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Can we make a baby already ?

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I love you, why can’t you love yourself ?

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Life is

Masterlist Sebastian Stan Fics

I think it’s clear I will be writing a lot more of this man in the future and my Hiddleston Masterlist is already way too long, so I’m going to split them up from now on.

These are all the Sebastian/Bucky fics I’ve written so far. Any warnings or triggers are in the posts.
Most of these stories are 18+nsfw and quite explicit, some are just pure fluff. I don’t write Bdsm and I don’t take requests (sorry).

Thank you all so much for following, liking, reblogging and leaving me sweet comments!


One shots:

Rebound: (Sebastian) Erin finds comfort in the arms of a friend after her boyfriend cheats on her. Fluff

The late shift: (Sebastian, based on Lance Tucker) When Kira works the late shift with Sebastian things heat up quickly. 18+ nsfw 

The man on the train: (’Romanian’ Bucky Barnes) After traveling home from a disappointing trip with your boyfriend, who ignores you constantly, you meet a dark handsome stranger on the train who is more than willing to give you the attention you deserve. 18+nsfw

Last Christmas: (Sebastian) You were supposed to spend Christmas with a couple of friends in a cabin outside of the city. When they all fail to get there on time you end up alone with Sebastian, the guy you slept with last Christmas and who then left you for dead. 18+nsfw

All that glitters: (Sebastian, Tom Hiddleston) When Tom surprises you with a very expensive big gift on New Year’s Eve your friend Sebastian, who’s always been in love with you, witnesses the whole thing and feels jealous and embarrassed because he got you a much simpler gift. Fluff

Oblivion: (Bucky Barnes) A sad Bucky drabble.

Be with me: (Stucky) After a night of too much drinking Bucky finally confesses his feelings to Steve. Fluff

Take off: (Tayte Hanson, Bucky) You and Bucky end up on a plane with porn star Tayte Hanson who makes you a member of the Mile high club. Also, Bucky is a little shit. 18/nsfw

Warm bodies(Stucky AU) Bucky is a young lost vampire wandering the city when he meets an older lonely bearded Steve. Both men are inexplicably drawn to each other. 18+nsfw

Take my breath away: (Steve, Bucky) You’ve had a huge crush on Bucky all through college but nothing ever happened between you two. You are determined to change this when you see him again at the reunion 15 years later, but another man shows up to disturb those plans. Fluff


Multi chapters:

Who says you can’t go home?: (Bucky Barnes) Jess meets the mysterious Bucky at the homeless shelter where she volunteers and he saves her from an attacker, but is she really safe with Bucky? 18+ nsfw Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7 (finished)

You can cry on my shoulder: (Sebastian) After a break up with your boyfriend you meet your friend Sebastian in the bar and he comforts you. 18+nsfw Part 1, Part 2 (finished)

Amends: (Sebastian, Tom Hiddleston) Sebastian lives right down the hall from you and one night you end up having amazing sex with him. The morning after however your ex, Tom, is back in town. 18+nsfw Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7 (finished)

Summer charm: (young Sebastian) During his summer job a young Sebastian meets Tess, a married woman who is bored with her life and intrigued by his attention. 18+ nsfw chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 4 (finished)

My best friend’s girl: (Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers) Bucky’s been in cryo for a year now, during that time you and Steve have grown closer together. You both want more but are scared to give into your feelings, until one night… 18+nsfw Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7 (finished)

Can I be him?: (Sebastian, Tayte Hanson) You’ve been trying to get Sebastian’s attention for years but he never seems to notice you, until your friend Tayte decides to help you out and try and make Sebastian jealous. 18+nsfw Part 1, Part 2 (finished)

All I wanted was you: (university Sebastian) Your roommate Sebastian is the typical frat boy, overly confident and constantly partying and flirting with any girl that isn’t you. He stands for everything you hate so why can’t you stop that silly crush you have on him? 18+nsfw Chapter 1, Chapter 2


Masterlist Chris Evans

Masterlist Tom Hiddleston

College Tips from a Recent Grad

1. Research your professors. RateMyProfessor is a great resource.
2. Check Facebook for college groups. My college had groups for each class and even had a buy/sell/trade page.
3. Rent your textbooks whenever possible. Buy/rent digital whenever possible. Amazon is your best friend. They have most textbooks, and they even have a rental service.
4. Living off campus is typically less expensive than living on campus due to jacked up housing prices and mandatory meal plans.
5. Bring a bike to campus. It is so much quicker to bike than walk, and most campuses have large sidewalks and/or bike lanes. Some colleges even have semester bike rentals. Bring a lock and please please please wear a helmet.
6. Bring reusable bags for those late-night grocery trips. You won’t have a endless pile of bags in your room and you can actually carry more in reusables due to their durability. (Oh and you’ll be saving the planet).
7. Laundry pods are a great way to do laundry especially if you haven’t washed clothes before. You won’t have to estimate the correct amount of detergent (college washers are super finicky).
Make sure you have lots of quarters if your college has pay laundry. You can get a sleeve at your bank.
8. Buy 2 plates, 2 bowls, 2 cups, 2 mugs, 2 forks, 2 spoons, and 2 knives for your room. You won’t have to continually buy paper and plastic ones.
9. Buy paper towels, a sponge, and some soap to clean said dishes and silverware and any other messes you may have.
10. Record your lectures if possible. You can take notes normally, but it helps to have a record if you miss something or if you’re an auditory learner.
11. Google Drive will be your best friend. You can work on group projects without having to meet up. You can take notes as a class and even have a class study guide.
12. Quizlet is super helpful for studying. You can create your own flash cards without having to buy paper flash cards, and you can share it with your classmates. Quizlet helped me so much with my sciences and foreign language!
13. You do not need an unlimited meal plan. You will not eat that much. I promise.
14. Check out to see if your college offers meal equivalency. At my college you could get $3-5 off of a meal at a retail dining location during certain times of the day. This helped me save my dining dollars.
15. Take shit from the dining hall, but bring your backpack to do it. Bring a bottle to get milk. Grab some fruit for snacks. I used to grab bananas for snacks. Take some cookies. Bring tupperware to sneak out cereal or even full meals.
16. Buy a planner and set up a digital calendar too. You’ll be glad you have both.
17. Set multiple alarms. You may not always wake up during the first one. Give yourself enough time in the morning to get ready and eat.
18. GroupMe is pretty important too. Classes, dorms, and clubs use GroupMe to communicate. I’ve used GroupMe to coordinate volunteers at my work and to schedule study groups.
19. Buy comfortable and durable shoes. I used to wear hiking sandals or tennis shoes on campus. You will likely walk a lot more than you are used to. I injured my foot my freshman year (initially by playing soccer), but because I wore unsupportive shoes while walking 6+ miles a day I fractured my foot!
20. Wear whatever the fuck you want to wear. You don’t have a dress code anymore. People will always dress fancier than you, but it doesn’t matter. Dress comfortably.
21. But a supportive backpack. I highly recommend a hiking pack. You will likely carry several books and a laptop with you, and your backpack will be heavy.
22. You don’t need a car in college unless you have no way to get home on breaks, you live too far away off campus to walk, and/or your job/internship is too far away to walk.
23. Use public transportation when available. Some colleges have their own bus system. Some cities give discounted bus and train passes to students.
24. Add your campus police and crisis lines to your phone. Have the campus police on speed dial. You never know what will happen.
22. Carry some form of self-protection. I had a brass knuckle type thing was the shape of a cat head and it would poke my attacker’s eyes. I eventually got a knife (for work), but I know people with mace. Get mace with a safe sprayer (so you don’t spray yourself) and a black light dye (invisible to the naked eye).
23. Free stuff is the shit. Sometimes you can get a snack or meal for free! Check out your college’s calendar for a list of events with free stuff. Twitter is also a great resource for knowing when free stuff is being given away.
24. Do not get a pet in college unless you have a schedule that allows you to be home a lot, an apartment that allows it, and the money to afford it. An average vet trip will cost $100. I got a cat my senior year, and he cost around $800 that year between vet costs, pet fees, food, and litter. Visit your local animal shelter if you miss animals. I saw too many neglected animals in college.
25. Mental and physical health are important. Research your college’s health center. Most will offer free or discounted services. My college offered free counseling and a discounted OBGYN. Make sure to keep up with your physicals in college. Being healthy is important!

Black Shirt

Imagine that both Simon and Baz own a black shirt. The 2 shirts look the same really. Normal black shirt with short sleeves. Baz’s is probably pure cotton while Simon’s is polyester. Before the summer that was between Year 5 and Year 6, Baz (Mr. I-almost-really-killed-the-person-I-love) was dealing with guilt but mostly was bothered because he couldn’t lie to himself that he would miss Simon Snow.

He noticed that Simon had a black shirt that looks like a shirt that he owns. (Because the amount of things he owns is really limited.) As a last minute thing, he switched the two shirts. He regretted what he did straight away but Simon zipped up his bag and was gone before he could.

We know what happened with the shirt that Baz took, there is a good quote from the book: “When he wouldn’t give me a single moment of solace to sort through my feelings–or try to wank them away. (Which I eventually tried that summer. To no avail.)” Chapter 33. The unwashed shirt helped.

Simon realized the shirts were switched the second he opened his bag when he got to a new crappy room. He shrugged it away as thinking that he must have grabbed the wrong shirt by accident at some point. He didn’t think too much about how it could have happened. This new home was particularly shitty and the pillows were rubbish. He stole 2 extras and the 3 were barely the thickness of his 1 pillow in Watford. He had really bad home sickness in the first few weeks.

The pillows kept sliding around as they were stacked on top of each other. One night they all fell on the floor after kicking during a really bad nightmare. He reached into his suitcase and pulled out a shirt and used it as a pillow case for the 3 pillows. He realized what shirt it was when he stuck his nose into the pillows. It was silky and smooth. Smells like bergamot and cedar wood. It smells like home. It helped pull him through the first few days. He would sit alone in his room and cuddle with the pillows. Trying not to think of everything that made his list.

Baz was never on that list.

Simon and Baz wore the other’s shirt during the summer. On the first day back, Baz switched the shirts back. Initially they were upset that they had to let go of a shirt they got attached to, but it was all better as they again had a shirt that smelled like the other.

Baz didn’t try to steal his shirt for the summer break between Year 6 and 7.

But when Baz got home, he finds Simon’s black shirt instead of his own. Simon wanted his summer pillow case back.

Years later:

Simon sitting in the living room wearing a black shirt. Baz sneaks up on him and checks the tag.

“I knew you fucking stole my shirt!”

Simon realizes that he is really wearing the shirt he stole. Fucking fuck.

“I never stole it.” I purposely stole it. “I would have never stolen from you.” I went out of my way to steal that shirt from you.

“Why didn’t you give it back? Why did you keep it?”

He looks up at his pretending-to-be-mad boyfriend. “I used it as a pillow case because it smells like our room. Like you. It made me feel at home when I was away.” Baz melts through the floor as he thought of Simon smelling his shirt during the summer (as he did himself).

In the end: They kept each other’s shirt.


Originally posted by dayaholics

Author: Arfrona-and-Marvel

Word Count: 1797

Type: Angst

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Cursing/  Feels

Notes: This made me cry. Not requested. Good luck. 

Edited by: @aeronchayne



You know what kind of guy Peter Parker is?

He’s the kind of guy that never leaves.

Even when he has physically left your building, his ghost stays behind to haunt you.

His words are forever engraved in your memory, as well as his smile and kindness.

Peter Parker is the Spiderman people believe will always protect this city, for as long as he can.

Forever. Always.

I love him, and I can’t stop. Because once you love someone like Peter, you don’t stop. I tried, but he’s not the kind of person you want to stop loving. He doesn’t give you a reason to.


I wait by the bus stop and quickly scribble some rubbish on my math homework.The chill of the autumn morning breeze bites at my cheeks as the pencil flies across the paper. Someone wraps their arms around me from behind.

I let out a squeal as I turn around to see a shock of brown hair and a silly grin plastered across that handsome face. It’s my boyfriend, Peter.

“Hi sweetie,” he says as he kisses my freezing cheeks, the rush of blood that follows warming them up instantly.

“Hey love,” I respond before kissing him quickly on the lips.

When he pulls back, he notices the math homework scrunched in my hand and laughs.


“Shut up,” I say, hitting him gently before dramatically turning away and scribbling more nonsense onto my paper to express my mock anger.

“No… You love me, remember?” he says. He circles around me, poking my cheek and moving so that I had to stare at his puppy dog eyes.

“Yes,” I say.

“Forever?” He asks.



That was our thing, a forever. And then an always.


“Peeettteeerrrr,” I whine, trying to get his attention.

“Hm?” he says distractedly, as he flips to the next page of his chemistry book.

“Pay attention to meeeeee,” I groan as I fall dramatically onto his bed so that my head is on his lap.

“Spiderman, help meee, I am dying from lack of attention.”

He laughs a little before peppering my face with kisses, making me beam.

“You drama queen,” he jokes, poking my stomach.

“Me? A drama queen? How dare you!?” I say with exaggerated offense. I cover my mouth in mock astonishment.

He chuckles some more and kisses me again.

“I love you,” he says.

“Forever?” I ask.


He proves it by lifting my hand and interlacing his fingers with mine.

He kisses my hand. “Nothing could keep me apart from you,” he whispers softly, as though he is scared that if the universe could hear it, they would jinx it.


Something rustles the curtains as it crawls through my window at 1 in the morning, waking me up.

I nearly scream when I open my eyes and see a stranger staring back at me. He covers my mouth with his hand and I let out a little muffled squeak before I realize that it’s Peter.

My Peter.

I lick his hand to tell him that I know that it’s him and that he can let me go.

He scrunches his face in mock disgust. When he winces I notice the bruises and cuts all over his face.

I gasp and promptly throw my hands over my mouth, holding back a sob.

I reach over and carefully give him a loose hug, trying my best not to hurt him.

I’m afraid of the answer, but I ask anyway.
“Peter, what happened?”

“Robbers. Strong. Alien. Floaty gun. Techy thing,” he mumbles, obviously exhausted.

I move to get my first aid kid, but he grabs my shoulder to stop me.

“Don’t worry about the injuries, they’ll heal. Right now, I just want you.”

I scoot over in my bed so he can lie down next to me.

“Thanks, love,” he says, as he falls into my bed and curls up next to me.

I hug him as he lets out a tired sigh.


“Yeah, Y/N?”

“I love you. Always, Peter.”

“Forever, Y/N.”

I then curl around him so our legs are crossed and we were facing each other, interlocked in a way that I didn’t believe anyone could tear us apart.


All of that was a year ago, yet I can still hear his laugh as clearly in my mind as if he was right next to me. His touch, his words, his smiles, his kisses.

If I could return to any day, any day where I could do nothing but love him, I would do it all over again.

Even if I knew that it was going to end in half a year.


Peter knocks on my door one Spring. No context, just a flat:

“I don’t think we should see each other anymore.”

“Wha- You want to break up?”

“Yes.” he says sharply, like he’s forcing the words out.

“What about forever?” I ask him, my eyes starting to tingle, the tears starting to collect in the corners.

He doesn’t do anything but shake his head and look down shamefully. Not wanting to look at me.

I walk forward, standing so that he can see me even though his eyes are still downcast.

“Peter, look at me,” I plead, almost begging.

He shakes his head.

I hold his hand the way we did before.

“Peter, talk to me,” I gasp, as the first tears begin to fall.

He looks at me, all of a sudden, with the coldest eyes I have ever seen on a human’s face, and turns around to leave me.  

I thought that what we had was indestructible. But I suppose his silence could break our “always.”

So I let him go, as the tears came freely and my heart sunk lower and lower into the ground.


It’s been nearly a year since we broke up and I had moved on.

Or, I thought I had, at least.

But Peter isn’t the kind of guy you can just move on from.


I came home from a hard day of school. A brutal 6 hours of semester finals and presentations. I go up to my room and look around It’s a mess.

I take a deep breath before beginning to clean my room. It’s therapeutic to me.

I begin with decluttering my desk. Rummaging through the drawers, I find a few old math tests that I failed.


I make my way across the floor of my bedroom, picking up trash and finding shirts that I had always wanted to wear but blamed my sister for taking.


Lastly, I make it to the greatest mess of my room: the closet.

I move to start to neatly hanging all my clothes, but something catches my eye.

A gray hoodie that looks alien, out of place, and definitely too big for me. I don’t want to believe it, so I lift it up to my face to inspect it.  

The strong odor of Baby Johnson Shampoo hits me, and it’s too much for me to deny.

Oh god, this is Peter’s.

I back into the wall and slowly slide to the ground, clutching the hoodie. I hold it close to my chest, almost scared that it was going to leave, like he did.

I begin to sob. The sobs wrack my chest and fill the room that now seems even emptier than before.

“Why did you have to leave?” I whisper to the air as I try to calm my breathing.

The sobs turn to soft whimpers as the sun begins to set.

I stroke the hoodie like I would a pet that is dear. I fold and unfold it, over and over, marveling at how much it reminded me of him.

I still have a piece of him, and I don’t want to let it go.

I stand up shakily, as I try to end the last sniffles and wipe the tears from my eyes

Baby Johnson Shampoo because it’s soft enough for his hair,” I mumble, slightly disappointed in myself for still remembering that fact about him.

But then again, I remember everything about him.

I run my hand along the inside of the hoodie, feeling a few places where the threads are coming loose near the sleeves, another reminder of his habit of picking the ends of his sleeves.

I then feel the strings of the jacket, which have bite marks, another dirty habit of his.

I look around the room, suddenly worried that someone is going to walk in on me and catch me red-handed.

I slowly slide off my own jacket and slip the hoodie over my shoulders. I breathe it all in.

It makes me feel so much closer to him.

I close my eyes and remember being surrounded by his smell when he hugged me or kissed me. When we lay down next to each other at night talking about our dreams.

It makes me feel so warm inside, as though he’s still here with me.

I want to scream.

How dare he.

How dare he just leave me like this.

How dare he, after everything we had.

How dare he, I wanted to cry out, for leaving me with nothing but a damn hoodie to remember him by.

I stuff my hands into the pocket, remembering how he loved to hold my hands even though they were freezing.He’d work around this by putting both of our hands into those massive pockets of his.

How dare he allow me to remember this.

How dare he allow me to remember how tightly he held me.

How dare he let me believe in our always.

How dare he let me believe how strongly he believed in our forever.

How dare he leave me to remember everything about him.

Doesn’t he know what effect he has on me?

Doesn’t he know how I cried for days when he left?

Doesn’t he know how I blamed myself?

Doesn’t he know how he made me question everything I knew since he never gave me an answer?

Doesn’t he know how much I love him?

I love him enough to wear this damn hoodie, scrambling to remember what I can about him.

To have this false security to hold close, because it’s all I need.

I just need a few moments to pretend that he’s still mine.

That he still puts his head on my shoulder.

That he still hugs me tightly, lifting me off the ground slightly.

That he still kisses my cheek, my forehead, my lips oh so softly.

And how he holds my hand, promising a forever.

But Peter isn’t a forever.

A forever isn’t someone who leaves.

And a forever isn’t an old hoodie.

But it’s the only forever I have now.


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t u e s d a y , j u n e 2 7 2 0 1 7 - d a y 2 / 3 6 6

today i worked the morning shift! got my car washed on my break! came home and cleaned and started more laundry!

also this book is the cutest thing ever, thank u arden rose for blessing us.

6/1/17 // moved back to uni today for the start of my second term of 1st year. I didn’t really get homesick in my first term, but leaving my house this morning after Christmas break was really emotional. It would be so easy for me to stay in my tiny ass town for the rest of my life. But I would never be satisfied with that, I want more, and to get where I want to be I had to move away. Home will always be there.

Vegan Gains: Meat eaters are so disgusting, they are contributing to the torture and holocaust of millions of animals!! How can you all be so heartless!!?!?!?

Vegan Gains: *films his grandfather having a heart attack and dying then wanted to upload it to youtube to push his agenda. Comes back from grandfather’s funeral and makes a video complaining that his family wouldn’t let him upload the video to youtube and then whines about how his family eats meat which is somehow worse than degrading his freshly dead grandfather online. Implies that his grandfather died solely because he was a meat eater.*

Vegan Gains: *Mocks a recovering anorexic man who got testicular cancer. Blames the fact that he ate meat. Says the man likes animal abuse because the man wears an anti-PETA shirt*

Vegan Gains: *victim blames the same man again after they found more cancer*
“I was right! He got cancer again. awww so sad :( And before you call me a sociopath, how about you consider that he makes fun of (PETA) ‘the suffering and death of millions of animals on a daily basis.’ So I don’t see why I should make a joke about his suffering and death. So who would like a “hahaha you’re gonna die of cancer tee-shirt” and now it looks like he’s gonna die of cancer and if you ask me he’s getting exactly what he deserves"

Vegan Gains: *Makes (satire???) video about how to kill humans. Comes off like a creepy, repressed murder fantasy and (unintentionally??) makes death threats to viewers*

Vegan Gains: *Mocks youtuber for her eating habits after she made a video talking about how her boyfriend recently committed suicide; implies he killed himself because she was fat.*
“The only people who finds [fat] attractive have fucking mental problems and you know it! So you know what? I want you to keep eating the exact same way you’re eating now- tons of meat, dairy, eggs and processed food. Get even fatter. Live a sad pathetic life of denial and misery, and then die young of a heart attack or stroke because that’s all a FAT PATHETIC LIAR LIKE YOU DESERVES!“

Vegan Gains: “I’ll be dead fucking serious- I’m a sadist. I like to hurt people. When I just beat the everloving shit out of somebody, I just get a warm tingly feeling inside like i’m being loved.”

Vegan Gains: "I fucking hate children. They literally make me sick. When I see babies in a commercial I literally gag and almost throw up and I have to look away and mute it. And when I see babies in a stroller, especially when they’re crying, I wanna put my foot through the fucking thing and step on it until its nothing but blood and pulp on the fucking pavement!!!!!”

Vegan Gains: "Most women only want to have children so they don’t have to work and so that they can be taken care of. Women also use children to control and manipulate you from leaving an unloving abusive relationship or to steal money from you after you break up. And I don’t give a fuck what you say ‘oh I love my man I just want to have babies with him’ Its. fucking. bullshit. Women trick men into having kids so that they don’t have to work and when the kid is 5 or 6 years old and it doesn’t make anymore sense for women to be stay at home moms and the time comes for women to get a fucking job, they try to trick men into having more children so that they can keep getting taken care of. And if they don’t get what they want, they’ll just break up with you and steal money from you until the kid is 18 and the threat of that happening is enough to trap men into these horrible fucking relationships.”

Vegan Gains: "I never said I liked people. I hate people. Some people say they hate people, but I really, really hate people. If I don’t have to work during the day, I try to stay up all night and work out, get everything done then, and sleep all day so I don’t have to interact with anyone.”

Vegan Gains: "I could admit that I fucking hate kids and that I just want to fucking stab people and turns out she’s a lot like me. She hates kids too and she has violent angry thoughts towards people and she’s a misanthrope and turns out she just really complimented me well” (she later dumps his crazy ass)

Vegan Gains: "Repzion’s a little fucking bitch. I fucking hate this bitch. Like I usually don’t have a huge issue with people I make videos about but yeah, if I had the opportunity, I’d kill him. Slit his fucking throat with this knife. Really like to use this knife on him. Like he really does deserve to die. He calls me a sociopath, I mean, he’s just a piece of shit, I don’t know if he’s a sociopath or not. He’s just a turd who should just be killed. Like, he’s such a smug little bitch, i’d love to just slide a knife through his throat and watch him just look all scared when he’s just dying.”

Vegan Gains: “People need to be forced into veganism, because everyone just acts like a stupid, ignorant, apathetic, greedy child!”

Vegan Gains: It was just a joke!! I was being satire!!! I’m not hypocritical or a sociopath, YOU ARE!!!

*has 206,000 youtube subscribers* 

If these are the type of people representing veganism, why y’all wonder why nobody takes vegans seriously anymore??

PotC: Dead Men Tell No Tales Review

I loved Pirates of the Caribbean since I was 6 years old and yes, Captain Jack Sparrow was my first real crush. It was so great to watch another big adventure of him on the big screen.

To be short: The film was great! Sooo much better than Stranger Tides and please for the love of god - wait until the very end. Yes, there is an end credit scene, everybody!

!Be careful, spoilers ahead!

I love the new characters and the whole plot. The way Henry does everything to break the curse of his father so Will can come back home to his son and Elizabeth is just heart-breaking and soooo cute.

Carina is a great new addition to the franchise. I love her independence and how she doesn’t give a fuck about what other people say. But the most greatest fact about her: She is a Barbossa!
I was so shocked and so happy at the same time that Barbossa has a daughter. In the end it’s so sad but also so sweet when Hector sacrifices his own life so Carina can live. I want him back! We need Barbossa! What about Jack?!

Henry is great. And let’s be honest, he is so much like his father. Just like Will, he had to free Jack from being killed. Yep, always have a Turner around and you won’t die.

But let’s talk about the very end when Henry breaks the trident and the curse of his father is broken. This moment when Will sees Elizabeth and they just run into each others arms! And yes, I cried because of all the emotions and the music! It was the same like when Will had to leave Elizabeth in At the World’s End.

And I think because of the awesome end credit scene it could be possible that we will see our great trio on the big screen again! And…Davy Jones.


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For many of you who have been following this little blog since I made it some time ago you know I fell in love with Once Upon A Time because of Emma and Henry’s relationship. This was and has always been my favorite aspect to the show. 

I also know I have been relatively silent on this blog for a while now. Mostly because I have been unsure what to say. Unsure how I really felt about Jennifer Morrison’s departure. How I felt about the direction of the story. How I felt about continuing the show with only 3 of the main characters returning. How I felt about a grown up Henry cursed with a daughter of his own. How I felt about Emma’s Happy Beginning possibly being torn away. And then the biggest part that saddened me most of all was the decision to say Henry needed help and when he called Regina, Hook, and Rumple answered the call.

For months since the end of season 6 I wondered why on Earth or any realm Emma would not answer her son’s call. After 6 seasons of watching them have each other’s backs from curses to operations to adventures of True Love and magic I couldn’t fathom how they could write any interesting story while keeping what they had already done intact. 

I suppose the answer is: They really can’t. 

After 7x02 I’m struggling to stay invested in the story they want to tell now. In knowing that’s not the Killian Jones we’ve known for 5 years. Knowing full well Emma is still happy and expecting with her husband somewhere in the world.

With Regina and Rumple part of the main cast and my complete dislike of both characters whom I feel have never truly earned a Happy Beginning. I feel like out of everyone they deserve to be cut off and cursed from their families and loved ones since they were at fault for so much pain and destruction during the first curse. I feel like this could finally redeem them both. But as I am not a fan of them I have no interest in watching them. 

I only still have an investment in one person now with this twist they came up with: Henry. 

I still adore his character and want a Happy Beginning for him. I also know many people have had their problems with 7x02 but to me it really felt like Emma passing the torch to Henry. When Emma said she knew how it felt to want to fight for her story like Henry wants to now and she told him not to come home until he finds his answer, that was the moment she handed the story to him. 

It felt like: It’s your turn now, kid.

And it is. Which in some ways could be a really amazing story if it didn’t feel so much like a season 1 rip off. A curse, a ten year old, and a cynical parent who refuses to believe damn it! 

All in all, I didn’t hate the Emma Swan send off as much as some people did. Of course, I wish some things had been a little different. 

I wish she had more screen time. I wish Regina had way less. I wish Regina had not stayed with him because logically it makes no sense. She has family in Storybrooke and a job which she just walked out on with no warning what a wonderful leader. Insert sarcasm and an eye roll. But because she doesn’t have a guy or child her life is incomplete? Please. I thought this was a forward thinking show. 

I wish we had seen the baby or at least found out if it were a boy or girl. I like open endings but that was too much. I like that when Henry called for help he did call Emma and it wasn’t quite what we thought. I like that Emma probably has no clue they were cursed and is the real reason she didn’t ride in to save everyone. I like Henry was super excited for his new sibling and the first thing he told his mother was that she would be great and reminded her she did well with him.

I love that Henry’s first thought was to call Emma for help. I love that he when she didn’t come he wanted to know where she was. I love his insistence that he knew something was up with Killian and his mother and he wouldn’t let it go. I love Emma’s hopeful face when she asked if he wanted to come home. Kudos to the amazing acting on Jmo’s part because WOW. I felt so much from her even without words. 

I loved all the Swan Believer scenes we did get. I loved Killian had to drag Emma away or else she would never have said goodbye. I also love her almost a family line because I think people are misinterpreting that she was talking about the new baby or having more kids. She was referencing Henry. As in Killian and Emma are not a complete family without Henry. Which is why he said that he had to go. 

Also, I have to say I’m having a hard time investing in the new plot but I did love the line from Henry about Emma. His mention of writing the mother he always wanted. 

I found that line interesting because if his book is about the first six seasons Regina should be the mother of the main character too. Yet he says Emma was the mother he always wanted. It’s funny how much attention and pairing and paralleling they are doing with the adult Henry to Emma. He has made almost no real connection to Regina in his cursed life. None of her personality or personal effects. 

It may have something to do with her being cursed right beside him but I find it funny because from my perspective they’re trying so hard to return to season 1 that they finally remembered what made this show great. It was about a mother and son. 

It was Emma and Henry’s fairytale story. Unfortunately they realized too late and Jennifer Morrison is gone.

Which I understand where Jennifer Morrison is coming from. She has been on TV for a long time and away from home for a long time. I completely understand just wanting a break. I am immeasurably sad to see her go. But I wish her all the best in the world. 


I do not know how much longer I will continue watching Once Upon A Time but I will say in the interest of finding out what happens to Henry’s story I will give it a chance. 

For those of you who actually read all the way through this I would love to get your take on everything Swan Believer here and the future of OUAT. And if you’re going to keep watching! 


i really really overestimated my energy levels yesterday + had to leave the house at 8:15am and was in uni from 9-5pm and i had a /big/ blood-test in the morning + then thought i was fine to go to an art club thing from 5:30 to 7:30pm because i feel like i need to try and be social more this year and it was really loud and busy and it also threw dinner off because i always always eat between 6-7 and so i had to walk home alone at 8 in the dark and cook and eat when i got in after barely eating anything all day because my blood test coincided with my lunch break so i couldnt get food 

and basically i am really really paying for it today because i feel like ive been run over by a steamroller and im almost like overload-hungover and im so sensitive to sensory input but at some point today i need to do uni work and then shower and get dressed etc because i need groceries and i’m :-( megan why

i’ll delete this later probably im just aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Wasteland post-mortem

Still kind of processing and working through the various aspects of the trip. During my workout today I was pondering how I was health-wise this year.

Actually pretty good! I was worried about 6 intense days of WW, and it WAS a lot, I didn’t take enough breaks, I didn’t get near enough sleep despite trying, but I didn’t properly crash until I got home, which was the best case scenario.

I had one big mood-drop on friday afternoon that took a while to get past and flared up the social anxiety. And I had the Sads on saturday late afternoon because it was Nearly Over and I wasn’t ready for that at all.
All in all I should have tried for more peopling breaks. I spent almost all siesta time chilling in the shade tent (good!) but I was often still hosting/socialising with visitors. Which was awesome but also just A Lot. I peopled hard this trip. I peopled SO HARD, yo.

I didn’t faint! \o/ go me. (last year I had a standing faint on build day and a whole lot of near-misses). I had more or less the same level of lightheadedness I deal with at home during summer, and only one Unscheduled Sitdown Protocol that I remember, which given the climate and the level of intensity, is pretty damn good. I used what felt like an unhealthy amount of salt to achieve this - but it worked. I’ll take it.

Sleep SUCKED this year (not just at WW but during my entire trip) and I have no idea why - it started on the first night I was crashing with @youkaiyume and just didn’t let up. I don’t think I slept more than 4 hours a night until the last 2 nights I was over there. Just, trouble falling asleep and then consistently waking up ridiculously early with an achy enough back I couldn’t fall back asleep.

Pain: 3 things that helped being a bit more comfortable: body pillow so I could sleep on my side, a garden chair cushion that I could use as mini mattress in the tent so I wasn’t trying to lounge on the hard floor, and a foam roller. Didn’t use the latter often but when I needed it I was grateful to have it. I don’t think I took more than a few painkillers the entire trip outside of for the flights - certainly not as much as anticipated. I preferred not to so I could drink worry-free, and also didn’t particulatly feel the need.

Injuries: a tiny but annoying one. I have a skin split on my thumb, just next to my nail, that returns every winter. Skin dries and cracks, the split gets deeper, and it’s pretty painful. At home I can keep it clean and moisturised, at Wasteland not so much either of those things. Ended up close to infection and then I walked into the med tent kind of embarrassed about the world’s tiniest injury, asking for a way to keep it clean. They put on Neosporin, a bandage and one of those elastic wraps that sticks to itself, and that did the trick. Need to bring the thumb sleeve I use overnight in winter next time. And a roll of that wrap stuff wouldn’t hurt. 

Flying: had a really engaging fic on my ereader and watched two movies on the way there - not more than a light doze in 12 hours though. Used the TENS belt but felt selfconscious about the beeping and just.. not sure if that was worth it. Asked for the hot water bottle to be filled and that was GREAT. Definitely doing that again. They have a hot water machine, staff didn’t think it was weird, it was no trouble at all
Flight back was - aside from all the Air Berlin misery and stress - physically not terrible. I had dreaded this one because last year was about 12 hours of torture, but I had built up on the Tramadol (kinda trusting that it wouldn’t make too loopy) and switched for an isle seat with an empty next to it, and bought nyquill. Actually managed to sleep something like 5-6 hours? Dozed with very heavy eyes for another 2 or so? Man that was great. I was still sore, but it wasn’t torture.

I was definitely wearing down hard by the end of Wasteland and breakdown day was rough, I felt like I didn’t do close to enough and like I was letting other people picking up the slack. We didn’t drive away until… 2? Heading to the dump station and doing that whole shittank thing took a while so I don’t think we got underway until at least 3. I was tired so we played the Fine I Will Take That Fucking Ring To Mount Fucking Doom playlist (AKA the playlist for making everything feel epic) Took a break halfway that was longer than anticipated, (always is..) and traffic was sticky earlier in the route than anticipated so ended up driving the LA part in the dark :-/ The drive itself wasn’t complicated but it was busy and I was tired and driving in the dark makes it MUCH easier to tunnelvision. I was definitely zoned out at one point but spotted it and asked @fuckyeahisawthat to talk to me about cats or something before I fell asleep. We arrived at the motel at.. 8pm? Thereabouts. I was exhausted enough to not manage to get up to shower long after f’yeah was already finished.

Overall I’m pretty happy with how things went for me healthwise this year. I need to try to make myself take some more peopling breaks but it’s hard when cool people come to us! And I want to be hospitable and not sequester myself in a hot RV. So not sure how to fix that. I never know what is Too Much until afterward.


a/n: okay so to the lovely anon who requested a nate imagine about his daughter getting her period, here it finally is, and I’m so sorry it took so long, and I’m so sorry if it’s not what you thought, and also so sorry if it just flat out sucks, but I had a really hard time trying to figure this one out, but please enjoy.


I moved out to LA when I was 19, pursuing photography. I started sneaking into shows, taking pictures and putting them out on the web, getting noticed by the artists themselves for my great work, gaining a lot of followers on Instagram for it.

Then one night I was sneaking into another concert, a few up-and-coming artists, with a pretty wide fan base as a bunch of girls my age were standing outside the venue. I got in no problem, flashing a fake wrist band and some bullshit ‘press’ pass.

Getting front row, with no one around me, I had a great spot for some great shots. As the guys came out, I found myself struggling to take a picture, knowing nothing could capture their passion as actually being at the show itself. Plus they were extremely to break my attention from.

I did manage to get a few really good photos from the show though, and ended up posting them when I got home. About a week later, I had a new email from one of the guys. Turned out his name was Nate, and he saw my work and remembered me from the show. We started talking business, and he hired me as his photographer.

After a few shoots with him, his friends, like Derek and the Jacks, Sammy and others started wanting me to shoot for them. I ended up hanging out with them a lot, and soon they became my best friends. About a year into being their photographer, and 6 months into being best friends, Nate and I started hooking up, and a few months later we just became a thing.

Now here we are, still one of the biggest couples in Hollywood. Our daughter Aubrey was 14, and she’s been in countless movies and tv shows. And Nate still did some shows. But he was currently on a ‘vacation’ from touring, so him and Aubrey were at home while I was shooting for Victoria secret right now.

I was in the middle of a break for the shoot when I got a text from Nate, telling me to call him as soon as I can, it’s an emergency. Freaking out I dialed him up real quick, and luckily for me he picked up on the 2nd ring.


Yeah Nate, what’s the emergency? Is everything okay?

‘yeah, I guess everything’s okay, it’s just Aubrey.’

Oh god, what’s wrong? Is she okay?

‘I mean, uh, yeah she’s okay, I guess.’

What do you mean you guess, she’s either okay or she isn’t

‘no (y/n), she’s fine, it’s just uh, something happened and I don’t know what to do.’

Nate, what the fuck is going on? Is she okay or not?

‘she uh, she got her first uh….first period.’

Is that it? I asked, confused on the ‘emergency’ part.

‘yeah, so are you coming home?’

Seriously Nate? I’m at work.

‘(y/n) this is an emergency.’

Nate, just run to the store and get her some pads and tampons, I’ll be home later.

‘can’t you just leave work early?’

Nate, I still have another hour or two here, just go to the store for her.

‘I don’t know what to get, I’m a guy and guys never have this problem.’

Just pick her up some pads and tampons Nathan. I’ve gotta get back to work. I’ll see ya at home. Love you.

‘I love you too babe, but can’t you just pick something up on the way home please’

No Nate, just go get her stuff now, I’ll see you. Bye.

And with that I hung up. Heading back to work for the next hour and a half.

Nate’s pov

After (y/n) ended the call I checked on Aubrey, she was in her room, editing a youtube video for her channel. It was of her, Sammy, and Dillon. Some sort of ‘who’s the better uncle’ video.

“hey bee, you all good?”

“yeah Dad, I’m fine.” She smiled, returning to her video.

“alright, well, I talked to your mom and uh, I’m going to the store, for some uh, some things.”

God this was so awkward. Yeah sure when (y/n) and I first moved in together, we would go to the store together and she would always grab that shit, but I never had to get it for her. And of course we always had sex when she was on her period and shit, but now it’s my daughter we’re talking about. It just feels that much more awkward.

“okay, I’ll be here.”

“alright, I guess I’ll be back.”

And with that I left, driving down to the nearest store. Walking in I decided to get some other things as well. Some more condoms, just cause (y/n) and I didn’t want any more kids right now. I also grabbed some booze, and some snacks and then I finally made my way to the feminine stuff.

“good god.” I mumbled, looking at all the different options.

“what the fuck” I said to myself, grabbing a box and looking it over. What the hell? How the hell do I know what to get? I’m a fucking guy. I decided to call (y/n) again.

Nate, I’m working. She said, annoyed.

‘ma, I’m at the store right now, and I don’t know what to get?’

Pads and tampons, I told you.

‘there’s all different kinds ma, I don’t know what kind to get.’

Just grab some tampax and any type of pad, seriously.

‘alright’ I drug out, looking for tampax ‘got some.’

Okay Nate, I love you a lot, but I really need to get back to work.

‘alright, sorry ma, I love you too, bye.’

I checked out and headed home.  Putting away most of the groceries and the booze. I grabbed the box of condoms and put them in my pocket and then took the bag for Aubrey and headed back up to her room. I knocked and then she told me to come in.

“hey kid.”

“hey dad.”

“um, these are for you.”

She took the bag and looked inside, smiled and then set it aside.

“thanks Dad. Sorry you had to deal with that.” She said shyly.

“hey don’t be princess, I’ve been dealing with it with your mom for years.”

“Dadddd.” She whined, covering her eyes. “I didn’t need to hear that.”

“hey, it happens and it’s natural.”

“dadddd, stop.”

“you’re right, you should probably talk to your mom about this kinda stuff.”

“okay I will.”

“alright, well, your mom should be home, get ready for dinner.”

“okay, can I help you make it?”

“of course, just hurry up and get ready.”

I closed her door and headed down to the kitchen. Every Sunday we would have a family dinner, with everyone. (y/n), me, Aubrey, G, Madison and their boy Aiden, and then Johnson, Sammy, Rupp and Luh came over to and we would all just have a family dinner, cause family don’t always end with blood.

I was outside, grilling some steak when Aubrey came out.

“hey Dad, can I help now?”

“yeah princess, can you get a salad bowl ready?”

“yeah, I’ll be inside.”

Soon (y/n) came home, I could hear her call out, only to find Aubrey in the kitchen. She talked for a bit and then came out, wrapping her hands around my chest from behind.

“hey babe.” She said. I turned to look at her.

“hey baby, how was the shoot?” I asked, kissing her lips briefly to greet her.

“long and tiring.” She huffed.

“just like a night with me.”

“Nate!” she laughed, playfully hitting my chest.

“hey, I’m just stating the facts ma.”


“speaking of, I got some condoms today.” I said lowly, pulling her closer to me by her waist.

“oh really? Maybe we can talk Sammy or Dill into taking her for the night.” (y/n) said slowly and seductively, running her hand down my chest.

“ma, don’t tease me now.” I growled lowly in her ear as her hand rested right above my pant line.

“I’ll make it up to you.” She said looking in my eyes and then moving in slowly, her breath hot on my ear “daddy.” She smirked. I was about to say fuck the steaks and take her up to our room right then and there, but the sound of the guys coming into the house stopped all intentions of that as (y/n) slipped out of my grasp and walked back inside, not before stopping and shooting me a wink


Dinner was great. The guys were good, and it was a great time with the family. Sammy ended up taking Aubrey and Aiden for the night. So me and (y/n) had the house to ourselves.

G, Madison and Johnson stayed longer and we all sat outside around the fire, drinking some beer, (y/n) and Madison having wine. (y/n) cuddled up next to me, Madison next to her, cuddled up with G. We were all sitting around, just remembering old times, and just having a good time.

(y/n) headed inside with Madison early, both of them cleaning up the kitchen, us guys staying outside finishing our drinks. Once we were done, the boys decided to leave. After they left, I headed upstairs to shower while (y/n) insisted on finishing cleaning up.

When I walked out of the shower into our room (y/n) was stripping her outfit from dinner, leaving her in just her bra and panties, her back to me. I walked up behind her, wrapping my arms around her waist from behind, kissing her neck.

“ma, you’re killing me.”

“Nate” she giggled, rubbing her butt against me, pushing herself away a bit, but still stuck in my grasp.

“ma” I growled, my hands tracing her sides lightly, she tilted her head back, her eyes closed, her breath heavy as my lips grazed her skin. “we’re finally alone.”

“I know.” She said, breathlessly. She turned around and pulled me towards bed, laying down and pulling me down on top of her.

I crashed my lips to hers, immediately slipping my tongue into her mouth. My hands were roaming her body, her hands running up and down my back. I moved my lips to her neck, her arching her back, breathing heavy.

“Nate” she moaned.

“yeah ma” I mumbled against her skin.

“look at me.”

“yeah” I asked, hovering above her, looking into her eyes.

“could you go to the store and get me some tampons?” she smirked.

“you’re gonna pay for that ma.” I said, before crashing my lips to hers, starting our endless night in the sheets.

anonymous asked:

Where is figsy? It would be nice to know and I realise you would only do the right thing by her.

Figsy is currently with a wonderful loving family. She is special needs and I realised that constantly leaving her as I travel each year for overseas commitments was far more stressful to her than finding her a stable loving family. I travel often more than 6 mths of the year and it’s more fair to her to be somewhere permanent. Also to add at the time I was with my ex who she was petrified of and constantly stressed around, he also continuously pushed me to find a less stressful home for her. Honestly it breaks my heart but it’s far more selfish of me to keep her then to find a more appropriate home. My obligation to her is to ensure she is happy and in the best possible place to meet HER needs. I always wanted her to have dog companion too and now she does, the family she is with right now has another female dog that figsy loves and 2 teenagers who love her and shower her with love and attention. They also have a suitable outdoor area for her to sunbake and chill. So no don’t believe the rumours she is not dead (sigh) or abandoned or unloved and is very happy! I love her so much and am only happy now I’m 100% certain she is happy and trust me she really is. The current family are beautiful people and I am getting regular updates and photos. Here is a pic.

Do you...wanna hold my hand?

Send me requests!!

Request: 6 with Calum

Calum sighs as he boards the plane, not very enthusiastic about taking the plane alone for the first time in years. But at least now he’ll get back to his bandmates. Something held him up at their last destination and he had to spend two days extra there. Thank god it was during a small break in their tour.

He can’t wait to find the three idiots again, he’s been feeling really homesick. Oh yeah, because now his home isn’t Australia anymore, but this weird thing called 5sauce or something. Life works in mysterious ways.

In any case, he’s a bit morose as he sits down in the plane for the five-hour long flight, knowing that there won’t be any Mike to annoy the hell out of him, no Luke to tell stupid jokes to, and no Ashton to scold them with a fond smile on his face.

Which is why he’s pleasantly surprised when he sees you take the seat next to him, because maybe he won’t have his bandmates to have fun with but at least he’ll have something nice to look at.

You don’t notice him at all though, your eyes rivetted to the seat in front of you as you put your music volume to maximum and clench your hands on the bar between the seats until your knuckles turn white. People say the worst part is the take-off, but to you all of it is equally horrifying. You have an extreme case of vertigo, and just the knowledge of how far off the ground you are makes you sick to your stomach, not to mention scared shitless.

Calum minds his own business for the first hour, deciding not to meddle with the girl that hasn’t spared him a glance, and instead reading a music book that Joel Madden recommended to him. He only starts to pay attention when he recognizes the low hum of the music you’re blasting your ears with.

He drums the beat on his thighs for a little, wondering where he knows the song from, until it suddenly dawns on him. This is a song from his own band, an old one at that. They haven’t performed The Only Reason for so long, only invested fans know about it. And invested fans don’t happen to ignore one of the bandmembers, usually. So yes, his interest is peaked.

He sends you glances, noticing how pretty you are again, before his eyes fall to your hands and the death grip you have on the bars. Are you…afraid? He looks back at your face and realizes how tense you look, jaw clenched and eyes unblinking.

Just then, the plane drops a little and you let out a small scream.

“Oh god I’m sorry,” you mutter in Calum’s direction, still looking fixedly forward with your heart beating loudly in your chest.

You pause the music to hear the pilot warning of the turbulence to come, and just then someone says:

“No worries.”

Your breath catches at the familiar voice and you turn to see that yes, Calum Hood is sitting in the seat next to you. Breathe, Y/N, breathe.

He sends you a hesitant smile and you’re about to tell him how huge a fan you are when the plane rumbles and you let out a whimper instead, folding in on yourself as fear really grips your stomach.

“Hey, are you okay?” Calum asks, and it’s all you can do to shake your head ‘no’. “Do you…wanna hold my hand?”

Under any other circumstances you might have squealed or fainted, but you’re so in need of comfort that the whole celebrity crush thing flies out of your head and in no time you find yourself clutching his warm, slender hand.

He leans a little closer to you.

“Breathe, baby. Just breathe, it’s gonna be okay. What’s your name?”

“Y/N,” you say, trying to concentrate on him and not on the erratic movements of the plane.

“Okay Y/N, can you tell me about yourself.”

“I…I really like your music, I’m going to–fuck,” you whimper again as the plane lurches, and this time Calum puts down the bar between the two of your seats and pulls you closer to him, almost on his lap.

“Hey, it’s okay, you’re gonna be okay,” he whispers in your ear as he holds you tight, his warm embrace comforting as you feel a little more protected. “Do you want me to sing something for you?”

“So many girls would kill to be in my place right now,” you laugh shakily. “But I’d rather just be on the ground.”

“How hurtful,” Calum grins and he starts to hum a melody in your ear, soft and sweet.

And that’s how you spend the next three hours of the flight, scooped up in your idol’s arms as he whispers funny stories and hums lullabies in your ear, his grip tightening on you every time the plane moves particularly violently.

You’ve never had a better flight.

masterlist - scenarios


S Coups

  • adulation -  aka “you’re a very supportive boyfriend who i love very much”
  • aegis - aka “we’re totally getting back together”
  • allure - aka “we don’t know each other but something tells me we should”
  • circumstance - aka “we got lost on a roadtrip (because of you) and there’s only one bed in this motel oops”
  • coquetry - aka “I know it’s your job to save me from drowning but that was the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever experienced”
    • coquetry 2.0 - a reverse of Coquetry in which you are the lifeguard, and seungcheol is the swimmer in need of your help
  • cosy - aka “this whole babysitting thing is a lot more fun with you around”
  • dulcify - aka “you make me feel safe”
  • jealous - aka“i really shouldn’t be feeling so jealous but i can’t control it”
  • propinquity - aka “listen I need you to dance with me so this idiot goes away holy shit wait why are we kissing”
  • tender -  aka “fainting shouldn’t bring us together and yet here we are”



  • addled - aka “we had a thing and i disappeared on you and oh great we’re stuck in an elevator together”
  • distractions - aka “when watching anime gets heated”
  • hunted - aka “you’re great and everything but i’m not-so-lowkey scared of your fans”


  • acceptance - aka “you’re beautiful”
  • artistry - aka “and here I was thinking I was immune to ur so called ‘art of seduction’” 
  • beauty school - aka “my boyfriend is better at making me look good than i am”
  • bound - aka “it’s kinda weird the measures people will go to in order to make sure we talk to each other”
  • covetous - aka “i suggested we play spin the bottle so I could kiss you, but now everyone is kissing you except me”
  • repose - aka “happy birthday jun”


  • midnight - aka “happy birthday hoshi”


  • apprehension - aka “you’re a rule breaker”
  • jaunt -  aka “who thought a bucketlist would bring us back together”
  • Neighbour! - aka The Unlikely Bookworm
  • penetralia -  aka “why did you read my diary when I specifically told you not to now you know way too much and I’m embarrassed”
  • spectacles - aka “the last few hours of our lives would have been so much easier if you just told me you wore glasses”
  • thrill - aka “only thing we have on is the radio … or not”
    • thrill II - a short sequel, taking place a few hours after
  • together - aka “happy birthday wonwoo”
  • wonwoo’s back and we’re all crying - short drabble written due to that iconic video pledis posted of wonwoo saying ‘welcome back’


  • patent -  aka “it turns out I’m blind when it comes to feelings”
  • solicitous - aka “i tried to make you feel better and i can’t believe it might have actually worked??”


  • bésame - aka “the three times you kissed me and took my breath away”


  • assistance -  aka “I can’t skate to save my life pls hold on to me”
  • home - aka “no one is cuter than us”
  • Neighbour! - aka The Fake Boyfriend
  • surprise -  aka “husky!!!!!”
  • unresolved -  aka “professionalism is overrated”


  • besotted - aka “it’s not my fault I can’t cook (okay maybe it is) but please enjoy this cake i made it because I love you”  


  • fortuity - aka “i crashed this wedding for free food but then i fell in love with your singing voice”


  • awe -  aka “the idea of potentially breaking the law is strangely romantic”
  • catharsis - aka “i think i’m too tired to do anything but cuddle”
  • coalesce - aka “my family for whatever reason seem to find you charming which is absolutely fine by me”
  • Neighbour! - aka The Milk Chronicles
  • redolentaka “i don’t know what home really is but you give me a pretty good idea”
  • transatlanticism - aka “fuck distance”
  • volte-face - aka  “if our 6-year-old selves saw us now they would be both intrigued and disturbed”


  • beauty school - aka “my boyfriend is better at making me look good than i am”
  • moments - aka “the two times a busker played background music for defining moments in our relationship and the one time he didn’t”
  • quiz -  aka “i probably shouldn’t be asking you to prom but i’m going to anyway”
  • smile -  aka “stop pouting start dancing”

YUZU DAYS - Interview on P&G website

Hanyu talks about his path of growth  [part 1: from childhood to junior]

~Encounter with figure skating~

The trigger for starting to skate was because my elder sister was doing it.   At that time, whatever my sister did, I followed.  I imitated everything.   In that way, I joined the skating lessons that my sister was taking.  For 4 year-old me, my sister who is 4 years older was definitely someone I looked up to, and at the same time, I also saw her as my rival, and I kept thinking that someday I shall surpass her!   My sister thought nothing of it though.  While trying to catch up with my sister, I think I was naturally drawn in (to skating).

I was absorbed in practising, and somehow I had already noticed the charms of skating.  It is something extraordinary, the speed is faster than normal walking, and you can do jumps and spins, movements that are unthinkable on land.  And precisely because it was difficult to do, I became obsessed with it.

In any case, I am a sore loser. Actually, from that time, I was already telling my mother, “I will take part in the Olympic Games twice and win the gold twice!”   Mother would look a little shocked and say, “Why do you have such confidence???”   I am also the type that likes to be the main character in a school play.   That is why, I hated training but I loved competitions where everyone would be looking at me.  Having the rink all to myself, the feeling of tension when all eyes are on me, I really loved that.

~Family support~

When I was a child, I hated training.  It was basically monotonous and I got scolded, and because I cried when I got scolded, I was often expelled from the rink.  It was almost like I never did the training right to the end.  Moreover, when I became an elementary school student, there were hardly any boys doing figure skating.  They were all doing baseball or soccer.  Because my father played baseball, I often thought of playing baseball too and I was constantly saying that I wanted to quit (skating). 

When I told my parents, “I want to stop skating,”  they always said easily, “Well, it’s ok to stop”,  "it’s ok to play baseball".   It was never sarcastic, but because I hated to lose, I did not give it up.   Moreover, my parents did not press on me something that I disliked;  instead they respected my feelings, whether I liked it or not, whether I wanted to do it or not.  This was the best support, I think.  Because I always had those words, I did not quit.  So I think it was because I really did like skating after all.

Of course, if I did not have the day-to-day support from my parents, I would not have been able to continue.  My mother took me to and fro almost everyday, and when the neighbourhood rink closed and I had to travel far, my father also did the drop-off and pick-up.  My mother made my costumes.  All the way from the 1st competition to senior 1st year. She had not learned dress-making but she used paper patterns to make them for me.  At that time, I felt it was so troublesome when she made me sit still for tacking (temporary stitches), but now when I think of it, what enormous support she gave me.  So now, although there is a figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu, nonetheless as an individual person, there is a ‘Yuzuru born in the Hanyu family" and I want to continue to treasure that.

~Outside of the rink, the real face of childhood~
I think I was very active.  As for studying, I’m the type that once I start, I will be totally absorbed.  But I was poor at National Language (Japanese as a subject). I liked subjects like History, Science and Mathematics. Only Japanese, I couldn’t obtain the marks that I was convinced I could get. [laugh]   After school, I went straight to the rink, carrying my school backpack.  Because of that, during break time like morning or lunch break, I would play dodgeball and play to the maximum that I could;  I have memories of that.  It feels like I played in school. [laugh]

Steps and growth in junior days:

1998- 4 years old -Starts skating due to sister’s influence    
2000- 6 years old -First victory in the “Daiei cup” of Chiba
2004- 10 years old -Closure of nearby home rink due to financial difficulties
2008- 13 years old -All Japan Junior Championship, first win
2009- 14 years old -All Japan Junior Championship, 2nd consecutive win
2010- 15 years old -World Junior Championship win, senior debut

[Translated by me] [source: P&G,]

Saturday nights…..

There was a time in my life that Saturday nights meant bars and parties and getting drunk. I certainly haven’t done those kinds of things in years but tonight is still a break from the usual movie or book at home with hubby. Tonight I am babysitting my 10yr old niece and her cousins who are 9 and 6 while their parents are at a wedding. We went to Fudruckers for supper but I was good and had a chicken salad while the girls had burgers then Menchies frozen yogurt for dessert which was just a small serving for me. home for 3hrs of crafts and now everybody is snuggled in on the floor under blankets for snacks and a movie. I love these kids so much and they make my heart smile. ❤️

Forbidden Love

If people looked into my life they would say its perfect, I have a nice house, a great job and everything seemed to be going good. No one knew the hurt, the pain, the distance from everything that I loved. I might seem like I had everything put together but I didn’t, they didn’t see the heartbroken girl they seen a girl that was well put together. Walking from my job, just to clear my mind as the rain starts pouring down. It didn’t mind because it was a way to clear my mind, just wondering why I was the one to live this life…………..see when it rained no one could tell what was rain and my tears, I just wanted things to stop because everything was passing me by while I stood still. “STOP” I screamed. No matter how loud I screamed no one seemed to turn around. Why do we rush through life, I mean what is the rush to death? Death is the end right? Sometimes I would get so wrapped up in my own mind and this is what comes from it, weird questions. Leaving home, moving to pairs was the hardest decision that I made, I knew I was married but it was all a lie. He had been with another women, breaking everything we were. It seemed like no one wanted us to be together anyway but why did he have to give into the pressure? So many questions that would never be answered and maybe that’s what I needed was answers. Why did he do what he did? Was our life together a lie? Was it really forbidden love……………………

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