my heroes are dead

  • Midoriya: I'm cold
  • Todoroki: Here, have my jacket
  • Kirishima: Hey, I'm cold too
  • Bakugou: What? *takes off jacket* I fucking told you to bring more fucking layers but of course you didn't listen and now *piles scarves on Kirishima* I fucking have to make sure you don't fucking FREEZE to death but you’re fucking allergic to shirts so what the fuck did I expect and *takes somebody else's hat* how fucking long have you been cold you piece of shit you should've said something sooner shitty hair
  • Kirishima: I have the best boyfriend <3

“HAHAHA IT’S OKAY!!..’WHY?’ YOU ASK!!.. For I Am here….

KYAAAA!! An unknown person also got turned into a zombie!!!!!

Wait you guys!! I am not a zomb-”

Boku no hero academia - Training of the Dead OVA