creation. “I just love living here. This city is incredible.” Jack admitted, glancing over his shoulder to the glass windows, were the sunset was visible. As Jack looked back to the girl in front of him, he felt the urge to see her again. “Will you go on a date with me?” He blurred out, carefully watching her reaction. “Oh so you were flirting after all.” Y/N laughed and Jack quickly joined in, before his eyes fell on the piece of paper that she was handing to him. Jack simply took it and his eyes darted over the number written on it. “It was nice to meet you, Jack.” She said, smirking at him as Jack slowly walked backwards , his eye still locked with hers. “Nice to meet you too, Y/N.” Jack replied, smiling one more time at her before turning around and walking out of the shop.

Jack was already filled with excitement at the thought of seeing her again. The tattoo girl, as he would call her.

Little teasing for our next DUMB collab’ with @someone-stole-my-shoes
Maybe for tonight, maybe tomorrow? Who knows!
Prepare your mind to be blown (by stupidity and ridiculousness)
(don’t mind my words, I still can’t talk proper english, I’m a disaster…)

Bonus under the cut, another thing that… will or will not be one day. Not sure if we have decided yet =D;;;

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anonymous asked:

there's an LA user on okc "ieatyourrice" using your photos for their profile

LMAO OMG I HAD TO SIT HERE AND ANSWER LIKE A 90 QUESTION SURVEY TO SIGN UP TO SEE BUT WOW! they really are i’m crying… the photos are like half from when i was 19 and half from last year ? LMFAO

i can’t believe a goddamn taurus was behind this i thought they were trustworthy… also i’m NOT 5′4″ i’m 5′0″ wow tell me how u really feel about my height… LMAO

this is the most hurtful and slanderous part of the whole ordeal to be honest… i live and breathe and die for spicy food please don’t paint me this way…

ok actually this is hurtful and slanderous also LMFAO

overall if you’re out there catfish-person, i have no idea what you’re using my photos for (people have weird reasons sometimes i get it!), i at very least hope it isn’t to actually find love or attract people. my face is absolutely not going to work for that. anyway anon thank you for telling me omfg LOL i haven’t seen a catfish of me in a LONG time jesuuus christ!!!

malfoyheritage  asked:

Hey!! Much congrats much congrats!! 😄 I want Draco saying "I've never needed you as much as I do now." You is amazing! Keep up!! 😙

omg thank you!!! <3
Soooo, you already know
I kinda cheated and turned your line into a chat post already haha

I really wanted it to be the punchline and it wouldn’t have worked if people had known the line beforehand :D

Also… this one right here turned into such a mess - I don’t even know what happened? Like, I know my mind is weird sometimes… but this? No idea! :D

Anyway - thank you so much for the line and omg also for this: #love your blog honestly!! I love your blog as well! <3 ;)

Harry: *at work, receives owl*

Letter from Draco: I’ve never needed you as much as I do now!

Harry: *drops letter in excitement, floos home*

Harry: *while tearing off his clothes* I’m here, baby! I’m ready, let’s- Baby?

Bathroom: *flooded*

Living room: *full of goats*

Sofa: *destroyed*

Koalas: *hanging from the curtain rods*

Nifflers: *throwing around cutlery*

Baby dragon: *scowling at goats* Pew!

Toaster: *fuming*

Stove: *on fire*

Draco: *covered in flour and chocolate while a koala climbs on his head*

Draco: Help?

Send me a line? :)

DNA vs. Appearance - What determines your race in society?

What do you do and where are you accepted when you come out looking different than what your DNA suggests? Does DNA and family become irrelevant based on ones skin color or social experiences?

To get started, let’s take someone like alternative/pop artist Halsey for example. I’ve noticed she’s becoming a popular thing, so why not. This is Halsey:

Her mother is white. Her father is black. This is what she came out looking like. I’m gonna touch on a lot different things in this post. Get a bowl of popcorn ready. Let’s get into it.

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the thing about being a furry who draws out journal entries is that you gotta make a fursona for EVERYONE you wanna talk about, and sometimes it’s hard to get it right the first time


Late Christmas presents for @effectsofgrowingup and @peach-tea-lover: a random princess and Killian from The Adventure Zone!


Finchel AU: When Ms. Jones introduces old friend and famous Broadway star, Rachel Berry, to the Glee club, Finn finds himself inexplicably captivated by the girl, much to the dismay of his current girlfriend. 

I just lost two followers for what I’m assuming my influx of Monster High ocs so can I get a small promo/I’d like some new mutuals too! I’m Starship, an art goblin hiding under your local bridge. I like Mystery Science Theater 3000 a lot as well as Ghostbusters and a lot of schtuff. May I offer you my wares of my weird ocs, original story ideas, and sometimes fanart. Feel free to hmu any time.

[I have no idea what this is.]

Interviewer: Mr. Queen, thank you for joining us.

Oliver: Please, call me Oliver.

Interviewer: Thank you, Oliver. How are you? I just heard that congratulations are in order?

Oliver: Yes, thank you, yeah, I’m engaged.

Interviewer: Ladies everywhere are mourning right now, I’m sure.

Oliver: Oh god, yeah, I…that was a lifetime ago. I’m not that person anymore.

Interviewer: Indeed, I imagine the things you’ve been through since your father’s boat went down, that may have had a little to do with your–

Oliver: Yeah, my personality change? Just a little.

Interviewer: Only a little bit. Hardly at all.

Oliver: [laughing] Right.

Interviewer: Now, we’ve had a chance to speak to your fiancee–

Oliver: Yeah, I saw the video.

Interviewer: She is something else, Oliver. You’re a lucky man.

Oliver: She’s incredible. I thank my lucky stars every day for my broken laptop.

Interviewer: Right! That’s how you met. She was an I.T. girl at the company and you were the billionaire with a broken laptop. It’s almost like a Cinderella story.

Oliver: Oh no, no…it may seem that way on the surface, but it’s more like…if I had to compare it to a Disney movie, it’s far more Beauty and the Beast than Cinderella. She’s no damsel, she’s a fighter.

Interviewer: So you’re comparing yourself to the Beast? That’s fascinating.

Oliver: Sure. I have a little bit of a temper, I’m ashamed to say, but one little slap on my paw from her, and I’m done for.

Interviewer: [laughing] That’s amazing. I can see that about her. She’s very protective of you.

Oliver: Yeah…there’s been a lot of negative press around me and my family, and certain events which I won’t talk about here–

Interviewer: Even though it’s something everyone wants to talk about–

Oliver: Not going there, sorry.

Interviewer: It’s a trending topic in social media right now. And the silence around the issue from people like yourself just adds fuel–

Oliver: What’s the next question?

Interviewer: Uh…well…let’s, let’s talk about your campaign. Give us a summary of your policies and goals if you’re elected.

Oliver: Starling City is my home. Star City, excuse me, I’m still getting used to that. Star City is my home. And I want to fix my home. I feel partially responsible for a lot of the damage, not just physically, but emotionally as well. My mother and my best friend’s father were involved in the earthquakes, I carry some guilt over that–I unwittingly handed my company over to…well, a psychopath, one that killed Mayor Blood and destroyed this city. I carry some guilt over that. I know my fiancee and my friends constantly remind me that those weren’t my fault, but I can’t help it. The only thing I can do, or try to do, is fix my mess. Make things right. Whatever needs to be done, I’ll do it, whatever resources I have to scrounge up, I’ll find it. Family is important to me, and the people of Star City are my family.

Interviewer: That’s incredibly moving, but there’s still a lot of anxiety over the Queen name. How will you overcome that?

Oliver: By bringing in a new Queen, one who’s already stabilized the company now called Queen Inc., stabilized my life, and already has this city eating out of the palm of her hand.

Interviewer: Most of them, anyway. She has faced some less than favorable opinions.

Oliver: That…is something I can’t respond to without losing some professionalism. But she handles it all very well. She fights her own battles.

Interviewer: She’s already living up to her future name. Well, Oliver, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with me.

Oliver: My pleasure.

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Adrien to his dad.

… are welcome. XD