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@bloostle : Draw them playing twister where Ted gets his face pressed against boosters ass and is Sweating

He’s holding on for balance 😂

Imagine Person A of your OTP is on the varsity team of their school’s badminton team and when it’s Valentine’s Day, Person B celebrates the day with Person A and tells them, “I’m so badsmitten with you.” Person B grins while Person A’s reaction is up to you.

High School AU: Vax gives Keyleth his varsity jacket in place of the Displacer Cloak, and it’s just a bit too baggy for her but in a cute “boyfriend cut” kinda way, so she wears it anyway.

Better High School AU: Punk ass nerd Vax gives his tiny flower child girlfriend Keyleth his much too big for her patch and pin covered leather jacket and she happily wears it all the time even though it doesn’t fit her or her aesthetic at all.

Xu “The8″ Minghao | Highschool!AU

this was a Good Concept. i actually got this from an anon awhile back, so all credit goes to them for helping me write this! i think i like this one a lot, it’s probably one of my faves out of this whole au!! tho mingyu’s and s.coups’ make close seconds. anyway, i hope you all enjoy this!

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gamercat39-blog  asked:

Dear plukan I really like how you draw and I was going though you tumblr And find a homestuck thing that made me sad seeing that you miss it so I was thinking maybe you could do tf2 and homestuck cross over if your not busy and don't think that's dum

Naw man it’s ok, here ya go! ;v; Scout and Miss Pauling as some sort of Dave and Jade U_U