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💛👻🍂🎃 boo! honeypot pre-k is getting spooky~ 🎃🍂👻💛

a very, very, very happy halloween to the baby bears who celebrate! well… soon, at least — just one whole week and a few days!

halloween is one of my favorite holidays, not just because fall is a lovely season with perfect weather, crisp smells, and pretty colors all around, but because i get to watch all my favorite spooky movies like “coraline”, “nightmare before christmas”, “it’s the great pumpkin charlie brown”, and “corpse bride”! it’s also the time when i make gluten free pumpkin spice glazed donuts and baked sweet potatoes with cinnamon and sugar~ 🍂 do you have any favorite snacks and movies for autumn and halloween time? 

but, the best part is definitely dressing up and putting up decorations! my costume this year is lydia deetz from beetlejuice… what are you going to be, if you have a costume? 🌙 i decorated my home this year with a happy jack-o-lantern, black cats, orange lights on my balcony, and spider webs! did you decorate? oh, and of course, what’s your favorite candy? 🍭

in spirit of the holiday, we’ll be posting some halloween-themed activities and recipes! we’ve already started a bit, as you can tell~ 

but, for babies that don’t celebrate for religious or personal reasons, never fear! there will be non-themed activities for you to do each day, too. you are welcome to blacklist the tag #honeypothalloween2017 ~!! ❤️ i still hope the rest of your fall season is a beautiful and fun one, full of playing in leaf piles and running through pumpkin patches! 🌼

see you all very soon… 10 days til halloween! mwahahaha! 🍁

- mod euphie


                                     ~ updated picture of my desk ~

 I am happy to report that I now live in a forrest of plant babies. I am officialy back at university so I’ve been spending lots of time here. 


the first rainbow morning in my new room <3 

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I’m not even going to address anon directly, because seriously, fuck that guy. 

For the rest of you who may be wondering how I POSSIBLY manage living as a fat person, let me explain how I do it: 

I do it by making time for fun things as often as possible. Like riding carousels while morbidly obese. I  have the gall to do this in front of children. 

I do it by making sure my skin is always moisturized and cleansed. I know it’s shocking, but my glowing, fat face feels great after a seaweed-based exfoliant mask. 

I do it by finding time for my interests and hobbies. I’m an amateur mycologist. You may think it’s frightening for a fat forager to find fungi, but I think it’s fantastic.    

I do it by surrounding myself with wholesome, non-judgmental people. A fat person with friends and family?!? It’s more likely than you think. 

I do it by wearing bright colors and taking any opportunity for a photo shoot. Surprisingly, my fatness hasn’t broken a camera yet. 

I do it by singing loudly and flamboyantly. Much as you’ve been told fat people spend 99% of our time gasping for air, I actually have pretty solid breath control. 

I do it by pursuing my education. Don’t worry, they let me skip the part of the bar exam that asks for your BMI.

I do it by having an adorable, supportive partner. We even make out with the lights ON most of the time! 

I do it by creating safe spaces in my home. I love decorating for holidays and dinner parties. The tinsel really compliments my back rolls! 

I do it by adopting fluffy animal friends. Mr. Fluff here may always have a look of existential dread on his face, but he’s not once had a problem with my weight. 

I do it by spending time in nature. Trees and green spaces are very healing! Yes, even for a fatty like me. 

I do it by making this face at people who tell me that since I’m fat I can’t have all the things I already have. I have the audacity to believe that I will one day accomplish all the important goals I have set out for myself!

I’m a fat person and I have value. 
I’m a fat person and I can realize my dreams. 
I’m a fat person and I have a happy, fulfilling life. 

That’s not going to change no matter how many anons send me hateful messages. 

To all my fat family out there, you deserve a support network of caring people who don’t care about your weight. You deserve to achieve your goals. You deserve respect. You deserve happiness. 

Don’t let anyone tell you differently.