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Roxas: “Dude calm down you don’t have to bit-”


Thank you so much liverpepper and gipsydanger for working so hard to put a KH magazine together!! I can’t wait for the result. :>

wincestmas: day 12 ▻ another

Ok, so this piece right here is not to be taken lightly. It’s a hundred and twenty percent fucked up and I honestly don’t know where it came from other than the fact that it’s all kinds of wrong (literally, it’s just wrong). It’s a demon!dean and soulless!sam fic. I’m happy with it but I just want to warn you that it’s not a light piece. Not by a long shot. And it’s rather long. A long PWP piece that I somehow actually worked a little bit of plot into.

They decided to meet up at a bar somewhere just outside of Montana. It was a little over a week ago that they agreed to split up, take care of some business that they both had to attend to. Dean wasn’t really sure what Sam needed to clear up and Sam wasn’t sure what Dean needed to clear up and they both knew that neither one of them would find out and they were perfectly okay with that. They were grown ass adults and they could take care of things that they needed to take care of without the other following them like a lost little puppy dog.

Dean was sitting at the bar, that red shirt hanging off his body almost sinfully as he chatted up a pretty little blonde. Her name was Susie and she was going to school to be a school teacher and Dean would have totally fucked her in the bathroom if it weren’t for Sam that walked up behind him, his hands sliding down Dean’s chest, completely laying claim to him.

Susie stumbled over her feet as she rose from her bar seat, looking between the two men. “Oh… I am so sorry. I… I didn’t realize that he was… that you were…”

But Sam cut her off with one of his award winning smiles. “You’re fine, sweetheart.” His mouth was right next to Dean’s ear. “Dean likes to get me jealous by flirting with pretty girls like you. He likes how possessive I get when we get back to the motel room.”

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The second one was inspired by this here:

Perhaps, the you I miss never existed

Looking back it’s so depressing

because I wanted you so bad.

I always thought I was never good enough so

I was always the one saying sorry,

Always the one being there,

Always the one cheering you on with the loudest whispers I could muster.

I screamed and begged and asked why why why couldn’t you see the diamonds in my eyes?

Why didn’t you notice my horrible sense of humor or

The way I tuck my hair behind my left ear

Why didn’t you notice when I was so nervous to speak that i would

fumble with my hands and bite bite bite into my lips until they went numb.

I eventually discovered that I was right when I said that we were on two different levels.

Why did I try comparing the crud on the bottom of my trainers to an actual human being?

God damnit, I’m not perfect but holy hell who the flying fuck deserves what you do?

I looked away teary eyed every time you took my heart and spit on it. You broke it 

Over and over and over again

Without even worrying about if i’d ever be able to place the pieces together.

Why didn’t you notice how desperately my heartstrings were holding together the charred pieces of my heart?

Every time I used to close my eyes, I couldn’t help but picture you

Kissing her

Over and over on a constant loop

While I got to have first class seating.

Now I can barely remember what you look like.

I don’t think about you when I sleep.

I don’t think about what you’re doing or how your day has been because it’s exhausting. 

It’s exhausting being the only one who cares.

It’s exhausting being the only one who gives a shit about everyone else’s feelings but their own.

I said I missed you,

But what I miss was perhaps the tiny slivers of good qualities that you had twisted and contorted into a better version of you. 

Perhaps, the you I miss, never even existed. 

anonymous asked:

Hello! Are you still doing matchups? If so~ please match me with someone! I'm a smol (158 cm) girl that loves languages and cultures! I have short ginger hair, brown eyes and freckles I'm typically assigned as the mom role (take care of yourself!) in friend groups- but get called dad because of my horrible sense of humor (puns/dad jokes) I really like cuddles but freak out too much with the dokis so i usually stand for hand holding and shoulder rests I also get excited and startle really easy ty

I pair you with Viktor Nikiforov.

  • Admires your passion for languages and cultures~ if you don’t know Russian, he’d be happy to help you learn
  • He finds humor in your jokes and puns, and will even reply with a few of his own. likes it when you dote on him. if you wanna be the Mom and Dad of your friends, then sure why not ^^
  • Loooves to cuddle with you. he gets pouty when you want to stop, but he’ll tone it down/give you space. will def settle for hand-holding and shoulder rests tho

swagmiakki  asked:

Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and send it to ten of your favourite followers. SPREAD POSITIVITY! :D

Adorable! I’ll do it here. (*☻-☻*) and this means I’m one of your favorites I’m literally beyond happy rn thank!!!!!

• I like how I can be productive when I really need to be

• my horrible sense of humor I laugh at almost anything and it makes me feel like 5% less depressed about little things

• I’ve been told I can draw nicely so I’ll use that

• my height it’s kinda a hate love type of thing it’s weird to be 5'2" and know some dude whose like 6'2" and just be able to talk about height forever

• the fact I’m normally able to tell how things are gonna end up by being observant as hell and overthinking lol