my icon atm

A Darnell icon because I love him.

I might draw the rest of the cast as well, since I have a lot of free time at the moment.



  • a page filled with extremely simple and pastel icons by yun that is 100% dedicated to all the characters of colour in omgcp! 
  • feel free to ask for an icon and if you want a different colour scheme (because i actually kept the psd haha!)
    • also get in contact if you think i accidentally coloured a character too lightly? i’m always willing to make changes if i’m in the wrong! :)
  • this is a project that’s a work-in-progress and i’ll make sure to make as many icons as i can! 
  • also please remember to credit me if you use any of them! ok, have a great day! <3

ok so i’ve fully been intending 2 change my url for ages + ages but i’ve been too indecisive to Actually Change it….anyway these r my options so if anyone wants 2 let me know which one i should change 2 i would highkey love u

  • berniewoolf
  • sapphicminerva
  • jemmasredgrave
  • berniewlfe
  • morvendigby

Hey! So despite the fact that I’ve had this blog for like a year I haven’t really started using it properly until now, so here’s some stuff about me:

I’m studying Psychology, English, Sociology & Politics in university, I’m in my first year

I’m from a rural part of Ireland, lots of cows and sheep

I love dogs and want to own as many as possible when I ‘grow up’

I want to be a writer (fiction) and possible a psychoanalyst/therapist 

I love Gilmore Girls (Rory is my icon atm) with a fiery passion

I’m an INFP and Hufflepuff (and proud)

I procrastinate a lot and am not very good at the whole studyblr thing but here we are anyway

Here are some of my favourite studyblrs:

@studyehn @meddiestudies @urbanestudies @ittybittystudyblr @studybiologyis @architstudy @memoirs-of-a-future-lawyer @emmastudies @charliewantstostudy @estudier @thestudynotes @moanastudies @getshitdonetbh @productivebuddy @legallychic @castlestudies @fiercelittlestudyblr @studybuzz @studybum 

If anybody has/wants any advice about studying or just wants to chat (please my ask box is dead) you know where to find me!

 - Aideen xx

    free use icons.

        55 static 100x100 icons of
        Cate Blanchett  in  her role
        as Galadriel as requested
        by  lovely  keeperofnenya.

       please  like/reblog
       this post  if using.

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basedmercury  asked:

(is your diana all business or does she have a dorky side like that one post with her and this little girl talking about a children's card game)

you ain’t seen all of it yet.