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Lily is beyond ecstatic Harry brought someone with good taste home.
For the sweetest anon that requested this 💕

Sebastian Stan has a frankly uncanny ability to know when I’ve spent any significant amount of time focused on someone else and that’s always when he shows back up to remind me to stay Loyal

Last night feels like some sort of incredible dream.

Solo Harry. Actor Harry. Endearing dance moves. Harry as Mick Jagger. The butterfly. Sign of the Times performed live with powerhouse vocals. Falsetto. The return of Stage Harry. Harry in pink. Harry in a dapper plaid suit. Smiling grinning dimpled Harry. Harry with adorable malfunctioning facial hair. A wonderful new song. HARMONIES. Guitars. Five rings. Floppy hair. Rockstar vibes. Critics screaming their praises for Harry. Harry’s friends and family showing an outpouring of love and support. Watching the rest of the world fall in love with Harry.

I woke up this morning and could hardly believe it. But it’s real. It happened. It’s happening. It’s officially the era of Harry Styles.

Wife {Harry Styles Smut}


hello! this is just a quick one shot that i churned out bc i loved the concept and i was rly motivated! i hope u enjoy it! if u do, feedback is greatly appreciated (it rly motivates me) and here’s my masterlist if u want more lol :-)


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03. Baby Talk

Harry wants to have a baby. 

Warnings: Fluff, smut

When you arrived home after a long day of work and smelled the roast, you knew Harry was up to something.

 Either he wanted to talk over a very important decision with you, or the tabloids were about to—if they hadn’t already—print a false or prying story about you and he wanted to take your mind off it. However, you still smiled as you slipped off your shoes and jacket.

It was the little things. That’s what no one told you about marriage. Marriage wasn’t all about the Instagram posts praising each other, or the mind-blowing sex, or the grand statements of affection. It was the foot rubs after a long day, a roast in the oven as soon as you came home from work, and the quick forehead kiss in the early morning when he woke before you. Those little things kept the love alive.

 And oh, how you loved them.

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youtuber au

louis: welcome to today’s video “storytime: my husband ROBBED ME”

harry: louis you’ve been in the bathroom for a long time

harry: are you complaining about me hogging the blankets again