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Berena Appreciation Week Free Day: Simsrena

So as today is the final day of the wonderful Berena Appreciation Week, I thought that I would write a fluffy/smutty Reunion fic but so many people have already done that and they’ve all been amazing. So I thought about what else I could do as I sat here in my flat, eating leftover pizza and watching Doctor Who while scrolling through twitter for all the Who gossip I could get from SDCC… and it just came to me…

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Oh yes. It’s Simsrena time! And this is the day Berena and the sproglets went to Comic Con! 

I may have been a bit too excited by this because I basically did this for a while.

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So here they are, our little family and you may notice, just a little bit, that they’re dressed a bit different. 

The kids are various aliens, Cam wanted to be a Raxacoricofallapatorian but a big green bear is that best you’re going to get mate, soz! And Ellie and Jason are… well… first of all they’re wearing pajamas because apparently Sims 4 doesn’t provide costumes for toddlers even though they built in a Comic Con festival. I’m very disappointed in you Sims 4. 

And Bernie and Serena? Well… I’m totally living out a fantasy here - special thanks to the girlfriend for the reminder that Sims 4 had a Comic Con and suggesting that they go in cosplay. 

Because this happened…

Bernie and Serena - aka Kate and the Doctor.


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And of course, I literally stared at Bernie/Kate and Serena/Doctor kissing and cuddling for way more time than I would ever admit (don’t judge me you know you’ve been back and looked at them kissing!)

And it actually took me even longer to remember we’d brought the kids with us… FUCK!!!!

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Thankfully, Cam was entertaining the tiny aliens. Which let’s be honest, thank fuck for Cam! I’d make a really terrible parent lads. God knows what hell would be raging on in my house while I got lost in some loop of fandom gold bullshit. 

The tiny aliens got grumpy because they were hungry so unfortunately, Kate and The Doctor had to stop sucking face for a while and negotiate with the aliens. And, just for the record, I totally ignored Doctor Who Kate and went with UNIT Kate and had her be the one to mediate the tantrums going on. Worked out pretty well, maybe they should do this in the TV show? Just sayin’… The shade of it all!

All in all, Comic Con in Sims world was pretty fun! 

Except we did almost lose Serena/The Doctor when she got in a spaceship to explore the universe and stopped to help another ship when it let off a distress signal. Turned out they were space pirates and they wanted her ship and she had to hide in the cargo until she could take control of her ship and get back to earth. There was full blown panic on my side, just so you know. And I may or may not have screamed “It’s fucking cosplay Serena, you’re not actually the Doctor! GET BACK TO EARTH!” And there may have been a tiny bit of this….

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But of course, I’ll never ever admit how much of that panicking was true… all of it… and I’ll forever be miffed that you don’t travel with your sim into space that’s why there’s no pictures. I mean, come on Sims! Sort it out man!

Anyhow. It’s been a while since we’ve had a Berena selfie so here are Simsrena taking up the lead once again.

My hearts…

Isn’t it just fucking glorious?!

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I feel like maybe I’ve overindulged on Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi and Michelle Gomez with an obvious overdose on Berena today. Do you think I need help? Lol. I always need fucking help!

We don’t like to do too much explaining,
story stayed the same through the money and the fame,
cause we…

As loyal readers may or may not remember, my original plan was to faithfully follow legacy rules and slowly build a greek house for the kids, using w/e money we had in junior year. Well, the road to hell is paved with good intentions! Which doesn’t really apply here but i like saying it. I’m actually not sure I even get what it means. Point is the nll update came in the meantime and despite my lawful intentions I was too done to build a house, so we commandeered the sorority house, banished DJ and co in the sim bin, added a gorilla statue and our proud letters (U-U-U) and here we are! I gave the house an extensive 10 minute makeover, bringing our funds to an impressive:

NOICE. We’re gonna starve but at least we’ll do it next to our bowling alley. Joining us in this glorious endeavor are Brit Brit, Melody and Frances J, while Wyatt and Ti-Ning have pledged and are expected to move in shortly. I doubt the sim world has ever seen such a bunch of assholes under the same roof.

Our first night is off to an incredible start, as everyone is starving, no one knows how to cook, we’ve ordered both pizza and chinese food and are thus completely broke, and megabitch Brit Brit has been hitting poor Fran with a baseball for 3 hours:

-Ooops, I did it again >:)

Idk but I have a feeling me and Brit are gonna get along great!

Finally, it looks like Fran is concussed enough to make a move on Jojo, which marks the start of the 3-man race for his tiny, vicious heart. Place your bets and take some dramamine cause it’s gonna be a wild ride. 

Case in point, it’s a new day in a new kitchen and Jojo’s mind is occupied by thoughts of everyone’s fav french-arabian prince, Wyatt Monif. Since Wyatt is a pledge and there are term papers that need writing we invite him over..

..and things are heating up. You know, if heating up means Jojo continues to be a pain in the ass and still doesn’t have a crush on Wyatt even though they’ve made out a hundred times. Jojo WHAT IS YOUR DEAL

-It’s called being a stone-cold motherfucker, you should give it a try. Now Wyatt, just because we’re best friends and semi-lovers doesn’t mean you’re still not a lowly pleb pledge completely at my mercy, so don’t get any ideas.

-Of course not, I’d rather die than disappoint my dear Jojό!

-Well let’s see which happens first.

-Oh, don’t worry, Gunthèr, it is I who will win Jojό’s heart!

-Yeah, I’m the complete opposite of worried.. whatever that is.



-..Are you sure college is the right trajectoire for you?

Finally. THE TIME IS NEIGH. Hope you’re all ready for Ti-Nings personality panel……………………

………………………………………LMAO. Perfect Jojo match!

RICH BITCH CONVENTION. Seriously these 3 have a combined of what? 7 nice points? Put them all together and you make one bearable person.

-Aw, Jojό, is that a hunting knife in your pocket or are you happy to see me?

-I’m happy to see you!

-Ok I lied it was a hunting knife.

-Oui, I can tell :(

Small dick jokes aside, Wyatt is now not only officially in love with Jojo but apparently ready to commit his life to this monstrosity. Which you know, Jojo is a Union and I’m under contractual obligation to love him but Wyatt, seriously. You’re still young, a lot of fish in the pond, normal, nice, non-serial-killing fish..


Fine, can’t beat young love I guess! I mean if Romeo and Juliette teaches us anything…

…it’s that only death can.

For whom the bell tolls..

Oh Max……….. the pleasure will be all mine.

One last kiss for the road… The road which leads to me never seeing Max’s fug clone ass on Jojo’s panel again.

Oh you’re a crafty one aren’t you!! Trying to charm your way out before I lock you in!! Thankfully Jojo has your number.

-Absolutely not, Max, I already have 3 people pursuing me, this is just excessive! Now get in there and die!

-Ugh fine, but my heart’s not gonna be in it.

Meanwhile, disaster has struck our house in the form of that stupid fucking coach, resulting in me facing the sight of Gunther doing lunges in this indescribable outfit. I don’t know how long it will be before I can look at him with the same eyes again.

-I suffer now but Mel is gonna thank me later ;)

Remember when you were an innocent weird little kid and not a sex demon??? Those were the fucking days.

Back in the yard and while the world awaits Max’s demise with bated breath, Frances has resorted to pulling dirty tricks. For shame, what did Wyatt ever to do to you, he’s a sweetheart!

-Well I’m not. And that’s why I deserve Jojo, unlike that family-aspiration-6-nice-points flop.

Yea you definitely deserve each other, no arguments here.

OH MAN, Wyatt is not playing around, he’s in it to win it. 

-Your move, Frannie. 

-Name your price, you french harlot. 

-Forget about it, mon ami, can’t buy me love.. Though I’m sure you’ve tried with that mug.


-Ohoho suck it, Fran, I’m going napoleonic wars on your pasty british behind!

-Yes, that’s an apt metaphor considering the FRENCH LOST. Don’t get comfortable, pal, you won the battle but I’ll win the war.


I don’t mean to interrupt this thrilling conversation…


-Please bitch, the cake is a lie. 

God, fuck you, Portal, you overrated piece of shit.

Seriously guys, Wyatt is diabetes-inducing-sweet. He doesn’t even get mad when the cow does that pillow fight thing on him, instead he actually starts playing with him? What an angelic creature. I’m really starting to feel the urge to protect him from Jojo. If that plan goes as well as my plan to kill Max, WHO IS NOW BIRDWATCHING, you can count on them getting married by the end of this shitshow.

This rando ass prof comes to visit us and Ti-Ning has been mercilessly bullying him for the better part of the day. Ti-Ning, as much as I appreciate your relentless evilness, maybe you should focus your energy on something else, like perhaps going after Jojo aka THE REASON I MOVED YOU IN?

-Lol whatever, I have Jojo in the bag, he wants the one he cannot have…

Yea he also has 2 hotter guys than your bird ass after him, so time to step up! I mean look at this shit:

Wyatt has the relationship advantage, Fran the chemistry one, and you have shit even though you’re the biggest freak of the 3 and the closer one to Jo’s terrifying personality points! Take what is yours boo!

NOOOOO #REJECTED. Man that was some bad advice. Sorry Ti!

-UGH can’t believe I listened to you, ‘express my feelings’, what am I, 12?

Yea yea I’m sorry, let’s go back to your strategy of being a massive bitch.

The day is coming to an end. Jojo is eating pizza while his suitors work out..

 Gunther is back to doing ballet while Brit has picked up the mantle of torturing the prof..

AND MAX HAS YET TO DIE. JFC. At this rate he’s gonna die of hunger before he gets eaten which is not how I roll, I wanted something quick, painless and fun for his murder but WE CANT HAVE NICE THINGS CAN WE. Even in death you decide to be a fucking pain in the ass GOD. YOU ARE THE WORST. While I’m contemplating ways to solve my little Komei clone problem a little window pops up and my first thought is ‘someone died of hunger’ but then I look and what do I see….

A PLOT FUCKING TWIST, THAT’S WHAT. Our good Jojo here waited until Wyatt and Fran were conveniently both at class to go for it! And now the real race for the crown begins. In the game of thrones, you win or you die birdwatch next to a cowplant, apparently. JUST DIE ALREADY MAX. Be a pal.

For Always

Fic Request:

  • If you love someone, you tell them. Even if you’re scared that it’s not the right thing. Even if you’re scared that it’ll cause problems. Even if you’re scared that it will burn your life to the ground. You say it, and you say it loud. And then you go from there.” something like that and with happy ending and lot of twists. 
  • a fic based on Tell You Love Her by Echosmith! It could be about Lydia confessing her feelings for Stiles while Stiles and Malia are still together. 

Rating: T

Genre: Romance

Author: niggletsune

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