Keep Moving Forward
-Monty Oum (06-22-81)

He didn’t just give me a show, he gave me friends, he gave me back my dream, he gave me a chance to know who I am, and he gave me a reason to live.

Thank you so much for everything you did. You’re always in our hearts.

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Emma Thompson -  ‘Imagine’ - Endangered Species Women  ♡

“Loving the natural you should be an every day occurrence. Constantly worrying about your reflection and criticising yourself, your body, your shape or size is an act of violence against yourself.” 

My little sister was eating dates (like just straight up dried fruit with no added sugar) and my mom goes, “Do you know how many calories that is?!?!”

Kiki (my sister) responds, “No, counting calories is for squares. I’d rather watch paint dry than spend any of my day stressing out about the number of calories in this date, or any other food for that matter.“ Mic drop.