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I cried over hockey today

No…I didn’t cry because my team lost to their biggest rivals. In fact, I cried before the game was even over. And I would have still cried if they were winning.

The Stars aren’t going to make the playoffs, which means their season will be over in just a little over two weeks. For me, that really sucks.

The Stars are kinda my happy place. Not only are they a distraction when I’m having a bad or stressful day, but they’ve really helped me to come out of my comfort zone in meeting all of you. Trust me…if you knew me in real life you’d know how super shy and anxious I am. Having the Stars as common ground has helped me to meet people who I would have never initiated conversation with because I would have been too scared. I was a Stars fan before I met you all, but loving them and wanting to talk about them with other people who love them is what encouraged me to join hockey Tumblr two months ago in the first place.

This team has done so much for me outside of just playing hockey games. They don’t know it, and it sounds mushy, but it’s true. And it’s sad to see them go for the rest of the season. It’s having to say goodbye to a happy place for a few months…and I’m not really ashamed to say…yeah…I’m upset about it.

To some people, sports and their favorite team is a fun pastime, but I think I speak for a lot of us when I say to some of us, it’s something bigger.

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Hockey players + my photography // Pittsburgh Penguins + Pittsburgh

First part in a new icon series I’m doing! I hope y’all enjoy them - I think it’s kinda fun ///\\

free to use as long as you like/reblog and because both the backgrounds and edits are mine I’d prefer that you credit me more than I usually do. I take graphic requests but requests for this series specifically might be kinda hard unless it’s generic stuff like [team/player] + flowers or something of that nature. 


Nursey & Dex actually getting along, during an away-game warmup (or somethin)

The rink depicted here is supposed to be Yost Ice Arena cuz it’s pretty and I like it.

My file-name for this is “Perspective Nightmare” hahahahahahaaa I’m dead.

Also I like the b+w one better? but I figured I’d share both.

(The Lines for this piece)
(The Sketch for this piece)

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