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Jefferson Market Library. West Village. Originally a courthouse, the Jefferson Market Library (part of the New York Library System), has served The Village area for over forty years. The Victorian Gothic building is a New York Landmark built between 1875 and 1877 at a cost to the city of $360,000. What the city got in return is an architectural gem that was voted one of the ten most beautiful buildings in America by a poll of architects in 1880.

You know when you touch something that you KNOW is gonna be hot but you’re surprised anyway like ???? I knew it was going to be warm but I’m still somehow shocked.

That’s how I feel when I touch the gfs butt

i ust found out that u can tottally grow crystals on things at home using alum and water (like literally it’s in a kid’s book i had growing up plus i’ve seen ‘kits’ at the store) and……. i have so many random bones laying around with nothing to do with them that i could TOTALLY just make a bunch of fucking crystal skulls and cow ribs and cow vertebate and shit man i could 100% do this. i’m gonna start off with the squirrel skull i have tho just to be safe. if it takes off…. maybe i could use the other skulls i have and make some $$$ this way (depending on how expensive the alum ends up being)

possibly heartbreaking thing about andromeda

someday ryder will have to tell their crew about the reapers and liam might just crumble upon himself :)

*pretends I posted this 40 mins ago* so ummm yeah, valentine’s is definitely still happening for me rn!!! hahaaahaa
It’s date night for the babes~~ (also barlee owns my ass)