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I’m now a firm believer that Otabek had a crush on JJ when (if) they were rinkmates in Canada. Could explain why he hates JJ so much. What if he got friendzoned for Isabella, or just flat out rejected. And JJ being the sweet and lovable dumbass that he is, is trying to repair their relationship and just be friends. I think that would make for an interesting plot twist, and doesn't have to steal from Otayuri development.

i feel u bro, beka def had a thing for jj back then, it was kind of hard not to. jj was an ass at times, but he had the best intentions, and he did everything he could to make otabek feel welcome in his home rink while pushing him to be stronger and better. it slowly thawed at otabek, he’s always admired the fierceness of his competitors, and he recognized the kindness in jj’s over the top antics.

but I don’t think otabek is capable of hating those he cares for. he’s quiet, but it makes him very self aware of his own feelings, as well as those of others. he recognizes that isabella yang is different. she like otabek sees beyond the projected “king” image, and recognizes the jj that just wants to be told he’s doing well. that he is enough.

so he can’t hate jj, can’t put the burden of beka’s own feelings on to his budding relationship. so when a chance comes to return to his home rink, otabek doesn’t think twice about it. he can see the hurt in jj’s face when he tells him. the canadian punches his arm and jokes that otabek better not go soft, but his blue eyes are glistening with unshed tears. it’s almost enough to make him stay. but he thinks of the family he hasn’t seen in years, of isabella’s lipstick stain on the sweatshirt jj borrowed, of the growing heaviness in his heart and mind.

the distance between them stretches farther than the miles separating them. otabek’s sparse responses combined with jj’s impatience leads to little contact between the two. slowly but surely, otabek finds it easier to breathe again.

a year passes. when the engagement is announced, beka isn’t as broken as he thought he’d be. perhaps his heart will always hurt a little bit for jj, but he has no regrets. sometimes feelings don’t need a resolution, they just need to be.

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What if human is a sea witch? Not like Ursula but a good sea witch who pulls pranks on the merformers from time to time?

I’ll have you know, I thought of only one thing upon reading this…

im doing a thing

((So like I always like to take songs that i feel fit characters and just laugh about how well they fit or just listen to them when im in the mood for said character, or sometimes even sob at the sadness that comes with certain songs paired with certain characters. So for a long time Me and a friend have been coming up with a scenario/silly amv idea/sequence of drawings of the strawhat crew to the song Lost Boy by Ruth B cause you know. Luffy in a lot of ways is kinda like Peter Pan, finding all of these sad broken people and giving them a place to exist and be happy.Anyways all of my reasoning i could give you and ridiculous rant of passion for this project aside I thought id share with you guys my first few panels of said sequence of drawings. And after you see the drawings the answer is Yes. I will be doing the entire song eventually, and it will be sad and cute and funny and rip my heart into a million pieces good while i listen to this song on repeat for a million years.))

((SO thats the just of it let me know if you guys wanna see the rest of this as i work on it panel by panel. Also i know these ones are only sad but thats cause backstory things are for the beginning of the song. ;) ))


Signs as Mark's English Line from 'Once Again'
  • People call it Love: Aries, Scorpio, Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces
  • But I'll be calling You: Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius, Virgo, Libra
Most of them, at least.

I swear one day I will write something that isn’t sad cat boy, but that day isn’t today. This is what I get for rewatching Le Bulleur. Part 2

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                I’m too hot
                                                         (hot damn)

  Called a police and a fireman         

                 I’m too hot
                                                         (hot damn)

  Make a dragon wanna retire man