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Ayato deleted Scenario

Hello hello my second translation! Basically Ayato and Yui are having alone time in the garden but Laito suddenly appears…Enjoy!

Ayato: …

[Ayato gives a kiss]

Heroine: Nn…

Ayato: Haha. It’s here, isn’t it? A place where women tend to enjoy, isn’t that right?

Heroine: It’s a wonderful place. I usually take walks here.

Ayato: Haa. I guess it’s not it (special)?

Heroine: I don’t care about it…I just would like to do something like a date.

[Ayato pushes back the fabric of clothing along the Heroine’s neck]

Ayato: …chu…

[Ayato kisses the Heroine’s neck]

Ayato: Ahh. Haha, the smell of your blood is getting sweeter.

Heroine: Ah, Ayato-ku–

Ayato: I’ll be in trouble if you push me down like this, I’ll be hurt by the rose thorns. Haha, get on your feet, do your best to stand…

[Ayato starts kissing down her chest]

Heroine: Nn….

Heroine: (N-No good. I can’t stand…!)

[The Heroine is suddenly embraced by Laito from behind]

Laito: He–llo~!

Heroine: !!

Laito: It’s dangerous. It seems Ayato-kun needs a bit of help.

Ayato: Asshole…What are you doing here?

Laito: What indeed…

[Laito faces the Heroine, sniffing her neck]

Laito: How could I not be attracted by such sweet smelling blood? …Ha…smells soo~ good

[Ayato pulls the Heroine away from Laito]

Ayato: Tch! Don’t touch her! Freaking Hentai!

Laito: Fufu~ I don’t want to be told that by Ayato who was doing such a thing in a place like this.

Ayato: Shut up! Just get lost already! Stop bothering me!!

Latio: …that’s just like you. Wouldn’t it be ok to let me smell sometimes?

Ayato: Funny.

Laito: I’m not joking. Her scent recently keeps coming out. It’s so unbearable that I’m going crazy…

[Laito gets a little excited]

Laito: This desire…if you don’t hold back a bit, you’ll end up taking too much, you know?

Ayato: Asshole!

Laito: If you let me enjoy the scent a little right now, I promise not to take too much. Sound good?

Ayato: …

Laito: Of course, it can continue like this. I can hold her up, and that way Ayato can concentrate on loving her.

Ayato: …Just sniffing her, right?

Heroine: Eh..??

Latio: Mm. Just her scent.

Ayato: Just for now?…Then keep your promise. Or else…

Laito: Fufufu. I can tell you’re troubled even without looking at you. I get it.

Heroine: I-Is this really–??

A.) It is difficult

B.) Look towards Laito

A.) It is difficult

Heroine: Ah…this would be difficult.

Heroine: (To be touched by someone other than Ayato-kun…it’s embarrassing and impossible!)

Ayato: …Ah, I see. It might have been a good plan.

Heroine: Eh…?

Ayato: It’s been a while since I’ve seen the shame in your face.

Heroine: !!

Ayato: Heheh. Don’t worry. I definitely won’t let him touch you.

Heroine: Th-That’s not the problem…

B.) Look towards Laito

Heroine: …

Laito: …Bitch-chan, when you look at me with such inviting eyes, it’s unbearable~

Heroine: (W-What? I’m not looking at him like that)

Ayato: Oy!!

[Ayato grabs the Heroine’s arms]

Ayato: That’s why, you don’t have to worry about the Hentai! Hey, look only at me. If you look anywhere else…I’ll kill you.

Heroine: !!

Ayato: That guy…

Laito: Ehh? Me?

Ayato: Obviously!

Laito: Aahh~ Well not looking at my face is fine. The smell alone of her blood can be tasted. Then, Bitch-chan~ Don’t look at me.

Laito: Haa…the scent of this blood is so strong I’m getting dizzy just leaning in.

[Laito sniffs her ear]

Heroine: …Nn..

Ayato: Oy, you should be concentrating here.

Heroine: Nnntsu….

Ayato: …tch. Forget about the Hentai behind you.

[Ayato continues to kiss the Heroine]

Laito: It’s so painful…nee, could I lick a little?

Heroine: Ehh…??

Ayato: Oy, this is good enough.

Latio: Ahh, so unfortunate. Ayato-kun is so stingy. Wouldn’t it be ok to lick? It (her blood) won’t diminish.

Ayato: Don’t touch her with a dirty tongue!…That sort of thing…belongs to me alone.

[Ayato licks her neck]

Heroine: Nn…

Laito: Heeeh…Bitch-chan’s neck is a weak spot?

Ayato: Shut up and watch.

Laito: Yes yes….I’ll just endure this scent…fufu…

Heroine: …nn.

Ayato: Haha…are you excited from being watched? Your scent has gotten stronger…

[Ayato licks her]

Heroine: T-That…

Laito: Ahhh…It really is an amazing smell…

Ayato: Haha! Are you heating up? …ha….nn…

[Ayato sucks her blood]

Heroine: Ahh…nn…

Laito: Ahhh~ Your blood is flowing…it’s going to pour right into Ayato-kun…

[Laito making gurgling noises with his throat]

Ayato: Heh…

Laito: What…such sweet smelling blood…

[Laito licks her]

Laito: More and more I’m really…reaching my limit…

Heroine: It hur–! Laito-kun, your arm–it hurts!

Laito: Mm…!

[Laito tries to bite the Heroine in the arm]

Ayato: Oy.

[Ayato pulls Laito off]

Laito: !!

Ayato: Motherfucker…do you wanna die?

Laito: You…well…so mean, Ayato-kun.

Ayato: Shut up!! I’ll kill you right now!!

Heroine: W-Wait, Ayato-kun!!

Heroine: (Ayato-kun will…s-seriously!)

Laito: Ahhh-ahh. Ayato really became serious….you are really loved~

Heroine: Eh?

Laito: O-k~ The disturbing one will leave. The two of you can relax.

Ayato: Wait, you Hentai fucker!

Heroine: (I am loved…gahh)

Ayato: Fuck, this guy trying to get other people’s prey…The next time I see you I’ll kill you!!

Heroine: (Even if it’s a twisted sort of love, I’m happy. I think I’m becoming a bit strange…)

Kyaaaahhh so cute! Haha I love Ayato <3 Ty for reading this far! Reblogs are appreciated but please do not use without permission.

They React To S/O Returning From Service (Nyo!FACE)

(Requested by Anonymous).

Mild angst.


Nyo!America: Amelia, at first, was excited for her partner to be serving in the military. She was so glad that her partner could really be a hero, a real hero! You were always super in her eyes. Though, as days prolonged into weeks, weeks into months, she grew lonely. She tried telling herself that you were okay and would be returning. 

Though, one certain Fourth of July, there’s a knock on her front door. She sighs a bit, pausing her Captain America movie as she stands up to go and answer it. She assumes it’s just her fellow countries coming over to celebrate her birthday, but what she sees is completely different. It’s you, her beloved partner, wearing (favorite superhero)’s outfit. Her blue eyes widen as she glances at you in shock.

“Y/N!” Amelia cries out loudly, tackling you in a hug. You give a soft laugh, gently hugging her back, your arms wrapping around your waist.

“Happy birthday, my heroine. I’ve missed you so much,” you murmur to your beloved Amelia, gently pecking her on the lips.

Nyo!Canada: You were very hesitant about leaving Madeline on her own. You trusted her fully, but you were worried something could happen. What if someone broke into the house while you were gone, what if she was hurt and needed help? You thought of the what-if scenarios until Madeline piped up and said, “what if I’m completely fine the whole time and I’ll be lovingly supporting you wherever you go?”

You had smiled that day and went along with it, nodding your head and agreeing. So, you’d went off and served your country, as happy and proud as you could be. But, Madeline was extremely lonely. She missed you very much and just wanted you to come home.

One day she’s been out grocery shopping, only to come back to a wonderful smell filling her shared home. She grows worried, thinking someone has broken in. She gently sets her groceries down, her eyes wide in fright as she walks in. Though, she sees the dinner table set up with a nice cloth, pancakes draped with maple syrup on two plates. “Hello?” She calls out quietly in fright, her nerves acting up in fright as she thinks for sure this is a prank.

Though, you appraoch behind Madeline, gently wrapping your arms around her waist. “Hello, my love. I hope I didn’t frighten you. I was planning on this being a surprise,” you chuckle out softly, only to hear a loud gasp from the Canadian girl.

“Oh! Y/N! I’ve missed you so much!” Madeline squeaks out, turning and hugging you tightly, hiding her face in your shoulder. She didn’t let go, her grip tight.

You give a small smile, gently rubbing her back. “I missed you too, Madeline. I promise, I’ll always be with you.”

Nyo!England: When you originally left for the military, you were shocked by Alice’s reaction. She seemed nonchalant, not caring much about it. “That’s a great idea, Y/N. Just please stay safe.” Alice commented, not even taking the moment to look up from her book. You had been taken off guard, thinking she didn’t care about you.

You didn’t leave on exactly the… greatest note. You were unhappy, thinking she didn’t love you. But, Alice loved you more than you could’ve ever imagined. The poor girl didn’t want to express her emotions. She was so scared- horrified that you could die on the inside. Alice wanted you to serve, however, and she didn’t want her emotions to change your mind. She just brushed it off, pretending like it was all fine.

But there would be nights that she would not be able to sleep, remaining awake for the late hours. She’d think about if you were okay or not and would wonder where you were right at that moment.

You had been able to return home much earlier than expected. You were extremely thrilled, but then again, you were also terrified. What if Alice just dumped you right and then? What if she had only been using you for your salary? The thoughts paralyzed you, making you hardly able to knock on the door to her flat. Your fist shook as it barely touched the front door. You exhale deeply, gently knocking on her door.

And, before you knew it, the familiar blonde stood at the door, looking unamused. “Hello?” She asks out angrily, only for her eyes to widen at the sight of you. “Oh my goodness, Y/N!” Alice would gawk out, reaching down to take your hands this whole time. Tears would roll down her cheeks, despite her trying to keep them concealed.

“Y/N, I’m so sorry. I loved you and I missed you so much. I didn’t want to show how much I was worried about you because I was afraid that I would change your mind. I… I didn’t want you to worry about me. I’m so sorry, love, please find it in your heart to forgive me.” Alice begs quietly, pain dripping in her tone.

You gasp, managing a small smile. “Alice…” You murmur quietly, glancing at your partner with shock. “How could I ever hold a grudge against you? I love you too much for that.” You reassure, gently cupping her cheek before pulling her into a loving hug.

Poor Francine. She was completely against the idea of you serving. She insisted you did something else, something safer. But, you were low on funds and felt a call to serve. You felt so bad once you left, Francine was sobbing, her mascara running down her cheeks as she sniffles. She couldn’t stand the thought of seeing you leave, it felt like a shot to the heart.

Most nights she would be drinking to comfort her sorrows. She’d be curled up on the couch, sobbing as she sips on a glass of wine. All Francine wanted was her lover to be in her arms once again, kissing her and filling her with love. Instead, she felt cold and without love.

You had gotten back much earlier than planned and had wanted to plan a surprise for your lover. However, upon talking with Alice, one of Francine’s friends, you learned the unhealthy habit she’d picked up. You immediately rushed home, feeling so guilty knowing that this was because of you. 

You see Francine stretched across the couch, weeping quietly into her arms. You gasp out, unable to manage words from the lump in your throat. You run up to Francine, grasping the wine and taking it away from her. You then squeeze her tightly in a hug, pulling her head to be resting on your chest. “Oh, my dear Francine, I’m so sorry…” You whisper to her, only to feel Francine’s body shaking in shock.

“Mon amour, mon amour,” Francine murmurs to you, hugging you back. “Je t’aime, I missed you s-so much. I am sorry, I… I didn’t know how to cope.” She rambles on in apologies, only for you to shush her by gently placing your lips to her own.

“Shh, Francine, it’s alright now. I’m here now and I love you deeply.” You reassure, gently holding her in your arms. “I’m here for you and I swear, I swear I’ll never leave you ever again.” You promise, continuing to hold your lover in your soft embrace.

They were home.

weird things I overheard while in middle school
  •  “Dude, do you want my nut"
  •   “Wanna join my wank circle”
  •  "You can’t escape this friendship" 
  •  "He touched my dick, several times" 
  •  *group of kids gathered chanting*                                                               “SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK”
  •   Girl1: “You make me want to shoot myself”                                               Girl2: “I make myself want to shoot myself" 
  • “Give me $20 and I’ll give you my black tar heroine”
  •   “Your ball sack is on his neck”
  •   “We’re doing the class pledge not hailing Hitler.”
  •   “Incest is wincest" 
  • "What’s 4+2?”                                                                                            "ha, YEET" 
  •  "We should watch yaoi after school”
  •   “I’m gonna tell your cousin that you’re being emo to me" 
  •  Person1: *loud whistling*                                                                            Person2: “I WILL SUE YOU!”
  •   “I want to sleep for the rest of eternity" 
  •  "No one can hit me as hard as my mom" 
  •  Boy1: "I will beat you”                                                                                  Boy2: “you’ll never beat me as hard as my mom does." 
  •  "Guys I’m telling you, I only look pregnant" 
  •  Boy 1 (riding a scooter) "I’m scooter brad”                                              Boy 2: “what?”                                                                                            Boy 1: “MY NAMES SCOOTER BRAD”