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Puck Personality @ Sidney Crosby

This is Thomas “Tom” Wilson. Aka Willy. Aka Whip. He is #43 and a forward for the Washington Capitals. He is 6’ 4" (the tallest for the Caps) and he’s 22 years old.

Where do I start about Tom Wilson? Tom Wilson is flawless. I heard his hair is insured for $10,000. Lol jk but Willy is one of the pretty boys for the Caps.

Willy is the trifecta of superlatives for the Caps: prettiest, tallest, and most penalty minutes. This guy likes to scrap. A lot. We love him. Other teams hate him - naturally. He’s like the Tim Riggins of the Washington Capitals. Like you think he doesn’t care about anyone except for like one person besides himself but he fights a lot for his team. He also looks like Tim Riggins and his favorite TV show is actually Friday Night Lights so it fits (at least he did before he cut his hair).

Anyway Willy is 1/3 of the brobeans (or the other ½ if you stop counting Latta as a brobean since he’s all the way on the other side of the frickin country but I won’t stop). He used to be roommates with Michael Latta and Andre Burakovsky until Burt moved out for more privacy and room and then Latta didn’t get resigned with the Caps so he moved out to the LA area where he plays now. So now Willy is roommate-less. But like #CapsRoomies was the best thing ever. They did Twitter takeovers and Costco runs where they bought three bottles of ketchup because why not? They would cook together and have ping pong tournaments and wrestling matches before they got a TV (and after). They were literally one of the best bromances in the NHL that got broken up this summer (one of the many 💔). This year they were even each other’s Valentines - Latta confirmed. One time they were asked favorite date spots and Tom was like “he [Latta] takes me to Georgetown a lot”. Wilson and Latta grew up around the same area and had some of the same friends so they were like destined but the hockey gods are cruel. Anywho. Willy and Burkie also have a really endearing bromance and they were road roomies last year. Burt said that Willy is the person he would most like to have lunch with. They play fight at practice and they are basically the children of the Caps.

He was drafted 16th overall by the Washington Capitals in 2012 and began playing with them in 2013 during playoffs and then in the 2013-2014 season. He got into his first NHL fight before he scored his first goal. Willy is known for fighting and tbh some nasty hits that I’m not proud of because I want to love him a lot but I don’t like when he hurts people. He also gets a lot of unnecessary penalties that are legit because the refs just pull them out of their asses. Like he could get penalized for breathing. Anyway. That’s Tom Wilson. He’s great most of the time. Bye.

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