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space pirates + space usagi (maybe leosagi) :)

(canon will probably blow my characterization out of the water, but fuck it.)

This was just unfair, now. Completely totally unfair.

Usagi’s nose twitched again as he laughed, and dammnit, why was that such a cute laugh, and he leaned forwards to grin at Leo. “I cannot believe one of your crew members would willingly lay with a male Stuyrrid, did he not know about the mutual flesh consumption post copulation?”

“Casey, uh, did not,” Leo said, forcing his eyes to stay away from Usagi’s nose. “But he sure does now. He nearly lost some, hah, very important parts during that experience.”

That got another round of deep chuckles from Usagi, and even with the noise of the tavern around them, Leo could nearly feel it. It made Usagi’s whiskers shake, and his long ears twitch. Leo wanted to know if Usagi’s ears were as soft as they seemed.

They’d only been talking for a half hour. How was he already so far gone? And he’d only recently come to terms with his attraction to male gendered beings. This was nearly a complete blindside.

Not fair, not fair at all.

“So…” Usagi said, moving his mug to the side to reach across the table. Leo froze as the other outlaw’s white furred hand brushed his scaly finger tips. Usagi gave Leo a sly smile. “How long was it again, until you have to return to your ship?”

His hand- which was somehow both soft, yet calloused- closed around Leo’s, and Leo gulped at the suddenly heated look Usagi was giving him.

Oh boy.

“As long as you need,” Leo replied, forcing himself to remain calm, and attempting to imitate the mercenary’s tone of voice.

Usagi cracked a smile, and wow why were bunny teeth suddenly that cute, and he seemed more than pleased by Leo’s answer.

“Then let’s say we go find a room, shall we?” Usagi asked with an inviting grin.

Leo’s heart jumped a bit, and he managed a short nod. “I’d say we should.”

He told himself his family could wait a few hours, because even if they couldn’t, no way he could walk away from this now. Not with the chance to feel Usagi’s fur up close and personal, and maybe even probably kiss him a little, a lot, hanging in the balance.

Did space mercenaries have cell phone numbers? Leo hoped they did. Oh he so hoped they did.


I finally did it! I already miss my beloved Captain and I’m sure I’m not the only one. so, let’s do a Killian Jones Appreciation Week special Season 3

  • day 1: favorite persona (lieutenant, captain, pirate, etc)
  • day 2: favorite quote(s)
  • day 3: favorite dynamic
  • day 4: favorite episode
  • day 5: favorite outfit
  • day 6: favorite happy scene
  • day 7favorite sad scene

it will start on Monday, June 2nd (but you won’t be given to the mermaids if you have few days late or if you don’t make every category, I promise on my pirate honor). 

the tag will be #kjaw (you have to put it in the 5 first tags if you want your posts to appear in it). also, don’t forget the general tag #hookedit.

you can do gifs/graphics/metas/videos or whatever you want.

don’t forget ; it’s only based on season 3!

the whole point of this week is to celebrate our favorite swashbuckler with positive vibs and love. enjoy! (and spread the word, mates, ok?)

Prompt request from everything-person: Lieutenant Duckling fic where the Charming are hosting a masquerade ball and Emma is pretending to have a good time. But the minute she gets to be alone she rips off her tiara and mask and Killian is waiting in the shadows (bonus if she has magic)

A/N: Welp. I hope this is satisfactory darling! I am so sorry for the wait. And it turned into more of a PirateDuckling fic …. Sorry, but Im kinda proud of it :3

Title: Not Quite a Damsel

The ball was a disaster.

Emma stood in a throng of eligible princes and lords, most of who she could have taken down in a fight with both hands behind her back. Not to mention without her magic. She hated dressing in ridiculous gowns, she preferred her breeches and ridding boots over gowns she couldn’t breathe in, with their too wide skirts and trains. Emma kept a smile plastered on her lips, and politely nodded to whatever they said, holding her tongue as one prince tried to impress her with his knowledge of flora.

“ … a yellow is a symbol of friendship while a red rose represents love and passion … ”

Emma fought back a yawn, and her cheeks ached from the smile that was still plastered there. She was grateful beyond words when her father called everyone out to the gardens for the fireworks. Emma hung back as the guests made way towards the gardens. One prince hung back.

“May I escort you, your majesty?”

Emma wanted to scream. But instead she simply said;

“That is most kind of you, Prince … Godfrey,” Emma plucked the name from a faint memory. “But I must run to my room for … Something.”

Emma curtsied and fled before he had a chance to offer to escort her there. Once free of the ballroom, Emma removed her high heeled slippers and tossed them carelessly off to the side for some servant to find later. Her feet relaxed, relief soaking up from the aching soles of her feet and up her legs. Emma took off at an unladylike run, gathering her skirts in her hands.

She reached her room unnoticed, slipping inside and closing the door silently behind her. Emma sighed, slouching against the polished cherry wood door. Reaching up, Emma began untangling her hair from its intricate style, long waves of blond hair settling around her shoulders glowing platinum in the moonlight that leaked through her window. She removed her tiara and mask next, laying them on her vanity among all the other jewels and trinkets.

“Well, the rumors were true,” a voice said from the shadows. “You are the fairest princess in the realms.”

Emma whirled in surprise, facing the mass of shadow gathered by the curtains of her window. She squinted in the darkness as a figure emerged, every step he took towards held a cocky swagger of one confident with their person. The intruder was clad in black leather, the moonlight showed dark hair and skin that had known the rays of the sun. The light bathed his wide shoulders, the beard that lined his jaw, and the red vest he wore was open enough to reveal a fired muscular chest.

Blue eyes like the sea on a sunny day stared at her, devouring her from head to toe.

“Forgive my manners, your majesty, we have not been properly introduced,” the stranger made his way to the vanity, one of his ringed hands plucking an emerald bracelet from the pile and holding it to the light, before pocketing it. “I am Captain Killian Jones of the Jolly Roger, at your service.”

Emma gaped at him as he bowed elegantly before her as though he were a courtier at a ball. Emma had heard stories of the infamous pirate ship the Jolly Roger, and of its swashbuckling captain. Captain Jones was one of the realms craftiest and cruelest pirate in the realms.

“What are doing here,” Emma demanded feigning fear as she backed away from him towards her armoire, where she kept her sword. “Last time I checked, pirates stick to the sea.”

The pirate grinned chuckling, as though the whole situation was a good joke.

“So you have heard of me,” he said as he followed her.

“You’ve heard of me,” Emma countered as she continued to retreat.

“Aye, and the rumors did not do your beauty justice,” he said teasingly.

Emma smirked. “That’s all you heard about me?”

“You are also the dearly beloved daughter of the realms most adored king and queen, who just so happen to be quite wealthy.”

“Ah,” Emma said as her hand clasped the handle of the armoire door, easing it open slowly. “So you plan to kidnap me and hold me for ransom. Very original, Captain.”

Killian smirked as he continued to approach her with his leisurely strut. “You cannot go wrong with a classic, milady.”

“There’s just one problem,” Emma said as she reached into the closet, her fingers wrapping around the hilt of her sword.

“And what is that, love?” Killian asked as he braced an arm above her head on the opposite door of the armoire.

Emma smiled sweetly up him before shoving him back with all her might, drawing out her sword and pointing at his throat. “I’m not a damsel in distress.”

The pirate grinned as he laughed outright, drawing his own blade from its sheath. “Oh, I knew I liked you, milady. Let’s see if you know how to handle such a fine blade.”

Killian struck out, his sword slicing through the air with a whoosh. Emma blocked his strike, the sound of metal on metal singing through the air. The captain struck again, but Emma blocked that blow as well. Killian grinned as tossed his sword to the opposite hand.

“Not bad,” he said as he held his sword up to the moonlight. “For a girl.”

Emma growled and struck out, striking in rapid succession. The pirate’s smile only grew as he blocked her again in again. His foot struck out, catching her ankle and Emma fell back, hitting the ground with an oof!

Killian straddled her waist, picking up her fallen sword and crossing the two blades over her throat, the sharp edges biting into the bared flesh.

“You have fire, milady,” he said smirking. “I like that in a girl.”

Emma tried to push him away from her, but the pirate remained firmly atop her.

“That’s fighting dirty, pirate,” Emma seethed.

Killian chuckled as he leaned down over her, their faces only a hairsbreadth apart. “I am a pirate love, we do not tend to fight fair.”

“Well if that’s the case,” Emma said summoning her magic.

The drapes on the window sprung out, wrapping around his waist, arms and legs and jerking him back. The pirate gave a strangled cry as he was thrust against the far wall, both swords falling from his hands.

“Bloody damnation,” he seethed.

It was Emma’s turn to chuckle as she stood up, shaking her skirts free of dirt before sashaying towards him.

“You should do more research before you try to kidnap someone, Captain,” Emma said as she picked up her sword and kicking his away with her foot. “And never trust rumors.”

Killian pulled on his bindings, grunting in frustration. “Well, your majesty, it would appear as though you’ve bested me.”

Emma smirked as she stood before him. “If you weren’t a pirate, Captain, I might think you’re cute.”

“Cute?” Killian said offended. “I will have you know, princess, I am ruggedly handsome, something none of your princes have going for them.”

Emma snorted as she propped a hand on her hip. “Even tied up and strung on my wall you manage to flirt.”

Killian gave her a smoldering look. “When I start to flirt with you, princess, you will know it. Now kindly release me.”

“Why would I do that? So you can try to kidnap me again?”

Killian smiled tightly. “I may be a pirate, milady, but I am no fool. I will not attempt to steal you away.”

“Why should I trust you? You are a pirate,” she said as she played with the hilt of her sword.

“You have my word, upon my honor,” Killian said.

“Pirates have honor?”

“Just release me, minx,.”

Emma giggled as she waved her hand through the air, and the drapes went slack. Unprepared, Killian hit the floor hard, cursing percussively.

“That is for tripping me,” Emma said as she offered him her hand to help him stand.

Killian gripped her hand, climbing to his feet, but he didn’t release her. Fire shot between their joined hands, striking at Emma’s heart, causing it to beat rapidly in her chest.

“I must say, your majesty, you would make a hell of a pirate,” he said.

“And you’d make a hell of a prince, pirate,” Emma smirked. “If you lost the leather ”

The flirtatious smolder returned. “Trying to get me into your bed already, well I suppose I could stick around for a hour or two-”

“Oh please,” Emma said shoving him away from her towards the window. “Go already.”

He smirked as he approached the window pausing for a moment.

“There is one thing that I wish to steal before I leave though,” he said as he turned back towards her.

Emma gave him a droll look. “You took my bracelet, that alone will buy you a fortune in gold.”

Killian smirked. “What I have in mind cannot be bought or sold.”

And with that he reached for her, pulling her flush against his leather clad body and kissed her. Emma’s mind whirled. His mouth on hers’ was divinity. His scent-leather, sun and sea-invaded her senses. Emma clutched him against her, returning the kiss with equal ferocity. When they broke apart, both were breathless. Green eyes met blue, mirrored desire darkening their gazes.

“That was … ” Emma began but words escaped her.

“ … amazing.” Killian said as he pressed a softer, more lingering kiss against her lips.

“This is crazy.” Emma said, pushing him away from her. “You need to go.”

Killian nodded and started for the window, visibly shaken.
Emma bit her lip before calling after him.


He paused, one legs over the the edge. “Your highness?”

“I … I plan to take a ride by the cliffs tomorrow. Just so you know.”

The pirate smiled, softer and more gentle than his teasing smirks.

“As you wish, love.”

And with that he was gone.


I’ve been asked about a new week for our beloved Captain so here it is, the Killian Jones Appreciation Week special Season 4A

  • day 1: favorite emotion/trait (anger, bravery, etc)
  • day 2favorite happy scene
  • day 3favorite outfit
  • day 4favorite heartbreaking scene
  • day 5: favorite episode
  • day 6: favorite dynamic
  • day 7favorite quote(s)

it will start on Monday, January 5th (but you won’t be given to the mermaids if you have few days late or if you don’t make every category, I promise on my pirate honor). 

the tag will be #kjaw (you have to put it in the 5 first tags if you want your posts to appear in it). also, don’t forget the general tag #hookedit.

you can do gifs/graphics/metas/videos or whatever you want.

don’t forget ; it’s only based on season 4A!

the whole point of this week is to celebrate our favorite swashbuckler with positive vibs and love. enjoy! (and spread the word, mates, ok?)