my how they've grown


These are mostly all the Splatoon Miiverse posts I’ve drawn, in no particular order.

Yeah, I already screencapped most of these before the new Miiverse website update.

I’d be grateful if @tamarinfrog saw these… *wink wink*

Me rn:


All six of us fix our eyes on the rising sun.
There are moments you remember and people you will never fucking forget. While orange light bathes us, while tension flits far, far away, how much we’ve felt - all that we’ve bled - surrenders to our collective love. Lifetimes, days, minutes spent together.
As we watch outward. As we watch upward. As our faces warm.
We live and breathe in quiet, blissful peace.

Imagine slightly tearing up when you see how happy Woozi is at Seventeen’s concert because you’re so proud of him and how far he has come as an artist.

BONUS: When Woozi notices your glassy eyes, he starts teasing you a little before pulling you into a hug to comfort you ((and to show how thankful he is to be with someone who is supportive of his career))


leader | [\ˈlē-dər\]
1. one that leads or guides
2. one that directs a military force or unit; one that has commanding authority or influence