my husband is better than your so

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$10 - One of our many trusted manufacturers will use the ashes of your dearly departed as material to create useful and durable household items. We offer a wide variety of picture frames, coffee mugs and other mementos!

$20 – Ashes are mixed into a special liquid used to germinate a tree seedling of your choosing. What better way to honor your loved one than to use their ashes to create new life in the form of a great tree!

$40 - Ashes are pressed into an audio CD which will contain all of your loved ones favorite songs and even a recording of your loved one. This CD is sure to be a treasure!

Our products are guaranteed to satisfy, but don’t take our word for it, read some of the reviews from some of our clients themselves.

“My husband was a heavy whiskey drinker, so I thought what better way to honor him than to turn his ashes into a glass tumbler. The glass came out better than expected. It was gorgeous! Holding the glass in my hand just made me feel closer to him. Lately however, the glass mysteriously fills up with a reddish liquid out of nowhere. I am assuming it is part of the service you provide? Tonight I shall toast my late husband and take a swig.” - - Mary O’Connor

“After a long battle with Cancer, our son Jeremy passed away. Jeremy was an active child and loved playing in the neighborhood park. So we decided to buy the tree package and turn Jeremy’s ashes into an elm tree which we planted in the park. The tree grew very quickly and it is quite a sight! My wife and I visit the tree often and we are pleased to see other children playing by the tree. I can almost sense Jeremy’s presence at these times. It’s too bad there have been a rash of child disappearances in the area lately. It seems, that some kids have gone to the park and disappeared. I pray for these kids and hope they are found alive, but if not, I shall refer the parents to you.” - - Lewis Miller

“After my wife passed away, I thought pressing her ashes into a CD would be a perfect memento. I compiled a list of her favorite music. Imagine my surprise when I played the CD and heard my wife’s voice speaking to me as though she were alive! I don’t know how you guys did it, but hearing my wife’s voice again filled me with joy. Not only that, but the recording keeps changing every time I play the CD. My wife was always a bit of a chatterbox and there were times I wish she would shut up, but now I play the CD all the time – day and night. My only complaint is that I wish she wouldn’t bring up the accident. …I didn’t mean to hit her that hard…” - - Charles Leger

Daddy Chanyeol

 Lay / Suho / Baekhyun / Kai / Xiumin  / Chen

Requested my several. It’s finally here! baby daddy!chanyeol

Summary: your husband channel has ben worried about you recently because of your sore muscles during your pregnancy.


“Are you up yet?” Chanyeol asked. I felt completely exhausted, but I had no idea why. I just grunted and answered 


He laughed as he finished getting dressed for the day.

“Comee on, Jagi. Feeling any better today?”

“better than yesterday,” I replied. I knew he was worried about me feeling tired so often. he quickly ran to the bed.

“Progress!” he pulled the blanket off me gently being cautious of the baby bump. he placed his hand over my belly and kissed my forehead. He leaned down hovering over the bump. “Good morning, little one.” he jumped slightly. “a kick!” he pressed his lips to my stomach “I love you.”

“Baby love you too.” 

We were interrupted by the phone ringing. Chanyeol grabbed the phone and answered.  “Hello? Yes. ‘better than yesterday’, apparently. Now? Fine, hold on” he handed me the phone rolling his eyes. “Lay hyung wants to say ‘hi’.

I giggled at his annoyance. “Hi, Lay!”

“How’s Baby/” Lay asked

“kicking more now that appa is home.”

“I heard you’re on bed rest.”

“Yeah, Baby pulled one of my muscles and now Yeol wants me to stay in bed,” I explained holding eye contact with Chanyeol

“I don’t want you to strain,” he said back he reached out for me. “gimme the phone.”

“Bye Lay-ssi,” I said quickly

“Bye, y/n-ah!” Lay replied

“Hyung? yeah. I’ll be back this weekend. I want to make sure she’s well enough.”

I laid back into the pillows feeling relaxed by the sound of my husband’s voice. A few moments later I felt a shift in the bed. I knew it was Chanyeol cuddling me. He wrapped his arms around my waist. 

“I thought you were going somewhere?” I questioned

“I’ll just do it later,” he said with a smile. I can’t deny his puppy love.


there you have it! I’ll post the rest of the members (ot9 for now). Let me know if y’all want the rest (ot12) Lay is next!!!

What Makes You Happiest (Jumin x MC)

You and Jumin get together late in the night to watch a fireworks show.

Word Count: 583

Ok, so I’m much better thankfully, I’ve gotten done with most of the things causing me stress and will be much more on time with my postings than beforehand starting Saturday! Thank you so much for the support and sticking around, I’m so grateful to have such wonderful readers :)


“Come on, we don’t want to miss it!” You cried, dragging your husband out towards the balcony of the penthouse. 

“Love, calm down.” Jumin couldn’t help but laugh at your determination, sliding open the glass door to reveal the night sky. “We have plenty of time.” 

“Not really. It’s supposed to start at any moment!” You furrowed your brow. “Don’t tell me you’re not a fan of fireworks!” 

He thought for a moment before giving a small grin. “Well, can I tell you a secret?” 


He leaned down, only emphasizing the height difference between you two.

“I’ve never actually seen fireworks before.” 

Your eyes widened to the size of saucers, utterly surprised. “No way.” 

“This might not be too big of a surprise, but my father was usually too busy to go on many family outings, and my mother…” He huffed. “you already know she had…other things on her mind.” 

You folded your lips, before beaming brightly towards him before affectionately ruffling his hair. “Then this can just be your first! Nothing wrong with that.” 

He nodded, his face softening. “Yes, you’re right.” He wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you close. “In fact, with you here, I think I’ll quite enjoy it.” 

Before you could respond, a crackling boom rang in your ear, colors seeping in through the corner of your eyes. 

“It’s starting!” You said in delight, twisting your head to see the fireworks paint the sky. 

Each crackle beat against your heart like a drum, making your lips stretch wider by the second. 

Jumin seemed much more focused on that, than the fireworks.

“How many times have you seen these?” He asked. “You seem like a child in a candy store.” 

“I used to see these all the time as a kid.” You shrugged. “They aways make me feel the same way as I did when I was little. Happy” You glanced up at him, tilting your head slightly with curiosity. “What do you think of them?” 

“I think they’re…interesting. In a good way though.” He frowned. “I’m not entirely sure though yet.” 

You nodded, allowing the two of you to just enjoy the other’s company as the sky was lit. 

However, you couldn’t help but notice the how he slowly became more and more enveloped in the event.

It wasn’t until it began to die down that you spoke.

“How about now?” You asked, looking up at him. 

“I like them.” 

“Do you know why?”

“Because they make you happy.” He admitted. “I think they’re a lovely sight, but I like them more so because of how excited they make you.” 

Your cheeks quickly became drenched in red. “O-Oh.” 

“If you like them so much, I’d be happy to personally arrange a show for you.” 

“You don’t need to do that.” You remarked, reaching out a hand to cup his cheek. “After all I have something that makes me much happier than the fireworks.” 

“Oh? And what’s that?” 


“No, but.. Hey! Damn it, listen will you? Isn’t anyone else available?” you anxiously asked your sister on the phone, running a hand over your face. “Alright fine.” You grumbled, glaring at the ground. “And don’t take too much time coming back . I’ll leave in a few minutes.” You dropped the call, turning towards a very confused team, silently seeking answers.

“What..?” you asked after their continuous stares. “What was all that about?” asked HR with big blue curious eyes. “It was my sister” you sighed. “She wants me babysit her kids while she goes on a long due date with her husband.” You rolled your eyes.

“So, what’s wrong in that?” Cisco asked with a small smile, folding his arms over his chest. “What’s wrong? She’s asking me to look over little meddling devils! I have better things to do than that!” you said with heaved breaths.

“Wait a minute…” Barry came forward, uncrossing his arms, with a small amused smile and realization written over his face. “You..” “You don’t like kids?” he asked stifling laughter. “Yes, I don’t.” you firmly said with your head held high.

“Whoa girl.”  “You tellin’ me you don’t like kids?” Cisco raised his hands taking a step back. “I don’t. So?” you quirked an eyebrow. “But (Y/N), kids are so adorable! And cute.” Caitlin said.

“Cute my ass. They are little devils running around having nothing better to do than irritate people with their annoying questions and doing ridiculous pranks. Oh, and did I mention they cry a lot? They keep wailing and don’t shut up at all!” you huffed, making the team break into grins.

“Come on Joe, back me up here.” You looked at the detective, who surely didn’t want to be involved in this conversation. “Wasn’t Barry annoying as a child?”

“Well, he talked nothing but science so in a way he kinda was”

“What the- Joe?!” Barry barked in surprise.

“What? I didn’t say that you were always annoying. You were a pretty good kid” he said with a smile.

“See? Kids are annoying.”

“(Y/N), don’t you have your adorable little nephews to babysit?” Barry asked with a teasing smirk on his face.

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever” you waved your hand, leaving the cortex,  grumbling under your breath.

Request: Can you do a Barry imagine where the reader is Barry’s gf and she’s a bada$$ and doesn’t sugar coat anything. Her sister calls her and asks her to watch her kids which the reader is not down with at all because she hates kids with passion and the team finds it kind of shocking and funny at the same time.

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I think your husband is a jack ass and doesn't deserve you. It makes me sad that you took him back, because you deserve so much better than what he gives you.

There are so many ways I can respond to this, but this is probably the most honest way. This is my blog, it’s 100% coming from my point of view. That means that it will often be skewed in my benefit. I’m not going to think I’m wrong about something, because we always think we’re right. I’m not going to ever see myself as the villain because we all see ourselves as the heroine of our own story.

There have definitely been times that I’ve been the villain, and remember, I will probably not choose to write about those times because it’s humbling and embarrassing to do so.

No one is 100% at fault. My view on things is, if we divorce, I want to be able to look my girls in the face and say, “I did everything in my power to keep your family intact, and I failed.”

I don’t ever want to say, “yeah it was hard so I just left and didn’t work on things.”

Whispering Pines - Part Two

Part One

SUMMARY: You and Sam go undercover as a couple in a gated community where the residents are disappearing.

Warnings: Language and sexual Content (in future parts)

“Well, hey there!” A bouncing, forty-something blonde greets you as Sam open your car door. “We’ve been waiting for you. On behalf of the Whispering Pines board of residents, we’re just so excited that you’re joining our little community.”

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How are Muslim’s even criticizing today’s media but when their children want to go into journalism they are considered rebellious and disobedient. How do you claim black lives matter and reject a black husband/wife to be. How do you claim Malcom when you have not once been to the inner city? How do you talk about white privilege while building your home in the white suburbs. This Muslim celebrity culture stuff needs to end today. Stop romanticizing and worshiping these speakers. What the hell is Deen Squad? How is hijab being associated with playboy even remotely cool? We’re not meant to be regurgitations. What happened to our originality? And our self esteem? Where are our real artists? How has mental health and abuse been so widely and effortlessly ignored? Why do we measure faith by a beard and replace hijab with a headscarf. When did our faith become so aesthetic? When did we start selling out so hard to appease the families we want to marry into? When did we become so disconnected with nature. Why do we value charisma over substance and the lecturer over the lecture. We are capitalists and we have no idea. We prefer safe and uninspiring careers over dedicating our professional lives to our communities. We read quotes and have left books. Why are we so complacent with these empty khutbas. Why do we keep wasting money on building huge mosques that are only ever full on juma. Why are mosques in the suburbs raising money to buy chandeliers. Why don’t we support Muslim businesses. Why have we let social media destroy our sensibilities, sensitivities, and our modesty. Why are we so reactionary to everything. We do not fear Allah. We’re blessed, so blessed to have this faith and we live such self centred lives, justifying our every action, hate to be advised, and are completely uninvolved with the bigger picture. The Muslim community of the west, our generation, will be considered the most useless generation in the history of this ummah unless we fix up, come together, and build together. We are the cause for our own state today. And we do not even care.

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You know... I'm hiv positive, I just found out a few weeks ago and I have not stopped crying every night since then. I was stupid, I know, I believed in him and now I'm fucked up. What saddens me the most is that I used to have beautiful dreams about meeting someone, yknow, I used to dream about having a loving husband and beautiful children; now, everything's just fading away. One of my biggest fears was getting old and being alone, now I may happens and I can't help getting depressed about it

I am so sorry.  Thankfully, these days I believe there are better, and more treatment options for people who are positive.  I think there are also more options for dating, and the stigma has lessened. Not to say it’s rosy but I feel it’s better than what it was.

I don't want to make light of your situation but, try very hard not to be negative, and to keep your dreams and optimism alive.  You can’t change the past, only your attitude and thoughts towards the future. Please don’t lose hope. There are couples out there where one of the partners is positive. I know it’s possible and works out. Message me if you just need someone to talk .

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"So, you leave your children to grow up without a father."

Hodelle’s nose wrinkled a moment as a muscle in her jaw ticked from the clenching. The whispered words left a bad taste in her mouth.

“I left my husband due to his antics and ideals that we clearly did not agree on. I left a world of solitude, where feelings were pushed aside and only duty came first. Love was on the far burner, only to be touched when it was convenient. Me and my children deserve far better than that. We deserve to be loved, cared for, protected by one who wants us in their life. One who will forgive for mistakes made. One who will cherish us despite our misgivings.” 

The woman scoffed as she considered the words again. “They are young. There is time for the right man to enter our lives. One who would be a true father figure and love them as his own.”

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You can do better than your dimwitted husband.

I shall, for the present, hold tongue on your words and their ever present insult to common sense, decency, and manners; such that seemed to have touched every person so far bar sir himself. After a proper eclaircissement of your point, keep in mind holding cheek and heart close to my own, I shall draw such inferences, that can settle both our minds and sap the foundations of your opinion.

The first thing that presents itself is an assumption, “you”. It is not an I or an I believe. By your words, I shall make some allowance and believe that you, sir, are an omniscient being. For I know myself and understand both history and the laws of time travel enough to be concious that contacting what has happened may cause harm to time and worlds. Surely, it must be someone all-wise, instead of a daft who would foolishly deduce my own opinion; an opinion that I have neither stated any time in the past nor thought of until present times.

“Better.” If we are to glance at a non-magical beings’ dictionary, a book that I have with me at all times, we shall find that better when used as a verb means improve on or surpass. Sir, I only have a few wishes on this. One is that I wish to be forwarded a copy of the checklist you have, for you have compared my husband like you would a brand of wand or a cauldron. Surely, sir, you would have several categories that you find my love lacking that you conclude that there’s someone better than him. May I also be forwarded with what your rating for a human being is? Surely, you have been judging him by his physical traits and used your omniscient powers to conclude that he’s an unfit husband, and not just an unfit friend or teacher. Is your rating for a red head higher than a brunette? Do you consider his smile lacking for a husband? I’d like to know.

Last, sir, is that you’ve called him dimwitted. Where have you heard such false rumors so that I may dispel them and battle their carriers for my man’s honor. You calling him dim is both an insult to him, me as his intellectual partner and equal, Hogwarts itself, and the British ministry. It may seem farfetch as I say such but surely, your all-knowing mind would come to the same conclusions as I did. Hogwarts is known to be the best school in Europe and pars with the top schools around the world such as Ilvermorny. It is known for its graduates and mentors, such as, but not limited to, Harry Potter, Voldemort, Albus Dumbledore, the Founding Four, and Merlin himself. We can conclude by its list of well-known connections, both light and dark, that Hogwarts has a standard of achievement, one that it holds onto even until now. For you, sir, to say that a teacher in Hogwarts, a position that’s highly sought after and holds huge requirements, is dimwitted, then you insult Hogwart’s history, its founders, and its graduates. Not to mention you insult the ministry and the British Wizarding World, who holds the School in such high regards.

- Vesper Reynolds


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Peach, if you found out that you were pregnant with Mario's child, how would you break the news to him?

“Well, I’m assuming that at this point we would be married, soooo… probably something like this!! –

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👙 - Is your character trendy or do they just not give a damn? 🎠 - Your character is at the carnival. What kinds of rides or games do they check out to entertain themselves?

👙 - Is your character trendy or do they just not give a damn?  

“What do you think?”

OOC: Ylanna’s sense of fashion and her ‘trendiness’ factor might be a bit inflated.

🎠 - Your character is at the carnival. What kinds of rides or games do they check out to entertain themselves?

“I love games that require focus like the ball in a cup games. I know, I know, they’re likely rigged but I still enjoy them. Games of chance are fun. So are shooting galleries, archery not guns. Don’t let my husband know I said this but I’m fairly certain I’m a better shot than he is.” She grinned. 

@lilthessa ♥ Thanks for the ask!

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Hi! Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers. SPREAD POSITIVITY! 😍

I’ve gotten this twice now so I guess I better answer…

  1. My eyes…because they’re green and that’s apparently the rarest eye color so I think it makes me special.
  2. I think I’m really funny and I like making others laugh (when I’m on a roll, my tags are especially hilarious).
  3. My husband is an awesome human being and I like myself for being able to pick such a winner.
  4. I’m really open-minded and I think I’m easy to talk to.
  5. I like to think I’m intelligent….I finished my Master’s degree with a 4.0 GPA (now if only I could find a job…..)
Maria, a maid, asks her boss for a raise.

Her boss is annoyed and asks, “Now, Maria, why do you think you deserve a raise?”

Maria: ‘Well, Señora, there are three reasons why I want an raise. First, I iron better than you.’

Wife: 'Who said you iron better than me?’

Maria: 'Your husband said so.’

Wife: 'Oh.’

Maria: 'The second reason is that I am a better cook than you.’

Wife: 'Nonsense, who said you were a better cook than me?’

Maria: 'Your husband did.’

Wife: 'Oh.’

Maria: 'My third reason is that I am a better lover than you..’

The wife is obviously upset: 'Did my husband say that ?’

Maria: 'No, Señora, the gardener did.’

Wife: 'So, how much do you want?’

Why me? -MCxHunt
  • “Why me?”
  • “What do you mean?”
  • “Why did you pick me when there are so many better candidates?”
  • “Because you make me happy and make me feel something no one has ever made me feel before.”
  • “Thomas I don’t believe this”
  • “MC do you honestly think that I would be here on my knee asking you to be my wife if I weren't 100% sure about my feelings for you and my wanting for you to become my wife?”
  • “No..”
  • “Well than.. MC will you give me the privilege of becoming your husband?”
  • “...I will give you that privilege”
Mother Onion.....

“BITCHES I’M HERE!” A white, blonde, middle-aged suburban mom appeared from the depths of hell, right in front of Sour Bill and Blossom. She held an embroidered purse, heavy makeup, and a crooked smile. “WHERE’S MY FUCKING MONEY, CRUMPS?”
Credence’s Obscurus, at the sound of her, rushed back into his house, forming back into a human figure. “Mamma-In Law!”
Sassily, she walked over to Credence, smooshing his cheeks and then kissing them. “Credence, honey, my favorite child, how are you doing?”
“Karen, I’m not your biological child, Sour Bill is…” He glanced at his husband, Bill. Bill shrugged nonchalantly, as if he’s been through this so many times before.
“OH HONEY, You’re a better child than sour fuck, who goes me 11799 pesos. And please, call me Mom Stealer. That’s an onlyyyyyyyyyne aliassssss.”
“MOM STEALER? HOLY SHIT YOU’RE THE LEGENDARY MOM STEALER?!?!?!?!” Blossom’s skin color changed to a bright blue. She ran up to her grandmother and leaped into her arms. “ADOPT ME NOW, MY DADS SUCK EACH OTHERS ASSES!”
“Is this the grandchild you’ve been telling me about??? She’s so pretty! I love her!” Gramma Mom Stealer kissed Blossom’s branches.
“I haven’t talked to you since the war, mom………” Sour Bill droned, slipping off of his high chair.
Scoffing, Mom Stealer dropped Blossom on the floor, tippy-toeing to Sour Bill. She glanced at the onions on the table. “Sour Vesuvius Bill. Are those onions? ARE YOU FUCKING CANNIBALIZING YOURSELF? YOU KNOW YOU’RE HALF ONION YOU UNGRATEFUL BALL OF GREEN APPLE SHIT?”
“M-Mom Stealer, please don’t yell at him.” Standing up for Sour Bill, Credence stepped between both of them, holding his hands up.
“You’re so right, I’m sorry Credence. How are Dimitri and Ben doing?” The middle-aged woman asked, genuinely curious. It was as if someone flipped a switch.
“Uh,, I haven’t talked to them since Mary Lou died.”
“That’s a fucking shame, Barebone. Grow some balls and call your daddies up!”
“RIGHT!” Screamed Blossom, propping herself up after whining about her branches from being dropped. “WHILE YOU CALL YOUR DADDIES, TEACH ME HOW TO OBSCURIGET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS HELLHOLE!”
“Blossom, I don’t think that’s how it works…” The candyball sighed, staring at his daughter with tired, regretful eyes.
No one cared as Blossom left.


So what? I had my suspicions. I always did. But we’re not like other people. We love each other in our own way, and we can still live the life together that we want. You won’t be the perfect husband? I can promise you I harboured no intention of being the perfect wife. I’ll not be fixing your lamb all day awaiting your return from the office, will I? I’ll work. You’ll work. We’ll have each other’s company. We’ll have each other’s minds. Sounds like a better marriage than most. Because I care for you. And you care for me. And we understand one another more than anyone else ever has.