my heroine and yours

Ayato deleted Scenario

Hello hello my second translation! Basically Ayato and Yui are having alone time in the garden but Laito suddenly appears…Enjoy!

Ayato: …

[Ayato gives a kiss]

Heroine: Nn…

Ayato: Haha. It’s here, isn’t it? A place where women tend to enjoy, isn’t that right?

Heroine: It’s a wonderful place. I usually take walks here.

Ayato: Haa. I guess it’s not it (special)?

Heroine: I don’t care about it…I just would like to do something like a date.

[Ayato pushes back the fabric of clothing along the Heroine’s neck]

Ayato: …chu…

[Ayato kisses the Heroine’s neck]

Ayato: Ahh. Haha, the smell of your blood is getting sweeter.

Heroine: Ah, Ayato-ku–

Ayato: I’ll be in trouble if you push me down like this, I’ll be hurt by the rose thorns. Haha, get on your feet, do your best to stand…

[Ayato starts kissing down her chest]

Heroine: Nn….

Heroine: (N-No good. I can’t stand…!)

[The Heroine is suddenly embraced by Laito from behind]

Laito: He–llo~!

Heroine: !!

Laito: It’s dangerous. It seems Ayato-kun needs a bit of help.

Ayato: Asshole…What are you doing here?

Laito: What indeed…

[Laito faces the Heroine, sniffing her neck]

Laito: How could I not be attracted by such sweet smelling blood? …Ha…smells soo~ good

[Ayato pulls the Heroine away from Laito]

Ayato: Tch! Don’t touch her! Freaking Hentai!

Laito: Fufu~ I don’t want to be told that by Ayato who was doing such a thing in a place like this.

Ayato: Shut up! Just get lost already! Stop bothering me!!

Latio: …that’s just like you. Wouldn’t it be ok to let me smell sometimes?

Ayato: Funny.

Laito: I’m not joking. Her scent recently keeps coming out. It’s so unbearable that I’m going crazy…

[Laito gets a little excited]

Laito: This desire…if you don’t hold back a bit, you’ll end up taking too much, you know?

Ayato: Asshole!

Laito: If you let me enjoy the scent a little right now, I promise not to take too much. Sound good?

Ayato: …

Laito: Of course, it can continue like this. I can hold her up, and that way Ayato can concentrate on loving her.

Ayato: …Just sniffing her, right?

Heroine: Eh..??

Latio: Mm. Just her scent.

Ayato: Just for now?…Then keep your promise. Or else…

Laito: Fufufu. I can tell you’re troubled even without looking at you. I get it.

Heroine: I-Is this really–??

A.) It is difficult

B.) Look towards Laito

A.) It is difficult

Heroine: Ah…this would be difficult.

Heroine: (To be touched by someone other than Ayato-kun…it’s embarrassing and impossible!)

Ayato: …Ah, I see. It might have been a good plan.

Heroine: Eh…?

Ayato: It’s been a while since I’ve seen the shame in your face.

Heroine: !!

Ayato: Heheh. Don’t worry. I definitely won’t let him touch you.

Heroine: Th-That’s not the problem…

B.) Look towards Laito

Heroine: …

Laito: …Bitch-chan, when you look at me with such inviting eyes, it’s unbearable~

Heroine: (W-What? I’m not looking at him like that)

Ayato: Oy!!

[Ayato grabs the Heroine’s arms]

Ayato: That’s why, you don’t have to worry about the Hentai! Hey, look only at me. If you look anywhere else…I’ll kill you.

Heroine: !!

Ayato: That guy…

Laito: Ehh? Me?

Ayato: Obviously!

Laito: Aahh~ Well not looking at my face is fine. The smell alone of her blood can be tasted. Then, Bitch-chan~ Don’t look at me.

Laito: Haa…the scent of this blood is so strong I’m getting dizzy just leaning in.

[Laito sniffs her ear]

Heroine: …Nn..

Ayato: Oy, you should be concentrating here.

Heroine: Nnntsu….

Ayato: …tch. Forget about the Hentai behind you.

[Ayato continues to kiss the Heroine]

Laito: It’s so painful…nee, could I lick a little?

Heroine: Ehh…??

Ayato: Oy, this is good enough.

Latio: Ahh, so unfortunate. Ayato-kun is so stingy. Wouldn’t it be ok to lick? It (her blood) won’t diminish.

Ayato: Don’t touch her with a dirty tongue!…That sort of thing…belongs to me alone.

[Ayato licks her neck]

Heroine: Nn…

Laito: Heeeh…Bitch-chan’s neck is a weak spot?

Ayato: Shut up and watch.

Laito: Yes yes….I’ll just endure this scent…fufu…

Heroine: …nn.

Ayato: Haha…are you excited from being watched? Your scent has gotten stronger…

[Ayato licks her]

Heroine: T-That…

Laito: Ahhh…It really is an amazing smell…

Ayato: Haha! Are you heating up? …ha….nn…

[Ayato sucks her blood]

Heroine: Ahh…nn…

Laito: Ahhh~ Your blood is flowing…it’s going to pour right into Ayato-kun…

[Laito making gurgling noises with his throat]

Ayato: Heh…

Laito: What…such sweet smelling blood…

[Laito licks her]

Laito: More and more I’m really…reaching my limit…

Heroine: It hur–! Laito-kun, your arm–it hurts!

Laito: Mm…!

[Laito tries to bite the Heroine in the arm]

Ayato: Oy.

[Ayato pulls Laito off]

Laito: !!

Ayato: Motherfucker…do you wanna die?

Laito: You…well…so mean, Ayato-kun.

Ayato: Shut up!! I’ll kill you right now!!

Heroine: W-Wait, Ayato-kun!!

Heroine: (Ayato-kun will…s-seriously!)

Laito: Ahhh-ahh. Ayato really became serious….you are really loved~

Heroine: Eh?

Laito: O-k~ The disturbing one will leave. The two of you can relax.

Ayato: Wait, you Hentai fucker!

Heroine: (I am loved…gahh)

Ayato: Fuck, this guy trying to get other people’s prey…The next time I see you I’ll kill you!!

Heroine: (Even if it’s a twisted sort of love, I’m happy. I think I’m becoming a bit strange…)

Kyaaaahhh so cute! Haha I love Ayato <3 Ty for reading this far! Reblogs are appreciated but please do not use without permission.

weird things I overheard while in middle school
  •  “Dude, do you want my nut"
  •   “Wanna join my wank circle”
  •  "You can’t escape this friendship" 
  •  "He touched my dick, several times" 
  •  *group of kids gathered chanting*                                                               “SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK”
  •   Girl1: “You make me want to shoot myself”                                               Girl2: “I make myself want to shoot myself" 
  • “Give me $20 and I’ll give you my black tar heroine”
  •   “Your ball sack is on his neck”
  •   “We’re doing the class pledge not hailing Hitler.”
  •   “Incest is wincest" 
  • "What’s 4+2?”                                                                                            "ha, YEET" 
  •  "We should watch yaoi after school”
  •   “I’m gonna tell your cousin that you’re being emo to me" 
  •  Person1: *loud whistling*                                                                            Person2: “I WILL SUE YOU!”
  •   “I want to sleep for the rest of eternity" 
  •  "No one can hit me as hard as my mom" 
  •  Boy1: "I will beat you”                                                                                  Boy2: “you’ll never beat me as hard as my mom does." 
  •  "Guys I’m telling you, I only look pregnant" 
  •  Boy 1 (riding a scooter) "I’m scooter brad”                                              Boy 2: “what?”                                                                                            Boy 1: “MY NAMES SCOOTER BRAD”

You were sitting at your desk in the BSA, doing your best not to watch the clock as the minute hand made it’s way torturously slowly towards the twelve, as it had been every since four o'clock had passed. Only fifteen minutes left, but you swore they were the longest fifteen minutes of your life. You had plans tonight.

You and the other girls who worked in the factory had made it a bit of a tradition to go out to the pubs on payday to have a drink and some fun, perhaps flirt a bit. Your best friend at work had been ill last week, which meant that you would be on your own if you went to the pub you two preferred, and that was entirely against the spirit of a drink on pay day. Instead you had accompanied some of the other girls you often ate with and chatted with on break, who had been trying to get you to the Marquis of Lorne for ages, extolling its virtues. Tonight would be the best night to test those claims.

The Marquis was nice enough, you decided.  The drinks were fair and the company wasn’t bad, for all you’d pointedly ignored the few overtures sent your way as politely as possible.  None of them had quite peaked your interested enough to put any effort in.

Two just past your age walked into the bar, and you found yourself sitting up straighter. They were both attractive enough, but it was the boy with the brown skin, sharp cheekbones, and dark curly hair who had you most intrigued.  They reached the bar and ordered their drinks, and you began to determine the best way to get him to notice you.  Before you had a chance, however, chaos descended.

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‘  some things are out of my hands.  ’
‘  i’m what time and consequence have made me.  ’
‘  sit back and watch the world explode.  ’
‘  here come the fireworks, baby.  ’
‘  sometimes you can feel so smart, just like a ghost in school clothes.  ’
‘  my days are mostly hazy.  ’
‘  here comes the hurricane, baby.  ’
‘  if i am not a man, what am i then?  ’
‘  my head, my hands are really all i have.  ’
‘  don’t stand in line – identify.  ’
‘  i bought the last plane ticket to the end of the world.  ’
‘  who ever says that the good die young?  ’
‘  all the boys are alive.  ’
‘  time to give them what you’re waiting for.  ’
‘  if the drugs don’t work then you probably need more.  ’
‘  my tongue, my teeth are all you’re gonna taste.  ’
‘  i’m feeling pretty dirty, baby. forgive my sins.  ’
‘  i get the feeling you can save me, honey, my heroine.  ’
‘  your hips, my hands, you swing and you dance.  ’
‘  i’m feeling pretty lonely, baby.  ’
‘  just let me in.  ’
‘  you’re my heroine, just suicide.  ’
‘  if i let you in, you crawl inside.  ’
‘  you save my skin.  ’
‘  i feel a little withdrawal, honey. come pick me up.  ’
‘  took a hit from your level, now i just can’t get enough.  ’
‘  your taste, my touch.  ’
‘  a little bit of love and a whole lot of lust.  ’
‘  well, we’re trapped in this human body.  ’
‘  i’m trapped. i’ve got no place to go.  ’
‘  there’s still so much i don’t know.  ’
‘  i just need some time to figure this thing out.  ’
‘  i just need some time.  ’
‘  we’re trapped in this modern city.  ’
‘  i can’t even please my mother cause there’s still so much that she don’t know.  ’
‘  this can’t be all for nothing, but this time is all the time i get.  ’
‘  some days feel alone, on your own like a rolling stone.  ’
‘  a perfect waste of a perfect day.  ’
‘  some days feel like chores.  ’
‘  you get more than you bargain for.  ’
‘  i hate to say i told you so, but i just thought i’d let you know.  ’
‘  some days, they taste like lemonade.  ’
‘  some days can feel like razorblades.  ’
‘  i wish i could float away some days.  ’
‘  some days smell like spring.  ’
‘  it’s reality.  ’
‘  i’m fucked up again.  ’
‘  i should drive tonight, but i keep thinking of you.  ’
‘  i hurt you again.  ’
‘  i shouldn’t lie tonight, so the next few words are true.  ’
‘  never again will i leave you high and dry.  ’
‘  this time, i more than mean it.  ’
‘  i’m sorry i’m not what you wanted.  ’
‘  i’m sorry i let you down.  ’
‘  i could use some poor excuse.  ’
‘  i’m messed up again.  ’
‘  i’m messed up again, thinking about the times i was lost and you let me in.  ’
‘  i’m only human, both you and i knew the way this would end.  ’
‘  i am weakness.  ’
‘  i am greatness.  ’
‘  i am wasted.  ’
‘  i’ll make this the anthem for a dying breed.  ’
‘  trust in us, we’re all you’ve got these days.  ’
‘  take a look inside my heart.  ’
‘  let’s get carried away.  ’
‘  don’t you dare – don’t you ever give up.  ’
‘  don’t you ever give us on us, my dear.  ’
‘  i am selfless.  ’
‘  i am selfish.  ’
‘  i’m anything that i want to be.  ’
‘  this is violent.  ’
‘  this is honest.  ’
‘  you people, you are my friends.  ’
‘  the devil, he can’t come in tonight.  ’
‘  looking for misery, but she found me lying naked on the floor.  ’
‘  i was going insane.  ’
‘  the devil told me his name, but he’s not welcome here anymore.  ’
‘  tell me, what do you see when you’re looking at me?  ’
‘  this sense of responsibility is killing me inside.  ’
‘  stay away, sweet misery.  ’
‘  the pressure’s building with time.  ’
‘  i made it up in my mind.  ’
‘  i’ve got excuses for all these things that i tried in my life.  ’
‘  let’s make this moment last.  ’
‘  i am alone.  ’
‘  i am alone. no, not because i’m lost, because i’m found.  ’
‘  i like the way it sounds when i’m at home.  ’
‘  don’t say that i can’t do it on my own.  ’
‘  you did collide and broke through the other side straight through my heart.  ’
‘  you’re the ember to my flame when it gets dark.  ’
‘  i love the way it feels when i’m with you.  ’
‘  i cannot find the words.  ’
‘  two-hundred thirty paces to my place.  ’
‘  i should not be alone.  ’
‘  i’ll burn this house down.  ’
‘  no need for walls now.  ’
‘  when i’m with you, i’m at home.  ’
‘  because when i’m with you, i feel like i’m right at home.  ’
‘  went outside and saw the moon and it made me think of you.  ’
‘  there you were inside my brain.  ’
‘  i’ve been thinking of you.  ’
‘  you still haven’t changed your mind.  ’
‘  i need you by my side.  ’
‘  i’ll drive till dawn to show you i’m the one.  ’
‘  before i go, please know i’m trying to be a better man.  ’
‘  before i leave, please don’t get angry.  ’
‘  just dry your eyes and take my hand.  ’
‘  i’ll make this right.  ’
‘  i will try.  ’
‘  don’t you cry.  ’
‘  close your eyes.  ’
‘  everything is gonna be alright.  ’
‘  you’re so young and still so free.  ’
‘  i will try to be a better man.  ’
‘  without you, there is no me.  ’
‘  i hope things change eventually.  ’
‘  tell me how to feel like we did.  ’
‘  tell me how to feel like we did when we were young.  ’
‘  i remember nights we would sing ‘till we saw the sun.  ’
‘  you were dancing to your favorite song and all my friends, they were singing along.  ’
‘  let’s run free and carry on.  ’
‘  take me to the time when things were fine.  ’
‘  it’s all broken now.  ’
‘  always keep in mind things are fine.  ’
‘  we’ll figure it out.  ’
‘  turn it up, it’s my song.  ’
‘  i can’t sing, but i’ll sing along.  ’
‘  i can feel it in my bones.  ’
‘  take it fast, take it slow.  ’
‘  let me tell you something that you don’t know.  ’
‘  we’re all a little drunk and we wanna hear some rock and roll.  ’
‘  is anybody listening?  ’
‘  where did that old feeling go?  ’
‘  don’t stop listening to rock and roll.  ’
‘  i asked you to dance and i almost blew it.  ’
‘  i only kissed her on the mouth cause you told me to do it.  ’
‘  is this a waste of all my precious time?  ’
‘  could this chance that i take lead me to losing my mind?  ’
‘  sometimes you’ve gotta let go.  ’
‘  all i know is i’m still waiting for my sun to shine.  ’
‘  i see our clouds when i look around.  ’
‘  rain falls from my mouth as it hits the ground.  ’
‘  lead me to the light cause i’m still waiting for my sun to shine.  ’
‘  what does it take to be a liar?  ’
‘  i wondered why it’s such a beautiful day, i’m still sitting inside.  ’
‘  i was dancing with the devil.  ’
‘  i was singing dirty songs, pulling whiskey from the bottle till the early break of dawn.  ’
‘  here’s to getting caught with you.  ’
‘  i was running with the wolves.  ’
‘  i was howling at the moon.  ’
‘  i felt lonely, lost, and stranded.  ’
‘  i felt down and torn apart.  ’
‘  no cash left in my pockets, just a shitty fortune card.  ’
‘  strength will find you sooner than you ever thought it would.  ’
‘  the pain, it turned to anger, moved to joy, so now i’m good.  ’
‘  i’m one pack of smokes from broke.  ’
‘  i can tell i will make it on my own.  ’
‘  i’ll keep on fighting.  ’
‘  in the end, when you sink, we float.  ’
‘  i want you just the way you are.  ’
‘  just come back to bed.  ’
‘  stay with me.  ’
‘  love, you know it’s true: i want you.  ’
‘  i’ll buy you rings and shiny diamond things.  ’
‘  don’t want nothing from you. your love is all i need.  ’
‘  come on and dance a little closer now.  ’
‘  come on, move a little slower now.  ’
‘  just take the chance.  ’
‘  i ain’t gonna hurt you.  ’
‘  i want you.  ’
‘  stay in bed.  ’
‘  we’ll work it out.  ’
‘  stay here forever.  ’
‘  stay in bed, we’ll work it out.  ’
‘  worse or better, i’m leaving.  ’
‘  no more laughter, i mean it.  ’
‘  you’re broken, i promise.  ’
‘  i’ll miss you, i’m sorry.  ’
‘  if i run away, i’ll never look back.  ’
‘  you can beg, you can cry. you can say you’ll try, but i can’t take that chance.  ’
‘ i can’t fool you.   ’
‘  pushed me too hard, i’m shaking.  ’
‘  you’re talking, no walking.  ’
‘  i’m falling.  ’
‘  so long.  ’
‘  go on and waste my time.  ’
‘  don’t ever cross that line.  ’
‘  you’ll never know unless you take it there.  ’
‘  but don’t ever leave my mind.  ’
‘  please don’t.  ’
‘  just take it there with me.  ’
‘  you’ve been searching for something that you’re never gonna find.  ’
‘  kiss yesterday behind.  ’
‘  i’ve been there.  ’
‘  please believe me.  ’
‘  now here’s something you’ll be singing: bye.  ’
‘  you’ve been walking with regret, like there’s no hope for today.  ’
‘  you can’t paint it silver and then call it gold.  ’
‘  you gotta say bye, bye, bye. goodbye to yesterday.  ’
‘  now honey, don’t believe him.  ’
‘  lord knows he’s been deceiving.  ’
‘  if you’re looking for some healing, well baby, look right my way.  ’
‘  it leads straight to hell.  ’
‘  i need you closer.  ’
‘  i need you beside me.  ’
‘  good love will find me.  ’
‘  the coffee’s cold.  ’
‘  you always end up alone.  ’
‘  so no more lying and no more fighting.  ’
‘  tossing coins down the wishing well. don’t fall in now, it leads straight to hell.  ’
‘  i see fire, it’s almost blinding.  ’
‘  come out and find me.  ’
‘  so fuck your coins and i wish you well.  ’
‘  it feels good, don’t it?  ’

My eyes roll back
The ceiling fades
I breathe you in
Exalt your flames
Let’s lose our minds
Come here to me
We’re wasting time
Darling can you hear me?

Heroine my sweetest sin
I can’t seem to get enough
Pull me under, wake me up
Feel the rush
Morphine, lover make me numb
Make it so I can’t get up
Paper thin ‘til you sink in
Could you be my heroine?

Do you feel exposed?
Let your feelings show
Can I taste you, can I replace you?
I need to know
Let’s lose our minds
Please stay with me
We’re wasting, yeah
We’re wasting time
Why don’t you believe me?

Heroine my sweetest sin
I can’t seem to get enough
Pull me under, wake me up
Feel the rush
Morphine lover make me numb
Make it so I can’t get up
Paper thin 'til you sink in
Could you be my heroine?

It starts with the spins
Yeah you got me swimming
I’m falling to pieces and I won’t be whole until you let me in
Until you let me in
Until you let me in
Until you let me in oh

Heroine my sweetest sin
I can’t seem to get enough
Pull me under, wake me up
Feel the rush
Morphine lover make me numb
Make it so I can’t get up
Paper thin 'til you sink in
Could you be my heroine?

My heroine
My heroine
Could you be my heroine?


Disney Heroine iPhone Backgrounds

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