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[LEFT] Alleged picture of Luhan when he first came to Korea; the subject’s lips, the button nose and the scar on his arm is very the same from the actual pictures of Luhan

[RIGHT] A picture of a watch (Luhan is said to post photos about watch) and the caption ‘Cocacola’ which is one of Luhan’s latest CF endorsement

God. Should I also add in their Weibo screenshots about them being online together thrice in a single day; or that one fanacc where Sehun gave a nod when asked if he goes online on Weibo more often at the time because of someone? i believe that this is not just a delusional thing.

Hunhan may not be real a romantic sense, but I believe that their friendship that began waaaaay back in their predebut days is indeed true, and not Luhan’s departure would be the only thing that would destroy their deeprooted brotherhood.

I sincerely believe that the friendship HunHan have was never the business type of relationship.

Thank you for assuring us, Sehun.

What’s the damage?

He lost the one that didn’t treat him like a baby, but not lacking in attention giving. 

the one that, regardless of age or title… 

He could still act silly with. 

His other leader, 

one less warm shoulder to rest on. But what’s the damage?

He lost the older brother who laughed at all his jokes, 

equally look up to him as he did the other…

never took his charms and smiles for granted, 

always there for the laughs, 

and to give all the comfort he could. But what’s the damage?

Not only those loses, but he could also lose…

The one who is always there, 

always gives the gentle touches, 

whispers secrets just for the two of them, 

who goes along with anything he schemes…

the one who dries all his tears, 

the one he worries over when he performs wonderful feats, 

gives him memories along with his gifts…

the one that worships him, body and soul, 

the one that takes all the risks to show his love. 

The one he is willing to risk it all to show that love back.

                                     BUT WHAT’S THE DAMAGE?

When he lost Kris, he lost his carefree attitude…

When he lost Luhan, he lost his willingness to smile without remorse…

                                             And if he loses Tao…

He will lose his rock…

He won’t have the same fire he once did…

                                                                        He will lose his air. 

Sadly, we will never have this Sehun again…that’s a fact. He is not the easiest person to break their walls, but once you do, he will cherish you forever, but if you ever have to leave, he will understand, but you will always take a piece of his soul with you…

That’s the damage.

(credit to the gif owners where credit is due, I tried to put all the ones I had with source names in the source box)