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sooooo I know my last one didn’t have a plot, but this one does! I hope it makes sense and I hope you guys like this lil series I’m trying to create :-) it’s very angsty and theres some fluff I hope and also lots of husband!Harry and dad!Harry obviously :))) there’s a part 2 to this and it will be posted tomorrow (thursday night) so stay tuned my bumblebees

“You’re late.” Harry stated as his son walked through the front door and made his way towards his room. Harry’s arms were crossed in front of his chest, an old dark blue full sleeve shirt covering his upper body paired with his black sweat pants.

“Keeping track now?” Jasper shot back.

“Sorry?” Harry asked, giving Jasper a chance to reword what he had said.

“Nothing, I’m surprised you care at all.”

Harry’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You know what it means.”

“I don’t. Humour me.”

“What’s going on?” You asked, poking your head through the entrance of the kitchen.

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The problem is that the sellers are going to do everything to sell their tickets. They don’t care about you, they care about money. Don’t buy them, especially not if the seller tells you that they most likely won’t check id’s, because the venue don’t want to create hysteria. There will be so many security people and they are not doing this for the first time, believe me they know their job. So hysteria is a bullshit reason not to check ID in the first place. It could happen if something is off, but this rarely happens.
Getting the buyers photocopied ID is not how it is supposed to work, because it says that the buyer has to be present.
They are allowed to check ID’s, they usually check ID’s in different venues. The tickets are personalized which gives the venue and the security a legit reason to check ID’s.
You might be spending so much money (we saw Milan prices, Germany is starting with 300 a ticket now), because you wanna see Harry and than they check ID’s and they ARE GOING TO TURN YOU AWAY. Security has their rules, they are not allowed to care about your sad story how you were ripped off on Ebay. They are just doing what their boss/the venue tells them too. They actually feel sorry for you, but their hands are tied. Not them, not their boss can get you in anyways, not even the venue can get you in. If they start letting one person in, they have to do it for everyone.

Protect yourself from the sadness and disappointment. I beg you.

Go and make a post, people are going to reblog it. Check out @harrytourdates @everythingstylinson or @concertteamup if maybe someone can help you, or you can help someone! If you don’t get lucky not, give it a few weeks, maybe someone will actually have a spare ticket than and you can join that person and see Harry and make a new friend.

Last night feels like some sort of incredible dream.

Solo Harry. Actor Harry. Endearing dance moves. Harry as Mick Jagger. The butterfly. Sign of the Times performed live with powerhouse vocals. Falsetto. The return of Stage Harry. Harry in pink. Harry in a dapper plaid suit. Smiling grinning dimpled Harry. Harry with adorable malfunctioning facial hair. A wonderful new song. HARMONIES. Guitars. Five rings. Floppy hair. Rockstar vibes. Critics screaming their praises for Harry. Harry’s friends and family showing an outpouring of love and support. Watching the rest of the world fall in love with Harry.

I woke up this morning and could hardly believe it. But it’s real. It happened. It’s happening. It’s officially the era of Harry Styles.