my hubby smiled

Yes, this is self-indulgence but I REGRET NOTHING (again) 

 (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ C’mere hubby!!

Clarification (duuhhh again): Base: Edited normal sprite from Slbp (obvious) + own draw (yes, I ship myself with everybody lalalala -if I want another mc, I prefer read a book-) –> [pretty sloopy hair but :looks at her reflection in the mirror:… in fact not so far from reality]

otp challenge (6/6 moments): Reckoning hug

In light of your outstanding work on this case, he’s willing to drop the charges if you agree to a thousand hours of community services.

A thousand hours?!

Yes. As a consultant to detective Beckett and the twelfth precinct.