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If we all freak out abt will's wide shoulders,,,,how must nico feel?

he likes them. 


Nico blinked a few times at the bright light, squinting his eyes. “What - where am I?”

Hina - one of Will’s siblings more than often in the infirmary - didn’t even glance up from where she was filling out paperwork at his bedside. “The infirmary, duh.”

Nico sat up, instantly wincing from the action.  “I - what? I don’t remember, uh -” His head hurt against the lights, and he rubbed at his eyes. “I don’t remember anything. The camp was attacked, right?”

Hina popped her gum. “Just by some low-ranking monsters, nothing big.” Her voice was dismissive, as if Nico wasn’t actually starting to remember the several threatening figures that had nearly broke their camp wards. She finally looked up, waving her pen around a bit. “You overdid the shadow magic, passed out before the battle was done.”

Ah. That explained the headache, and the deep pains in his muscles. God, he was going to be feeling like this for the next few days. That always sucked.

He started to push the blankets down, fully prepared to start talking his way out of the sterile, stiff bed and straight into his own. He paused, thinking for a moment. “How did I get here? If I passed out mid battle?” He was used to waking up where he passed out, now that he thought about it. Usually in alleys or parks, but usually no one tried to mess with him.

Hina looked like she was finishing up her paperwork, giving him a bored look. “Will brought you in. You were totally out of it, completely unconscious.”

Nico considered that. “He…brought me in?”

“Yeah. He was carrying you across his shoulders.”

And that -

- that completely froze Nico.

He swallowed a few times. Tried to speak. “He uh, he carried me across his, um, shoulders?”

Hina was looking a bit annoyed at all his questions. “Yes?” She crossed her arms, “Do you have anymore questions? Because I can just go get Will for those. I have a ton of paperwork to do.”

Nico was already nodding, very firmly back in place in his infirmary bed. “You can go get him.”

She huffed a breath, giving him a look, before turning and doing just so.

“Just so you know -” She called over her shoulder, a smirk crossing her face. “He’s not happy with you, death boy.”

Usually, Nico would have been all scowling and snapping remarks at the nickname - Will’s nickname for him - before the originator of the name himself was there.

Will appeared bedside and - and have Will’s scrubs always been that tight? Around his chest? And…and his biceps?

Will was giving him a look that Nico couldn’t even fully appreciate. “Kayla was suppose to come and get me when you woke up. How are you feeling?”

Nico fumbled for the glass of water at his bedside - probably put there by Will himself - before speaking.

He clenched his fingers around the lukewarm glass. “Uh, fine.” He rasped, “Headache, muscle pains. You know.”

Will nodded, because out of everyone, he did know Nico’s condition the best. He also rolled his eyes, but he also knew how careless Nico could be with his powers in relation to himself.

If Nico wasn’t so, um, distracted at the moment, he’d probably be snapping at the action. Some sarcastic remark, probably.

“You carried me back here.” Nico said before he could stop himself. His throat was so, so dry. He took another desperate sip of the water.

Will shrugged, “No big deal. I always carry campers back here.”

Nico could just barely stop his eyes from going wide. “You do?”

“Either me, Lukas, or Kayla.” He grabbed Nico’s chart from the front of his bed and began flipping through it, frowning at whatever he was reading. “That just happens when you’re the oldest.”

There - standing in front of Nico’s bed under the too-bright lights of the infirmary - there was Nico’s perfect view of - of The Shoulders (™).

Nico didn’t know he even had a thing for shoulders. Strong, wide shoulders, that stretched the thin, clean fabric of Will’s scrubs, where Will’s curls just began to brush as they fall back from his neck.

Yeah. Nico definitely had a thing for shoulders.

And Will was continuing on.

The other boy glanced over his shoulder, “Actually, if you’re going to be here for awhile - surprised you didn’t escape the moment you woke up - we can start an IV, you’re probably dehydrated. Be right back.”

He stood, turning away to give - ah - Nico a view of his apparently matching too-tight scrub pants, and continued babbling on to Nico as he did so. In the face or, um, rear of just perfection, Nico could only numbly nod back. 

This - wasn’t good. 


Lucien and Jean in Season 5
5.02 - “Sorrow Songs”

Romance Prompt, by title

Titles from here: Romance Novels, Generated by Artificial Intelligence

Prompt, by theme:

   Mediterranean Baby
   The Baby Pregnancy
   The Baby Barbarian
   Blackmailed Baby
   The Greek Baby Boss
   Becoming the Baby Count
   The Baby Doctor Seduction
   Mistress Man’s Baby
   Secret Secret Baby
   The Surgeon’s Baby Surgeon
   Pregnant for the Rage
   Double Baby
   A Irresistible Good Baby

High status:

   His Pregnant Prince
   The Sheikh’s Marriage Sheriff
   Purter the Playboy
   The Prince’s Virgin’s Virgin
   Storm Jake
   The Consultant Count
   Virgin Viking
   The Prince’s Round Brothers
   Prince Dad Sheikh?
   Butterfly Earl
   Sin Secret Ray
   Count Sergei’s Proposal
   The English Millionaire Investigator
   The Sheikh’s Convenient Desires


   Mistress Wife
   Husband Bride
   Marriage Valley
   Her Marriage Marriage
   The Husband Man
   Missingbroom Bride
   The Man’s Marriage Touch
   The Billionaire’s Marriage Valley
   The Savage Bride
   Consultant Bride


   The Strange Consultant Surgeon
   The Doctor’s Children’s Proposal
   The Man for Dr. Husband
   Dear Dr. High-Kungly Seductive Mistake
   My, Hot Doctor
   Surgery Seduction


   Winning for Christmas
   Christmas of the Year
   Christmas Pregnant Paradise
   Christmas with her Blackmail
   Desert Santa
   The Santa Wife
   Impossible Santa Wife
   The Boss’s Secret Conspiration to Christmas Wish
   Mission: Christmas to Knith


   Forbidden Texas, Texan
   Midwife Cowpoke
   Pregnant Cow
   Cattle Lover
   Under the Cowboy
   In the Mountain for the Tender Seduction


   The Sexy Affair
   Dangerously! Seduction
   Private Part
   Inheritance Sex
   The Sex Lovers
   Naked Hot Ranger
   The Virgin Date of Sexy
   Sex Revenge

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