my how they've grown

My favorite scene in the entirety of Voltron has to be in Season 1 Episode 2 when Keith and Lance are doing the electric maze trust exercise and Lance starts complaining about how Keith is the one guiding him and it sounds like Lance is just being an asshole but if you really pay attention to what Keith told him to do (”two steps forward, turn right, and take three steps in that direction”)-

-Keith was leading him into a dead end. Like if you needed proof that these two are both equally as petty here it is

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who's gonna cry with me over the fact that both louis and harry's songs have a message of "wipe your tears, keep going, and don't give up" ? i'm not trying to make it about larry at all but the keep on holding on message warms my heart so much because it shows just how much they've grown up in the seven lovely years we've been allowed to have them

that was one of my thoughts too the songs are really quite similar and i don’t know how to feel about that


AKB48 1st Single: “Aitakatta” requested by anon

“If it’s love,
Then say it’s love
Without the façade,
Let’s just be honest
If it’s love,
Then say it’s love
From inside our chest
Let’s be earnest about it”

What normal people see: Oh look, the cuties from NCT Dream!

What NCT fans see: Oh look at them babies, when did they grow so much in 20 days, look at their broad shoulders, look at them sitting, they look as tall as Doyoung, how did they grow so fasssttt is such a short amount of time????


OLDCODEX’s “Fixed Engine” Song List


These are mostly all the Splatoon Miiverse posts I’ve drawn, in no particular order.

Yeah, I already screencapped most of these before the new Miiverse website update.

I’d be grateful if @tamarinfrog saw these… *wink wink*


All six of us fix our eyes on the rising sun.
There are moments you remember and people you will never fucking forget. While orange light bathes us, while tension flits far, far away, how much we’ve felt - all that we’ve bled - surrenders to our collective love. Lifetimes, days, minutes spent together.
As we watch outward. As we watch upward. As our faces warm.
We live and breathe in quiet, blissful peace.

Imagine slightly tearing up when you see how happy Woozi is at Seventeen’s concert because you’re so proud of him and how far he has come as an artist.

BONUS: When Woozi notices your glassy eyes, he starts teasing you a little before pulling you into a hug to comfort you ((and to show how thankful he is to be with someone who is supportive of his career))