my icon atm

I downloaded Peach bc it looked cute but I don’t know anyone who has peach lol if you have peach hmu
@mutuals u should get peach and hmu

@linkette i’ll post a pic but 29th of march (this if it arrives as estimated and u don’t count the time needed to figure out my mistake and fix it rip) is so far away :/ and pompadours are.. so fluffy and so fucking gay!!!🌈 also i agree, it’s because of the gay i pulled it off (were i, god forbid, s****** i’m not sure it would’ve worked so well). anyway, cold resistant? gay. heat resistant? gay. temperate climate and everything in between the two resistant? also gay. adaptation to every possible climate is… gay. aaaaand georgi is an angle tbh god bless his emo heart.. and vi, pleas….. you are… inherently iconique… like ur an icon by simply being u… u are… how do u say it…. *viktor voice* wow!!!💕💕