my hubs is the best

Nothing gets me more bitter about my achievements than this blog lmao :^) tags, save me

I feel like we’ve seen this coming for a while now. But I am so so so happy with myself for sucking it up and finding the courage to join this hell-site. I say that with the deepest of affection.

I know it stings, especially after the euphoria of the wedding and musical, but I can’t help but be grateful for all that the show has given us. And not just the amazing and complicated characters, but the actors and story too (however plot-hole ridden it has been.)

And then the fandom. This amazing fandom full of so much beautifully talented people, who have given so many stories and so much time to this show. Who have followed these characters from the off and watch them grow; who have screamed, and cried and flailed and probably died several times over because of captain swan.

And last but not least. To my girls at the Writer’s Hub. The single most best thing to have ever happened to me in the last year. I can’t tell you enough how much I love and respect y'all. (I can just see the eye-rolls now like “Ruhi? Seriously?”) But you guys have become such an important part of my life and I’ll be damned if I lose you.

So, I wish Jen the best of luck. To Ginny and Josh, to Jared and Emilie. Thank you so much.

One final thing. This isn’t goodbye. This is a “heck yes, let’s do this thang.” I eagerly await it.

It’s hard to feel “at home” in Dark Souls 3’s iteration of Firelink Shrine.

In my opinion, the Nexus and Majula were the best Souls hubs. Firelink Shrine in 3 tries to emulate the Nexus and it still falls flat.

james & aleks in 2015: i don’t know him…

james & aleks in 2016: we’re working on a big project together, our channels are full of collabs with one another, surprise we’re starting a channel together, we go out to dinner a lot and we take turns paying, we’d be down to move to another state together, we touch each other a lot sometimes, we’ve wanted to work with each other like this for two years, we’re more creatively in-sync with one another than we were with anyone from the hub

Show Me Love 

Today is my 11th month of being happily married to my bestest bud and bestest man I ever met in my entire life, my husband. 

Every month we celebrate each month we are married (yes, we still are in the honeymoon stage) and we always and forever will be grateful God made us end up together. In any marriage, I believe, each person making up ½ of the union should always look and remember everything that is good and amazing about their other half and always be grateful for their existence in his/her life. When you are married to a person that always brings out the best in you and always make you smile and absolutely fucking fuzzy and blissful in the deepest depth of your very core, you better be very grateful every single day, so you learn how to value that person really well and never ever ever take him/her for granted. I must have done something really good in my lifetime for me to end up with such a wonderful, kindest and loving man. 

Anyway, why this picture of a Filipino sausage (Longganisa) when I am just babbling about warm fuzzy hitched love? Well, because my husband always celebrates my nationality by patronizing Filipino food every wedding monthsary we breezed through. You see I am a Filipina and my husband is American, a burger and steak loyalist really, but come our special day of the month, he eats Filipino food and buys Filipino products by himself to surprise me and put a huge huge smile on my face. And so today, he took home 3 grocery bags of Filipino products and the following are his hoards…

4 Skewers of Pork Barbecue

1 pack of Longganisa (Filipino sausages)

1 pack of red hotdogs (yes, RED hotdogs)

Several flavours of Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton (noodles)

Tobi Spicy Mexican Style Peanuts (his very favourite)

Star Anise

Mama Sita’s Flavour Packets (Sisig, Pancit Bihon Guisado, Adobo)

Canton Noodles (egg noodles)

Chopsuey Veggies Pack

Coconut Water

Knorr Liquid Seasoning 

Datu Puti Soy Sauce (VERY essential for cooking Filipino Adobo)

It’s the simple (yet very profound in effort and meaning) everyday things really and  I can’t ask for anything more.

@steffybabay: Happy birthday to one of my best friends 🐈🎉🎂