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Jin (My Hubby)

We are Bulletproof (Oneshot/Angst) 

I win (Oneshot/fluff)

Warmth (One-Shot fluff)

Lust or Love Series COMPLETE (Angst/Smut): One| Two| Three

Love Connection Series ONGOING (Fluff/ Comedy/slight Angst): One

Taehyung (Taetae)

Family Portrait Series (Angst) COMPLETE: Part one/ Part Two/ Part Three/ Part FourPart Five/ Epilogue

Waiting (Fluff-Oneshot) 

Eight Years (One-Shot/Angst/Fluff/SMUT)

Prank Fail [One-shot?/ Fluff/ Humor]- ft. Mystic Messenger

Jungkook (Jungkookie)

Mini-series:  My Professor is My Fan?! (<- Part One) Fluff (<– Last Part)

Jimin (Chimchim)

Read Between the Lines (Fluff- Oneshot)

Until The Morning [Angst/Horror/One-Shot]

J-hope (Sunshine)

The Butterfly Effect Series (Angst/Horror/SMUT) COMPLETE: Part One/ Final part

Rhythm (Fluff/Oneshot)

Min Yoongi (Agust D Boy)

Countdown (Oneshot/fluff/angst)- ft Jungkook 

Fairy Tales (One-shot/Angst)

First Love (Drabble/No pairing)

Kim Namjoon (Rapjoon)

Bury Me Series [Zombie AU!/ Horror/ Angst/Smut] ONGOING: One | Two | Three

Next Time Mini-Series? [Angst/Fluff/Humor] ONGOING: Prologue

BTS x Reader

I’m not him

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So I asked my hubby how he'd feel about that brother line in CIWYW. He said it was creepy, & asked if she had a brother herself. When I told him she did, he said that made it even creepier and made him wonder at the fucked up family dynamics that would make her think that that was a good line. Then her secret sessions stuff came out, and she makes her family listen to her singing about sex? Yeah, something's not right in that family. Definitely some lines being crossed.

Definitely weird

I claim Monkey D. Luffy because he’s so sweet:

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Dedicated to his friends:

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And above all, is just SEXY AS HELL! :3

So sorry girls, he’s MINE! ;P

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So last night my husband and I were talking about Fairy Tail, can’t remember why now. His tongue slipped up a bit and he said Jageel instead of Gajeel. Naturally we laughed about this for a good bit and so he came up with the notion that Jageel is evil Gajeel, hence the mustache and monocle XD

So this one is for my hubby :D