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Devil Side - Chapter 2

Summary: The next morning Bucky ends up in your room at the tower. Revelations are made.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Angst mainly. Some swearing I thin referenced emotional affair

Word count: 1497

A/N: okay I did this on my husband’s phone, so the spacing is terrible. This will be the only chapter this week. Normal schedule will be up and running next week. Happy reading!

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“I know you’re awake, (Y/N),” Bucky says softly, his voice restrained, neutral, emotions kept firmly in check. He’s been sitting in an arm chair for the last half hour, staring intently at your apparently sleeping form.

You sigh and sit up, meeting his eyes dead on. Refusing to let the fear you feel rise to the surface, you adopt the persona that had been beaten into you, the one surviving the red room had taught you. Years of training and killing had molded you into a heartless assassin, one who could flirt like a pro, take down a target with a look, have him under your spell in seconds. You could kill without remorse, not a shred of humanity to be found as you stared your victim in the eye.  

For the moment, Bucky was simply another mark to be handled.

You regard him coolly, smoothing down the plain cotton sheets which were burrito-ed around you. When you’re satisfied, you place your hands in your lap, cock your head to the side, and wait for him to say something, anything really.

He finally breaks, running a hand through his hair. It was a nervous tick, one he had adopted when he moved into the tower. You’d been assigned to reintroduce him into society, to make sure nothing went awry and it was slow going at first. He would barely speak to you, barely look in your direction. It was nothing, you were unnaturally accustomed to silence, years of being alone, mission after mission, kill after kill had left you uniquely qualified to help Bucky.

You had bonded quickly after he realised that you, too, had been used and mistreated, your identity wiped out, brutalised and sold by your own parents for personal gain, made to murder, your gifts used to bring men to their knees, to topple empires, you had been given the serum and your mental abilities gave you an edge, you could hack a server in five seconds or less, you and Tony often had “competitions” to see who could out code each other, it remained some of your fondest memories.

“I didn’t mean to lose control,” he finally speaks, his eyes pleading.

You raise an eyebrow, throw the covers back, and get out of bed. Striding to the window, looking out at the vibrant city, you envied them their simplicity, having nothing more to worry about than bills and their loved ones. “What happened on the last mission, James?” you ask. Your voice sounds dead to your ears, no inflection, no joy.

He hesitates. “I can’t tell ya, doll. It’s classified.” He almost sounds sorry, but you know him too well.

You can see through the lie. Suppressing the scoff, you turn to face him, dreading the answer to your next question, dreading that your fears would finally be confirmed. “Who is she, Bucky? The woman you replaced me with?”

His face falls, his entire being deflating at the question. Shoulders sagging, he blows out a shaky breath, eyes refusing to meet yours. “Please don’t. Don’t ask me that,” he replies, his head in his hands.

You feel oddly detached, like you’re an observer in your own life as his words cut so deep the pain is almost blinding. There’s a scream bubbling in your throat and the overwhelming urge to knock his ass into the ground, but somehow you manage to keep it together. “Who is she, James? I will find out one way or another.”

He nods, knowing it’s true, gaze trained on the floor. “Her name is Ivanna. She works at a bar in Brooklyn.”

Your breath catches in your throat, your heart threatening to tear itself from your chest. “Did you sleep with her?”

Bucky’s eyes snap to yours, hurt shining in them. He snorts in disbelief, before shaking his head in the negative, like it was a foolish question to ask.

“Is that where you go every night? To her?” you ask, feeling nauseous, sick to your stomach, acid burning its way up your throat.

“Yes” he replies and its then your heart shatters. This was worse, this was so much worse than Bucky sleeping with someone else.

“Do you love her, James? Are you in love with someone else?”

He stands abruptly, the chair he was occupying skidding back and banging off the wall with the force. He takes three long strides toward you coming to a halt as he raises his hand to cup your cheek.

You can’t help but flinch at the action, can’t help the step you take away from him, or the fear that makes its way onto your face.

Bucky drops his hand limply to his side, pure horror on his face. Horror at himself for making you afraid of him, for shattering the trust you had placed in him. He takes a step back, putting distance between you, distance you obviously needed. “No,” he replies. “You’re it.”

You roll your eyes, anger rising full force. “Then what did you talk about? Did you make her promises? Whisper sweet nothings in her ear? Tell her you would be together? Did you tell her your feelings and fears? You stayed out almost every night for two months, Bucky! What did you talk about? What did you promise her?” your speech had started calmly, but by the end you were screaming, banging your fists against Bucky’s chest, angry tears spilling forth. Great heaving sobs are pulled from you, the emotion too much, too intense for you to keep inside.

Bucky takes it, he takes it all, not once trying to stop your onslaught. “I promised her I would leave you. I promised her we would be together, get a small apartment close to the bar. I would quit The Avengers, maybe start a family,” he says, and you can only cry harder.

Sinking heavily to the floor at his words, he remains standing, watching as you fall to pieces at his feet.

“Last night I came home, I saw you on the couch waiting for me again, I saw the hurt on your face, the pain I had caused you, I saw the fear when I lost it, and I realised how much I loved you, how afraid I was of losing you. You ran and I realized what my life would be like without you in it.” He takes a breath before he crouches down.

A family. You couldn’t give him that, your handlers had made sure of it, but how desperately you wanted one with him. How desperately you wanted to be normal, to feel a child in your arms and know you had created something beautiful. That for once your body had not brought death but life was something you wanted, everyday, for as long as you could remember.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking. I know this is gonna take work, but I wanna try. Will you let me try?”

You begin to laugh. It’s humorless, but the crying stops, your coldness returns, your hurt and anger get buried somewhere deep where you kept all your disappointments, all the horror your past had brought. You shake your head, your eyes meeting his. “You had an emotional affair, and you want me to brush it off? To try?”

He blinks rapidly at your choice of words, emotional affair, and blanches when he realises what he’s done. Sitting down heavily on the floor, he shakes his head. “I really fucked up,” he states. “Baby doll… I don’t know what to say.”

The quiet that follows his statement is deafening, almost suffocating. It wraps around you like a vice, squeezing the very life out of you. You can’t breathe or think, the pain too much for you to bear.

“Are you going to leave me?” he asks quietly. “Is this over?”

You honestly don’t know. You loved Bucky more than life. The thought of never being with him again sent a wave of nausea through you. The words physically hurt, like a lance through the heart. “I don’t know, Bucky.” You were a mess, your mind jumbled and confused, your entire world had been thrown for a loop. Everything you thought you had, had ripped from you in a span of heartbeats. “I need time away from you. I need to think. I don’t know what I’m feeling. I just… I need time.”

Bucky nods and stands, making his way to the door. “Whatever you need, (y/n). Take as long as you want.” He opens the bedroom door, stopping just as he’s about to shut it again. “I’ll be here waiting, baby, I’ll always be here waiting.”

“I want to believe you, Bucky, I really do but I don’t trust you, not anymore.“ You pause briefly, taking a deep breath before continuing “if you are serious about trying you won’t see her again. You won’t talk to her again. If you do… I  can’t be with someone I don’t trust, Bucky. Its either her or me.”

Bucky’s gaze catches yours, his eyes hold an emotion you can’t place, it has dread flaring back to life in your stomach. “I promise. I’ll never see her again.” with that he closes the door, leaving you to rock back and forth on the bedroom floor, silent tears streaming from your eyes, somehow you couldn’t believe him,

Your instincts screaming at you to cut out now and save yourself the pain.

You should have listened.

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the ghost ship that didn’t carry us

egobang :: m :: game grumps :: arin wakes up in a parallel universe where he married dan instead of suzy. 

(i’ve had a number of requests to repost this, since i pulled it from ao3 a few months ago!  it was originally posted last april, and have been really heartened to hear how many people enjoyed it since it was taken down.  so in honor of april fool’s day, my take on Wake Up Married: 

It’s not like Arin’s never thought about it–him, Dan.  Arin’s had a few dozen thousand very gay thoughts about Dan, because Dan is Dan.  Dan’s not just unconventionally attractive, he’s hot, he’s scorching to such a degree that Arin would worry that if Dan actually got his mouth on Arin’s junk that all the ball hair would be singed off by sheer proximity. If Arin hadn’t met his soulmate at age fourteen, eyes locking across the crowded hall of an anime convention, he’d be the first to admit without any hesitation that Dan would probably have turned him totally, completely into a brunch-loving, pastel-wearing cock sucker.  Dan would have full dibs on his butthole, and there’s no shame in knowing it.  

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Vows [Part 5] (Jaime Lannister x Stark!Reader)

a/n: aaahhh! hi! im back! im sosososo sorry that i was gone for so long oh my gosh! school hit me like a ton of bricks and i needed some time to get in the swing of things! take this and enjoy and guess what? i’ll have part 6 up tomorrow along with a filled request! enjoy, loves, and thank you for being so patient and understanding! 


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“Choices, choices. Take the bridge and risk being seen by anyone or cross the water and," 

Brienne tugged on Jaime’s chain, the not-so-golden-anymore Lion stumbling. Although he had almost fallen flat on his front, Jaime’s smirk held strong.

"Silence, Kingslayer." 

His smirk fell. 

Out of habit, Y/N corrected her. Y/N corrected anyone who called Jaime by that title, no matter who they were. After Jaime had confessed to her that he hated it, she began hating it too. 

"His name is Jaime." 

Both knights looked at Y/N curiously, but she paid no mind. Jaime’s eyes lingered but Y/N was determined not to look his way. 

After discovering that she was with child, Y/N had taken to avoiding her husband. Her time in her brother’s camp, two months to be exact, was filled with sneers and taunts thrown her way each time she ventured from her tent. ‘The Lannister Bitch’ they called her. These men, pledged to her house and sworn to be loyal. Calling her child a bastard because of her marriage to the enemy. A marriage she had no say in. To a man she had grown to care about despite the devastating heartbreak he had put her through. 

Y/N felt that she deserved every taunt thrown her way. 

 Y/N felt like a coil, wound so tight that she may never straighten again. She had been forbidden to relieve her stress in the tilt-yard as she had throughout her childhood. The second that she had picked up her sword, Catelyn was there to scold her for endangering her heir. Her sword was confiscated and Y/N felt defenseless. Left to sit and watch her twin plan and do the fighting, Y/N was constantly on edge and ready to argue. Hormone imbalances due to pregnancy didn’t do her any favors, either. 

Robb had finally snapped and confined her to her tent when she questioned his betrayal of the Frey’s in front of his counsel. Her twin had accused her of siding with the Lannisters, all but calling her a common whore, before banishing her from the tent. Y/N felt like a prisoner among her own family. 

When Catelyn approached her that night, telling her that she needed to get Sansa and Arya back, Y/N had been immediately on board. Anything to feel free again, even if only for a short time. 

Catelyn knew that traveling while with child was especially treacherous, but she also knew that where Jaime went, Y/N would have to follow. She was a Lannister now, pregnant with a Lannister cub. It broke Lady Stark’s heart to send her daughter back into the lion’s den, but Y/N knew she had no choice. It was expected, and would lead to less conflict. 'From this day until my last day’ they had said. 

So, in the dead of night as Robb and the camp slept, Catelyn watched as Brienne’s horse led Jaime’s out of the camp by a chain, Y/N following on her own. In the pit of her stomach, Catelyn knew that she would never see her eldest daughter again. It was a mother’s intuition, and it was painful. Her family was being torn apart before her very eyes, and she was all but feeding Y/N to lions. 

A week into their journey, Y/N knew that Jaime was purposefully being a pain in the arse to inconvenience Brienne. This irritated Y/N to no end. 

Constantly plagued by nausea and forced to sleep on the forest floor, only three dresses in her pack and hardly any chances to bathe, Y/N absolutely loathed Jaime’s attitude. She wanted her husband’s support and maybe some gratitude for helping him escape. Instead, Y/N got snark and constant sarcasm. Putting Jaime in his place became a common pastime for Y/N. Jaime would never say it aloud, but he absolutely loved it when Y/N would bite back at him. 

Currently, Y/N stared at the rushing river in front of them with hungry eyes, feeling the weeks worth of grime on her skin all the more now that the prospect of a bath dangled in front of her. She knew there was no time, and it took physical restraint not to rush into the cool water. 

Jaime continued to talk, his usual condescending tone light on his words. The tone brought Y/N back to the situation at hand, causing her heart to ache as she thought back to the early days of their marriage, before their world went to shit.

"Cross the bridge and risk being seen by anyone passing by, but cross by water and risk being taken by the current or my escaping down stream." 

Y/N scoffed, "Good luck with that, dear husband. You’d drown and I’m not jumping in to save you. Neither is Brienne." 

Jaime shrugged, smirking. "It’s wonderful to watch you struggle with these dilemmas, darling. You’re jaw clenches and it’s really very endearing." 

Y/N didn’t acknowledge Jaime’s term of endearment. "The bridge is safer. In the water we risk being overturned with a boat of that size and three people. Again. The water is cold and the current is too strong. It’s too dangerous. We’ll cross casually and hopefully raise no suspicions." 

Jaime rose an eyebrow, still smirking. "Well, well. The new Lady Lannister, a gambler. The country will have an absolute fit." 


Stepping onto the bridge, Brienne took the rear with Y/N at the head. 

The threesome walked briskly before Jaime decided to sit, complaining that he needed to rest. 

Y/N knew exactly what he was playing at and she hoped she could keep him moving. "Jaime, sweet, please. Now is not the time for thi-" 

"I’ve been on my feet far too long, darling. Corns. I never used to get corns. Of course, I used to ride everywhere." 

Brienne pulled on Jaime’s chain, looking around in paranoia. "Get up, now!" 

Y/N was about to speak when Jaime reached and stole Brienne’s sword from it’s sheath, cutting his weak chain and standing at the defense. 

Brienne was down a sword, but still prepared to fight. She was completely prepared to defeat the Lion of Lannister, but Y/N held a hand up, stopping her.

Brienne paused, hoping that Y/N had not hoped to side with her husband. She wouldn’t be able to hold them both off, unwilling to harm Y/N. Brienne’s  eyes widened in shock as she was proven wrong. 

"Brienne, your sword if you would?" 

Brienne hesitated, as did Jaime. But the knight conceded nervously and Jaime stood his ground. 

Y/N tested the sword in her hands, the hilt feeling at home as it pressed into her palm. Y/N had missed swordplay. Desperately. 

"Stand down, Jaime." 

Y/N’s voice was steel, cold and hard. Jaime had never heard her speak that way. Upset? Yes. Broken? More times than he’d like to think about. But the steeled and passive way she spoke now was something Jaime had never heard. 

"Now, now, Y/N. Gambling and threatening your Lord Husband? I thought Starks were honorable?" 

Brienne went to step forward, but Y/N again stopped her. 

"Let me handle this, Brienne. You swore a vow to my mother not to harm him. I swore nothing. Keep watch." 

Y/N could see that Jaime faltered slightly, fighting to keep his cocky facade. 

"You wouldn’t kill me. Our wedding was nothing but vows. You did swear.”

Husband and wife danced circles around each other, both staying on the defense but neither quite willing to make the first lunge. 

Y/N smirked, Jaime noting just how intimidating the facial expression made her appear. 

“I swore to be yours. I don’t remember anything about me swearing to protect you. However, you swore to protect me, did you not? The only one breaking vows here is you, darling." 

Using Jaime’s slight hesitation at the mention of their vows, Y/N lunged and attempted to disarm him. Jaime blocked her quickly, eyes hard as he began lunging. 

Now on the defense, Y/N blocked three blows before yet again moving to disarm Jaime. 

Still finding ways to shock her husband, Y/N’s expression gave nothing away as they fought. Jaime was pushing his sword down hard onto Y/N’s, the steel clashing right in front of her face. 

"Jaime, enough! This is ridiculous!" 

Y/N pushed up with surprising strength and Jaime staggered back. 

Jaime stabbed at Y/N again, his wife stepping back and blocking. "You’re right, my love. It’s ridiculous that I never knew my wife could fight this well." 

As the pair fought, Brienne stood back, worried about the attention that the fight would draw to them and terrified that the pair would hurt each other. As the fight progressed, the couple grew more and more intense, swinging harder and aiming to injure. 

Stepping back to breathe, Jaime and Y/N stood poised in defence should the other one attack. 

"You’re graceful, Y/N. I’ll give you that.”

Y/N’s eyes narrowed. 

“You’ll give your life soon if you don’t stop acting like a fool, father of my child or not." 

Jaime lunged at her, angry that she would threaten him with their babe, hearing a hiss of pain before he was forced back with a kick to the stomach. 

Y/N was breathing heavily and Jaime’s heart dropped painfully when he noticed a shallow cut on her collar bone. He had hurt her. Another vow broken because of his pride. 

You’re a fool.“ 

Before Jaime could respond to his wife’s harsh whisper or even think, Y/N had stepped forward and kicked his legs out from under him, using his distraction to her advantage. 

Jaime landed on his back, the breath stolen from his lungs as he made impact with the ground. Y/N caught his sword before it fell and tossed it over the bridge, her other hand holding the tip of her blade to Jaime’s throat. Her grey eyes were ablaze and Jaime knew that he had only experienced true, unadulterated fear of this nature one other time, ten-and-seven years ago when he murdered the Mad King. 

"Do you concede?" 

Before Jaime could even attempt to force words out of his throat, slow clapping came from behind Brienne, and the two women turned quickly. Jaime’s eyes remained on his wife. Sword in hand, hair mussed, the sun casting a glow over her lithe form. Had she always looked like such a goddess? Jaime was so enthralled with Y/N that he didn’t hear the man address him. 

"Well, looks like your woman has gotten the best of ya." 

Y/N looked to the flayed man of House Bolton flying on their banners and tensed. She remained composed, years of lessons coming back to her as she held herself as a lady should. At least, as regal as one could look while holding a sword to their husband’s throat. 

"Yes, well, passion and anger make for weak swordplay.” She didn’t lower her sword and Brienne felt defenseless without her own weapon. 

The man at the head smirked, appraising Y/N, eyes raking over her body. Jaime’s jaw ticked angrily. 

“What’s your name, love?" 

Y/N, quick and calm as a Stark should always be, responded smoothly.

"Alessandra Snow. I was a handmaiden at the Stark camp." 

The man laughed heartily, his men laughing with him. "Don’t take me for a fool, Lady Y/N. I’d recognize The Flower of House Stark anywhere. Little Lyanna. Your brother’s been lookin’ for ya." 

Y/N ground her teeth at the nickname, not bothering to cover for her lie or even apologize. Her gaze remained level with his until his eyes shifted. 

Tilting his head to look at the man behind her, the man’s smirk grew. "And that makes you Jaime Lannister. Just the man we need." 

Jaime stood, stepping in front of Y/N. She didn’t continue to point her sword at him. 

"Let us be. My father will give you whatever you want." 

Y/N rolled her eyes, looking to Brienne to find a similar, painfully annoyed expression on the knight’s face. Her jaw clenched as she looked to Jaime, knowing that he was completely serious. Almost four-and-ten and still calling on his father’s money to get him out of tight situations. 

The Bolton man scoffed, "Enough for a new head? If the King in the North hears that I had the Kingslayer and his sister and then let them go, he’d cut it right off." 

Y/N’s eyes hardened and she raised her sword, but she didn’t remain on the defensive for long as they were all seized. Jaime had grabbed her wrist, stopping her from fighting, his eyes focused on her stomach. Y/N’s eyes were still ablaze with fury when she looked at her husband, on her knees in front of the Bolton bannermen. 

 "I’d rather he takes yours.”

I hate liars. (chapter 1)

Author’s note: ok so I have always wanted to write a mafia!AU. Like a whole universe that develops over multiple chapters and I don’t know why I just never came around to doing it. But there it is. This chapter is more exposition than anything else. It’s more in order to paint of picture of the villain and give the reader an idea of where the mc is at. Also just to see if it’s something you’d be interested in reading. This chapter is a little rough, I promise the next ones will be more polished. Anyway, I’m going to stop rambling now and I hope you enjoy. Please don’t hesitate to leave feedback ^-^

Genre: mafia!AU, graphic violence(if you’re not comfortable, do not read), mentions of death // female mc

Word count: 1684.

Summary: You never really knew how your father got involved in a gang but you knew what he did for a living, for the most part. When a rival gang comes to get what they’re due and your father refuses, everything turns to horror.

Originally posted by wooyoungbby

          “Reject me all you want, you’re still mine.” He wasn’t wrong. And it ate you up inside. It made your heart burn with hate and disgust and yet, you couldn’t do anything about it. Not now at least.

          About two weeks ago, as you were working reception at your dad’s restaurant, he suddenly came rushing through the door, urging you to go hide in the back. “And do not come out. Under any circumstance, you hear me?” you nodded rapidly, scurrying through the kitchen to find the employee’s lounge. You chose the second-to-last locker, crawled your way inside and tried your best to find a comfortable position. It was cramped but you managed to sit down as you clasped the metal lock, keeping the door from opening. You knew of your father’s profession. When you were a little girl, he tried hiding everything from you. He kept you as far away from his business as he could. And for a while, he succeeded. But on your sixteenth birthday, when your parents didn’t show up for dinner, you went to find them at your family’s restaurant. You could have never imagined the scene you’d stumble unto. There he was, sitting on the floor, in a pool of blood. Your mom’s blood. He was holding her limp body against his chest, sobbing into the crook of her neck. You froze at the door, unable to take a single step. You felt the air in your lungs become rare and realized you had stopped breathing. You inhaled loudly, causing your father to stiffen in his spot. “You coming back to finish the job, try to get rid of the entire gang? What? Killing my wife wasn’t enough for you?” You could hear the venom dripping from his tongue. He slowly looked up, absolute rage emanating from every cell of his body. When he finally realized you were the one standing at the door, you saw the clear conflict in his eyes. He so badly wanted to get you out of there but it was absolutely impossible for him to leave his wife. You walked towards him, putting a comforting hand on his shoulder as all the tension in his body seemed to evaporate under your warm touch. That night, for the first time in your life, you saw your father cried. That night you helped him bury your mother’s body in the backyard and you cleaned her blood off the floor. That night, in front of your father, not a single tear rolled down your cheek. Afterwards, you showered, once, twice, three times. After the third time, your skin was starting to be raw and as you turned the water again to take a fourth shower, you couldn’t stand under the hot steaming water. You put on some nice pajamas, pitifully made your way to your room and crawled into bed. You crawled under the covers and curled into a ball, bringing your knees to your chest. You breathed in the scent of the laundry your mom always used and everything you had kept bottled up for your father’s sake came crashing down in a wave of sorrow. That night, you cried yourself to sleep.

          Stuck in your locker, you thought back to that night. The moment you realized what your father really did. The restaurant wasn’t the job he had always dreamed of, it was a front for the deals he was doing out the back door. You heard the front door open and muffled voices talking amongst themselves. The voices quieted down and you heard your father’s voice very distinctively. “I don’t know what you’re looking for, but you won’t find it here.” Dry laughter. That sound sent a shiver down your spine. Not the kind of shiver that invigorates you but the kind that makes every muscle in your body tense up. “You know very well what we’re here for, old man. I told you the last time we saw each other that if you or any of your boys stepped foot in MY territory, I’d take her as a token of your good faith that it’d never happen again.” You heard heels clicking on the tiles of the kitchen. The sound was coming closer and closer. Your heart beat so fast you thought it could explode at any second. You closed your eyes trying to calm down. “I remember you agreeing to those terms. You did have a gun pointed at your temple, but still, you could have refused.” You could almost hear the smirk spreading across the man’s face. You had no idea what he looked like but you could only imagine a pitiful and bitter sorry excuse for a man. “And leave my daughter an orphan?” The footsteps grew further away and you exhaled a breath you didn’t know you were holding. “Now she’ll have a father and a husband. Lucky girl.” A husband? What was he rambling on about? You heard a loud sigh and then a deafening bang coming from the kitchen. “Now where is she? I’m getting impatient.” “I’m telling you she’s not here.” An audible whoosh cut through the air as you heard a loud thud followed by a groan. “I did not come here wanting to hurt you, I swear. But if you keep lying to me, this is not going to end well.” “I’m telling you she-she’s not here.” You heard the man sigh heavily again before another swoosh whipped through the air. You gasped when you heard the impact. The sound was unmistakable. He was beating your father to a pulp. You covered your mouth and closed your eyes, waiting for their conversation to continue. You heard faint footsteps come closer and dissipate as they entered the carpeted room you were in. You held your breath, trying your very best not to make a sound. A sudden light came rushing in and you felt someone grab onto your hair, pulling you harshly towards the kitchen. You grabbed the hand that was dragging you, tears prickling at the corner of your eyes as the pain tore through you. The man threw you down next to your father and you crawled over to him. His right eye was so swollen, you wondered if your father could even see. The entire right side of his face was covered with blood and two of his front teeth had fallen out. He looked miserable. “Dad…” you barely managed to whisper, choked up. The man that had dragged you over here squatted down in front of you, holding his balance with a baseball bat. You glanced over and saw blood dripping from the wooden tip of the bat. A sick smile spread across his face as he looked at your tear-stained face. His hand approached your face, wanting to wipe the tears from your cheeks but you flinched away. A slight scoff escaped his lips as he slapped you straight across the face. You fell down right next to your father, your cheek heating up. “You shouldn’t be afraid of your husband, sweetheart, that’s not how we do things around here.” You felt a weight on the top of your head, forcing your head into the ground. You tried fighting against it, but the more you fought, the more pressure he applied and the more you felt like your spine was going to snap in half. “Hyungnim, I think we should go. Your…” the man to whom the voice belonged to approached the sorry excuse for a human being who was quite literally stepping on you. “Your father will want you home soon.” You heard a loud scoff and the weight was lifted off your head. You tentatively looked up at the two men, standing only a meter away from you. The man who was the reason for all of this was quite short, jet black hair and a scar that ran across his face. His face was filled with anger and what looked like disgust. He looked down at you and your eyes darted to the man who had stopped him. His blond hair fell messily onto his forehead, slightly covering his beautiful slanted eyes. You noticed every little thing about him. From the tiny mole right under his right eye down to his soft plump lips. Your eyes met for a second and you swore his were filled with pain, regret, and what looked like empathy. He slightly nodded, like he acknowledged the pitiful situation you were in and tried to give you a tiny bit of comfort. You looked back at the ground, not daring to look back at the bully that had turned your father’s face into a battlefield. The blonde man helped you up, guiding you towards the exit. You looked back at your father and tried to get out of the man’s grasp to get back to him but his grip on your waist tightened. You looked at him, anger in your eyes and he shook his head. “Go without a fight. For him.” You looked back once more, leaning into the man for support this time and mouthed an “I love you”. Your dad smiled and did the same. As you stepped outside, you looked for what seemed like their leader, only to realize he had not come out yet. You glanced back one last time before you heard it. One single gunshot. You crumbled to the ground as the man next to you softened your fall. Your eyes were fixated on the doors to the restaurant. Until the very last second, you hoped to see your father come out, a pistol in hand but that isn’t what you saw. You saw a spiteful child come out kicking the door open with his foot, smiling ear to ear. He kept walking until he reached your level and stopped right next to you. With a slight chuckle he said. “I hate liars. Remember that." 

Shit my husband says…

Me: “Cody Christan has now had a THIRD video of his nudes leak! He’s gotta be doing it himself.”

My husband: “Who???”

Me: “Theo….from Teen Wolf.”

My husband: “Oh….the one that wants to make out with Scott’s beta?”

Me: *gives him a look*

My husband: “What??? Did you see how he looked at him???”

I swear you guys. He’s the biggest Thiam shipper out there.

This was it, Kingsman had been eliminated all except for you, Eggsy and Merlin. Thank goodness you and Eggsy had gone away for the weekend instead of staying at home. It had been a last minute decision, Eggsy wanted to whisk you away for a romantic break after a tough few months at work for the both of you. It was such a beautiful weekend, you’d relaxed and spent every minute together, then you’d come back to this. Both of you crashed back to earth when you’d found out what had happened. Now was the doomsday protocol, none of you knew what it meant, but it lead you to a bottle of whiskey. The three of you sat around the table drinking it, toasting to all those you’d lost.
“Hey, hold on, shhh, I think we might be goin’ Kentucky,” Eggsy slurred as the bottle almost finished.
“Fried chicken? I love fried chicken,” Merlin exclaims, nodding his head slowly.
“Chicken? I want chicken!” You chime in.
“No! Guys, actual Kentucky… y'know, in America,” Eggsy explains slowly so that you both understood.
“Oh!” You say, hitting the table with your palm, “TO AMERICA!”

Within a couple of days, you’d arrived in Kentucky and were taking a tour of the Statesman distillery.
“I don’t think Whiskey requires an electronic locking system door to protect it,” Eggsy says as you break off from the group and he opens the door. You all step inside to what appears to be a normal looking distillery, large barrels surrounding you all, but you each wander off to find an entrance somewhere.
“Well hello there pretty lady,” a deep southern American voice says from behind you. You turn around to see a tall man in a stetson, hands on his hips as he looks you up and down.
“Hi there,” you smile.
“Now what’s a gorgeous girl like you doing in a place like this?”
“I was on the tour, and I think I came in the wrong door,” you say innocently.
“Well now that’s odd, because our door here ain’t easy to get through. Come on now, baby, just tell me what y'all doing here,” he says, moving a bit closer to you. Suddenly Eggsy and Merlin appear from around the corner, startling the man in front of you and he gets out a gun.
“We’re from Kingsman,” Merlin says, holding his hands up.
“What the hell you on about? You’re all coming with me,” the man says, pushing you towards Eggsy and Merlin. Eggsy catches you, stroking your arm, then you all walk to a room where you’re tied to chairs.
“What the hell is going on here?” A woman asks as she enters the room, waving an umbrella, “they’re from Kingsman! Until them please Tequila.”
“I thought that was a myth,” he says.
“I found this in our doomsday protocol lock up. It’s real,” she sighs, handing him the umbrella to look at.
“Oh, shit! Well I am so sorry,” he says, starting to untie you, “especially to you. I would not wanna offend such a lovely lady like yourself.”
“Thanks, it’s not a problem. I understand the apprehension,” you smile politely as he moves on to Eggsy, his eyes not leaving you.
“Hey, wanna look at what you’re untying, mate?” Eggsy asks as Tequila fumbles with the rope.
“Sorry man, you know how it is. Put a beautiful lady in the room, where do you expect me to look, y'know?” He laughs.
“Yeah, well not when the lady is my wife, alright bruv?”
“Oh, dude, say no more. I’m sorry,” Tequila says as he takes the rope off of Eggsy and holds his hands up in defeat. Eggsy straightens himself out and gives him a small nod, then turns to you. You laugh as Eggsy’s reaction and he takes your hand between the chairs.
“Is it okay if we can freshen up somewhere?” You ask the woman, who has introduced herself as Ginger Ale.
“Of course, please follow me,” she smiles, gesturing to the door, “We have a room here, you can get some sleep if you want as well, must have been a long flight, and I’m sure Tequila didn’t help.”
“That’s great, thank you so much. A nap would be quite nice right now,” you agree. Eggsy follows you in and Ginger Ale carries on down the corridor to show Merlin his room.
“I’ve been waiting to get you alone for so fuckin’ long,” Eggsy says, pressing himself against your back and siding his hands around your waist, dipping his fingers underneath your waistband.
“Babe, I’m so tired, can we just get some sleep first?” You yawn, turning around in his arms and kissing him.
“Of course babe,” Eggsy smiles, kissing your neck. You both undress and get into bed, falling asleep very quickly after your heads hit the pillow.
You wake up a few hours later, thirsty as hell, so you grab Eggsy’s shirt to slip on, and make your way out of the room.
“Oh my word,” Tequila says as you tip toe down the hallway, “I’m sorry, I promised your man I wouldn’t do this, but damn girl, you come outta your room looking like that. How can I not appreciate the view?” You pull the shirt down, trying to cover as much of your legs as possible.
“Where can I get some water?” You ask.
“Let me show you, baby,” he says, guiding you a couple of doors down where there’s a small kitchen with a fridge. He leans down and gets two bottles out.
“Here ya go, darlin’. One for you and your man,” he smirks, holding them out to you.
“Thanks. I appreciate it,” you smile, then turn around and head back to your room. When you come out of the kitchen, Eggsy stands there, just his boxers on, arms folded, and brow furrowed.
“You okay?” He asks.
“I’m fine, just got us some water,” you smile.
“Come on,” he says, putting his arm around you and leading you back to your room. You sit on the edge of the bed, sipping water as Eggsy lays next to you, staring up at your now naked back.
“I don’t like him,” he says. You turn around and lay next to him, stroking his face.
“He keeps flirting with you.”
“It’s harmless, babe. Don’t worry about it,” you soothe, kissing his nose. You both fall asleep again, not waking until morning. You both get dressed and as you head out of the door, Eggsy leans down to your shoulder.
“I love you,” he whispers.
“I love you too,” you smile. As you head into the room you were tied up in yesterday, you clock Merlin staring at the wall in shock. When you enter, you both look toward where his gaze is fixed and you both can’t believe your eyes.
“Fuckin’ hell,” Eggsy gasps. Standing there, behind a two way mirror, was Harry, alive and well. Ginger takes Merlin and Eggsy to see him, explaining his condition, as you look on through the window.
“You know him?” Tequila asks, suddenly appearing next to you.
“Yeah, he was one of our best agents.”
“It’s a miracle he survived, Ginger is magical, I swear,” he laughs.
“I’ll agree with that!” You laugh.
“Shame you decided to wear more clothes today, I gotta say. That shirt was more than enough,” Tequila says, licking his lips.
“Well, I did have to give my husband his shirt back,” you smirk.
“Damn, that’s a real shame y'know.”
“Yeah, I know, I’d love to see Eggsy topless all the time,” you smile as you walk out and head back to your room.
A little while later, Eggsy comes back in, obviously affected by his talk with Harry, and explains the extent of his memory loss, getting upset as he talks.
“Shh, it’s okay,” you soothe, bringing his head onto your chest, stroking his hair.
“And that fuckin’ agent, I swear to god I’m gonna kill him,” he mumbles.
“What? Why?” You laugh a little.
“I heard the recording of what you two spoke about when I was in with Harry. He’s such a dick.”
“Baby, you have nothing to worry about.”
“I know, it’s just, I already told him to leave it. I was proud of what you said though,” he smiles against your chest.
“Well, its true, it is a real shame I can’t get to see you walk around topless all day!”
“Same goes for you, love.”

Prompt List

Hey guys so I have had no idea what you want me to write so I decided to post a prompt list and so please request any of these with a character or real person. Please also add a description of how you would like the scene to go if you want to.

  1. “Fancy seeing you here.” “I work here.”
  2. “Regardless of what they think, I know you’re an amazing person.”
  3. “You are a bloody idiot you know that?”
  4. “Give me a reason not to turn around and walk away now.”
  5. “You said my name in your sleep.”
  6. “If we get caught I’m blaming you.”
  7. “Why are you walking around naked?”
  8. “Wow thanks a lot.”
  9. “I may be an idiot, but I’m not stupid.”
  10. “I didn’t know we were keeping track.”
  11. “Why did we have to have kids?”
  12. “Frost the damn cupcakes.”
  13. “I’m your husband. It’s my job”
  14. “How do I even put up with you?”
  15. “Me and the boys will handle it.”
  16. “I lost our child.”
  17. “After everything… I’d still choose you.”
  18. “Scoot over a little bit, please.”
  19. “You’re cute when you’re all worried.”
  20. “Don’t be an asshole. Asshole.”
  21. “I prefer blondes.”
  22. “I let you win.”
  23. “Hold my hand so he gets jealous.”
  24. “Give me a chance.”
  25. “Stop hogging all the blankets.”
  26. “How is my wife more badass than me?”
  27. “We keep running into each other, I’m not a stalker. I swear.”
  28. “We’ll get through this I promise.”
  29. “Is that my shirt?”
  30. “Am I supposed to be impressed?”
  31. “I prefer drummers.”
  32. “I’m tired of being your secret.”
  33. “You never told me you play the sousaphone!”
  34. “Contrary to popular belief, I can take care of myself.”
  35. “How is it possible that I’m in love with you?”
  36. “Can you be my best friend right now, not the guy that I just confessed my undying love to?”
  37. “So, any celebrity crushes?”
  38. “Oh… I don’t know maybe my wife?”
  39. “But darling, I’m your idiot… forever.”
  40. “Kiss me you fool.”
  41. “Try me”
  42. “Please don’t waste your tears on him.”
  43. “I’m absolutely fucking terrified.”
  44. “You’re cuter in person.”
  45. “Ice cream is a good start.”
  46. “Take my jacket, it’s cold outside.”
  47. “You love her don’t you?” “Was it that obvious?”
  48. “You’re drunk, come on let me take you home”
  49. “But, have you seen his pecks? Damn.” “I’ll show you mine, and that’ll give you something to talk about.”
  50. “I wish you’d be here in my arms right now.”
Future Family Bonding

Requested by the awesome @aria725 Thanks for coming at me with this request!

“So my sister and mother want to train you” T'Challa announced as you came out of the bathroom, dressed and ready for the day.

“Train me?” You smirked “Am I a show dog now?”

“You’re going to be Queen. Who better to help you prepare for that than the Queen Mother and Princess” T'Challa reasoned. You nodded in agreement while the two of you walked out into the main living area.

The two of you had been engaged for around a year now. Your plans were put to a halt when King T'Chaka was unfortunately killed. Wakanda was extremely different from the US, but it was a good different that you loved.

“Enter” T'Challa replied to the knock on the door.

In walked Shuri wearing a beautiful yet casual blue dress and heeled shoes. “Good morning” Shuri greeted “Ready?”

“Sure” You said quite cheerfully.

“I will see you later” T'Challa kissed you softly and quickly. Shuri watched, letting out a teasing “awww”.

“Be nice” T'Challa warned his sister lightly.

“Really ‘Challa?” Shuri tilted her head “I’m always nice”

Shuri led you to a bright and spacious garden area that was decorated with colourful, fragrant plants and flowers native to Wakanda. Ramonda was sitting on a set table that had a variety of food ready sipping tea. She turned and smiled to the two of you, standing up to give you a big hug.

“Good morning, your highness” You smiled returning the hug.

Ramonda shook her head. “How many times? Ramonda, please" She said kindly as you all sat down. She noticed you slouched anxiously.

“Never slouch dear, you’re going to be Queen ” Ramonda chastised lightly and you straightened up. “Good”

“So..” You drawled while putting some fruit in a bowl “What are we going to do today?”

“Well, the coronation celebration is coming up soon so we need to pick out a dress and we need to sort out training arrangements-” Ramonda began. You looked up.

“Training arrangements?” You asked. T'Challa never mentioned any training.

“Oh! I forgot to tell you. We need to train you. You’re going to be Queen so we need to make sure that you can defend yourself" Shuri explained “Don’t worry, I’ve got some amazing designs for your armour”

“Not the armour I was worried about” You said nervously “What if I’m not…good?”

Both women looked at you and Ramonda squeezed your hand in comfort “Do not fill your minds with doubts. We’ll all be here”

“What do you think of electrified batons?” Sheri asked mindlessly, no doubt filling her mind with design ideas for her to bring to life in her lab later.  

“Okay” Shuri sat you down in front of a large vanity mirror “Lets see” She began examining your appearance, playing with your hair and moving your head up and down, side to side.

“You won’t need a weave” She smiled “Here, we are all natural” Ramonda cleared her throat and put her snow white braids over her shoulder with a raised eyebrow “Most of us.”

“Ignore her dear” Ramonda waved off her daughter. You laughed slightly as Shuri pouted.

You were then shoved into a beautifully decorated changing room, large with mirrors on the wall. The tailor came over and greeted you all with a slight bow before heading off with Sheri behind a curtain.

“-I’m also thinking some gold and black. Maybe a two piece. Long skirt” Shuri was rambling off ideas to the tailor who brought out a rack of amazing gowns and nodded to the younger woman.

“What do you think?” Ramonda asked, coming up next to you.

“Wow” You said overwhelmed, going through dresses, admiring the handiwork and material “Uh, I’m not sure which…?”

“We could use some more opinions” Ramonda suggested with a smile. Shuri went to the door and opened it slightly.

“Ladies?” She called out. Ayo poked her head through the door.

“Yes?” The warrior asked politely. “We’re going to need some help”

Ayo opened the door fully with a smile and her and a couple of other women of the Dora Milaje such as Okoye, Aneka and Nakia walked in.

“We would be happy to help” Aneka smiled. The fitting turned into a miniature fashion show, each of the women giving various opinions on each outfit. It was reassuring that these women were not just there to protect and work for you but were also your friends who you could count on.

“He is not as cool and collected as he tries to make out” Shuri laughed

You and the ladies (apart from Ramonda who had decided to retire to her room) were sat in leisure room, all lounged on comfortable seats and they were all spilling the tea on your future husband, telling various anecdotes he’d “forgot” to mention.

“You are just as bad!” Ayo retorted “Who helped get the Agriculture minister fired?” The other Dora gave her a knowing look.

“What?” You asked shocked, turning to the princess.

Shuri shrugged “I didn’t tell him to cheat on his wife nor did I tell him lie about “taking a sick day. Besides T'Challa is a drama king”

“I swear, T'Challa is probably the most dramatic man I’ve ever met in my life” You sighed. The others murmured in agreement.

"Tell me” Shuri leaned forward “What is he like in bed?”

You almost chocked while Aneka, Aye and  Okoye were amused. Nakia looked scandalised “Shuri!”

“What?” Shuri said defensively “I need to tease him and besides we’ve all heard them.”

“Come on, we’ve told you things about him" Ayo motivated you. 

You seemed to slouch down slightly in your seat and bury your head in hand. "Lets just say I’m never unsatisfied.” You said quietly with a slight smile. Everyone laughed loudly.

T'Challa walked in the room, hearing the loud laughter coming “Hello Ladies” He walked over to where you were sitting “Everything going well?”

You nodded and bit your lip to stop yourself from laughing to his face. He glanced around the room to see everyone else holding back laughs “Did I miss something?” He asked confused.

“Um baby?” You asked “So did you always wanna be the Black Panther or did that just start when you found your daddy’s helmet when you were three and ran around with it on your head and nothing else?” You burst out laughing at the last part.

“Really?” T'Challa turned to Shuri “You had to tell her that?”

Shuri shook her head “It wasn’t me. Okoye began, I finished” The mentioned woman put her hands up in surrender.

“She’s going to be your wife T'Challa” Aneka smirked, “There are certain things she needs to know”

He sighes internally. Well, this was probably going to be the last time he lets you all spend time together. 

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Ended with this gif just because :)

Can you please stop petting my husband?

Original request: Can you do one where T'Challa gets turned into a cat by Loki, but then Captain America finds him and he doesn’t know he’s a cat and starts cuddling him and babying him until the reader, T'Challa’s wife, explains what happened?  I would die laughing!

A/N: this wonderfull human @cupcakequeen1999 keeps giving me those great ideas! Go check out her own writing blog @cupcakequeen1999-3 she is getting started and she is a great writer! Also I wrote this while our ‘Easter Family meeting’. Happy (late) Easter or what you celebrate! Enjoy!

Warnings: Swearing (oh god, you know me already don’t you?)

Pairing: T’Challa x Reader, Loki x Reader (Platonic)

Word count: 1.2 k

Originally posted by softly-satanic

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Arranged Marriage: Sehun Edition. Epilogue.

now this is really the end.

word count: 2208

PART 1 |PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 | PART 7| PART 8 | PART 9 | PART 10 | PART 11 | PART 12 |

Turning off the stove, I wipe sweat off my forehead and lean on the counter finally catching breath. It’s only four in the afternoon but I can already feel how uncontrollable the day will be. I can already see how the time I work my shifts without feeling exhausted are getting smaller and smaller. Placing the dirty dishes in the sink I hear laughter from the dining area already knowing which costumers just arrived.

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Unfamiliar Encounters

Pairing: Wonho (Monsta X) x Reader

Genre: Smut

Length: 1,504 words

Warnings: pain, first time

Originally posted by wonhontology

“I can’t believe you saved up without telling me,” you gasped, jumping back onto the large double bed you saw. “And then you got us a trip to Spain?”

Wonho gave you a side look you couldn’t quite decipher, before sliding his suitcase into the corner of the room. “I did it for you, baby, you know that. Anything for my beautiful wife.”

You shuffled back on the bed so as to make room for Wonho, smiling. “Thank you, Hoseok. Honestly. For all this.”

Wonho climbed onto the bed with you and sidled over to where you were lying. He wrapped his strong arms around your waist and lay beside you, pressed against your body.

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Hannibal's Snarl and Smile

I’m I the only one who loves when Hannibal shows emotion? Or expressions? Personally I love how everytime he is upset his lips kind of twitches into a kind of held back snarl. Like that time in Season 2, episode 5:Mukozuke where Will’s admirer is trying to kill Hannibal. In that specific moment where he tells him that maybe he could claim Hannibal’s murders as his own. Even hanging from the ceiling Hannibal’s lips start to twitch back with disgust or anger or maybe both. (Where it would go back to where Hannibal told Abel how horrible it is to have one’s identity stolen from them, aka him talking about the Chesapeake Ripper’s identity.) Then another moment when he does is the last episode in season 3, The Wrath of the Lamb where the Red Dragon stabbed Will in the cheek. There you can clearly see the anger pouring into his face, seeing the man he cares for, (in his own way) being stabbed. Then those rare moments in Season 1 and 2 where everytime Hannibal talks about Will with Bedelia his lips yet again twitch with a familiarity and a sort of cute held back way. Maybe thinking, “Dang it, I freaken love Will.” But in season 3 we are bombarded with Hannibal being more “lose” and more explicit with his emotions. How we get to see his more playful teasing side right along his longing and more intense attempts to get to Will? I mean come on, can we talk about the part where he made a Lesbian joke to Alana?? About her loving to “wag her fingers”? He has never before said anything that teasing before yet if he has it’s only rarely either maybe with Will or with Killers. I honestly am in love with whenever Hannibal shows more of his personality. Showing snippets to those who only see him as a “monster, or a “psycho” that he has more depth than possibly anybody? That he isn’t just some insane killer but a witty artist that only wants to be seen? Hannibal is probably one of the most beautifully complex characters I’ve ever seen, (besides Sherlock). How this man practically thrives on artwork and beauty, how this man is so undeniably intelligent and how hard he tries to hide his insecurities with closing off his heart? How he doesn’t want to be hurt, how uniquely he sees the world like nobody can? Maybe that’s why he was so intrigued with Will at first, because he knew that Will was just like him, because Will almost immediately saw right threw him? Where people have tried and failed? But it only took Will a few months to discover him and maybe sooner if Hannibal didn’t mess with Will mind? But then again I see Hannibal deciding right at that first moment where they meet the exact moment he knew that he was going to let Will “see” him as only he can. Edit:By the way sorry if this is late. I actually started watching Hannibal around last summer but I never watched/finished seasson 3 until like last week when I binged watched the entire Season 3. To be honest I never thought I would love Hannibal so much as I do, I just thought it would be another stereotypical crime show with either some type of queer baiting, or with overuse idiotic elements. But boy did Bryan Fuller shut me up. I honestly applaud him and everyone else who helped make Hannibal and I hope maybe Fuller could find a way to make Season 4 possible to bring back these characters in a new light. Also could someone recommend me some fanfictions of Hannibal with Will please! Because I swear this ship is my new obsession, besides the actually show. XD

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Heathen Like Us

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Word Count: 4,289

Prompt: “Can you do an imagine with Josh Dun where the reader goes on tour with them and the reader and Tyler doesn’t get a long too well. Idk, make it however you want. Love your writing. ❤️” -Anonymous 

-Thank you to the anon that requested this! Please bear in mind that this is my first ever TØP imagine and that this is also fiction, so if it doesn’t sound like them or seem like them (which I mean most of what Tyler says / does is nothing he would ever do in reality), please forgive me!

That said, I had fun writing this. A massive thank you also to my best fren @buckybarnesstar for contributing ideas to this  ❤️  Love you Case, as does Seb. Make sure to check her blog out if you love Bucky :) 

love to you and stay alive, frens  |-/ 

Iz xx 

“TYLER ROBERT JOSEPH!” You echo through the halls of the Barclay’s Center. Several members of the crew whip their heads to follow your voice, which was undoubtedly dripping with discontent. They watch as you stride forward, your eyes peering out in search of the ukulele strumming man.

Tyler’s head snaps up at the shrill sound, standing a few meters outside the top dressing room. His vision lands on your frustrated figure, a laugh escaping his lips for a moment before why you had screamed his name. With wide eyes, he scrambles towards the dressing room, only to crash into his band mate in the process.

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dickiebird910-deactivated201709  asked:

I love your Gaston X Reader fics! I was wondering if you could do one where Gaston and the reader get married. But on their wedding night the reader asks how he got each scar on his body (most from the war) while tracing them with their fingers and the emotions are so high that the reader starts crying and Gaston tries to comfort them?

Request by @blackxthexbeast :  Thank you so much for the Gaston/Cursed! I absolutely loved it! I was wondering if I could request one where Gaston and the reader have an arranged marriage but they hate each other at first? Possibly nsfw?

Pairing: Gaston x Reader
Fandom: Disney ; BatB (2017)
Warnings: mentions of torture ; angst

A/N: hope you guys don’t mind me putting your requests together, but I just really thought they’d fit perfectly. I have two more requests in my inbox that suit this story, so they will be the second part to this, which I’ll probably post tomorrow <3


Whoever decided that married people needed to consummate their marriage on their wedding day, was not only an idiot, but right about now, you wanted to strangle him. Or maybe it was a she. Who cares, not the point.

This whole ‘arranged marriage’ thing, you and Gaston had going on had been bad enough from the start. You just hated, how he was more in love with himself and kept flirting with other women. It’s not that you were jealous.. or.. well, maybe you were, but you were sure, that everyone would feel that way, if the man you were supposed to marry in less than a month, touched another woman in places that he should only touch his fiance.

Ultimately, you did nothing. You tried not to care about the fact that you’d marry a man you did neither love, nor would ever love in the future. This was purely for benefit, so your father and mother had one less child to care about and somehow, Gaston thought you were pretty enough to play the wife-y.

You walked up the stairs to your new house. A house, that both Gaston and your father had paid for. This would be the place you’d spend the rest of your life in, probably bringing up at least 5 of Gaston’s children and the thought alone made you shudder. 5 more of him? Not sure if the world should be terrified or excited at the prospect of five possible boys, who were as handsome as he was.

Gaston walked up the stairs behind you and behind him, a crowd of people, mostly men, who were cheering in thought of what would soon happen behind these closed doors.

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The Perfect Husband

Chapter 7

Warnings :  this fic does not intend to romanticise violence in anyway. If you’re uncomfortable with Jung Kook being physically violent with the oc, you should probably leave. 

There’s also a bit of sex with the intent to hurt but it’s not non consensual. 

But i have been told it’s triggering so i will mark the beginning of the smut with this :  ########## in case you want to skip it. 

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Snow Maid and the Mockingbird

The snow fell and Sansa’s snow castle rose. Her Winterfell.

“May I come into your castle, my lady?” She did not know how long Petyr had been watching her.

“It’s Winterfell. My home.”

“I used to dream of Winterfell, in those years after your mother went north with your father. In my dreams it was ever a dark place, and cold.”

“No. It was always warm, even when it snowed. Would you help me building it, Lord Baelish?”

"Nothing could please me more.”

Winterfall rose and rose.

“I told you that nothing could please me more than to help you with your castle” Petyr said. “fear that was a lie as well. Something else would please me more.” He stepped closer. “This.”

Sansa tried to step back, but he pulled her into his arms and suddenly he was kissing her.

“What are you doing?”

“Kissing a snow maid.”

“You’re supposed to kiss my aunt Lysa. She’s your wife.”

“I wish you could see yourself, my lady. You are so beautiful.”

"You shouldn’t kiss me. I might have been your own daughter … ”

“Might have been. You are Eddard Stark’s daughter, and Cat’s. But I think you might be even more beautiful than your mother was, when she was your age.”

“Petyr, please.”

It was more than Sansa could stand. She was happy when her aunt summoned her. Lady Lysa was with that horrible singer of hers.

“I saw what you did,” the Lady Lysa said.

“Please, My lady. I did nothing. He kissed me.“

"And why would he do that? He has a wife who loves him. You threw yourself at him.“

"That’s not true.”

“They all tried to take him from me. My lord father, my husband, your mother … Catelyn most of all. She liked to kiss my Petyr too, oh yes she did.”

“My mother?”

“Yes, your mother, my own sweet sister Catelyn. She teased him with smiles and soft words and wanton looks, and made his nights a torment.”

Lysa grabbed Sansa by the wrist. She pulled to the moon door. Beyond was white sky, falling snow, and nothing else.

Lady Lysa pressed her forward inexorably. Sansa was shaking, sobbing. They teetered on the edge. “I’ll make you fly.”

“Lysa! What’s the meaning of this. Get back from there! Lysa, what are you doing?” It was Petyr.

“She’s a child, Lysa. Cat’s daughter. What did you think you were doing?”

“You can’t want her. You can’t. She’s a stupid empty-headed little girl. She doesn’t love you the way I have. I’ve always loved you.”

"I know, love. "And I am here. All you need to do is take my hand, come on.”

“I poisoned my husband for you. Why did you kiss her? Why? We’re together now, we’re together after so long, so very long.”

"My sweet silly jealous wife. I’ve only loved one woman, I promise you.”

“Only one? Oh, Petyr, do you swear it?”

“Only Cat." 

He gave her a short, sharp shove.

Lysa stumbled backward, her feet slipping on the wet marble. And then she was gone.

Lord Petyr pulled Sansa to her feet. "You’re not hurt?”


When she shook her head, he said, “Run let my guards in, then. Quick now, there’s no time to lose. This singer’s killed my lady wife.”

A Storm of Swords Chapter 80 (Sansa VII) -(abridged)


R: “You will never marry this woman. She will destroy your life. I swear you my son, I will kill her if you will be her husband. I will murderer her. Slowly. She will die in pain. You dont need any woman, like me. Don’t make the same mistake as I did. You are a viking. A Ragnarsson!”.

i can’t wait to marry you

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huge thanks for @hail-andfarewell and @lightshook for editing this for me

Summary: Alec spends the day remembering all his special moments with Magnus, as he prepares himself for to finally marry his best friend. 

Pairing: Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood

Also on Ao3!

Alec slowly opens his eyes as the sun softly shined in through the curtains. Everything was hazy at first, but after a few seconds, everything went back to normal. He slowly turns around and he smiles so brightly as he sees a figure lying next to him. It’s Magnus, his fiance, and today is the day—the day of their wedding.

Alec looked at his beautiful fiance, and thinks to himself,  how did I get so lucky? He kept looking at Magnus, and he remembered how they have known each other since high school, and had met during freshman year.

It was their first day in school, and Alec was nervous. He didn’t know how to socialize properly, unlike his younger siblings, Izzy, and Jace. After finding his first class without much difficulty, he sat down and pulled out his books, pencil, and eraser and then—

“Pssssst,” Alec hears a voice calling him. He turned around and saw a beautiful Asian boy behind him.

“Yes?” Alec replied feeling utterly confused. Why was this boy talking to him? No one really talks to him.

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Come Home

A/N: A Spencer x Reader request for the season 12 storyline, where the reader is pregnant and she hides how much the whole situation is affecting her. She bottles the stress until one day it’s too much, and she goes into early labor. @coveofmemories


Looking back, who would’ve ever thought you’d be in this situation right now. When you and Spencer had found out you were pregnant, the new addition to your family was like a beacon in the darkness. His mother hadn’t been doing well; she was deteriorating fast, and the idea of having the child you’d always wanted anchored you to the world again.

And then this. Your lives overturned once again.

Life had been turned upside down when he’d been arrested in Mexico. But you knew your husband. There is absolutely no way on God’s green earth that he killed anyone in cold blood. Whatever happened was the fault of whoever had drugged him. Presumably Scratch. 

At each turn, you assumed that things couldn’t get worse, attempting to keep yourself calm for the sake of your unborn baby. When he’d been transferred into the prison, you were seven months pregnant.

Although they meant well, the team asked you if you were okay constantly. None of this was okay. You and Spencer had finally been happy, after so much heartache. And he’d been robbed of the ability to watch his child grow inside you. It wasn’t fair. So no, none of this was okay and you were getting tired of them asking. “How are you doing today, babe?” Garcia asked. It had been five weeks since Spence had been taken to prison, which meant that you were barely three weeks from giving birth to your child - and in all likelihood he wouldn’t be here to see it.

Swallowing hard, you spun around in your chair before facing her. She didn’t deserve to have her face chewed off, but it was getting irritating having to say things were “fine” when they weren’t. You wanted to explode. You wanted to yell and scream and cry until your throat was raw, but it wasn’t healthy for the baby, and it wasn’t fair to take your anger out on the team. “I’m dealing, Garcia,” you sighed, giving her a half smile that caused her to place her hand on your shoulder. It was meant to comfort you, but the sweet gesture only served to make you more angry.

As the day wore on, people on the team, and even people you’d barely spoken with in all your years of working at the Bureau, gave you pitiful looks, gazing from your face to your stomach and shaking their heads. The bigger you got, the more people pitied you and you didn’t need that. You needed people to get their heads out of their asses and have the faith in Spencer that you did.

Toward the end of the day, you’d dropped something next to your desk and had to bend down to pick it up. Having a bowling ball in front of you made it difficult to bend, so once you picked it up, you were out of breath. “Why don’t you take the rest of the day off?” You heard Emily say from behind you. 

“I don’t need to go home!” you said, snapping around and letting loose regardless of who was in earshot. “I need my husband to not be in jail! I need my husband to be here to raise our child! I need everyone to stop asking me if I’m okay because I’m not fucking okay! None of this is okay! This bastard robbed my husband of watching this baby come into the world, and he robbed me of having my husband by my side! I don’t want to go home. I want Spencer to c-come h-home…” you sobbed, leaning into Emily’s arms as she cradled your head in her chest. Every tear that you’d kept walled up inside you over the past couple of months came flooding out.

She rocked with you, back and forth, as she did her best to calm you down. The tears continued to flow as you felt everyone’s soft touches of comfort, causing you to break down further. “I’m so sorry,” she said. “I can’t change the past, but I swear we’re going to get him out of there. He’ll get to see the baby soon. I promise.”

It had been said so many times already, but as time went on you felt the hope in your voice, as well as everyone else’s fading away. “Ahh,” you hissed, clutching your stomach as a sharp pain spiked throughout your body. “No. No. No, no, no, no.” Doubling over, you grabbed your stomach. Labor. Not now, you begged the baby inside you. Give Daddy another few weeks to come home to us. But the baby wasn’t having it.

“Look, I know your mad at the world right now,” Emily started, her eyes darting in concern. “But you are in labor and this baby is coming now whether you want it to or not, so we need to go.”

“I’m not mad at you,” you sighed, clutching your stomach as the team followed behind you. “But I am mad at the world. Why are you all coming with me? Shouldn’t some of you be staying here?”

JJ leaned in, pulling your head to hers and placing a kiss on your hair. “We’re not leaving you. You’re not alone.” For nearly two and a half months, you’d kept your cool, doing the best you could for your baby, but as you looked around the elevator, realizing that everyone, JJ, Garcia, Emily, Luke, Tara and even Stephen, who you barely knew, weren’t about to leave your side, you broke - openly sobbing as your baby started to make its way into the world.


“Breathe, Y/N! In through your nose and out through your mouth!” Luke said, holding your hand as the contractions increased. 

Your womb was literally trying to kill you. “Luke…I can’t breathe. My body and this baby are trying to kill me. I love you, but shut the hell up.” Through gritted teeth, you cried out as you pulled up to the hospital with Emily and JJ rushing inside to alert the nurses.

“Right this way,” the nurse said, ushering you toward a delivery room with the team following closely behind. “The rest of you are going to have to wait here.”

“Please,” you said, holding your stomach and looking back at your team. This nurse had to let them in. You couldn’t do this alone. “My husband, this baby’s father, is in jail for something he didn’t do. I can’t do this without them. Please…please let them come in with me.”

With a look of pity (that would’ve pissed you off if your body wasn’t in searing pain), she agreed to let them back, telling them to stay out of the way to let the nurses and doctor do their jobs. 

Once you were in the room and the doctor had checked you out, she said it wouldn’t be long. “You’re at nine centimeters. Maybe a half hour and you’ll have to push, so do your best to take a deep breath and prepare yourself.”

When the doctor left the room, the team came to stand by your side, smoothing back your hair and holding your hands through each contraction. As each spasm hit, you thought about the baby, how it was coming into the world thinking that the world was beautiful. You decided in that moment that you were going to keep the picture going for this baby whether or not Spencer got out of prison. This child would know its father. You’d raise this child in love. And they would grow up to see the beauty in the world, because that’s what the two of you had always imagined for your baby. 

Less than a half hour later, the doctor returned. You were ready to push - or as ready as you’d ever be. “When you feel your next contraction, bear down as hard as you can.”

The fiery pain that ensued was excruciating. Contraction after contraction, you pushed, but this child didn’t seem to want to make his or her way into the world. “Listen to me,” JJ said, crouching at the side of the bed. “For most mothers, the hardest thing you ever do is have a baby, but not for you. I don’t need to tell you what you’re up against once this baby is born, but right now, you need to imagine that Spencer is here. What would he want for you and the baby?”

“He’d want us to be happy,” you cried, feeling another contraction rolling through you. 

“Then push,” she said, grabbing your hand and squeezing it. “Think of the life you want and make it happen. You take care of this baby and we’ll make sure we get Spencer out of prison.”

With a final scream, you pushed, the tears staining your face as you felt the baby slide out of your body and into the doctor’s arms. “It’s a boy,” she said softly. When she placed him on your chest, you allowed everything else to melt away, clutching his body in your arms.

“Hello, baby boy,” you wept, holding him tight while the nurses cleaned him off. “I love you so much.” As he cried, you looked around the room, the tears of your friends bringing on more of your own. “Thank you for staying with me.”

“We wouldn’t think of doing anything else,” Stephen said. “What’s his name?”

The nurses returned him to you. All 7 pounds 6 ounces and 20 inches of him - swaddled in a soft, light green blanket. When you looked down, he finally opened his eyes. They were Spencer’s. “Alexander Spencer Reid,” you said, grazing your finger over your baby boy’s cheek. “I promise you. You’re going to meet your Daddy soon. He’s going to come home to us.”

Dear the little girl who never got to live past 16

I wanted to say that I am sorry.
I’m not sorry for this journey or for choosing to be happy.. Not at all.
But I am sorry that you’ll never wear a wedding dress or call yourself a bride.
Never will you grow another life inside of your belly and you’ll never hear the words “mommy” directed at you.
You won’t be a Yiayia (grandmother) with a short gray bob cut and pink slippers and for that I am so sorry.
But I can promise you that you didn’t die for nothing.
I will be an astounding father. My children will never not know their dad. God damnit I will be at ever show…every game…every recital…every everything.
I will be a husband like no other I swear to you my wife will never feel unloved like you watched your mom go through for so long.
I will be the best and coolest Papou (grandfather) and I will always slide my grandkids dollars and green lollipops like my Papou did for me.
I’ll be great. God I’ll be great.
I’m so sorry you had to die but you did it so that the man inside of you could get a shot at living.

Oh man I cut you and I burned you and I screamed at you from the other side of the mirror for so many years and I am so sorry that I never told you gently that you were doing your best. That I LOVED you. That you were trying so very hard for us to stay afloat. And guess what?
You did it. You got us there.
I know that you’d never believe it but I regret hurting you so greatly.
Because even though it didn’t seem like it I loved you Alexis Kristina.
I loved you.
Thank you for all of your time.
Sincerely, 19 years later, a better reflection.
Yours truly,
Hayden Kristopher