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STARKBOWL™ 2017 has been cancelled because it wasn’t well thought out and no one wanted it. Refunds for tickets are not available because you were stupid enough to buy one and we’re giving your money to direwolf rescue efforts.

  • Slytherin: You think you're a better kisser than me?
  • Ravenclaw: *raises eyebrows*
  • Slytherin: You think you're a better cuddler?
  • Ravenclaw: *raises eyebrows further*
  • Slytherin: Come over here and prove it, punk.
  • Ravenclaw: *eyebrows explode into space*

Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.


Recasting Game of Thrones: The Sand Snakes:

Cynthia Addai Robinson as Obara

Deepika Padukone as Nymeria

Anastasia Tsilimpiou as Tyene

Maria Borges as Sarella 

  • Ravenclaw: Ok, your turn.
  • Slytherin: When's my birthday?
  • Ravenclaw: ... Umm...
  • Slytherin: *raises eyebrows*
  • Ravenclaw: *unsure and drawn out* ... March... 10th...?
  • Slytherin: No. May 1st.
  • Ravenclaw: Oh.
  • Slytherin: I can't believe you don't remember. *shakes head*
  • Ravenclaw: Well, when's *my* birthday then? *folds arms*
  • Slytherin: October 16th.
  • Ravenclaw:
  • Ravenclaw: Ok.

*at the beginning the relationship*

Slytherin: What do you think about marriage?

Ravenclaw: It’s a financial and social burden that I will not be taking part in.

Slytherin: *shrugs* Ok.

*a year later*

Ravenclaw: Oh my God, go listen to the piano version of This Is Gospel!

Ravenclaw: Wouldn’t that be cute to play at our wedding?


Slytherin: Wait. Did you just…



Ravenclaw: I hate you so much.

Slytherin: What did I do?

Ravenclaw: Don’t make me think of how cute a wedding with Brendon Urie playing piano would be.