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Auston Matthews #17

Requested by  siriuslynore:  Hi! I was wondering if you could do Auston Matthews imagine about being in a relationship with him and it’s based on the song Miles Away by Memphis May Fire? Thank you !:)

*Hiiii!! Thank you so much and I hope you like this one. My sister was once obsessed with Kellin and OMG is Copeland a cutie or not? Anyway, I hope you enjoy this one! :)*

Word count: 787

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Sitting on his now-too small childhood bed, you watched Auston zip the last of his bags. Moving your eyes, you counted the hockey gear luggage and other packed suitcases scattered on the floor – all ready for his big move to Toronto. He won’t be leaving until the end of the week but you can already feel the sadness slowly starting to envelop you.

As he dropped the duffel bag, he sat beside you on the bed and sighed, “that’s it.”

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Ransom Week Day One - Celebration

You knew this was coming.

You’d been preparing for this since you stepped foot on the campus that was designated to help you catch up to the dreams you had been chasing. You knew when you did this for the first time four years ago that you would have to do it again, do it twice. You knew when his fist touched yours that you would have to watch him do this too.

And yet, nothing prepared you.

Not the hours spent in the library clutching your knees to your chest under tables, nor the quiet minutes gliding around the ice just to feel the cold air on your skin. Even the hours spent with him winding down with beers and Mario Kart, the cuddling in bed watching his skin turn pink everywhere you touched weren’t enough.

Not even momma telling you at dinner after the first time you did it: “You’re going to do this again baby, and I’m going to be just as proud of you then as I am now.”

As you look into the crowd at your momma clinging to your dad’s arm watching you walk, at your dad’s bright proud grin, at your sisters’ incessant screaming before they’ve even called your name, you wonder if you’re ready. People have done this time and time again, hell, you watched two of them the year before and you’re still watching them, as they barrel head first into success. That doesn’t quite satisfy the monster in your stomach clawing its way up to sit heavily in your chest.

But still, you walk.

You’re seated now and he’s coming up on stage, larger than everyone who shakes his hand, larger than life itself. You’re on your feet clapping before they even finish his name, Adam Birkholtz, and he slides a wink your way, knowing it will make you blush. God, you love him. Larissa is next, a dwarf in equal measure to Adam’s giant, and you scream for her too, make a vow for her sake to never mention the tears in her eyes. Finally, finally, you’re up next, sound muffled as they call your name: “Justin Oluransi, our valedictorian, graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s in Biology!” The crowd is booming and you’re overwhelmed by the sheer volume of people congratulating you, celebrating you. You’re not sure where you’re going next, but you know, with all the people who have your back, now and forever…

You’re ready.

Jakob Chychrun #4

Requested by Anon:  first of all, i love your writing (especially the recent tkachuk one). second, could i please request a jakob chychrun fwb to lovers? thanks xx

*Hiii! Thank you so much! This happens around the time the MC realizes he/she is in love with Chych. I hope you like this one. :)*

Word count: 874

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The two people who invented the friends with benefits relationship thing are both fucktards that should burn in hell. That or they’re both emotionally absent people who should still burn in hell. That’s not saying that you’re an emotionally absent person since you’ve had multiple fuck buddies over the years because you’re not… it’s just that you’ve never been ready for a relationship but at the same time, you have needs. Needs that you can’t attend to by yourself.

Ergo the multiple friends with benefits for the past three years.

You never imagined it would get old. You’re still young, you love guys as much as the next girl does, and you’re having fun.

Except… it did get old.

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Number 23 - Connor Brown

THE GINGER AGAIN :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anon:  6&23 with Connor brown?

here is your 23 that you asked for I’m sorry if it’s bad I had no idea how to go about this one But I love the  ginger so much <3

“Do you hate me?”

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When Connor first met Y/n it was at the rink she was there helping out with the world juniors the first thing that came to his mind was she was beautiful and he wanted to talk to her but when ever he tired to she just seemed to give him a quick glance before leaving he didn’t know why. Did he do something to make you not like him did he he maybe offend you in someway and it was driving him crazy all the other guys just told him maybe it was because she was nervous being she really didn’t talk to any of them since she started working here.

“Hey Brownie you there?” asked his friend Zach 

‘yeah just thinking that’s all.”

“Dude I don’t think your getting any where with her she seems to distant her self maybe that’s a sign telling you to leave it alone.” 

“But I don’t want to I don’t know what it is but there’s something about her.”

“nothing to change your mind?”

Connor shock his head as he fished with his skates

Connor was talking to Mitch and Auston when he heard laughing he went to look down the hallway to see who it was but Mitch jumped making Connor look at him 

“why did you just jump Mitch?” asked Connor looking at his friend weirdly

“what I can’t jump that’s a crime?”

“No I was wondering why you jumped that’s all Mitch.”

 Mitch just shrugged  his shoulders before walking away making Connor roll his eyes Auston had fallowed Mitch so Connor went his own way as he went down the hallway he saw Y/N and she was looking at something. Connor walked over and looked over her shoulder to see it was a picture on her phone he couldn’t see what or who it was of since she turned her phone off and jumped away from him 

“Oh my god you scared the crap out of me.”


“Mhmm.” she said before turning away her Y/H/C in a high ponytail wipped around

Connor rolled his eyes 

“Do you hate me?”

she stopped and Connor bit his lip

“Why would you ask that Connor?”

she said and turned around to look at him her arms crossed

“Well you always say on maybe two words when i talk to you than walk awau figured you hate me for some reason.”

She smiled before laughing a bit 

“Don’t hate you Connor you seem like a great guy but i can tell by the way your looking you’re look for more then friendship which i can’t offer you.”

“Oh… that is it that noticeable?”

she laughed “ A little, but I got to do some last check up in the office so uh bye.” she said 

“Wait Y/N.”

she looked back over her shoulder

“Do you think we could try and be friends.”

“If your up to it I would love to be your friend Ginger.”


bylsma benches reinhart for the entire game on a “team policy violation.” alternatively, i call fucking bullshit and samson deserves so much better bye. BUF v. CBJ. 03.28.17