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Oh the Holy Guardian of Sherlolly Scripts, is it possible to provide link to the Masterlist of sherlollylists/tropes on the description so we can directly go to the main list and check the trope we are in dire need of?

I am but a custodian of the Sherlollbrary - but there is a link at the top of the sherlollilist home page to the masterlist. It is also here. Go, shoo, read!

heya thank you for the kind words everybody!!! i will get to everyone’s asks in time, but for now I must go to sleep because I have to leave to catch a flight at actually 6 am (rip me). 

and also I’m trying to figure out how to hide text posts from my home page! html is confusing (says the person who makes games) goodnight and i’ll talk to ya once i get to Boston!

My contribution to @bloodyhellharrys harry potter zodiac project!

Hermione, my fellow virgo, but i dont think she would really take to horoscopes etc, do you? Sounds more like something shed argue with trelawney about



What if episode 8 is the end..

Hey guys! I know i didn’t post for awhile cuz I’m making this comic. It’s a short comic happened after ten years since the episode 8, and be aware, this is a sad story with a happy ending (?)
Cuz this comic is a bit longer than i thought and I’m too lazy to put them all together in one page XDD
I will post it separatly, just check my home page and you can see the whole pages. Btw there are 19 pages ww.

I also made a short video for this comic, just have a look here XDD

Oh and don’t mind about the words if it is weird haha.

Hope you will like it XDDD