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FitzSimmons Season 1 iPhone Wallpapers
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click on the images for HQ. more & alt. colors under the cut! please like/reblog if using. enjoy!

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anonymous asked:

are their any blog/blogs that you've made a connection with in this fandom? if so who? i wanna start my own dt blog but im scared i won't really talk to anyone, so maybe a few recommendations would help :))

Hell yea their is! I don’t talk to all of them a lot, but I sure do love all of these guys💕
@scuteedolans Leena’s actually the best person I could ever ask to collab with
@dolayn sweetest person ever
@dolan-twin-trash MY MOTHER SHES SUCH AN ICON
@curlymotherfuker another icon
@artdolan actually perfect everything she posts is iconic
@graysdol gorgeous inside and out
@edjjr0401 he’s been one of my most loyal followers to date
@avacadolan HILARIOUS
@4odolans legit one of the prettiest people i know
@poeticallydolan actually love her blog
@dolantwinsgifs love her blog too
Ok so pretty short list, but theres actually so many people I love the list is endless💕

I tried to play a pirate game because I thought it had avatar customisation but it didn’t. So I drew myself as a pirate anyway! Feat. super cool bone sword that I need to be part of my life