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“I apologize if this comes out as rude, but… Are you Plegian…?”

so, for hitting 400 followers, i decided to start compiling a masterpost of ace-safe stim blogs! many are, unfortunately, aphobic or haven’t expressed an opinion regarding it (honestly i don’t blame them), but i want my ace/aro followers to know that they have safe places where they will be accepted.

that being said, please like or reblog this post if your stim blog is safe for ace/aro people. ALL ace/aro people, not just ones that have another lgbtq+ identity. yes, even the “cishet” ones.


Yay! The War on Everyone US Blu-ray is out today! #AlexanderSkarsgard

There is only one extra (COME. ON.) but it is pretty good. There is a 7-minute feature called “Everyone Sounds Off” and it has cast interviews and behind-th-scenes footage with Alexander Skarsgård, Michael Peña, Tessa Thompson, Theo James, Malcolm Barrett, Stephanie Sigman, Paul Reiser and David Wilmot (surprisingly, no John Michael McDonagh). The extra has a wee bit more footage than previously shown in the UK version (but the UK version has way more extras, which I recommend if you can get it to play for you - Region 2).

This movie is wickedly funny! If you are an Alexander Skarsgård fan this film is a must-see, must have!

^my photo of the Blu-ray home page (they show video clips behind Alex & Michael Peña). 

Order on Amazon. It comes out in Australia on April 19 (video) and in Japan on June 2.

More SessKag smut since so many asked.

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anonymous asked:

I love your story and your builds are amazing on twitch. are you reading any good sims stories lately? and if so can you please tell me their names?

Hi Nonny, thank you so much! I really appreciate it ♥ Well, I think everyone knows I’m sort of notoriously bad at keeping up with sim stories, but I do follow a few of them pretty closely and you can find those on my currently reading list: here. It’s not entirely up to date, but it’s still a good list of great writers! If you’re looking, in general, for more great stories, here’s some recommendations of simblr’s whose photos and writing I really admire: 

@phoenixresurgent @simtrovart @andromeda-sims @simamara @cinamun @ciarasia @quiddity-jones @recklessims @crushedvelvetsims @barleycoffee @simwithsparkles @mada-didi @catssimblr @essiesims @katheryan @vamprocillin @neutralsupply @whiteplumbobs @oakglow @peonysimmer @boolprop-sims4 @grolda @dinaswimmer @laylasims

I know I’m forgetting people, I’m sorry! I think everyone on this list is pretty active, too. So I hope this helps you out, Nonny! Thanks for asking ♥

bendy-andthe-ink-machine-25  asked:

can you please stop posting in the middle of the night!? i just want to sleep but yo keep posting something and its 12 in the morning right now and i keep thinking its this one post i am waiting for but then its yours. Don't get me wrong i love our work but please, Just rest for now. I don't care what time zone you are in just please stop. just for a few hours or i will wake up to 99+ on my home page on tumbler. Please or else you will lose a fan. Please.


The Five Times Derek Morgan Asked to Kiss You, and The One Time You Said Yes | Derek Morgan x Reader

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Derek Morgan x Reader

Requested: Yep!

             52: “Can I have a kiss, please?”

Requests: OPEN

Summary: There were five times that Derek Morgan asked to kiss you before you finally said yes, this is the record of each of those instances.

Words: 2627

 A/N: Thank you so much for your request! This is my longest fic by like 1000 words so thats super exciting! Requests and feedback would be greatly appreciated! I have a link to my masterlist on my home page! 

             The first time Derek Morgan that asked for a kiss was when you were still new to the BAU. You had been there for a little over a quarter of a year and you absolutely loved it, you loved your team and you loved putting bad guys away, even though you did admit it took an emotional toll to see the things you saw every day. One of the main things you didn’t love was the paperwork, and since you were so new you hadn’t gotten down a rhythm yet, not to mention is was easy to pass off some extra paperwork onto the new person. What this meant was that while everyone else was done with their paperwork you were still staying in the office long after everyone else some nights. This one was of those nights. You were sipping on what you thought was your 7th cup of coffee, turning a page when you were startled by a voice ringing out in the semi-dark bullpen.

             “Hey, Y/L/N, what are you still doing here?” Derek Morgan asked, putting his hands up after you jumped, “Woah, didn’t mean to startle you, my apologies.”

             You grin at him, telling him it was alright before frowning, “I thought you went home a bit ago?”

             “I did, made it all the way down to the parking garage before I realized I forgot something. You still working on paperwork?” Coming to lean on your desk, he noticed how much paperwork you still had to get done and scoffed.

             “You know it, the newbie got stuck with all of it,” You laugh dryly as you lean back in your chair and stretch.

             “Alright, alright, you’ll be here all night at this rate, I’ll take half.” Morgan said as he grabbed half of the files sitting on the side of your desk and you thank him and smile warmly in response before he continued, “Could I get a kiss for my troubles?” Giving you a flirty grin that would make anyone’s knees weak and, to be honest, anyone’s panties hit the floor.

             You didn’t allow yourself to turn red, you knew he was the office flirt and you couldn’t let yourself get affected by it, much less let him see you turn red in embarrassment so you sent him a teasing glare. “In your dreams, Morgan.”

             Your fellow FBI agent just laughed as he went to go sit down at his desk to start on the paperwork. The rest of the night was full of idle chit chat, laughs, and plenty of papercuts.

             The second time Derek Morgan asked to kiss you was a few months later while working on a grueling case. During those few months, you and him had gotten closer, frequently going out together, having each other over for meals or to watch movies, grabbing coffee before work, just small things that seemed to start to bridge the gap of coworkers to good friends, so you were happy when Hotch partnered you up for the case, going to the ME’s office first.

             You had been in Washington State for almost three weeks now trying to catch this killer, with no leads but bodies piling up, everyone felt helpless. Because of this, Hotch sent you and Morgan to the old crime scenes, hoping that new sets of eyes on the scene may give a different perspective that could lead to a break. The two of you ran thought what happened, bouncing ideas off each other and mid-sentence Morgan stops, a look of realization washing over his face. Quickly pulling out his phone, he called Garcia, feeding her new points of information and conferenced the rest of the team into the call. Garcia yelled a name and address into the phone, and all units were to gear up and head over there.

             You sped through the streets, sirens blaring, half of the team going to the work and half going to the home. You and Morgan arrived at the house just as Prentiss and Rossi did, SWAT not far behind. After quickly putting on your vests you burst into the house, finding the unsub in the basement with a gun to the last victims head. Specializing in negotiation, you talked down the unsub, getting him in cuffs and putting the victim in an ambulance to the hospital.

             “Great job, Morgan.” You said as you two got back in the car to go clean up at the police station, “You’re the one who figured out the break in the case.”

             “Oh thank you, Y/L/N, it was a group effort,” He smiled appreciatively at you before the smile changed to one you knew far too well at this point, “Do I get a congratulatory kiss?”

             “In your dreams, Derek.” You said with a laugh, smacking his arm lightly before turning your attention back to the road.

             Sometimes, you had to admit, men annoyed the crap outta you, and right now was one of those times. You were at a bar with the team, and you were the one who drew the short straw and had to go get another round of drinks for everyone and bring them back to the table. You were leaning on the bar, glancing around the room and people watching when you felt a hand touch your arm to grab your attention. You frowned, turning to face him, this was supposed to be team bonding night, not have some creepy dude at the bar hit on you.

             “I couldn’t help but notice you across the bar, I was wondering if I could buy you a drink.” The man said, with you think is an attempt at a flirty smile. It was odd and forced, nothing like the Derek’s handsome and sultry smile. Wait. What. You stopped yourself from continuing, scolding yourself for thinking about your co-worker and close friend in that way.

             “I’m actually here with people, so I’m going to be getting back to them once I get our drinks.” You say shortly, shifting your body language to a more closed off position and hoping that it would ward of the man’s unwanted advances,

             “C’mon, sweetheart, It’s just one drink, then you can get back to your friends.” He attempts again, reaching out to touch your arm.

             “I said no.” You brush his arm away, giving him a disgusted look.

             “Listen here you little bit-“

             “Excuse me, is there a problem here?” A familiar deep voice says from behind you and you feel an arm drape over your shoulders and pull you close.

             “Are you her boyfriend?” The creep asks in a harsh tone, a sneer on his lips.

             “Actually, yeah, I am, and I suggest you back up because I do believe she told you no multiple times.” Derek says evenly, danger in his tone.

             Just then the bartender sets all of the drinks you ordered in front of you, and you see that as a sign to take your leave, “Hey, babe, will you help me carry these back to our table?” You ask as, looking up at Morgan with a smile, Mr. Can’t-take-no-for-an-answer eyeing you two with disgust.

             “Of course, darlin’, anything for you.” Derek said with a grin as he removed his arm from around your shoulders and went to grab half the drinks. You frowned slightly to yourself as you realized that you missed it. As you two walked back to the table his voice drew you back from your thoughts. “Since I’m your boyfriend now does that mean I get a kiss?”

             Scoffing, you looked up at him, finding that flirty smirk dancing on his lips and you swore you felt your knees weaken slightly but you didn’t pay it much mind, rolling your eyes for emphasis, “In your dreams, babe, I do believe I said nothing about you being my boyfriend, you said that to the creep. You know what pisses me off? He’d listen to another guy but not me. I swear, the way our society treats women, it’s just breading unsubs.”

             “Yeah no kidding,” he says with a shake of his head as you two sit back down to continue your team night out.

             Progressively, the time you spent with Derek outside work increased. Movie nights turned into accidental sleep overs when you’d both fall asleep on the couch, your head resting on his shoulder and his head resting on yours, curled up next to each other on your couch. The way you behaved around each other at work changed as well. When all of you were standing in a PD conference room around a bulletin board while going over facts in a case, you’d rest your arm on his shoulder, leaning into him slightly. On the plane on the way back when you leaned forward with your head in your hands and sighed in exhaustion, you’d feel his hand running up and down your back briefly, before you’d both return back to what you were doing previously. On paperwork days when you swore entire team probably went through one Folgers tub of coffee a day, you two developed a little routine. Whenever one of you needed to refill your cup, you’d grab the other’s on the way over to the coffee pot, and on the way back, the other would instinctively raise their hand up in response and a mug would be pressed to their palm and they’d continue working as if the exchange was second nature. 

             The team began noticing, they were the Behavioral Analysis Unit after all. When he asked what time you were coming over that night during lunch Emily shot a questioning look to Penelope, who just shrugged in response. When you made an inside joke in front of Rossi and Reid, Spencer frowned, glancing at Rossi, who in return just put his hands up and walked away. Derek and you weren’t oblivious to their questioning glances and whispered gossip though, but you two didn’t care in the slightest, you had nothing to hide nor nothing to explain, you were just close friends. Or at leasts thats what you told yourselves.

             The fourth time Derek Morgan asked for a kiss was Valentine’s Day. You hadn’t seen anyone romantically for a while by then, and surprisingly, neither had Derek. When asked about his most recent conquests he’d just shrug and say he was taking a break for a while, much to everyone’s astonishment.

             Penelope came into the bullpen on the 14th, dressed in all red and pink, handing you each cards and chocolate and asking what plans you had for the special romantic night. JJ and Will were going out, but it seemed everyone else was single with no plans besides wallowing in self-pity, so Garcia suggested you all go out together, do something fun, maybe pick out one night stands at a bar to share your sorrows with. Everyone agreed that that sounded fun and you contemplated going, but ultimately decided that you’d rather spend your sad lonely night with your copy of The Princess Bride and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s. You didn’t exactly feel up to getting drunk and watch as your team picked up hotties, especially not Morgan. The thought of him leaving a bar that night with a gorgeous woman under his arm made you feel like there was a heavy stone in your stomach, and you couldn’t exactly discern why.  

             “Oh, c’mon Y/N/N, it’ll be fun, another team night out,” Derek said, leaning back in his chair and putting his hands behind his head. Wow, you thought to yourself, that position really showed off how gorgeous those muscly arms were. “And if you can’t find any handsome man you want to take home we could always spend some time together and you can give me that kiss you owe me.”

             “Owe you?” You ask, scoffing as you open up a drawer in your desk, “Since when do I owe you a kiss?”

             “Since I did half your paperwork and saved your ass from that creep at the bar!” He laughed, the rest of the team chucking as they watched the ordeal.

             “Oh you want a kiss Derek?” You grinned as you found what you were looking for in your drawer, a bag of Hershey’s Kisses. Since he had made such a big deal over the past months of asking for a kiss from you, you thought of something funny to do the next time he asked. You swore you’d had the chocolate sitting in your desk drawer for weeks. “I’ll give you more than just one even.” Throwing the bag at him, he grinned as he caught it, shaking his head.

             “Touché, Y/N, touché.”

The fifth and final time Derek Morgan asked for a kiss was right after the team had caught the unsub. Just like a previous time, you had split up to go to his work and home, and after you, Prentiss, and Reid busted into the unsubs work, it became apparent he was either on the run or at the home. You all listened with baited breath as you waited for any sign that the team had apprehended the suspect and were safe. This unsub was a bad one, well they were all bad, but this one had nothing to lose and was determined to take down as many people with him as he could. So, when you hear gunshots and “Agent Morgan’s down, we need a medic,” Over your earcoms, your stomach dropped to your feet and you swore time stopped for a moment. Prentiss and Reid were calling your name for you to hop in the car to speed to the closest hospital but you couldn’t seem to move your feet. Then it was like time finally caught up to you and kicked you into overdrive. You swore you never drove so fast in your life.

You met Hotch and Rossi at the hospital and they assured you all that not only had they rescued the final victim in time, but that Morgan was okay, he just hot hit in the shoulder and would make a speedy recovery, and that he was in the hospital room eager to see everyone. As everyone gathered in the hospital room for a bit before having to go clear the rest of the stuff up at the police station, you hung in the back, watching from a far as you processed the realization that hit you in the car.

“Y/L/N,” Hotch’s voice pulled you from your thoughts and you turned to face him, eyebrows raised in question. “The rest of the team is heading back to the police station for last minute paperwork stuff, do you mind staying here and driving Morgan to the airport after he’s cleared?”

“No I don’t mind at all,” You said a bit numbly, nodding in response. As everyone else cleared out you finally made your way over to Derek.

“Hey, what’s going on in that pretty little head of yours?” He asked, brows furrowed as he sat on the edge of the bed. His shoulder was wrapped up, and that was all that you could look at.

“I was worried, you had me worried.” You said quietly, moving closer to him.

“I’m fine, I promise, come here,” He said, lifting his non-injured arm for you to tuck yourself underneath it. As you sat down beside him you leaned into his side, resting your head on his shoulder.

“Hey, Derek…” you start, your voice barely above a whisper.

“I know, Y/N, I love you too.” He said, moving to tilt your head up to look at him.

You nod in response, looking up at him. You two sit there for a few moments, just staring in each other’s eyes and only breaking eye contact to glance down at each others lips every few seconds. Soon that flirty grin you knew all too well spread across his face.

Can I have a kiss, please?”

“Yes,” You breathes out and without a second’s hestitation you closed the distance between your lips.

How to create headspace to work on your art (and motivation is big BS)

Motivation is outdated, overrated and to be frank… big pile of… There were many books already written about that. The most recent one was Mel Robbins “5 second rule"  about that. Highly recommended read.

To wait for motivation is like saying ” I will work when it strikes me… so once in a week… month… year" “I will work when I feel like it tomorrow”. What will you do when the muse will never come ? How you will practice in meantime, how you will grow your skills? 

It baffles me. How could we, as artists, collectively agreed to work after motivation sparks. How could we not discarded it as a flawless way of thinking? If we just change word “artist” with “computer scientist” it suddenly starts to  sound ridiculous. Saying “I won’t work today … I am not motivated” suddenly became this “get out of jail” card. Other people will just nod head with face expressing full understanding. 

Sure, you can be the one artist that will wait for this creative spark, but I don’t know where and how far it will take you with your career. Last time I checked the most prominent and successful artists had thousands of works done :  Rembrandt had produced well over 600 paintings,[nearly 400 and 2,000 drawings and Picasso …13,500 paintings 100,000 graphic prints or engravings 34,000 book illustrations 300 sculptures and ceramics

If you want to be professional, act professional. Find a structure for your work, organize yourself, have some work habits. I have some tips to gradually walk from being dependent on feeling to work and rather be able to work everyday just by learning structure and discipline.

Identify your distractions. Only after you identify them you can eliminate them. Spend too much time on Youtube? Create a new account where you will only have art videos background music. When you work there should be no temptation to even check new video. My Youtube home page contains only of instrumental music and art videos.  For myself I found out that best music for work would be relaxing jazz, instrumental music from movies or anime. Having urge to check mail every 20 min? Decide on times of the day when you will check mail. Ideally do it in the morning and after you are done with work. 

Keeping focus for 1 hour straight is too much? Be mindful about the decision you are making everyday.  Do you often times walk up to the fridge while you are working or go to make some tea/coffee? Just to distract you from doing your work and create art? This is something we do to avoid working and still justifying it. 
If you have problems with big stretches of ‘deep work’ use some method like Pomodoro Technique  . Every 25 min of work you have 5 mins break and once you did 4 cycles you get longer break. Aim to have 8-10 pomodoro sessions.To be able to work without distraction for longer period take a look at book by Cal Newport - 'Deep work : Rules for Focused Success in Distracted World’. Author will give you some remedies for your problem with focusing. 
Have a goal. Based on that you will be able to understand what to do and plan your day, week accordingly. If you have goal then you will have deadline. Deadlines are good! they help you finish work. Every finished work will always be 1000 times better than the best work that you only finished in your imagination. 

Stop trying to be perfect. The reality we all strive for perfection but we will never get it. Focus just on producing rather than aiming for unreachable goal. The less your expectation are, the less fear of failure you have and thus the less mental power you need to have to even start doing something. Just think for a second what is for you fear of failure and why are you afraid. Then realistically what will happen when you won’t deliver the masterpiece that is in your head. Exactly. Nothing will happen. You will probably just come to conclusion that it was from the beginning the fear of being judged by other people. You shouldn’t - no one has right to do that and if they do it shouldn’t be your problem that someone wants to bring you down.

Train yourself to write down your tasks. Break down bigger tasks into smaller ones, to write task for everyday. If it’s not in calendar you will probably won’t do it. You can find digital tools to help you with that. There are some apps there to organize your days. What I use is Todoist. You can find something that works for you because this is something very personal how we organize a day. Maybe you are against digital tools and prefer old fashioned paper calendar. Explore, search and try out. For me works mix of digital and traditional. I have notebook just for planning and I add to that Todoist and Evernote. Evernote is great to make quick notes, keep my bookmarks organized and writing down important informations. 

The most important routine is to keep your everyday practice of drawing/sketching. Personally I have few sketchbooks that I fill simultaneously. I explore, I let myself be free there, do mistakes, ink , study, copy masters, do imaginative work, make creative mess. However it opens your mind and let you find out new influences for your work. No one have to look at it because it serves another purpose. Write down dates when you draw - this will help you with keeping daily practice. Make it a goal to fill 4 - 6 sketchbooks a year. That goal will force you to try at least doodle simple 10 min sketch. It is doable and honestly you will see progress but be patient. Keep your tools visible. Surround yourself with them. 

All the above will help you with structure for your day. It won’t take back from your creativity. On the contrary. You will find you have more time and do more each day. You finally start things and finish them.  You will train your willpower to focus on work. Willpower is like muscle it require work to be strong. That will lead to your better focus and ability to deep work. What’s most important you will work on daily basis. There will be variety of course. Some days you will just feel bad but at least you won’t try to make it as excuse to not work on your art. 


So let me get this straight: he’s trying to control what you do, he’s cutting you off from your friends and he’s calling them “leeches & tarts”. All because he just loves you too much.


So as some of my followers know, music is a big part of my art process and some people have asked if I could share my playlists for my respective ships, I originally started the playlists on my own ipod but i’ve since put them up on spotify so that I can share them! Here’s the links to each of the one’s I have, and I will always be adding music onto them as I find songs that inspire me. 








I will also make a direct link to this post on my tumblr home page for easy access and future reference! 

Feel free to suggest songs you think fit the characters, I’m always looking for new stuff to add! And if anyone is curious about my music choices I’m always up for answering questions like that. 

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I’m glad and plan on getting back on track real soon.

Thank y’all for sticking through everything!

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