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Crimson Desires Series 

Crimson Desires I: Love and Lust
Have they ever told you not to wander in the middle of the night? They said that they’ll come and get you. Feed on you. Drain you of your blood.
Baekhyun: “You owe me this much, for turning me.” 
Chanyeol: “I don’t regret it.”

Crimson Desires II: Howling
A man had appeared claiming them as one of his kins and the fact that they were half blood. 
Baekhyun: “Chanyeol wake up…please…Chanyeol, I haven’t told you that I have forgiven you for turning me right? At least before I die…I would only regret not seeing my friends one last time…I just want to find a way to wake you up. It ended here with me, lying on my own blood.

Crimson Desires III: Black Rose Academy 
Chanyeol asked Kyungsoo, Kai and Sehun to find a cure to wake Baekhyun up. 
Chanyeol: “Baekhyun where are you? I don’t know myself anymore. I don’t know what’s happening to me anymore. It’s uncontrollable. I can’t stop killing, I can’t stop crying. I can’t stop thinking about you.”

Please read the warning before reading this fic. This is very dark