my history meme


ultimate dragon age meme: one villian


The Chantry teaches us that it is the hubris of men which brought the darkspawn into our world. The mages had sought to usurp Heaven, but instead, they destroyed it. They were cast out, twisted and cursed by their own corruption. They returned as monsters, the first of the darkspawn. They became a blight upon the lands, unstoppable and relentless. The dwarven kingdoms were the first to fall. And from the deep roads, the darkspawn drove at us again and again, until finally we neared annihilation…

Honestly these history memes I’ve been seeing are too basic. Forget “FDR’s face when X” or “Napoleon’s Reaction When Y”, let’s get some obscure history memes up in here.

when the squad comes to turn up at the bohemian chancellory in prague on may 23 1618 and the protestants led by count jindřich matyáš thurn-valsassina throw ya catholic asses out the window

when the hapsburgs ask where all the catholic counts in prague are

when you throw some catholics out a window and accidentally start a 30 year beef with the most powerful empire on the continent and ignite the one of the most violent religious conflicts in history