my husband is the best everyone else can go home

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Cassian just loves Bodhi so so much. He's that guy that can chatter about his boyfriend for hours on end and would bail on his own bachelor party because he wants to go home to Bodhi. His friends would drag him to a strip club and he'd be all "I want my husband"

ahhhh yes I can imagine how annoying it must be for everyone else every time Bodhi is away because Cassian never stops going on about him: on a ship ‘Bodhi the best pilot in the galaxy and that’s a fact’, eating a sandwich ‘me and Bodhi like to take sandwiches when we go on soppy romantic picnics’, someone tells a joke 'hey did you hear about this funny thing Bodhi told me? I miss him’. everyone else is just like 'HE’S BEEN GONE FOR TWO HOURS PLEADE SHUT UP.’