my horse was so cute look at him


I have gathered all of the Tsukiuta icons and made this (there are ones that I left out). Everyone grew up so handsome.

Kokeru (sorry, a lame joke from the anime) Kakeru looks like he hasn’t changed at all. His bangs are shorter but that’s everything. I bet his height hasn’t changet either. (Okay…he might became taller)

Hajime from young charming prince became the king, for sure. Also his hair looks better now.

Koi has changed a lot and became seriously good loking, isn’t he? He is not a little boy with hairpins anymore, he is a man with hairpins now, I suppose, that’s sad, because he is the youngest among the boys.

As for Haru, he looks more handsome and serious, just like megane-san who is alwas with him.

Arata looked like an impudient but handsome brat, but now he looks like a Casanova.

Aoi from the cute neighbor boy became the prince charming in white horse. Okay he hasn’t got a horse but still… he looks much like much better just like everyone else, so nice work boys, I’m so proud of you.

I’ll also post the Procella version

Imagine joining forces on set with Alex

In honor of the Friday Prompts my fellow Army girls.
Oh my god you are awesome thank you! Well I was wanting one Alex x reader where they work together at Vikings of course and they are really into each other but haven’t admitted it until they can’t help it anymore and end up secretly fucking on set and confessing their feelings for each other, what do you think?
Note: I think that writting this was so much fun! I hope you like it to. ;-) Let me know if so. Other way of writing but so damn fun to do!
Words: 2338

The weather was terrible, you walked with a winterjacket and a scarf only to resist the sharp cold wind. It wasn’t freezing, in fact the sun shined but the wind maked it almost unbearable to walk around without those two things. As a horsetrainer you came everywhere around the world and if you had to choose you loved a little warmth over some freezing cold. But it was part of the job and for now you needed to ready the horses for the filmday at hand. What meant you needed to warm them up, clean them and maked the propper arrangements to their gear. You took a rope and walked to one of the paddocks that were build aside the set, to give the horses a change to strecht their legs. Arian was watching you from in the farest corner, his ears pointed foward, his intelligent eyes following your every move.
‘I know what you are thinking.’ You said to him. He wasn’t the easiest, but he did his job excellent. From the moment you walked closer the wind caught him and he started to gallop around, shaking his white head like he was amused by the thought that you were going to catch him. ‘Arian.’ With the wind all the horses were a little hotheated. Knowing Arian would be on set today meant that you would need some extra time to calm him done before he joked around when he actually needed to be focust. But that horse got you good, standing still on a distant and cantering again when you came closer.
‘She is trying to catch my horse.’ You turned around to the voice. Alex stood against the fense, back towards you while he was filming himself and you on the background trying to catch Arian.
‘If you put that on instagram I’ll do you something.’ You shouted. He turned around, curious.
‘What will you do to me?’
‘You don’t want to find out.’
‘To late.’ He reacted on that. You shook your head, smiling and looked back to Arian.
‘You better help me.’ You said to him. He leaned over the fense, arms crossed over it while he looked amused towards Arian walking away from you.
‘Why should I do that? I have the time of my life seeing you struggle.’ He laughed. It was what the both of you did, joking around with each other. The second best thing about your job in training horses for series and films was that you had to privileged to work with some pretty amazing actors. Alex Hogh Andersen was one of them, his role as Ivar was the other thing that caused you to fall for him. But how dangerous and manipulative that character could be,Alex was the oppisit.
‘Because you need him today. The less time I can prep him the more difficult it will be for you to handle him.’ You answered his question.
‘The more I need you, with other words, isn’t a bad thing.’ He joked, jumping over the fence into the paddock. Arian looked at the both of you before he walked over to Alex, he started laughing, petting Arian over the head.
‘What did you gave him?’ You asked. The horses were on a strict diet, Arian being so willing for Alex meant that he gave that horse something.
‘My unconditional love.’ He answered, smiling aside to you. You walked closer to him and took Arian from him over.
‘I don’t believe thing from what you say.’ You reacted. He looked at you, your face half hidden in your scarf and started laughing again. ‘What? Never seem somebody have cold before.’
‘It’s cute!’ He squeezed your cheeks and you kicked his hands away. ‘Do you need me to warm you up.’
‘Not funny Alex.’
‘I wouldn’t dare to laugh.’ He reacted, with a more tender smile. He was serious? He helped you and Arian out of the paddock until he looked on his watch. ‘Need to go, see you on set. Don’t get me killed.’ He pointed to Arian while running off.
‘I wouldn’t dare to loose my favorit person around here.’ You shouted after him. So saw him trow you a smile before he left you with that kind of feeling again, and it wasn’t the first time you felt that way.

‘Is he ready? They need you and him on set.’ The setcoordinator said to you. You jumped on the chariot and took the reins.
‘Let’s go Arian.’ You loosened the reins a little and he walked of, pulling the chariot behind him. For a second you felt quite the viking yourself, all proud and tough while you leaded that horse to set on some of the most epic attributed they had, Ivar his chariot. The wind laid down a little, making Arian more focust and eager to work. When you arrived on the set a large viking force stood ready to film the epic scene where the Heathen Army for the first time got showed of to Aella. ‘Boys.’ You greeted, Alexander, Jordan, David and Marco. Alex jumped on the chariot and took his place on the seat. ‘You know the drill, if he gets axcious just play a little with the reins, give him something to focus on.’ You advised him.
‘I would love to see that horse to take off with you.’ Marco joked, leaning on the egde of the chariot. They started talking their own language and you looked between the two in.
‘That’s my cue to leave.’ You jumped from the chariot, Alexander laughed, giving you a shoulderpet while you walked over to Arian. ‘Be good.’ You warned him.
‘You come safe me right?’ Alex asked. You turned around and looked up to him.
‘I didn’t thought Ivar the Boneless needed saving.’ You joked, he tilted his head and you walked smiling away. Arian was never alone, one of the stablehands was dressed as a viking and would be around on all times. ‘Good luck.’ You said to them before you left set. You waited with the crew behind the scenes. You loved to how a simple play turned out to be a whole series. You were part of it, not in it but aside it. Arian behaved, Alex was extrodionary in his role as Ivar. He had a thousand fangirls behind him only for that role and you had the change to work with him, to be his friend. You didn’t only respect him, you admirered him, were draw to him, who wouldn’t.

It was dark when you trained the last horse for tomorrow. The setgrounds were silent, everybody was doing his own thing. Most turned back to the nearby village, others stayed in the trailers on set. Rowen walked under you to the stables, you petted him on his neck from out of the saddle. ‘What are you still doing here?’ You asked Alex when you saw him standing before the stall of Arian, giving him a treat. You lashed him carefull with the wip while passing. ‘Don’t.’
‘He deserves some treat for his good work today.’ Alex turned towards you, his messy hair up in a little knot on the back of his head, hands hidden in his pockets.
‘They would better give me a treat for my good work.’ You laughed, jumping from Rowen before you started to untack him. Alex didn’t react on that and your turned around to him, he just leaned against Rowen his stable and looked at you. ‘What?’ You asked while leading Rowen in his stable, closing the door while you kept your eyes on Alex.
‘You seriously want a treat?’ He asked.
 ‘Why not. It’s a job like another, you get all the fangirls and I just see an amount of money on my account.’
‘You have the privilege to work with those awesome and handsome actors.’
‘Are you talking about yourself because yes,’ You didn’t got the change to finish that sentence, Alex pulled you towards him, placing his lips on yours. You pulled back in an instant and looked at him, confussed. ‘What are we doing?’
‘Giving you a treat.’ He reacted, looking down to your lips in that way again. You felt a whole lot of Ivar in that look and to be honest, you hardly could resist. ‘Maybe I like you more than I let out.’ He followed. Okay, easy decision. You placed your lips back on his, wrapping an arm around his neck while he pulled you closer by your waist. The cold rushed out with this kind of a kiss. His hand rested on the small of your back, you felt his fingertips on your naked skin underneath your jacket. Offcourse, Rowen took it as his business to put his nose against your hair. You started laughing, duking away from him.
‘Go to sleep Rowen!’ You lectured the horse. Alex pulled you around the corner where the hay was stocked and you felt his devilish plan coming from miles away. ‘We are not,’
‘A horsegirl like you, don’t say you never thought about it.’ He smiled his boyish smile. You bited your lip, closing your eyes when he kissed you again. You had to admit, this kind of luxery didn’t had his fangirls, they could only dream about it. He zipped open your jacket, you felt his cold hands through you shirt, letting you shiver. But it didn’t take him long to warm you up. You pulled your jacket out while he unwrapped your scarf from around your neck, in all that time you never lost touth of each other. He kissed you neck, you stroke your hands over his chest. Alex wasn’t the rough kind, not like his character in this series was. He laid you down on a hay bale and hovered over you. Making out in the stables, you could scrap that from your bucketlist, just like the fact you were doing it with Alex Hogh Andersen, scrape that to. You pulled his sweater and shirt over his head laid your hands against his bare chest while he pulled out your shirt, leaving you in only your bra and pants. The rest went on his own, ending with the fact that you had to hold your moans for yourself not wanting to have someone looking around in the stables. Feeling him inside you, you clenshed your teeth with every movement you maked.
‘Alex.’ You moaned out in a final breath, getting to your higest point and explode in all kind of wonderfull things. And he did just the same.
‘Stay.’ He panted against your neck, the both of you laying half naked on the hay bale.
‘Give me a warmer location and I consider it.’ You reacted heavily out of breath.

Your alarm sounded like a killer in your head. You groaned angry, turning your head in the bed and looking to Alex. That little morning temper you sometimes had vanished like snow before the sun. You did … you had sex with him in the stables and came here afterwards, making out … again and falling asleep on his bed. It never felt better, your career never got this kind of turn before.
‘Put it out Y/n.’ He murmured. You noticed you still didn’t turned of your alarm and whent looking for your mobile in the pile of clothes.
‘Come on, where are you.’ You whispered still half asleep. It took you a minute but you got it out, throwing yourself back aside him. He wrapped his arm around you and pulled you closer, you murmered something and he chuckled about it. ‘Am I dreaming?’ You asked after laying still against his chest for a while. ‘If so it was a verry vivid dream.’ You continued. He stroke his fingers through you hair and you looked up to him.
‘Not dreaming.’ He promised you. You stayed still, looking to his calm face expressions.
‘What we did, I think,’
‘I like you Y/n, seriously.’ He announched. You opened your mouth to react on that but there wasn’t any protest left in your body.
‘Same.’ You only said with a soft smile. He pulled you closer, kissing you tender and you felt like the most happy girl in the world. ’I can never stay on your side, you know that right?’
‘Because you work with horses around the world and I’m an actor?’
‘Yes.’ You reacted a little unsure, resting your head slowly back on his chest.
‘Give it a change, I like you, even better, I want to be with you. Besiced, when you are on others sets I can come visit and meet those famous actors all around the world.’ He joked. You slapped him on his bare chest and he chuckled.
‘I’m worked on the set of Game of Thrones, maybe you will be lucky enough next year to visit me there.’
‘Did you fuck Jamie Lannister there to?’
‘No, Jon Snow.’ You answered neutral. His eyes grew a little bigger before he noticed that you were joking about it. You laughed, hiding your head against his body.
‘What I’m saying is that you are here for season five to so we have each others company for a long time.’ He went further, all serious again. You looked up to him, studying his face.
‘You really like me? A horsegirl?’ You asked a little in disbelief. There was nothing special about you, you where very good with horses, social a little less with persons but when they started to know you, you grew fast into a friendship.
‘You would be surpriced how amazing you are.’
‘Maybe.’ You murmured.
‘I know your weaknesses to.’ He began.
‘Oh really?’ You smiled. His smile grew a little darker, his eyes stronger and in just that couple of seconds it was like you looked at the fearless Ivar the Boneless. ‘You win.’ You reacted in a small voice.
 ‘Good, now let me kiss you.’ He demanded all viking alike, not giving you a choose …. Not that you where in protest about it to begin with.

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y'know that episode when marco was teaching star how to ride a bike?? what if that happened with tom?

Oh my godddd! This was such a cute idea and I had so much fun writing this! It was really cute to think of Tom being afraid of the bike! I hope you enjoy! I had a lot of fun writing it and I hope you guys can spot the reference!

Tom held Marco’s hand tightly and the human nudged him forward. “Go on, it’s not that bad.” He giggled. Tom tilted his head.

“Where are the skeleton horses?” He asked. Marco groaned and covered his face with his hands.

“Oh please, not you too?” He muttered. Tom looked confused at this comment but Marco pushed him gently to the bike. “I’ll help you, I swear.” Marco promised. He took Tom’s hands and put them on the handlebars. Tom felt how easily they moved and he jumped back.

“They don’t stay in place!” He gasped. Marco nodded.

“You move them in the direction you want to turn.” he explained. “Come on, the only way you can learn is if you try.” Marco urged. Tom shakily put his hands on the handlebars again and gulped. It moved so much, it made him uneasy. “You can do it, Tom.” Marco giggled a little bit at how nervous the tough demon looked around a bike.

“Marco… it’s really wobbly.” Tom explained. Marco pushed him forward again and Tom gulped. He took a seat on the bike and drew his knees up to his chest so he was curled in a ball on the seat as Marco held the bike upright so he didn’t fall. “Th-this isn’t so bad.” Tom smiled and Marco rolled his eyes.

“You have to pedal.” He told Tom. Tom put his legs down and took a deep breath. “Okay I’m going to push the bike and you have to pedal.” Marco instructed. Tom nodded.

“Don’t let go of the seat.” He begged.

“I won’t.” Marco rolled his eyes. This kid was just like Star. Marco pushed the bike off a little bit and Tom pedaled. Marco grinned and decided to do the same thing he did with Star, to let go of the seat and give Tom a confidence boost. But the outcome wasn’t the same. Star kept riding for a few minutes and caught on fast. But as soon as Marco let go of the seat Tom started wobbling left and right and he crashed on the ground.

“Tom!” Marco cried. He dove next to the demon and made a face. Tom had a big scrape on the left side of his face. He took a pretty bad tumble.

“You let go! You promised!” Tom yelled, shoving Marco. Marco frowned and reached over to touch Tom’s scrape. “Ow! Don’t touch it!” He hissed.

“Oh Tom, I’m sorry, I thought that you were doing okay.” Marco defended. “Why weren’t you pedaling?” Marco asked. Tom rubbed his scraped up elbows and arms and made an angry expression towards Marco.

“I was pedaling! Just very slow… I’m a beginner!” He defended himself. Marco helped Tom up and the demon whimpered. “I hit my knees.” He complained.

“I know, Tom.” Marco smiled a bit at Tom.

“It’s your fault I fell.” He mumbled. Marco giggled and bit and pulled Tom into a kiss.

“I know, I messed up, I’m sorry.” Marco grinned. “I’ll take you home and patch you up. I’ll be your nurse.” He laughed. “We can pretend it’s world war one and you got shot in the face, and I’m your hot nurse.” Marco teased. “And then one thing could lead to another.” He grinned and gave Tom a big kiss. The demon giggled and pushed him away.

“Well, if I was shot in the face, I wouldn’t want that.” He reminded.

“You don’t want to kiss me? Why not, I’m cute?” Marco pouted and Tom laughed.

“Well if I was shot in the face, before you kiss me, I’d want you to save my life.” He explained. “It’s just… as cute as you are… A hemorrhaging head-wound doesn’t really set the mood.” He laughed. Marco made a scrunched up face and then leaned forward to touch his nose to Tom’s, causing the demon to laughed again.

“You weren’t even hurt that bad.” Marco jabbed. Tom made his eyes get very big and sad and he nuzzled closer to Marco.

“But I got hurt… won’t you take me home and make me better?” He asked. Marco rolled his eyes and picked the bike back up.

“Get one the seat, I’ll wheel you home.” He laughed.

“We’ll pretend it’s the war ambulance.” Tom smiled and sat criss-cross on the seat as Marco started wheeling him home. “Nurse Marco, I would like to request, that once we get to the hospital. I receive the care of only the cutest nurse in the entire establishment.” Tom grinned, showing off his spiky teeth. Marco laughed lightly.

“An who might that be?” He asked, blushing a little bit. Tom leaned forward and propped himself up on the handlebars as Marco kept carting him off home. Tom didn’t answer, instead he stole a kiss from Marco. Marco blushed deeply and fell back, letting go of the bike and letting it topple over. Tom jumped and fell on top of Marco. As soon as he realized where he was he grinned and stole another kiss from the human.

“Don’t you love it when things work out like that?” He asked, smiling bigger. Marco rolled his eyes and pushed the demon off of him.

“Sort of, but your face looks gross all scraped up like that.” Marco teased. But he then pulled Tom in for another kiss. “My gross little demon. I love you so much.” He gushed. Tom laughed and the two sat there, kissing on the sidewalk for a long while until Marco helped Tom up. “Come on, let’s get you home so I can fix you up.” Marco offered. He ran his fingers on the scrape on Tom’s face and the demon hissed. “Sorry sweetie, let’s go.” He helped Tom up and he resumed the position on the bike.

“Nurse Marco, gonna fix me right up.”

RP Starters - School

I have been asked to not state where in the school these were taken from, and therefore I will go with the vague ‘school’. Every time, unless I say this, I put the location as school, it is because the starters were taken from several places in the school.

  • “I’m not sure if I like or hate this girl.”
  • “Flamingos are the porn stars/strippers of nature.”
  • “[Name], you’re hurting my brain.”
  • “You look like a dodo.”
  • “Do a dodo and get eaten.”
  • “Do you know what I’m going to say?”
  • “No, no, I hit that guy on Friday, I fought this girl on Thursday.”
  • “You really are a pain in the neck, aren’t ya?”
  • “I hate reading.”
  • “I am insult.”
  • “You hate everyone, don’t you?”
  • “You are meant to be seen, not heard. I don’t know how this applies to the situation but shut up.”
  • “[Group of people/community name] are brats.”
  • “You know, I almost feel sorry for you - my lack of empathy stops me from fully caring.”
  • “I’d rather you didn’t kill anyone, there’s a lot of paper.”
  • “He’s such a cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-”
  • “I’m going to stab him.”
  • “I’m not angry.”
  • “You’re being verbally angry!”
  • “You’re threatening to stab him, of course you’re goddamn angry!”
  • “She used magic to turn me around.”
  • “Now I’ll use magic to shut you the hell up.”
  • “I’ve got a fork in my arm - I’ve definitely deflected this!”
  • “I misread Sally Fountain as Salty Fountain.”
  • “How exciting.”
  • “Shut up, Tiny.”
  • “Good luck.”
  • “Horse is very close to whore and if that doesn’t say a lot about them-”
  • “How does your hair get so curly?”
  • “I feel so sorry for you - you have to deal with him.”
  • “All you learn in History is people getting shot in the eye.”
  • “You’re not Pac-man, mate.”
  • “Sataaaaan!”
  • “Oh joy!”
  • “I love the gaame!”
  • “No.”
  • “I know a lot about the Chinese.”
  • “It chases babies. Nom, nom, nom.”
  • “Demon kitties! They’re so cute!”
  • “I thought it would be more difficult. Cause it’s Maths.”
  • “Pigeons have weird legs.”
  • “Could you not talk? You are disturbing my inmates?”
  • “Look at all those chickens!”
  • “That’s a hundred, right?”
  • “They have almost American necks.”
  • “MLG seagulls.”
  • “Why are we laughing at children’s pain?”
  • “I’m a regular.”
  • “You’re condoning violence.”
  • “Intense dabbing.”
  • “Sorry!”
  • “Geese are the Devil.”
  • “Their screams amuse me.”
  • “You’re not allowed to have joy. You haven’t earned the right.”
  • “Where do you think it came out of, my mouth?”
  • “Don’t do it, seagull, you have so much to live for!”
  • “Do your work, bro.”
  • “What time is it, dude?”
  • “Time you got a watch.”
  • “I am poor, I cannot afford a watch.”
  • “Killed by death!”
  • “I’m not nice.”
  • “Stab them with spoons!”
  • “You shouldn’t have cracky bones at your age.”
  • “Cracky bones.”
  • “Begging is bad unless you are homeless.”
  • “After 3:15, the lesson ends. And we can feast.”
  • “Don’t judge the hair.”
  • “Oh, I am judging the hair.”
  • “Weird midget and his weird hair.”
  • “Shut up, [Name].”

Today Elmer my horse villager got scared of scurvy so he asked me to give him some fruit. I gave him a pear I picked up off the ground and he was so happy that he gave me a suit of golden armor in return.

I got some royal shorts to complete the look and now I’m my village’s protector queen. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to change my clothes.

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The boys reaction when they find a photos of your childhood and they tease you. Sorry if you ever done something similar >_<, btw I love your blog it´s amazing !!!

Sorry for the wait!

BTS Reaction To Finding A Childhood Picture Of You And Teases You About It

“Hey princess? Where did you put your old recipe book from your mother?” He called out from the kitchen.
“It’s in here.” You answered back, hearing footsteps running towards the bedroom. You handed him the book as he appeared in front of the door. “Thanks.” He smiled, placing a kiss on your cheek. You smiled at him in response as a little picture fell out of the book. Curious, Jin picked it up. You panicked, knowing exactly what it was. You watched him stare at the picture for a while before speaking.
“You really are a princess.” He chuckled, revealing the picture of you from kindergarten dressed as a princess. Your face turned red and you turned around so he couldn’t see you. He tried turning you towards him, but failed, “Don’t be embarrassed! You look so beautiful, who knew that you were actually a princess.” He laughed again.
“Stop teasing me!” You turned around giving him light punches on the chest. “You’re such a violent princess.” He teased again, wrapping you in his arms. “Stop, please.” You mumbled against his sweater.
“Okay, okay but you’re my princess.” He smiled, looking down at you.
“And you’re my prince.” You smiled back, looking up to give him a kiss.  

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You asked your mother to mail you some of your childhood pictures for a work interview. You didn’t understand why they needed a picture from your childhood but you didn’t dare to ask. You were standing in front of the kitchen counter opening the brown file with one big rip, all the pictures went flying all over the place. One happened to land in front of Namjoon who was sitting in front of the TV. He looked down and picked it up before you could. Your eyes widened as you stared at his expression to your childhood photo. His face was the same, but soon a smirk grew on his face.
“Nam-Namjoon? Can you give that picture back?” You asked, somewhat scared by his reaction. “No way, I’m keeping this picture. You smiling while swing sitting on this toy horse, it’s too cute. Especially the little overalls that you’re wearing. How can something this cute become something so sexy, like yourself” He commented. You blushed at his comment and looked away, he stood up and pulled you towards him.  
“But I need it for my job interview.” You mumbled, pretending you didn’t hear his comment.
“You have plenty over there on the floor.” He chucked, glancing down on the floor behind you.
“But Namjoon I-”
“Nope, this picture is mine. Just like you’re mine.” He claimed, placing a kiss on your forehead. “Now if you don’t want any of those pictures I will collect them and keep them forever.”

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He came home to a surprise, to you looking at an album of his baby pictures that his mother dropped off. You chuckled at the pictures as you turned to the next page, not noticing Jimin in front of the bed until you felt a weight on the bed. You looked up and quickly closed the album, not sure if he saw it or not. “What are you looking at?” He asked, reaching out for the album. You put it behind you before he could grab it.
“No, nothing. Just some pictures.” You answered, trying to smile.
“Oh really? Some pictures huh? Pictures of me as a baby?” He stared at you. You shook your head not able to say no at the serious face he gave you.
“Is that so? Well I have something to show you too.” He held his phone to your face and you frowned when you saw your baby pictures on the screen.
“Where did you get that?” You asked, trying to grab his phone.
“Your mom posted a lot of your baby pictures on her facebook.” He smiled, “And I just happened to come across one. I mean you’re so cute, and chubby. Look at that face. Who can resist saving these on their phone.” He teased. Two can play that game you thought.
“Well my chubby cheeks are nothing compared to yours.” You smirked, flipping to an open page. “You may have a few, but I have a whole album full.”
“Okay, okay, truce. Since we both have each other’s baby pictures, we’re even. But look here, you still have your puffy cheeks.” He smiled, squeezing your cheeks.“You’re still as cute as ever.”
“Same goes for you.” You smiled back.

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You had been busy with paperwork and he started to get bored. Deciding to go through some of the hidden boxes in the storage room for amusement he found something truly amazing. You heard his footsteps heading towards your work room.
“What’s this?” He chuckled holding a piece a paper near your face.
“Yoongi, go away you know that I have to finish-” You turned your head recognizing the picture from when you were dressed up like a doll. You reached out to grab it but he quickly took it out of reach.
“Where did you find that?” You panted from being out of breath trying to grab the photo back, failing miserably.  
“Oh, you know I was bored and decided to go look around and found this.” He smiled at you. “Look at how cute you were… What happened?” You frowned at his comment as he continued to laugh. You snatch the photo back and placed it back into the box. You knew his comment was a joke but it still pissed you off. His eyes followed you as you made your way back to your work. He got the feeling you were mad but he wasn’t sure.
“Um, Y/N?” He called out to you but you ignored him and continued with your work. This time he knew you were mad. You knew how cruel Yoongi’s jokes can be, but this time he went too far. You were surprised when you felt his arm wrap around you and his head resting on your shoulder. He would usually leave you alone to cool down.
“You know I was joking right?” He mumbled, “I think you’re the most beautiful girl ever, and you grew up even more beautiful than ever. Don’t be mad. Okay?” You smiled slightly at his comment.
“I’ll think about it.” You answered.
“Maybe this will help you think.” He smiled back, placing a kiss on your cheek.

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While you were in the washroom, Taehyung quickly got bored waiting for you to come back. He noticed you left your phone on the table. He grinned and grabbed your phone, only to find that there was a password on it. He frowned just as you came back. You looked at him confused until you saw your phone in his hands.
“Taehyung! Why did you take my phone?” You questioned, snatching your phone out of his hands.
“Jagi, why do you have a password on your phone? Do you not trust me?” He pouted at you. It wasn’t because you didn’t trust him, it was because of the massive amount of pictures from your childhood that are way too embarrassing to show to him. You couldn’t delete the pictures because it was old pictures that your mom sent you for memories.
“It’s just-” Before you could finish your sentence he grabbed your phone and ran. “TAEHYUNG!” You yelled, running after him, but he locked the room and stared at the password screen. He didn’t know what the password was but knowing your personality he guessed, first try and he was in. He quickly went through your pictures because, who wouldn’t? he was surprised by your never before seen childhood pictures. You gave up on opening the door and stood outside until you heard a click from the door unlocking. You barge in the room. “Why would you do that even after I told you not to?” You questioned him, dead serious.
“I’m sorry, but I was curious.” He mumbled, “But I don’t understand why you would hide these.
“Because I was a fat baby.” You confessed.
“But you looked so cute. You and your chubby face.” He smiled, “I mean look at you! You looked like a little marshmallow.” You couldn’t help but smile at his comment but at the same time, he kept teasing you about your cheeks.
“Too bad you’re not as cute as me.” He said puffing his cheeks out.
“No one is as cute as you.” You smiled back, cupping his cheeks.
“The you now is.” He chuckled, pulling you closer to him. 

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“Jagi?” He grinned calling you over. The tone in his voice was very suspicious but you went towards him, asking him what he wanted. “
Before you say anything, I found something while cleaning our room the other day and I didn’t want to share until now.” He replied, still smiling.
“What is it?” You asked, raising an eyebrow. As soon as you saw the picture in his hand, your eyes widened and your first instinct was to grab the picture. You quickly shoved it down your pocket before Hobi could grab it back.
“Oh well,  at least I still have like, a million copies of it.” He winked. You frowned at the fact that he had more than one copy. You were embarrassed by the picture and you had hid it in your room, not knowing that one day he’ll find it.   “By the way, I really love your tiny pigtails and your crooked smile and your cute little dress. Why don’t you try that fashion again?” He laughed. You pouted at his comment, but he continued to tease you. You sighed and it signaled him to stop.
“Aw, come on Jagi. You know you’re as cute as the picture when you pout. I can pout too.” He pouted, revealing his dimples.    
“Okay, this, I like.” You smiled, placing your finger on his two dimples. “It’s so cute.”
“Now you’re teasing me? You’re just too cute.” He sighed, placing a kiss on your cheek. “Way too cute.”

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You didn’t know how but he did, no matter how much you tried to hide it. He was able to find a picture of you as a baby. Not just any picture, a picture of you taking a bath. A naked baby picture, something that he had yearned to do for years of dating you. He finally did it through manipulating your mother after finding nothing at home. Once he did it, it was time for him to show off.
“Y/N~” He called out to you in a sing-song voice.
“What?” You asked annoyed, knowing what the tone meant, “I know you’re just bluffing like every other time. You’re just trying to get me to give up and let you have it.” You watched him as he walked over towards the bed and sat down next to you. You didn’t even bother to glance at him. Your eyes widened when he placed the picture over the drama playing on your laptop.  You didn’t even bother to pause the drama before slamming your laptop shut, putting your full attention on the photo Jungkook held in your face.
“How in god’s name did you manage to get that in your hands?” You asked, embarrassed at the naked picture of yourself.
“Oh, you know, I have my ways.” He smirked, waving the picture back and forth. “I just love the expression you’re giving me. It’s the exact reaction I had when I saw this. But of course anyone would be smiling like an idiot at the cutest picture ever, including me. You have no idea how long I was waiting to show you this. I just couldn’t keep it to myself.”
“Jungkook, stop.” You whined covering your red face. It was embarrassing enough to have him see the picture but having him comment on it made it even worse.
“What? I just wanted to express my love for this picture. It’s just the cutest thing ever. Your toothless smile, playing the rubber ducks, and the bubbles surround your little body. The bubbles on your head. Y/N, why are you so cute?” He teased with a smirk on his face. He was enjoying this. A lot.
“Kookie, please! Stop.” You turned away from him. He took your hands away from your face and gave you an innocent smile.
“What if I can’t stop? You’re even cuter now than in the picture.” He whispered, pulling you in his arms. “And you’re my cutie.”

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Hope you liked it! ^^

~Admin Ari (Edited by Luna)

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Short writing: Dark realizing that he gets fucked stupid and still tries to resist? ❤

Drool leaked from Dark’s open mouth as he felt the other man pounding into him. He’d already come twice and now his abdomen and some of his chest was painted white. Suddenly he was lifted onto Wilford’s lap and he felt his cock press fully onto his prostate. “You make such cute faces Dark~ And you’ve already come twice? You really are a messy boy~” Dark whimpered as the pink mustached man licked a strip up his neck. “"Sh-Shut up Will, i-it’s not my fault you managed to b-be built l-like a fucking h-horse….” Wilford chuckled as he slowly began thrusting up into him again. “"You look so small like this… I’m surprised you can even take this much Dark… Maybe I’ll be a bit rougher next time~” Dark whined under his breath at his words. “L-Like I’d have the d-displeasure of b-being fucked by you a-again..” Wilford chuckled darkly as he suddenly pushed his hips up and pulled Dark down roughly onto his length. Dark whined and squirmed on his lap as Wilford leaned forward to whisper in his ear, “"The only pleasure I see is what’s obviously written on your face…~”

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No no no no you misinterpreted me!!! I really wasn't trying to be mean! It's just that in every reply you only were talking about his knee action so I wasn't sure what was actually going on. What you're doing makes perfect sense, it just apparently wasn't conveyed properly to your followers, since it seems I'm not the only one asking questions about his gaits after the shoes.

I made a big post that people can scroll down and read. I don’t really think I should need to reiterate myself or put warnings on my post to teach people that they shouldn’t be giving my horse a soundness exam or giving me shoeing advice when I’m working so closely with so many experienced professionals… I commented on his knee action because that’s the most noticeable difference and I think it’s cute. I don’t know how it could possibly be misconstrued as “yeah he’s ouchy and I’m riding him anyways but look at his cute little knees”. Sorry, I’m just cranky and hella frustrated because I share SO much with you guys but that doesn’t mean that I care to hear opinions when I’m already getting the necessary help from professionals. If you’re confused, ask questions instead of making judgments or scroll down for clarification. I shouldn’t need to over clarify on everything I post to avoid getting armchair trainers and vets. I seek professional help especially from a medical standpoint WAYY more than most people I know.

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Emma have you read The Summer Palace yet? Are you alive? Becuase I am not. Oh my god I've been crying and smiling for 2 hours straight. It's just so beautiful and everything i've ever wanted... also protect Laurent at all costs, always!! 💕

(Spoilers ahead in this rant so don’t read if you haven’t read the short story yet)

LISTENNNNNNN it’s so fucking cute and lovely and I adore them both. DAMEN GOT LAURENT A HORSE (and Laurent doesn’t even know if he’ll be able to ride tomorrow ‘cause 😉😉😉). Also can we talk about how many times Damen talks about how Laurent looks and how much he wants to fuck him in that short story because…’s A Lot. He’s basically like “omg Laurent’s hair” “omg Laurent’s thigh” “omg Laurent naked in sandals” “omg let me push Laurent against this tree and get bark all over him” “omg his pink skin” “omg can i fuck him in this garden” “omg his nipple” “omg this sponge he’s holding is touching my dick and my dick is hard” “omg his eyelashes” “omg let’s fuck on the balcony” “omg Laurent is naked and walking next to me” “omg did i mention his hair yet” - like…Damen, um, please find your chill (actually don’t, I love it).

Also, LAURENT my sweet child who deserves the entire world. Watching the road for his man without realizing that his man was riding ahead of everyone else to get there sooner and wouldn’t be spotted. Kneeling for Damen and attending him in the baths to help cleanse them both of the past in whatever ways he can. Talking to the statue of Damen’s mother being so sweet and lovely and strong. Loving slow and lazy sex with Damen. Learning how to wrestle from Nikandros (aka they’re bonding and i cry) and laughing about how Damen is still better and stronger. Almost coming just from being touched and having his neck kissed because he’s still not used to tenderness and he loves it so much. So pale that he can’t even get into the hot bath without turning the color of a flamingo. Laurent has grown so much in so many important ways, but he still has his strength and his intelligence and his determination. HE STAYED IN HIS BLOODY CHITON FOR TWO DAYS AND KEPT DAMEN ALIVE AND STOOD UP TO NIKANDROS AND DIDN’T LEAVE DAMEN’S SIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE?!?!?!

Also, DAMEN, my absolute darling, the only person worthy of my child. He’s so fucking adorable and he LOVES LAURENT SO MUCH and he just wants to make Laurent happy and he wants him to feel safe and he wants to watch Laurent discover himself in a world where he’s not always angry or afraid. And Damen himself is so happy and so excited for their future together. And he’s still his puppy self who probably trusts people he shouldn’t and is far too noble for his own good (rly Damen like….you should have let Kastor rot in the street but whatevs I know you’re too good for this world…and also the fact that Laurent knows Damen better than he knows himself practically and that he still loves and supports Damen’s lovely too good nature). And pure (but also huge and strong and sexy) puppy dog Damen has Laurent, who knows how to fight dirty and is slower to trust people and knows darkness better. TOGETHER THEY BALANCE EACH OTHER PERFECTLY. They’re gonna rule the kingdom together and they’re going to change everything for the better and it’s going to be lovely and I’m just so fucking happy. Reading that purified my soul.

So to answer your questions….yes, I read it and it did kill me, but then it brought me back and added 10 years to my lifespan. :’)

~Admin K & Her Dorky Boyfriend Lee Joon (Part 3)~

Admin K: Anniyo~ I just have a really heightened sense of smell~ Anything I want? Are you sure? I mean we also have to get some food for the members so I don’t want you to go too overboard on spoiling me baby~ *starts reading the menu trying to decide what to order for myself & the rest of the members* I think I know what to get~ *orders some bagels, mini doughnuts, iced coffee, normal coffee & croissants* I think that should be enough for all of us. *looks over to Joonie* Anything else you wanna get?

Joon: I could never spoil you too much~ *chuckles* I think you’ve got us covered! *goes to pay for everything and then returns with all the bags* Can you take the drinks? Let’s get back quickly before I starve~

Admin K: Awwe I swear you’re the best boyfriend anyone could ever ask for~ Of course I can baby~ *takes the drinks & gets the door for him since his arms are full* Luckily the dorm isn’t that far away so I’m sure you won’t starve to death or anything~ *giggles* *as we get back to the dorm I get the door for him & follow him to the kitchen to set the food & drinks down* I think we should grab our food first before its all gone. Though I wonder who’ll be the first one to wake up from the smell of the food.

Joon: I’m doing my best for you~ Thanks jagiya! *winks and follows you back to the dorm* You’re probably right~ There is no friendship when food is involved.. *laughs and helps you take out your food* Let’s hope it’ll take them a while so there’s more for us~

Admin K: *starts eating when I hear movement coming for the members rooms* Well looks like someones up~ Now we just have to wait to see who it is. *hears footsteps & looks up to see a sleepy Mir walking over to the food on the table* *looks at Joonie & lets out a giggle & whispers* He honestly looks like a sloth right now & it’s adorable, though not as adorable as you baby~ *gives him a peck on the cheek* *watches as Mir grabs some food & sits down next to us* Well good morning to you sleepyhead~

Joon: *when he sees Mir walk out* As expected~. Our maknae wakes up to the smell of food. *snickers and jokes* He always looks like a sloth to me. *smiles gleefully when you call him adorable and give him a kiss* Good morning our little maknae~. *ruffles Mir’s hair* Did you sleep well? *looks up when he hears someone come out of their room* Ah G.O hyung~!

Admin K: *giggles as Mir nods his head yes* *whispers to Joonie* I’m about 80% sure he’s gunna fall asleep I mean just look at him. *lets out a giggle when we look over to see that Mir had dosed off a bit* *smiles when G.O comes out of his room* Morning G.O, feel free to have some of the food thats on the table since we got plenty for everyone~ *goes back to eating with Joonie as G.O disappears into the kitchen* Now only Seungho’s still asleep, I wonder when he’ll wake up. Well if he ever gets up~

Joon: *whispers back* I’m 90% sure that he’s going to fall asleep. He’s probably going to be mid-eating before he dozes off! *glances at Mir and notices him nodding off* I told you so~. *chuckles* Hmmm let’s just let Seungho get his beauty sleep~. We can save some food for him if he doesn’t wake up in time.

Admin K: Yeah I mean the old panda does need as much sleep as he can get~ *lets out a giggle* True we do have plenty of food so saving some hopefully won’t be a problem~ *finishes eating & slides into Joonie’s lap as he wraps his strong arms around my waist* *gives him a peck on the lips* So any thoughts or plans on what were going to do today baby? *whispers* We as in just you & I since were the only ones actually up because everyone else is either asleep, just barely awake or already nodding off again~

Joon: *laughs with you and then pouts* But I’m not that much younger than him… Do you think I’m old too? *cocks his head to the side in thought and runs his hands up and down your back* I don’t know, we’ve done so many things already… Do you have anything in mind? I don’t care as long as I’m with you~ *gives you another peck*

Admin K: Of course not baby~ In my eyes you’re a dorky ball of energy, plus you & Seungho are complete opposites when it comes to energy. You’ve always been the more hyper one~ Well I do have an idea, but I’m not sure if you’ll be up for it. I know this may seem a bit weird, but I really want to go to a petting zoo~ I haven’t been to one since I was little & I just really want to go see all the animals~ *feels embarrassed about my suggestion & buries my head in the side of his neck*

Joon: *chuckles* I guess you’re right about that… *lets out a surprised sound and cringes away a little* Ah, I’m ticklish, jagiya~ *still runs his hand through your hair soothingly* But the petting zoo sounds fun! And I’d love to help you relive some childhood memories~ *smiles at you encouragingly*

Admin K: Awwe you’re just too cute baby & I’m glad that you like my idea~ *stands up & extends my hand to help Joonie stand up* So when do you wanna head out baby? If you ask me I think we should leave soon while everyone’s still pretty sleepy or else the members will nag us about where were going & will want to come along with us if we try to leave while their fully awake. *tilts my head & looks at Joonie* So what do you think baby~? *watches as he hands me my shoes to put on* I take that as a yes~

Joon: *smiles as he takes a hold of your hand and pulls himself up* Hmm…that’s true…*quickly goes to the front door and starts putting on his shoes before handing you yours* We better get going before they realize what we’re doing!! *notices Mir sleepily gazing at you too* We’re running out of time!!

Admin K: *quickly slides on my shoes & his hoodie* Oh we can’t forget these~ *quickly grabs my purse, our phones & his wallet that are on the table next to the couch & hands him his wallet & phone* Now we can go~ *grabs his hand & scurries out of the dorm* Hmm now we just have to find the nearest petting zoo. *looks over at Joonie & notices that he’s already searching for it on his phone* Looks like my lovely boyfriend’s already a step ahead of me~ Which is great so I don’t have to worry about anything~

Joon: *takes his phone and puts his wallet into his back-pocket* Thanks~. *takes your hand and sprints out the door**searches for the petting zoo’s location on his phone once you both are on the street* Of course~. A dependable boyfriend must always be prepared! Okay I found one!! It’s a few blocks down, so it shouldn’t be too far! *intertwines your hand with his* Okay, let’s go~!!

Admin K: I swear you spoil me too much~. *lets out a giggle & starts walking towards the petting zoo* I can’t wait to see what types of animals they have. I wonder if we’ll see a zebra or maybe some cute bunnies that look like you~ *watches as he starts to blush* I mean you are cute & cuddly just like one~. *places a kiss on his cheek* Now don’t get too flustered on me~ *continues walking until we reach the petting zoo* Wow that didn’t take long at all. *stands in line as Joonie pays for our admission*

Joon: Hmm maybe not zebras, but horses. *blushes when you compare him to a bunny* A~. Bunnies are way cuter than I am~. I wonder if they’ll have guinea pigs…they remind me of you~. Snuggly, full of fluff and look really cute when they eat~. Yeah that wasn’t a too long of a walk! *goes to pay for admission before going back to stand next to you* So, what are you going to pet first?

Admin K: *blushes from his compliments* Yah~ Y-you’re e-embarrassing me~ *takes a moment to compose myself before smirking at him & gently runs my fingers through his hair* Well looks like you were lucky enough to be the first thing I got to pet~ *lets out a giggle & grabs his hand as we start to walk around the petting zoo* Hmm oh how about we go there first. *points to a building that has small animals in it like bunnies & guinea pigs* This one looks like you baby~ *points to a cute fluffy black bunny*

Joon: *chuckles as he says with a teasing tone* I knew that you were going to do that~. *takes your hand* Alright let’s get going~. *nods when you point to the building**chuckles when you compare him to the bunny* And I found you~!! *picks up a cute small brown guinea pig before gently stroking it* It’s so cute~.

Admin K: *lets out a small giggle as I get an idea* *walks over to him & rests my head on his should while looking up at him with big puppy eyes* But I’m cuter right baby~? *watches as he smiles & gives me an Eskimo kiss* Y-yah y-you didn’t have to do that~ You could’ve just said yes you know. *playfully shoves him as I walk back over to the bunny* You know I’ve always wanted a pet bunny of my own baby~ *picks it up* Plus I think this one likes me~ *giggles as it cuddles into the side on my neck*

Joon: Really~? Then why don’t we stop by the pet store on the way home? *walks over to you and pets the bunny on your shoulder*

Admin K: *looks at him with wide eyes* Y-you really mean it?! I-I mean you really don’t have to baby~ *stops my rambling when Joonie places a finger to my lips & nods his head yes* *gently sets the bunny down & excitedly jumps into his arms* You are literally the greatest boyfriend on this planet~! *lets out a giggle when he spins us around* Careful you don’t want to gets us too dizzy baby~ *manages to regain my balance when he puts me down* Now that, that’s out of our system where do you wanna go next?

Joon: *smiles* Why don’t we go see the sheep and goats? Or would you like to see the ponies first?

Admin K: How about we go see the sheep & goats first & then we can go see the ponies~ *intertwines our fingers as search for where the livestock are kept* I wonder if they’ll let us feed them~ I mean that would be so awesome if they do, but you just gotta make sure the don’t nibble on you’re fingers. *lets out a small giggle* Oh look there’s the building for the livestock! *points to a big building with a livestock sign above the doorway* Well let’s go~! *takes his hand & excitedly runs inside with him*

Joon: I hope so too, feeding them is the best part! *follows you inside laughing* You’re too cute when you’re excited~ *looks around and sees a vending machine for food* Ah, over there! *walks over and buys some for you and himself* Here you go~ But make sure they don’t eat you~

Admin K: *happily takes the food from him* Thank you baby & don’t worry I’ll be careful~. *gives him an Eskimo kiss & walks away to start feeding some of the animals* *starts feeding some of the animals, but stops when I hear Joonie giggling* Looks like someone’s having a great time~ *turns to look at him & sees him being surrounded by all the animals* Looks like they love you just as much as I do baby~ *walks over to him & helps shoo some of the animals away* There now you shouldn’t be mobbed by them.

Joon: *chuckles* I have a lot of fans, don’t I? *wraps his arms around you after you shoo the animals away* Are you having fun, baby~? Is this everything you’ve dreamed and hoped that it would be like?

Admin K: Yes, but I’ll always be you’re biggest fan~ And this is everything I hope for & more, I’m lucky to have someone as wonderful as you in my life baby~ *gives him a little peck on the lips* How about we finish up here & then go look for the ponies~ *watches as he smiles & nods his head in agreement* Alright just try not to get mobbed again~ *lets out a little giggle as I walk away to feed the animals again* *continues feeding them until I run out of food* Alrighty well I’m finished what about you?

Joon: I’ll always be your number one fan too~. *smiles as you give him a peck on the lips* I don’t know what I would do without you~. I’ll try my best, but no promises! Animals just love me~. *looks down at his the remaining food in his hands* Umm hold on…*throws the food in the air and watches as they fall to the ground making the animals swarm* I’m ready now~! *takes you by the arm and walks out of the petting area* Should we grab a snack first? Seeing all those animals chow down made me a bit hungry…

Admin K: That’s doesn’t like a bad idea baby, since I must admit I am a little hungry myself~ Let’s go wander around to see what kind of food stands they have. *starts to walk around with him until we stop in front of a stand that sells Kimbap* Oooh I could definitely go for some Kimbap~* after I finish my sentence my stomach growls* *lets out a little* Looks my stomach agrees with me, so what do you think baby~? *looks up at him & notices that he’s already looking at the menu* I guess you agree too~

Joon: What kind of Kimbap are you craving for, baby~? Bulgogi Kimbap, Tuna Kimbap, Kimchi Kimbap or the Original Kimbap?

Admin K: I think I’ll get the Tuna & Original Kimbap~ What about you baby~? *watches as he looks back to the menu & points out his favorite one* *giggles* Of course you would get that~ So now that we have the food decided we just need to decide on what were drinks were going to get~ Hmm *looks at the drink menu* Soo many good choices, but I think I’ll go with the Coconut Boba Tea since I just love coconut~ *looks up at Joonie* So do you know what you want to drink baby~?

Joon: Hmm~, since you’re getting Boba…I’ll get Boba Tea too!! Jasmine Green Milk Tea with boba~. *goes to order and pay for the food before walking back to you with the food* Where should we eat?

Admin K: Hmm~ *spots an empty table overlooking part of the zoo* That looks like a good spot baby~ *takes our drinks & carries them over to the table as he carries the food* *carefully sets them on the table as he places down our food* Look at this view it’s absolutely perfect! *takes a small sip of my coconut boba tea* I swear you’re too good to me~ *sets my drink down & cups his cheeks* Thank you for being in my life baby~ I don’t know what I would do without you~ *gives him a peck on the lips*

Joon: You’re right, it is… *looks at the view while sitting down* …but I like it a lot better with you in it~ *grins at you and wiggles his eyebrows jokingly* No, thank you for sticking with me! I’d just be a mess without you~ *kisses you back and then nudges the food towards you* Let’s eat~

Admin K: *blushes from his comment* Well you can always count on me being in you’re life since I’m not going anywhere anytime soon~ *looks down at all the food* I think I’ll try the Tuna Kimbap first~ *slides the plate of Tuna Kimbap in front of me & picks up a piece* It looks good so that definitely a plus. *takes a bite of it & swallows it* Well I think this just became my new favorite food~ I mean it’s just soo good, you have to try it baby~ *picks up a piece & holds it in front of him* Say ahh~

Joon: I’m not going anywhere either~. *opens his mouth widely like a baby bird when you hold up a piece of kimbap* Ahh~. *eats it deliciously* Mmm~. Should we go buy more before we leave?

Admin K: Definitely, plus if we do that means we can also save some to bring home to the rest of the members & we don’t have to hear them complain about being hungry. And it’s also a good way to get out of making diner~ *lets out a little giggle* But for now lets work on finishing all this delicious Kimbap that’s in front of us~ *reaches for a piece of Tuna Kimbap, but is stopped as Joonie holds up a piece for me to eat* *shyly opens my mouth so he can feed me* Yah~ I hate when you do that in public~!

Joon: *smiles* You’re so thoughtful - the members love you almost as much as me for that~ *laughs with you* And smart too! *feeds you and chuckles* And yet you let me do it~ *holds up another piece and wiggles his eyebrows at you teasingly*

Admin K: Of course you’ll always love me more than they do~ *starts getting flustered from his comments* Yah whats got you acting all mushy~ *watches as he holds up another piece of Kimbap* Yah~ I already let you feed me, how about you work on feeding yourself too~ But I will take this *takes the piece of Kimbap from his hand & eats it* I swear this is the most delicious Kimbap I’ve had in a while, were definitely picking up more before we leave~ *finishes eating* So where do you wanna go now baby~?

Joon: Can’t I be affectionate with my girlfriend? I just want you to know how much I care about you~ *pouts but starts eating himself* It’s so good, I might eat it all on the way home before the members get anything! *grins* You wanted to see the ponies, right? *gets up and holds a hand out to you*

Admin K: Then it’s looks like we’ll also pick up some more for you, that way you don’t eat the ones for the members~ *takes his hand as I stand up* Yes, but I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything you wanted to see before we head off in search of the ponies~ *plants a kiss on his cheek* But since you’re just as excited as I am too see the ponies we can go find them now~! *notices as an arrow sign with the word ponies on it* Look *points to the sign* If we follow that we’ll find them in no time~

Joon: I’d be glad to pick up more~! *smiles and gives you a surprise peck on the cheek* You can’t be the only one giving random surprise kisses~. Yes, let’s go!! *quickly starts to walk as he leads you there* Do you think we could ride one?

Admin K: *lets out a small gasp from his surprise kiss & then smiles* You know I always enjoy you’re kisses even if their surprise ones~ *starts playing with his fingers as we follow the sign* I hope we can because then I get to show off my horseback riding skills~ You know when I was little I took professional lessons for a couple years~ *stops walking when we reach the area where the ponies & horses are kept* Well it looks like we can ride them! *points to the people who are riding some of the horses*

Joon: I love your kisses too~. Really? You took lessons? You should show me pictures when we get back to the dorm!! I bet you looked really adorable in your riding outfit~. *pumps his fist in the air when he finds out that he could ride a horse* Yes!! This is going to be so fun~. Here, let me help you get on top one. *puts his hands on your waist and lifts you up so you could sit on the horse*

Admin K: If you’re good & behave I might just show you some of them~ *lets out a little giggle* I’m sure glad I have a strong boyfriend who can lift me & help me get on a horse about twice my size & who’s also sweet for making sure I get on safely~ *holds the reigns as I wait for Joonie to get on his horse* You all set over there baby? *trots over to him to make sure he’s all set* Alright now that you’re ready how about we do a few laps starting off with a slow trot so you can get a feel for everything~

Joon: *nods* I’ll behave, I promise~! *speaks in a royal tone*  But of course! I could not even imagine what would happen if my beautiful maiden got hurt~. *easily hops onto the horse* Yep! I’m all set to go~. *gives you a thumbs up* Sounds good! But um…how do I make this horse go? *gestures towards his horse that is standing still while munching on some hay*

Admin K: *lets out a giggle* Its simple just make a little clicking sound with you mouth or try giving it a little squeeze with your legs~. And to control what way you go you just move the reigns in the direction you want to go & give a little tug. *continues explaining the basics to him as he listens & smiles once I finish* If you have any questions feel free to ask & I’ll be more that happy to answer them baby~ *gives him a warm smile as I get my horse to move & work up to a slow trotting pace*

Joon: *watches as you already start moving* Hey, wait for me!! *awkwardly makes some unique clicking noises and squeezes his legs a bit* Hee-yah!! *waits for the horse to start moving but it just stays still* Go, go, go~. Giddy-up!! Giddy-WHOAA. *holds on tight as the horse suddenly starts moving at a fast pace*

Admin K: Give a little tug back on the reigns & try saying easy & you’re horse should slow down~ Also loosen you’re grip on the reigns a little, it’s not good if you have it too tight. *watches as he takes my advice & manages to get his horse back under control* Don’t try to rush things, move at the pace you want so you can get a feel for controlling you’re horse & then start working up to moving at a faster pace once you’re comfortable~. *makes my horse move next to Joonie’s so I can keep an eye on him*

Joon: *beams when the horse finally listens to him* Wow~. You really do know your stuff, baby~. I’m impressed!! *manages to keep it moving at a slow steady pace* Hey, once I get this thing down…How about a race~?

Admin K: I told you I did~. *thinks for a moment* Normally I would say yes, but because were not in a wide, open place & there are other riders around, for safety reasons I’m gunna have to say no baby. But at least now I know what we can do for our next date~. Rent horses somewhere that has a wide open plot of land which would be an ideal place to have a race without having to worry about any barriers or other people~! *looks at him & smiles* How about you use this time to practice for when we do race~!

Joon: *grins proudly* Look at my girlfriend, so charismatic~. Alright~! I already can’t wait for our next date~. We should also dress in riding gear next time! I bet you would look sexy, baby~. *smiles* Okay! *starts riding a bit faster and going ahead of you* Catch up to me if you can~.

Admin K: *gets flustered from his comment* Y-yah don’t say those kinds of things while were in public~! *whispers* Plus you’d look better than I would dressed like that. *watches him gallop away on his horse* Be careful not to run into anything or anyone baby~ *catches up to him & passes him in no time* *giggles* I swear sometimes you act like a little kid on Christmas & its the cutest thing ever~ *makes the horse go off to the side with Joonie & his horse* So what should we do after we finish here~?

Joon: *winks at you with a cheeky smile plastered on his face* It’s the truth though~! No, I think the outfit would suit you more. *whispers back* Although, I probably would look like a dashing prince on his noble steed~. *looks back at you as he gallops away* No promises~! *looks back ahead and realizes that his horse was starting to go off course* Whoa there!! *beams and boops your nose* It’s because I already have the best gift ever~. Hmm why don’t we grab dinner while listening to some live music~?

Admin K: And let me guess that gift is me~? *gives him an Eskimo kiss* That sounds like a fantastic idea baby~. So anything in particular you feel like eating because I honestly don’t care where we go as longs as I’m with you & get to eat some really good food is all that matters to me~ But before we go anywhere we should get these horses back so other people can ride them. *brings our horses back to where we got them from & intertwines our fingers as we leave* So any ideas on where we should eat~?

Joon: How did you know?? *laughs and pets the horse goodbye before you leave* Hmmm… *thinks for a moment* After running around all day we should get a proper meal! How about we go to my favorite bulgogi place? My treat~

Admin K: Bulgogi sounds like a fantastic idea *my stomach growls as soon as I finish my sentence* I guess my stomach agrees too~. Your treat? It sounds like everything you do for me is your treat baby, you better be careful cause I don’t want you going broke from spoiling me so much~. Plus you know you’ll hear it from Seungho-oppa if that does happen~ *giggles* Oh look there’s a bulgogi restaurant~. *walks in with him & waits to get seated* I hope were lucky enough to get a booth instead of a table~.

Joon: Of course it’s my treat~. Don’t worry baby, if I ever run out of money I will just work harder! *takes your hand and squeezes it* Gotta make every moment we have together last~. *waves over a worker and whispers to you* Don’t worry, I know the owner of this place so we will get a booth.

Admin K: Well I just don’t want you to work too hard baby~. Plus that’s gunna be a lot of moments since were always going to be together~ *gives him a peck on the cheek* *giggles* Is there anyone you don’t know~? *walks over to our booth & sits across from him* See this is why I love booths more than tables, there’s a lot more privacy & were not the focus of everyone’s attention, so we can enjoy our lovely meal together~. *looks over the menu* Is there anything else you wanna eat besides bulgogi~?

Joon: *smiles* I’d do anything for you baby~. You know that~. I know that, but I treasure every moment with you~. I want to make all our memories last~. *rests his arms on the table and looks over at you lovingly* I want to eat your love~.

Admin K: *blushes* Yah~ I-I’m being serious. *hides my face behind the menu & tries to calm down* *manages to regain my composure just as the waiter comes over to take our drink orders* Hm, I think I’m just going to have a glass of water, what about you baby~? *watches as the waiter leaves after he takes our drink order* *looks over the menu one last time & notices that they have tteokbokki* I think I’m going to have some bulgogi & maybe some tteokbokki on the side~. What are you gunna get baby~?

Joon: *looks at you in mock offense* So am I! *chuckles at how flustered you are and then orders his drink, watching the waiter disappear until you address him* I think as long as we order double the bulgogi I’m fine! *grins and pats his stomach jokingly*

Admin K: Alright since you want double the bulgogi I think we should order 3 things of bulgogi 2 for you & 1 for me & then 2 things of tteokbokki that way if you want some their be some for you & if we don’t eat it all we can just take it home because I’m sure the other members would eat it in a heartbeat *giggles* Oh look perfect timing~ *points to the waiter who’s making his way back to our booth with our drinks* So do you agree with my idea~? Or will that be too much bulgogi for you~?

Joon: Sounds good!! *laughs* You’re right, they would devour everything quickly. There is no such thing as too much bulgogi~. I got this~. 3 orders of bulgogi and 2 tteokbokki please~.

Admin K: I know that’s why I tend to make sure we eat first whenever theres food because if they ate first there wouldn’t be anything left for us~. *lets out a giggle* *watches as Joonie gives they waiter our order & hands back the menus* *watches as they waiter leaves to put in our orders* Hopefully we won’t have to wait that long for our food because I’m starving~. *gets bored while waiting for our food so I start to draw imaginary shapes on Joons hand, but stops when I hear him laugh* What~?

Joon: Ooh very smart~. *looks back at you with a smile after making the order* Yeah I’m starving too~. Should we eat some of the kimbap that we saved? *laughs* I’m just kidding, I’ll save them for the others. *starts laughing when you start drawing on his hand* That tickles~.

Admin K: *whispers* Well I keep that in mind so I can use it against you later~. *giggles* Oh look I think I see our food coming~. *points to the waiter that carrying our food over to our booth* Wow that was faster than I thought~. *watches as he sets our food down on the table & slides one of the plates of tteokbokki in front on me* This looks really delicious~. I can’t wait to try it~. *goes to take a bite, but is stopped by Joonie*What now~? *looks up to see him holding a piece for me to eat* Really~.

Joon: *whispers back* I’m not the only one who’s ticklish~. Yeah, this place has really good service~. That’s why I come here often. *gives you a teasing smile* Yes, really~. Food always tastes better when we feed each other~! The first bite is the most important. *makes the piece touch your closed lips* Now open wide~.

Admin K: True, but you’re a lot more ticklish than I am~. Well in that case maybe we should have more dates here in the future~ *shyly opens my mouth & eats the piece of food that Joonie gave me* *finishes the piece of food & then quietly whispers while avoiding his gaze* I have no problem with you wanting to feed me baby~ It just makes me feel really shy & embarrassed when you do it, especially if there are people around who are probably watching us. *continues to avoid his gaze due to how embarrassed I am*

Joon: We’ll have to see about that~. Yes we should! Then we could call this place, our place~. Aye~. Don’t be shy~. Don’t mind what others think. We’re in love and shouldn’t be afraid to show it in public. To a certain extent of course…*slightly blushes*

Admin K: Hmm our place? I like the sound of that baby~. *shyly looks up at him & smiles as I take a hold of one of his hands* Alright~ From now on I’ll try not to care about what people think about us~. *lets out a giggle at his last comment & starts to tease him* Looks like someone needs to keep their mind out of the gutter~. *watches as he becomes more flustered* Sorry, but you’re just too cute when your flustered, so I can’t help myself~. *plants a small kiss on his cheek to help calm him down*

Joon: *smiles and gives your hand a tight squeeze* Good! Only look at me from now on~. Only me~. *grins from ear to ear when you kiss him on the cheek* You’re really cute when you get flustered too~. *leans over and gives you a small peck on your lips*

Admin K: *playfully shoves him* Yah~ Don’t try to turn this around on me~. *lets out a small laugh* *goes back to eating* This food is soo delicious, this is definitely going to be our spot from now on~. *finishes eating & watches as Joonie continues to eat* Looks like someone’s a bit hungry~ *lets out a giggle* Maybe when were finished here we can go for a walk or something, before we head back to the dorm & deal with our rowdy kids~. Hopefully they haven’t cause too much trouble while we’ve be gone~

Joon: I’m glad that you liked it~. *devours everything on his plate* I can’t help it, I’ve got a big appetite~!  That sounds really nice~. *laughs* Don’t worry too much about them. They’re Seungho’s problem. This might sound crazy, but why don’t we go take a walk on the beach?

Admin K: True, but I just hope they aren’t giving him too much of a hard time~ *lets out a little gasp* A-Are you serious~? *watches as he nods excitedly* That sounds like a great & really cute idea so I’m all for it~. Hopefully if were lucky, there won’t be too many people around & who knows maybe we’ll get to see the sunset~. But before we head to the beach we might wanna stop at the convenient store to pick up some things~. If I’m not mistaken I think there’s one a few blocks from here~

Joon: Not harder than any other day I guess… *chuckles* Well we have enough time to stay until the sunset~ But you’re right, if we’re going to stay that long we should get some drinks and maybe sunscreen? Wouldn’t want you to look like a lobster by the time the sun goes down~ *boops your nose and grins*

Admin K: *playfully shoves him* Like your one to talk, you’ll probably need the sunscreen more than me~. *watches as he finishes eating & goes to pay for the bill* We should pick up a blanket or something for us to sit or lay on while we watch the sunset & also some snacks just in case we get hungry again~. *goes to get up, but stops when Joonie offers his hand to help me up* I swear you’re just too sweet to me baby~. *intertwines our fingers as we leave the restaurant & head off to the convenient store*

Joon: You’re right, I need to protect my handsome face! *pretends to flip his hair back and then grins* That’s a good idea too! We should probably get an extra blanket as well, it might get cold once the sun goes down… Plus then we can huddle together underneath~ *tugs you closer to his side by your joined hands*

Admin K: *lets out a giggle* Look at you being so romantic~. *makes a mental checklist of everything we need to pick up from the convenient store* *keeps walking until we reach the store* Alrighty, I think we should split up that way we can get to the beach faster~ I’ll go look for the blanket & sunscreen, while you go pick out some drinks & snacks~ Oh & try looking for a basket or something that way we don’t have to carry everything separately. When were done we can meet up at the front of the store~

Joon: Alright~ *gives you a peck and walks around the store to get everything you listed, then waits for you outside* I didn’t know which snacks you wanted… *does a little dance and waves a bag with the snacks inside around once he sees you* …so I got everything! *grins and holds it open for you to see* Plus, it’s not a plastic bag, so I’m pretty much saving the environment right now~ Did you get everything else?

Admin K: Woah look at all those snacks~. *in a teasing voice* I think someone might have gone a little overboard~. *giggles* But at least we have a variety of food to choose from & we won’t go hungry~. And yes I got the sunscreen & I got 3 blankets that way we have one to sit or lay on & the other 2 we can use to snuggle & keep warm~. *puts the rest of the stuff in the bag that Joonie has* Alrighty now that that’s done we can make our way to the beach~. *interlocks our fingers as we start to walk*

Joon: *snorts* As if we could ever get too much food! *shoulders the bag and swings your hands back and forth as you walk* If we have three blankets that means you can use one to dry yourself off after I throw you in the water~ *grins at you*

Admin K: *stops in my tracks after I hear his comment* 2 things, 1 you know if you try to throw me in the water I’m gunna take you with me & 2 I don’t think it would be a good idea since there is a chance that I could end up getting sick & I know you wouldn’t want that to happen now would you~? Plus if I get sick you’d have both Seungho & Byunghee on you’re case for not taking proper care of me~ *continues walking* If I’m not mistaken we should only be a few more minutes away from the beach~.

Joon: Aye you got me there~! You gotta promise that you won’t push me in the water though. Also if you do get sick, I would take very good care of you to nurse you back to health! The hyungs got nothing on me~. Oooh!! I think I can hear the waves!! *starts dragging you to go faster*

Admin K: *laughs* You’re worried about me pushing you in? I wasn’t planning on it, so you don’t have anything to worry about there~. As much as you’d love to take care of me, you know how much I hate being sick. *gets a little surprised when he starts walking faster* You know if you wanted me to walk faster all you had to do was ask~ *gets ahead of him & starts running while he tries to keep up* *stops when we reach the beach* I think we got lucky, it doesn’t look like there’s anyone else here~.

Joon: Alright~. I promise I won’t push you in~. *laughs* Sorry, I just got a bit excited. Hey, wait for me! *grins proudly as he gestures at the beach**bluffs* You know…I actually rented out the entire beach just for us~.

Admin K: *bursts out laughing* Yeah right, cute joke though~. *rummages through the bag the Joonie’s carrying & takes out a blanket to lay down* *sits down to take off my shoes & roll up my pant legs* *looks up at Joonie* You want some help setting up the rest of the stuff or do you got it~? *watches as he sets down the bag & takes the rest of the things out of it* Suit yourself, but if you need any help don’t be afraid to ask baby~. *starts watching the waves while he unpacks everything*

Joon: *finishes unpacking everything and hands you an ice cream bar as he plops down next to you* Oh wait. It might get colder soon. *rummages through the bag and takes out another blanket before wrapping it around the both of you* This is nice~. *turns to look at you and smiles* I love spending time with you.

Admin K: *smiles when he hand me the ice cream bar* Thank you baby & look it’s my favorite kind watermelon~. *opens it & takes a bite of it* You know…*leans my head agains his shoulder & smiles up at him* I really do love spending time with you too oppa~. *lifts up my ice cream bar to him* I’m not sure if you like watermelon or not, but you want a bite~? It’s really good, just don’t eat it too fast or else you’ll get a brain freeze~ *watches as he takes a small bite & watches for his reaction* Well~?

Joon: *chews on it a bit before his eyes light up* Mmm~!! I thought it was gonna have a super artificial taste, but it’s actually pretty good!! Try some of mine~. *brings his ice cream sandwich up to your mouth**says half jokingly and half serious* You better not take a too big of a bite though! I’m watching you~.

Admin K: I guess you’re lucky then that I take small bites unlike the rest of your members who take one bite & the whole things practically gone~ *giggles & takes a bite of his ice cream sandwich* Not bad, but I still like my watermelon bar better~. *playfully sticks my tongue out at him* *finishes eating my ice cream & starts going through our bag* Look~! We can use this to keep our trash in so we won’t have to constantly get up to throw it out *holds up the plastic bag that I found*

Lee Joon: Oooh. That’s a great idea! *finishes his ice cream sandwich and puts the wrapper inside the bag* Do you want to go dip our feet in the water? The sun is gonna set soon.

~Stay Tuned To Find Out What Happens Next~


~Credits To: Admin K as herself  & @chattingwithmybias as Lee Joon~

~I do not own any of the gifs~

Cradles and Rocking Horses

Telling Him You’re Pregnant - Ponyboy

{this is so short omg so sorry but it’s cute sooo hahah}

“Hey, Pony, where’d we put those little socks that you’re aunt sewed for Soda a million years ago?” I called across the room to my boyfriend as we moved into our small little apartment.

“I dunno. Maybe Soda took them back, why?”

I looked at him as he searched through a box for the tv remote.

“No reason, just wondering,” I told him quietly as I subconsciously looked through a box, “What about that designed wood that your dad made?”

He poked his face out of the box and raised his eyebrow at me. “You mean the pieces of my old cradle?”

I nodded fiercely, “Yes, those!”

“Darry liked the design so I think he kept them. Why?”

I sighed and let me shoulders fall.
“No reason.”

“What’s with all these questions?”

“Nothing, I just don’t know what we took. What about the rocking horse?”

“Rocking horse? You’re asking us these questions as if we…,” he stopped, maybe realizing where I was going. “You don’t mean…”

I shyly looked at him, smiling.

“I think we’re going to need some little socks, a crib, and a rocking horse sometime soon, Ponyboy…,”

He looked at me with his mouth open wide.

“We…we will?”

I nodded slowly. He didn’t seem as excited as I thought he would’ve been.

All of the sudden, he ran over to me.
Picking me up, he spun me around before kissing me all over.

“I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you!”

“You’re not mad at me?” I asked, looking into his greenish-gray eyes.

“Mad? How could I be mad? We’re having a baby!”

We were both smiling humongous smiles as we kissed and hugged each other in happiness.

We were going to be parents.

artofdavidkawena  asked:

Here's a top 10 for you! What are your TOP 10 MOST FAVOURITE DRAWINGS OF MINE, AND WHY?! Elaborate you answers as much as possible! GO! <3

Oh David… David this is fantastic but OH so mean!
This is so hard not only picking 10 because Im going through your art and you should know by know that I love everything you do, but it’s impossible to put them in a proper order of favourites, but here is my attempt, because we’re such good friends!

10) Disney Heroes – Prince Eric – I remember yeeeeears and years ago when I first saw this piece online and I was in awe. I mean, so cute and hot and ok that tattoo just wins it for me, you KNOW he actually has that tattoo under his shirt

9) Disney Heroes – Prince Naveen – One reason – that water! Ok that water looks magical, but real and I just don’t know but its beautiful to look at!

8)Disney Heroes – Prince Philip, head shot – This is amazing. I forget about it’s existence a lot but then suddenly I see it and, David it is one of you best works. That jawline, the detail, and the subtle pose you have him in just looks amazing with that arm across the chest and THEN that sword. The detail on that sword just wins me over every time.

7) Enchanted in art nouveau – This is just such a fun piece, and I think it’s proof enough of why you should be hired by Disney to bring back 2D animation. It’s cute but also the nouveau look of it makes it so much more interesting too.

6) Disney Signatures collection – Tangled – Ok so I love the artwork you do that is all sketchy and unpolished, which is why I would quite gladly hang your entire sigantures collection around my house, but  part of what I like about this one is what you’ve done to Flynn. He looks so much more dreamy in your creation of him, I mean look at that jaw!

5) Circus Freaque – Horse Tamer – again I love this entire collection but this one is really fantastic, the fact that the subject is mostly covered in shadows makes it so nice to look at, the blue light in the background is just magical and DAT ASS, though lol

4) Disney Sketch Rapunzel & Flynn 02 – Basically what I mentioned before, I love seeing your works that appear unfinished, I love the sketchy look, adds some really nice movement to it and it sort of makes you feel like you can see the process of how you created it.

3) Disney Heroes – Hans – Ok the back muscles on this one you just have absolutely perfected, you can see the progress in your creation of the male form just how accurate that is. Also the details of the freckles are incredible!

2) Disney Signatures collection – The Little Mermaid – again I am in love with your signatures collection, but there a couple of reasons why I love this so much – The little mermaid is my favourite Disney movie as you know, and this is just flawless. Out of one still image you have captured so much of her expression, dare I say it, even more than in the movie, and the haaaaair, and you still have some of the sketch lines, but it’s still so flawless

1) Disney Heores – Flynn Rider – There are barely any words. I mean…. Sexy… As… Fuck… I feel odd saying that about a drawing of an animated character but Jesus that dude is hot! But beyond the humor of the skillet and the cool chain mail jock, the lights you used in the background are wonderful and just I love them.

Ok Ive gone through like all of your work and I cant simply pick 10, there are at least 10 more that need to go on this list!… David I love everything you’ve created and that’s not even taking into consideration what a fantastic photographer you’ve become too!

For anyone else reading this, please check out the work of this amazing artist!

violets are blue

summary: There’s a boy who buys flowers from him. Dan’s a florist, so it makes sense. A lot of people buy flowers from him. But there’s not a lot who buy flowers as frequently as this boy does, and even less so that buy flowers for him.

wordcount: 1251

a/n: rip @phanweek i miss u already, u made me more productive than i thought i could ever b. day eight is wildcard so here, have a florist au, i’m sure thats a real surprise for everyone [ao3]

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Peaches - TaeyangxLlama (and You) - Submission

Submitted by: speckster

A/N: Challenge accepted! This was harder than I thought. I mostly got the idea from Adventure Time episode ‘The Eyes’


An urgent movement against the mattress stirred you from your sleep.

“Baby, wake up. I need your help.” your boyfriend shook your arm gently, rousing you from your much-needed slumber. What could Youngbae ‘need’ you for so desperately that he had to wake you at this unsocial hour?

Your dirty, cynical mind woke up.

“Oh my God, you’ve not woken me up for that, have you?! For God’s sake.Just grab one of my bras and go into the bathroom you filthy, depraved animal” you yawned sulkily.

It was a shame the room was dark; it would have been priceless to watch Youngbae’s face as he registered what you just said to him.

"What?! N-No no no no. Animal….Zoo…Jagi, you have to come into the TV room.”

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anonymous asked:

okay so I feel dumb for asking but, I just watched SKIP (and loved it) but why does Mesi check Arthur's teeth?! It's hilarious but I don't know why!

you know what anon I am actually super happy you asked because that was a completely spur-of-the-moment thing I did during the animation stage- it wasn’t planned! I didn’t board it! I just had ‘Mesi inspects Arthur’s face’ as the motive and it just kind of happened when I was doing it! I mean heck there are reasons; you can take it as a gag with the expression ‘looking a gift horse in the mouth’, and being a space explorer one of the first things to find out about a new species is whether or not it’s carnivorous so she was probably mostly checking for canines.

but yeah this is what I mean about my characters being the boss of themselves, I just sort of discover them and have to go along with what they’re going to do! On a sidenote if I can get it into the feature I figured it’d be cute if she did that on first meeting him, and then later (when he’s smacked into a wall or something) she does it again but this time it’s to check if they’re all still there .u.

maybe she’s a dentist in another life or has a teeth fetish or something idk I’m not here for explanations \o/

Exo reaction of them going with you to get your first tattoo

Of course i can ^^i assume that you two are together if i’m wrong please tell me if that’s not what you had in mind ^^Here it is :3 Enjoy :D

Suho:*when he sees you in pain* jagi….jagiya… does it hurt? 
Y/N: alittle yea but it’s okay…
Suho: i don’t like this.. i don’t like it if it hurts you…

Baekhyun:*when you show him what kind of tattoo you want* WOAAAH  jagiyaa that’s so cool. I like it 

Chanyeol:*blows you a kiss when he sees you in pain* don’t worry jagi it’s almost over you can do it

D.O:what do you mean you want to get that tattoo?what happened to the date we first met?

Kai: *when you decide to get the tattoo right above your chest*oh i like that place…a lot but that’s for my eyes only got it?

Sehun:*starts imitating your faces*
Y/N:stop it really hurts
Sehun: well your the one who decided to get it 

Xiumin:*when you tell him you want the tattoo on your hip*gurl don’t come crying to me when it’s going to hurt like hell

Luhan:*does aegyo to make you look at him and not focus on the pain so much* jagi look at mee….aren’t i cute?

Kris: Can i draw your tattoo?
Y/N: oh no you don’t have to 
Kris: don’t worry just call me picasso the second…*draws a horse* here you go

Lay: *when you tell him you want a tattoo done on your arm* but jagi why do you want to have such a big one it will ruin your beautiful skin…
Y/N: but i want one
Lay: then have a smaller one on your wrist.. it’s cuter anyways  

Chen: Can we have matching ones? please?

Tao:*the tattoo artists explains everything to you*

Y/N: tao they don’t have cake here…
Tao: how dare you bring me to a place where there is no cake?

Gifs not mine

Sweater weather

For canonverse ereri-week 

Title: Sweater weather in the morning (but by midday you die from heatstroke)
Summary: goddammit Levi cover up your filthy exposed shoulders already. Eren and Levi enjoy each other’s chiseled muscular bodies as all good soft bro fun should be about. 
Words: 2k

i don’t know what prompt this could fit into so it’s going into none. unoriginal title comes from here.

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