my husband and his lil brother

Some infos/facts about alex

‘Alex'ander Steinmann

-he’s 17 years old and 1,88 cm in high( 6"2)

-he trains sometimes, not much becaus he thinks dat to many muscles r stupid

-currently in his last school year (god know even how, hes dumb)

-Antonela’s (his mother,american) first son, he has a littl sister (age 14)[shes from another ex husband who just dissapered one night) and a lil Brother (age 2 ) r from antonelas 2
3nd husband, Karl Steinmann (hes german)

- the steinmann family is a mafia family! since karl has a high position in germany already but desided to move to the uss when he met antonela and alex on vaccation there
( he himself was never marryed befor and everything is kinda new!)

-understands well with karl

- alex never met his biological dad,he ran away as soon he knows about alex existence, his dad was an illigal imigrant from italy

-he cant really controll himself, get in alot of fights (fights with his fists more than with knifs or other weapons)

- he can gets over protectet if he will be attouch to ppl( lile he is with his siblings )

- he hates showing emotion, dats why he often wears a mask to hide them

-yes, hes a drug Dealer and sells Marihuana BUT NOT UNDERAGE CHILDREN he knows dats bad for them

- doenst care much about school so he dont much tend to go there with his friends( WILL BE SHOWN SOON….i guess….more hoping)

- learned from a young age to care from himself since antonela had to work 24/7 to make money and dat stuff

- was a lil cry bbys back in the days becaus he felt sry dat his dad left his mom because of him( still, she loves him more than anything else in the world)

- he loves steaks and hates ice cream

- get drunk rlly easy( gets emotional too)

- hes bi

- he notice dat …rlly late like when he was 15 ?? Never knew befor dat dat word exist so yeah

- trash boy at it finest

- he can cook, mostly for his gang/friends he knows for a pretty long time

-has been in a relationship, but got mostly dumbed becaus he was to agressive or the partner tryed to take alex away from is mafia family

- one day he will be in karls footsteps, on a good way already

Claire Goes Through the Stones Continued

Could you continue the one where Claire and Brianna go back while Brianna is still young? More Jamie PLEASE!!!

This was Great, please continue it! For example, what did Clair bring with her? What is going to happen next? Please write more chapters!

Wonder what Jamies reaction was? This was amazing beautifully written story! Please continue!

For all of the anon’s on Tumblr, comments from AO3, reblogs, and a few messages requesting this story be continued, your wishes have been fulfilled. I don’t think I’m done with this one yet…

 The first part of this story can be found here.

   Looking at Brianna in her father’s arms had tears swimming in my eyes. Seeing them together solidified everything for me— the risk of going through the stones, giving up medical school, leaving Frank, pulling Brianna away from everything she’s ever known, all of it worth it to see the two loves of my life content in each others arms.
    Jamie began to rock back and forth clutching Brianna even closer to him and whispering something so soft that only the two of them would know. I could see his own tears leaving traces of paler skin visible through the dirt on his face. The elation underneath the dirt smudge and scraggly bearded face took my breath away.
    “Claire,” Peeling my eyes away from my husband and child I looked up at Ian as he spoke, “How…and with a bairn? We thought ye were dead!”
    Before I could speak Jenny laid a hand on her husband, “Not now. Let them be a lil longer before ye pounce. I’m sure Jamie has the same questions and since it’s his wife and daughter he should be the one to know the answers first.”
    Mouthing thank-you at Jenny she merely quirked an eyebrow that said, you’ll be tellin’ me as soon as yer finished tellin’ my brother, as she put an arm around Ian and Fergus leading them out of the room.
    “The wee lass has fallen asleep on me, Sassenach. I never thought I’d see the day when my own bairn slept in my arms. I thought— I thought…” his voice cracked and a fresh wave of emotion poured out of him.
    “Shhh. Shhh. Jamie I know. I know more than anyone the thoughts that must be racing through your mind, about me, about Bree, about…Frank. We are here and we aren’t going anywhere. I will not leave you. Never again please do not ask that of me, of us. There is nothing waiting for us there.” A guttural distinctly Scottish noise, that I hadn’t realized I missed, came from Jamie.
    “I’m serious. There is nothing for us there! If you don’t believe me look at the child in your arms. Your child, who is so blissfully content that she fell asleep in the arms of a stranger because she could feel the love, comfort and peace you bring. She never could fall asleep in Frank’s arms even when she was an infant, he would laugh it off saying she was ‘mummy’s girl’ but even then she never fell asleep that fast. It’s you.”
    “I’m sure it’s the journey the two of you were on. She’s just too tired to know any better.”
    Shaking my head I placed my hand on his face and repeated myself, “It’s you. She knows she’s home, with her family— her father and somewhere safe.”
    “Thank-you, Sorcha, for her and coming back to me.”
    “It wasn’t even a choice. The moment I found out you were still alive after Culloden I had to come home, nothing could have stopped me.”
    “I dinna ken how much of a father and husband I can be right now. Ye said ye found out I was still alive?” I nodded, “How?”
    “Actually it was from Frank.” Jamie jumped jostling Bree a little bit, and his eyes grew wide, obviously not expecting that answer.
    “He didn’t do it on purpose. I told you before he was researching his personal geology that lead him to Black Jack.” Seeing Jamie nod I continued, “Well he didn’t just stop at Black Jack, he searched all of the great battles and times before and right after Culloden because of it. The 18th century became his obsession and was the time period he had researched the most. I can’t say if it was strictly his family history or my disappearance that caused the obsession. One day I was in his study in there was all this information about Scotland from 1700 through 1760— I felt compelled to look. Culloden had been the darkest time for me and I didn’t want to associate with it, but I had to know. In one book in particular there were passages from an Englishman by the name of Harold Grey who wrote about meeting the formidable ‘Red Jamie’ and begrudgingly set him free due to a life-debt owed to his younger brother.”
    Jamie snorted, “Begrudgingly? I begged him to shoot me with the others! I wanted to die on that battlefield.”
    Startled at his exclamation I stared at him in disbelief, “You wanted to die?”
    “Aye! What kind of life were I to have without ye in it? Christ Claire! I was half dead anyway the moment I sent ye through those cursed stones! Then I was wounded, I swear it was Jenny’s stubbornness that saved me there, but there was nothing for me here. I should have died like all the other men that day.” One of his hands unwound from Bree and went to muss up his hair. Quickly before he could agitate himself too much I grabbed his hand and held it to my chest.
    “For the first time since that day I can honestly say that I’m glad he didn’t kill me.”
    I squeezed his hand tighter as he said, “I’m no’ sorry for what I did that day because the two of ye wouldna be here if ye’d stayed, the three of us would be dead and this wee lass never woulda seen the light of day. Please continue tell me how you found me.”
    My throat started to feel tight as I continued, “Like I said I found Harold Gray’s entry that said he’d let you go, ordered men to take you to your homelands. That was it. I knew you would be in Lallybroch but I had no way of knowing if you had been captured or not until I heard the story of the Dun Bonnet. You’re going to be a Highland legend, the Dun Bonnet, a captain for the Bonnie Prince Charlie who survived the battle at Culloden and ran into the hills living in a cave for— for seven years.” I studied his face while he took that little bit of information in.
    “Seven years? I’m going to be stuck in that cave for four and half more years? I canna do that knowing ye and the bairn are here without my protection. Without me except once a month if that.”
    “Well the records I found noted a Jamie MacKenzie Fraser in Ardsmuir prison for  three years. I’m not sure what becomes of you after that but if I can help prevent that future from happening I will, with everything that I am I will change the future this time.”
    “I musta had a good reason to go to prison if you found me there, I doubt anyone could find my cave.”
    “Yes that may be so but I want to change our futures, I didn’t risk everything by coming this far for you to back out on me now!”
    “I dinna want you in danger especially with the bairn! How can I protect you living in a cave for four more years and then in prison for three? She’ll be half grown by the time I’m out of those hell holes!”
    “Do you wish we never would have come?”
    “NO!” He moved quickly hugging me tight to his chest but angled away from our, surprisingly still, sleeping daughter.
    “No, I wilna ever wish you away or send you away again!”
    “Good. With that settled, what are we going to tell the others? How do we explain where I’ve been?”
    “We could tell them the truth.”
    “You have to be joking! Do you remember what happened to me when we were first married? No one knew what I could do and for being a healer I was tried and nearly burned as a witch! If it hadn’t been for you and the jet beaded rosary they might have burned me even if I refused to jump in the water. I don’t want to go through something like that again.”
    “Do ye think so little of my family that they’d turn ye over as being a witch that quick?”
    “No but if anyone else heard…”
    “The people of the Fraser lands are like family. They wouldna do a thing to harm the lady of the land.”
    “No, like they wouldn’t turn their laird over to the Watch or the English?” I quirked an eyebrow at him and he scowled.
    “Ye ken as well as I do that that was because the McNab’s were mad at me.”
    “And if they were suddenly mad at me or, heaven forbid, our daughter? What then?”
    “I think ye’ll find that ever since Culloden the people here are bit more…protective. Ye are the lady of Lallybroch, Brianna the heir unless we have a son, they’ll guard the two of ye like ye are their prized whisky!”
    “I hope you’re right on that account. What if we don’t tell the truth?”
    “We’d tell them most of the truth. I sent ye away to go live with the family you have in France, ye stayed thinking I was dead, then somehow you got word the ‘ruthless Red Jamie’ was still alive and ken I was here so you came after me.” Shrugging one shoulder in a way only a Scot could, as though it were the most simple thing in the world.
    “One thing I do ken is that the two of ye arena going anywhere.”
    Smiling I relaxed into his embrace and cherished the moment. Home, safe and whole, the three of us were undoubtedly whole now.
    “How is it that bairns trust is so great she just melts into me? As though—”
    “As though there’s nothing in the world separating you from her and she from you?”
    “Aye. I’ve held Jenny’s wee ones but they never fell asleep like this on me.”
    “I think it’s not only trust, but instinctually she knows you’ll never let anything harm her so she doesn’t need to worry about anything, even the boundaries of her body. She knows you will hold her together.”
    “That’s a lot of trust for someone so young to have.”
    “I wish you could have seen her over a year ago when she was this tiny bundle that trusted implicitly with everything. Not able to talk or walk, only wiggle and grunt. When she would sleep on my chest it wasn’t as if she were on top of me, but back inside me this small nudging warmth.”
    Looking down at Bree’s wispy red curls he smiled and said, “I wish I could have seen ye round with her and been there when she was no’ but a tiny bairn.”
    “Maybe you’ll be able to see another child like that. We now have all the time we thought we’d never have. A second chance for a life together, a new chance at raising a family.”
    “I like the sound of that, Sassenach. I may have missed the verra early days with this one but I’ll no’ miss anymore. If ye want more children I’ll give them to ye.”
    “You once said you wanted to fill this house with our children, do you not still want that?”
    “Oh I do more than I can say, but I’ll no’ risk ye again. I wasna there for Faith’s birth but ye said it nearly killed ye and I’ll no’ be so selfish as to risk yer life for another bairn.”
    “We can decide later what we want to do. For now though we need to get use to one another again and raising one baby at a time.”
    Another room lighting smile spread across his face, “Aye that’s for sure.”
    “Are ye two done talkin’ yet or do we have to wait outside the room all day waitin’ for ye to finish?” Jenny’s voice held a bit of excitement and frustration.
    “Perhaps we should go to the sitting room and tell them our story?”
    “Aye, and we should tell them the truth and if anyone else asks we tell them I sent ye away and ye thought I was dead until ye got word otherwise and came straight home.”
    Letting out a breath I didn’t know I was holding I stood up and faced the direction of the sitting room.
   “Best get this over with then.”
    Grabbing my hand and pulling me to him Jamie kissed the top of my head.
    “Ye are not alone anymore, there’s no need of bein’ scarit of Jenny, Ian or Fergus.”
    “It’s not that I’m scared of them, it’s their reaction that has me a bit nervous.”
    “Dinna fash, Sassenach. It’ll all be fine.”

    Jenny, Ian and Fergus were waiting in the sitting room. Awkward moments of side eyes and silence trying to figure out what was to happen next. Jamie seeming impervious to the tension in the room walked over to the largest chair sat down and pulled me down onto his lap. Well this is one way to not break connection. I thought dryly.
    “I’ll let each of ye ask Claire one question now before we both tell ye what happened at Culloden and beyond after that ye can ask as many as  ye want.”
    Ian surprised me by being the first person to speak.
    “Where were ye all this time?”
    “Boston mostly.”
    Ian’s eyes widened, “The colonies! Why were you there?”
    Jamie made a disapproving sound in his throat and glared at Ian. With a huff Jenny asked, “Fine if it’s only one question I’ll ask Ian’s second, why were you there?”
    “I’ll explain it better soon when we begin what really happened to us, the short version I was there to escape what Scotland reminded me and a few others of.”
    Not seeming satisfied Jenny quirked an eyebrow at me and crossed her arms defiantly, “Ye’ll be telling me exactly what you mean by that statement.”
    Nodding I turned to Fergus.
    “Milady, the only thing I want to know is why did you leave us?”
    “Oh Fergus, I wish I had a better answer but I didn’t have a choice.”
    “There’s always a choice, ye chose to leave now explain yerself.” Jenny countered.
    “Since ye want to ken all that bad, I sent her away!” Not expecting that answer Jenny’s mouth gaped like a fish trying to form words that wouldn’t come.
    “It was right before Culloden, I ken I wasna gonna survive the battle and I dinna want Claire and the bairn to be slaughtered wi’ me. So I took her to Craig na Dun and sent her home.”
    “Yer one of the Old Folk?”
    “No Ian I’m not one of the fae. I’m just like you only, I wasn’t born here.”
    Snorting, “We dinna think ye were from Scotland to begin with.”
    “That’s not what I meant, I’m not from this time. I was born on October the 20, 1918, I first fell through the stones at Craig na Dun when I was on a second honeymoon with my, now ex, husband Frank in 1945.”
    Three blank faces stared back at me, as though they were waiting for a punch line in a joke, that what I had said was a tall tale and we were only messing with them.
    “She was harassed by Black Jack Randall when Murtagh found her and brought her to the cabin where I was with Dougal and his raiding party dressed in nothing but what we thought was her shift. She healed me more than once that night and rode with us to Castle Leoch where Colum made her healer of the castle. How many times did you try to escape Sasenach?”
    “Oh goodness, two or three times at least. I spent weeks planning escape attempts only to have them thwarted.”
     Smiling at me Jamie continued our story, “So Dougal had her come on the road wi’ us, on the road was when we wed. She thought I was merely saving her from the clutches of Black Jack but really I had loved her since the first night we met. Eventually she began to fall for me as well. One week I went wi’ a hunting party of the Duke of Sandringham’s and while I was away Claire was put on trial for being a witch.”
    Glaring at my husband seemed the only way to show my displeasure of this part of the story without embarrassing him in front of his family.
    “Yes, I was tried as a witch and Jamie saved me. It was while we were on the run to get here I told Jamie my story. You know what happened next, living here, the nightmare of Wentworth, our escape to France… While in France I lost our first child.” The sadness on Jenny and Ian’s face told me all I needed to know, Jamie hadn’t told them of Faith and they were now mourning the niece they never knew.
    “After France, being back at Lallybroch, then the early war times with Prince Tearlach we dinna even think of Claire going back through the stones. When she told me again the destruction that was to come, I ken it was time to get her out of there. Right before Culloden I sent her back through the stones and to her first husband.”
    “Frank didn’t believe me when I told him what happened and I was more surprised he didn’t give me the divorce I expected when he discovered I was pregnant. When Brianna was born he packed us up and moved us to Boston to be away from Scotland, away from Jamie whom he thought still might be lurking about in the shadows. One day not too long ago I found a book in his study, and in it found the proof I needed that Jamie survived the battle. Carefully I planned my escape from Boston, from Frank. When he went to a conference I left his wedding ring and a note on the counter, grabbed Brianna and got to Scotland as fast as possible. Now I’m here, where I belong, with the man I choose and love, with the family I’ve missed for years, and the time period I truly belong in.”
    That’s all there was, silence. Ian was in obvious deep contemplation, Fergus stunned into his silence, and Jenny looked as though she might burst.
    “My brother, the clot-heid, that he is must have done something either verra right or verra wrong to have met ye.”
    “Ye know what’s coming then? The future of Scotland, the future of everyone for the next 200 years! It’s incredible!”
    “I wouldn’t say I know the futures of everyone, but I do know a good deal about what will happen in our current lifetime.”
    Several hours of questioning passed and the faint light of dawn slowly filled the sky, Fergus was curled up asleep by the hearth. Half asleep myself leaning heavily on Jamie’s shoulder he finally called the inquisition to a halt.
    “The bairn will wake soon and I need to get her mother to bed. She’s drifting off as we speak.”
    Looking up through bleary eyes I could see the same tiredness reflected in both Ian and Jenny’s eyes. Before I knew it Bree was in my arms and I was in Jamie’s as he carried us up to the Laird’s bedroom we once shared.
    “Let me undo your laces Sassenach then ye can sleep and no’ worry about Ian and Jenny they’ll tell no one. As for Fergus, I think he’d rather cut off his hand than speak anything but yer praises to anyone he meets.”
    Fergus cutting off his hand… “Oh Fergus! He was the servant boy the Dun Bonnet had, it has to be him we can’t let the English take his hand in four years time.”
    “Sassenach ye are speaking in riddles and I’m a bit tired myself to be figuring them out just yet. For now why don’t we sleep?”
    “Mmm that sounds wonderful. When we wake up I have something I wish to give you.”
    “Oh? Would it be another kiss perhaps?”
    “Of course, but I did bring you a few things from my time.”
    “Why no’ give them to me now?”
    “Too tired to explain everything.”
    Laughing Jamie leaned down and kissed me gently.
    “Fine in the mornin’ then. Dinna think I’ll forget.”

Part 3


Remus Lupin was never one for weddings. Sure, they were fun, there was dancing, and cake, but there was also couples and commitment - something Remus didn’t have.

He never really went to weddings because he never really had anyone to bring, and he hated being alone surrounded by people he barely knew. He once made the mistake of going to his godmother’s stepson’s wedding; there’s a picture of him sitting alone eating a piece of cake. But when his mom called him, telling him that James Potter was getting married, he, for some reason, said he would go. 

James Potter was one of Remus’ best friends when he was younger. The Potter’s lived across the street from the Lupins, and the two boys grew up as the brother they each never had. After high school, however, they went their separate ways for their continued education, and only saw each other during the holidays. Remus had met James’ fiance, Lily, a few times. James began bringing her home for Christmas when he was nineteen, and now at twenty-two, they were getting married. Remus liked Lily; she had long red hair and sparkling green eyes that reflected James’ bright smile. She had freckles that covered her face as if she was a child constantly playing in mud, but James seemed to have more reasons to love Lily than the number of dots on her skin. They were truly happy together, and Remus was quite jealous.

Remus didn’t speak to them until the reception. The church ceremony was beautiful, but too hectic at the end for Remus to do anything but shoot James a smile as he and his bride left the building. Remus didn’t recognize most of the people in the bridal and groom parties - he assumed most of them were college friends, or maybe Lily’s siblings, if she had any. However, Remus noticed the man standing next to James with a jaw sharper than a knife, standing proudly and looking at James and Lily with adoration, and Remus couldn’t seem to focus on anything else. At the reception, Remus walked to James and Lily’s table, causing both of them to get up to say hello. 

Remus shook James’ hand and pulled him into a hug. “Congrats, mate, I’m happy I could be with you to celebrate,” he told him. James pulled back and smiled widely, his eyes sparkling behind his rectangular glasses. “It’s great to see you, Remus, I’m so glad you could come.” Remus then turned to hug and congratulate Lily, who looked like Christmas had come early. As he hugged her, he caught the eye of the best man, who seemed to be making his way over. Remus pulled back at the sound of his voice, a sound that was more melodic than a symphony. “Lils, your sister’s husband is making a scene again.” Lily groaned, obviously fed up with her brother-in-law. “The day that man calms down is the day I grow five inches; thanks, Sirius, I’ll handle him,” she said, slipping away with her dress gliding behind her. Remus only realized he was staring at the man, Sirius, when he looked his way and smiled at him. James, however, noticed immediately, and smirked as he watched the two men. “Sirius, have you met Remus? My oldest friend, he is,” James exclaimed, throwing an arm across Remus’ shoulders. Remus chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. “You know, I don’t think I have,” he spoke, sticking a hand out lazily. “I’m Sirius.”

Remus looked at the hand reaching for his, then up at Sirius’ stormy gray eyes. He took the calloused hand and smiled, “Remus, nice to meet you.”

James retracted his arm, stating, “I should probably go help Lily, you two should get to know each other.” James left, and Remus could swear he saw him wink at Sirius. 

“So, uh, how’d you meet James and Lily?” Remus asked, somewhat awkwardly. He had never been good at initiating conversation, especially with a man who had taken Remus’ breath away, quite literally, too, as Remus almost forgot to breath. Sirius smiled at him before answering. “Lily and I grew up together, literally. I kinda ran away when I was younger, and the Evans took me in,” he explained. Remus nodded to show he understood. “James and I kinda grew up together, too. We’re both only children, and having your best friend live across the street only helped us grow closer.” It was weird saying this, because he and James weren’t that close anymore. Not that it was either one’s fault, or that they disliked each other, it was just that their paths didn’t align like they used to. Remus supposed that some people were meant to stay prominent in your lives, and others weren’t, but that was okay. 

Sirius gasped slightly when Remus mentioned the ‘living across the street’ thing. “You’re the best friend then? James has a picture of you two when you were little in his apartment, it rather cute, actually,” he spoke. Remus felt touched that James still cared for him, despite the loss of contact, but he was honestly more surprised than anything. “Really, like on display?” he asked in disbelief. “Yeah,” Sirius said, smiling at Remus’ expression. “Its next to a picture of his parents on their end table.“ Remus’ mouth fell slightly agap, and he was too shocked to realize that Sirius, laughing at his expression, was leading him to a table so that they could sit down. 

“So, you said you’re an only child, yeah? I have a brother, but I don’t see him that much any more,” Sirius said in an attempt to continue conversation. When Remus didn’t reply, but nodded for him to continue, he did. “Well, when I ran away, my parents wouldn’t let him talk to me, so we’re only getting back into the habit of talking to each other recently.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, why’d you run away?” Remus questioned. Immediately, he felt like he shouldn’t have asked, because Sirius face fell quickly. “Well, uh,” Sirius spoke awkwardly. “My parents are extreme Christians, and they don’t support me being gay,” he trailed off. Remus nodded, he knew Sirius was nervous Remus would react similarly to how his parents did. “My parents supported me, but most kids in school didn’t. I was ridiculed a lot for it,” Remus told him. Normally, he didn’t like bringing up his sexuality, but he felt guilty for making Sirius tell him. Sirius’ face relaxed as he took in Remus’ words.

The rest of the night went liked this. They talked and asked questions and Remus fell in love with the way Sirius’ voice got higher when he got excited about a topic, like when Remus mentioned he played rugby, and Sirius told him that he loved the sport, but didn’t play competitively. “Maybe you’ll have to play me one day then,” Remus suggested, and Sirius’ smiled grew, blinding Remus.

At the end of the night, the DJ announced that there was only a few songs left, and Sirius insisted that he and Remus danced. “I’m really no good,” Remus tried to tell Sirius, but the smaller man didn’t care, and dragged the honey-eyed Remus behind him towards the dance floor. They danced and danced and Sirius didn’t seem to care that Remus almost tripped a few times. In fact, he laughed at Remus, and adored the blush that crept onto Remus’ face when he did. When the last song finished, Remus’ heart sank when he realized he would be going home, leaving Sirius and maybe not seeing him until James and Lily’s fifth anniversary party or something of the sorts. Remus looked around, unable to find Sirius to say goodbye. He gave up, and made his way to his parents who were smiling sadly at Remus’ expression. When he felt a tap on his shoulder, turning around to come face to face with the gray-eyed man, his face lit up. “Here,” Sirius said, handing him a paper with what he assumed was his phone number written on it. “Call me if you have anymore weddings to go to,” Sirius said, sending him a wink. He reached up to kiss Remus’ cheek, and strutted away. Remus decided, a smile tattooed on his face, that maybe weddings weren’t that bad after all. 

As Seen On CCTV

This happened because of my husband… blame him. Also a little blame goes to @sweet-sweet-escape so I’m gifting it to her. It’s T for saucy language. @mizjoely gets credit for the title (and she beta’d it too!) Enjoy. ~Lil~

Roger Dickens loved his job, he loved serving his country, and he really loved dressing in black suits every day. Being an MI5 agent was both exciting and rewarding. But what he loved most about his job was… watching CCTV surveillance footage of his bosses little brother! He was one of four agents who spent hours keeping a close watch on Sherlock Holmes. When he first got the assignment he was certain he was being punished, though he couldn’t figure out exactly what he’d done wrong. But after the first week he realised there was never a dull moment with the younger Holmes and it became rather apparent that the other agents felt the same. Especially where one pretty young pathologist was concerned.

Anna Smithson came into the room and handed Roger his tea. “So, what’d I miss?” she asked.

“Nothing. He’s not there yet, but he left Baker Street seven minutes ago complaining about boredom and his landlady practically pushed him out the door. He’s headed toward Barts,” he replied.

Anna sat down next to him and got ready for the show. “How does he not see it, I wonder?”

“You’re so young, still so fresh-faced. I was like you once,” he said, then took a sip of his tea.

“Don’t mock me. I just don’t understand how he could be in such deep denial.”

“We’ve all asked the same question. I’ve basically given up hope,” he said. “That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the show.”

“No! I can’t accept that. They’re perfect for each other.”

Roger looked at her and smiled. “Anna, I truly hope you never lose your child-like spirit.”

She punched him in the arm.

He pretended that it hurt. “We’ve all been watching them for ages. You missed the two years that they lived together on and off.”

“Oh, something had to have happened then.”

“No.” He shook his head sadly. “Of course we had her place wired from top to bottom back then. Well, except for her bedroom and bathroom. You should have seen them dancing around each other. Him staring at her when she wasn’t looking. Her practically salivating on him when he’d walk around in naught but a towel. The fits he’d throw after she’d leave for a date. Thank God she hasn’t done that since that Tom fellow.” He glanced at the monitors. “Oh look there he is.”

“Turn it up,” Anna said as they concentrated on the main screen.

“Molly!” Sherlock said as he burst through the door.

The pathologist jumped at the sudden intrusion.

“He gonna give her a heart attack one of these days,” Roger commented.

“Shhhh!” Anna scolded.

“I need to work, Molly. Anything!” Sherlock was pacing around the nervous woman. “You have any spleens?”

“Have you called Greg? Perhaps he has something.”

He stopped and turned to her. “Who?”

She shook her head and walked away from the detective. “Sherlock I’m sorry but I don’t have time for you today. I- I have plans and need to finish…”

“Plans? What plans?” he spit at her.

“Ohhhhh NO!” Anna said as she leaned toward the screen.

“I’m ah… going out.”

“You’ll have to elaborate, Molly,” Sherlock said, his tone harsh as he walked toward the pathologist.

“She doesn’t want to tell him. Even she knows it!” Anna said as she reached for a biscuit.

“I have a… date, Sherlock,” Molly said. “I’m going out on a date with a nice, not criminal, doctor. He asked me out and I’m going.”

Roger picked up his mobile and started frantically thumbing through his contacts.

“What are you doing?” Anna asked.

“Letting Mr. Holmes know he’s going to have to replace most of the equipment in the Path Lab at St. Barts. He likes to know these things in advance,” he explained as he typed.

“So soon after the end of your engagement? How will that look?” Sherlock asked.

“It’s not soon. It’s been nearly a year. Also, it’s very much none of you business,” Molly said, inching closer to the detective.

“You go girl!” Anna exclaimed. “Go get Matthew! He needs to see this! Too bad Jacobs is off today. He’s missing a good one!”

Roger jumped up and ran out of the room.

“Your reputation is actually my business, Doctor.” He moved closer to Molly. “How will it look if…”

“If what? If I date? How could that possibly affect you, Sherlock? It’s not like you’re ever going to do anything about it.”

She turned to walk away and Sherlock grabbed her arm, pulling her back towards him. They stared at each other for several moments, neither making the next move. It was killing Anna. “KISS her for God’s sake!”

Just then Roger came rushing back in with Matthew in tow.

“Look!” she shouted, pointing at the screen.

Matthew shrugged. “What? Like they haven’t been that close to a kiss before?” He looked at the female agent. “You’re so young and sweet.”

“It’s gonna happen!”

Molly jerked out of Sherlock’s hold. “I didn’t think so,” she said, then turned and walked into her office.

Matthew patted a very disappointed Anna on the back. “Don’t feel bad. We all get excited at our first near Sherlolly kiss.” He got a dreamy look on his face. “I was watching the night he asked her to help him fake his death.” He sighed. “I thought they were gonna shag right there like three different times.”

“I can’t believe a group of grown men, trained MI5 agents no less, came up with a ship name like Sherlolly,” Anna scoffed.

Roger spoke up. “Hey, I voted for Mollock, but Matthew and David said it sounded like a deep sea creature.”

Anna made a face. “They were right, Sherlolly’s better. It’s adorable.”

“Ahh guys.” Matthew pointed at the screen and all three watched as Sherlock kicked a stool, sending it across the lab.

“It’s just a stool. Not so bad,” Anna said.

He knocked over a stack of files, sending them flying all over the place. Then he picked up a glass staining dish holding several slides and threw it across the room.

“Shit!” all three agents said together.

Molly suddenly appeared in the doorway of her office. “Have you lost your mind?”

“The slides were useless or you wouldn’t have left them out,” he replied, running his hands through his hair.

“I don’t give a flying fuck, Sherlock. You can’t have one of your fits here, this is a hospital!”

“Oh, I’m sorry I thought it was a singles bar since you’re clearly on the pull!”

She shook her head. “That’s so unfair.”

“Life’s unfair, Molly. It’s time you learned that.”

She started walking toward the exit. “Where are you going? Who’s gonna clean up this mess?”

She turned to him. “Not me, Sherlock. You’re not my mess to clean up. You never have been and clearly never will be.”

“God this is better than Holby City,” Anna said sounding choked up.

Molly’s hand was on the door handle when Sherlock rushed forward, putting both hands on her shoulders. “No, don’t go.”

The pathologist seemed to be frozen in indecision. Just then the door to the surveillance room opened and Mycroft Holmes walked in. All three agents stood up but didn’t take their eyes off of the monitor.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“Ah, w-well sir…” Matthew stammered.

Mycroft walked over until he could see the screen. “Are they fighting again?” he asked.

Anna put her hand on her bosses arm. “She’s got a date. He’s trying to stop her,” she whispered.

Mycroft gasped. “Is it… is it finally happening?”

The agents looked at their boss then back to the screen when Sherlock spoke again.

“I am your mess. I want to be,” he said.

Molly turned. “My God, Sherlock. Why did that take nearly six years?” She slipped her arms around his neck.

“Not my area, Dr. Hooper. I… I…”

“Oh shut up and kiss me.”

The agents all sighed in unison as Sherlock Holmes kissed his pathologist for the first time. Then Mycroft switched the monitors off.

“I believe they require some privacy. Don’t you three have some paperwork you could be doing?” he asked as he straightened his waistcoat.

They all nodded and left with huge smiles on their faces.

Mycroft pulled out his mobile. “Mummy. I have news…”

I’m not even sorry. Thanks for reading!~Lil~

so in my house we’ve had Mario Party 4 for fourteenish years and Mario Party 5 for two or three. this is our main game and the one we have played religiously for years.

i am always luigi. i AM LUIGI. I’M LUIGI, LUIGI IS MINE, I. AM. LUIGI. i’m an adult and i will still pitch a mother of a hissy fit if i am not luigi.

so my baby bro and i were playing MP5 yesterday and like a lil crapbucket he slid his controller into the player 2 slot on our wii and sTOLE LUIGI.

sidebar: my brothers are good at video games. any time they’re playing, it’s a foregone conclusion that they’re gonna win. EXCEPT in Mario Party 5, which for some reason loves me and showers all the good luck juju on me instead of my brothers.

now, after whining and threatening and behaving like a total adult about the whole thing, i finally choose Peach, because if i’m going to destroy my brother for stealing my husband from me, i’m gonna look good while doing it. i was a little disoriented on a lot of the mini-games because i’ve been playing as luigi for fourteen years, but for the sake of vengeance, i adjusted.

and it was beautiful. the game knew. the game SENSED that someone who wasn’t me was playing luigi, and i got ALL THE LUCK. i tossed a pirhana plant capsule, and the next round my brother landed on it and lost half his coins. i tossed a coin block capsule one space ahead of me, then rolled a 1. did not get a single star, but by the end of it, i was rolling in the cash money. it was a ten-turn game, and only my brother and one of the CPUs got a star, but the way the bonus stars worked, me, my brother, and one CPU had two stars apiece.

guess who had the most coins and won?



Car Rides
  • *listening to Dear Future Husband*
  • Mom : So honey, your type of future husband?
  • Me : Harry Styles
  • Mom : But that's not...
  • Mom : Okay, what about you?
  • Bro : I don't have time for that mom, let's just say Scarlett Johanson okay! *put on his headphones back*
  • Lil bro : Mommy, what's a husband?
  • Mom : Oh,um.. It's the person who you're going to marry, like dad, dad is mommy's husband.
  • Lil bro : I know who my husband will be!
  • Mom : No, for boys, things like that are called wives!
  • Lil Bro : Well I know who my wife will be!
  • Mom : What is she like?
  • Lil bro : Kate Upton!
  • Mom : *banged her head to the steering wheel*
  • *true story, my little brother is 3 by the way and he knew Kate Upton cuz I watched the other woman in front of him last time*
And Many More

Halloween for the Potter family, ten years worth of Halloweens and everything in between, begins in silence. The lights have just been turned off, and after a long day of child-minding, James and Lily have just gotten into bed, revelling in the quiet that signals children sleeping soundly in their beds.

They’re fast asleep in no time. Lily sleeps as she always does, cradled into James’ chest with his arm firmly around her.

The house is tranquil for hours, until a baby’s cry wakes them both early in the morning. James jerks and sits up, and when Lily goes to sit up, he pushes her back down. “I’ll get him, it’s fine,” he mutters, yawning as he crams his glasses on his face.

Lily would beam if she wasn’t so tired. “Thank you,” she murmurs, sighing happily. Her mother told her that once they had a child, James would take the back seat. Husbands weren’t expected to get up at four in the morning to feed them, husbands didn’t do much changing. Husbands didn’t do much except play with the babies until their mothers decided it was time to go to sleep.

But James isn’t like that at all. He’s more than eager to help, to make sure she gets her rest. He’s delighted to do so. He lives for it. “You brought them into this world,” he always tells her, kissing her forehead. “It’s the least I can do.” Lily’s relieved, and every time he gets out of bed and tells her to stay put, he can handle it, she gets a warm, fluttery feeling in her chest. He’s being so wonderful. And honestly, Lily doesn’t know why she’s surprised.

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