my icon atm

A Darnell icon because I love him.

I might draw the rest of the cast as well, since I have a lot of free time at the moment.



  • a page filled with extremely simple and pastel icons by yun that is 100% dedicated to all the characters of colour in omgcp! 
  • feel free to ask for an icon and if you want a different colour scheme (because i actually kept the psd haha!)
    • also get in contact if you think i accidentally coloured a character too lightly? i’m always willing to make changes if i’m in the wrong! :)
  • this is a project that’s a work-in-progress and i’ll make sure to make as many icons as i can! 
  • also please remember to credit me if you use any of them! ok, have a great day! <3

Hey! So despite the fact that I’ve had this blog for like a year I haven’t really started using it properly until now, so here’s some stuff about me:

I’m studying Psychology, English, Sociology & Politics in university, I’m in my first year

I’m from a rural part of Ireland, lots of cows and sheep

I love dogs and want to own as many as possible when I ‘grow up’

I want to be a writer (fiction) and possible a psychoanalyst/therapist 

I love Gilmore Girls (Rory is my icon atm) with a fiery passion

I’m an INFP and Hufflepuff (and proud)

I procrastinate a lot and am not very good at the whole studyblr thing but here we are anyway

Here are some of my favourite studyblrs:

@studyehn @meddiestudies @urbanestudies @ittybittystudyblr @studybiologyis @architstudy @memoirs-of-a-future-lawyer @emmastudies @charliewantstostudy @estudier @thestudynotes @moanastudies @getshitdonetbh @productivebuddy @legallychic @castlestudies @fiercelittlestudyblr @studybuzz @studybum 

If anybody has/wants any advice about studying or just wants to chat (please my ask box is dead) you know where to find me!

 - Aideen xx

    free use icons.

        55 static 100x100 icons of
        Cate Blanchett  in  her role
        as Galadriel as requested
        by  lovely  keeperofnenya.

       please  like/reblog
       this post  if using.

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                        I met


here’s amira serving Looks™ while gazing off into the distance (i was inspired by alex and the whole mechanic idea and the only downside is that it looks like she broke into a stable and stole juniper, who is too nice of a horse for a mechanic to own). trying to actually train my horses, who are languishing in my stable with red icons atm. (also i’m pretty much back and will try to post stuff more regularly from now on)

☣ weaponless! the only icons i have of jb in the walking dead is that first sex scene with lori. i should probably consider making more icons from that show instead of me hoarding trash of things i’ll scarcely ever / probably never use. :)

↳ #60 gif icons of AnnaSophia Robb. None of the original gifs belong to me, so all the credit goes to the owners. All of these are 100 x 100. If this helped you in any way, feel free to like/ reblog this post, though it is by no means necessary.

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