my humor is one sided



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she wants to know stuff so why not

1. are you named after someone
i was supposed to but my parents thought the name was ugly and i was lucky enough not be called that
2. when was the last time you cried
i don’t remember but it must have been recently because i cry a lot
3. do you like your handwriting
well, it’s not terrible when i try to write better, but it’s pretty average or too little most of the time
4. what is your favorite lunch meat
ok apparently you guys call affettati lunch meat. i love bresaola, it’s like the best thing
5. do you have kids
i have tons of kids (no i don’t)
6. if you were another person, would you be friends with you
depends on who i will be, but probably not because i never get out
7. do you use sarcasm
i do, yeah, but my humor is more on the absurd side so i guess one would understand i’m sarcastic
8. do you still have your tonsils
tonsilis, yeah
9. would you bungee jump
i’m a coward chicken so no, i will never do that. i don’t like the adrenaline rush, i like relaxed things
10. what is your favorite kind of cereal
i don’t like cereals much, but i like the ones with milk or cream in them
11. do you untie your shoes every time you take them off
no, i leave the laces tied and put them on like that tbh
12. do you think you’re a strong person
honestly, depends what you mean by strong
i tend to be stubborn and hold my ground, but i’m not really one to impose my vision
13. what is your favorite ice cream flavor
i like fruit flavors like strawberry, i also like fiordilatte (dunno how you guys call it) and tiramisù ones
14. what is the first thing you notice about people
irl, probably appareance like it’s natural to do, also it’s the first thing i can see anyway
on the interwebs, dunno honestly, i don’t think i watch anything in particular
15. red or pink
those are my fav colors, i cna’t choose 
they’re literally shades of the same thing
16. what is the least favorite physical thing you like about yourself
i would say my chest but i have come to get used to it
17. what color pants and shoes are you wearing right now
dark military(?) green and black socks, i guess
18. what was the last thing you ate
pizza, ye
19. what are you listening to right now
my mom watching stupid shit on tv just for the fun of it
20. if you were a crayon, what color would you be
i want to be the pink crayon, but that ugly pink you used to color people with but wasn’t the color you actually needed
the hot pink crayon
21. favorite smell
actually i like closed rooms smells and warm smells and warm bread smell
22. who was the last person you spoke to on the phone
my bro, nora
23. favorite sport to watch
i’m a good italian man so football
24. hair color
dark brown 
25. eye color
dark brown
26. do you wear contacts
27. favorite food to eat
pizza, pizza with stuff on it or simple pizza, all kinds of pizza
28. scary movies or comedy
scary comedy? comedy scary? i like mixed genres
29. last movie you watched
zootopia? or moana, i don’t remember
30. what color shirt are you wearing
black sweater
31. summer or winter
32. hugs or kisses
hugs, i love hugs so much
33. what book are you currently reading
it’s called consumer’s psychology 
34. who do you miss right now
i miss to see nora tbh because i was too busy to stay with her lately 
35. what is on your mousepad
i don’t have that
36. what is the last TV program you watched
i don’t watch a whole lot of tv tbh
37. what is the best sound
rain on the roof
38. rolling stones or the beatles
neither, not my style
39. what is the furthest you ever traveled
i’ve been in hungary and that’s how far i have been tbh
40. do you have a special talent
no, i’m pretty plain and that’s cool
41. where were you born
42. people you expect to participate in this survey 
who ever wants to, i tag you