my httyd

First Fan art I’ve ever share, I’m a bit scare, I’ve never show it to anyone…

Maybe I’ll put some other stuffs and works…

I imagine Astrid’s suit for a fanfiction I wrote, I have to work on it ( the suit) and I have many other suggestions for her ( I’m not really happy of this one, it is to simple). Also her hair style is different, She is a bit older in it and she do not take care that much of her hair. I’m pretty impresse of myself because the blond look good.

Also they look a bit sad… Actually it was because I want them to have serious faces ( Astrid have it but Hiccup have more depressing eyebrown)


Ps: It’s been so long I haven’t written in english ( I’m french), hope it’s understandable!


Just a bunch of recent drawings I’m dumping here (Some I may have posted already but might as well again because I’m not going through to see what I’ve posted or not lol)

Some of these were totally random and I didn’t try very hard (My Pikachu Might there lol)


I’m sick and tired n DONE Have RTTE S04E10 crossover with @parfaitperi httyd au cause wtf this is so cute.

Mental breakdown in tags :)

Credit goes to Siinarts, AU @parfaitperi

Part 2 >