my husband had long hair when i started dating him

XD When Tony and I were younger, I had the hugest crush on him. As you probably know, we dated before he came out, but before we even started dating, I just thought he was the cutest boy ever? His curly bouncy hair, his long eyelashes and his soft, black eyes. I thought he was so dreamy…

When he came over to my house to play, I always played “House” because that was the closest we came to being husband and wife. We also played “Wedding” and I used my Easter dresses as wedding gowns and he wore one of my clip on bows as a bow tie. He kissed me on the cheek or hand, which I got super pouty about, since I wanted him to kiss me on the lips.

I told Maya this story and she thought it was cute. I think she’s gonna tease Tony about it a lot now. I don’t know, I just thought I’d share a little story with you guys :3