my hell kid rock

Kids au:

- Shiro carries around a backpack with snacks, juice, and a med-kit

- Lance carries around a toy nerf gun

- Keith has a foam sword

- Shiro is constantly tying everyone’s shoes

-The kids lions are stuffed animals they carry around. When they get ripped Shiro is the one that fixes them.

- Lance wears light up shoes, and is constantly showing them off.

-whenever they cross a street Shiro makes them all hold hands. Lance and Keith refuse to hold hands, so they both have to be on each side of Shiro.

-all the kids have footsie PJ’s with lions and space ships on them.

- Lance is constantly getting Hunk’s help with math.

-Allura and Coran watch the lil’ paladins

-Shiro just punches anyone who hurts the team

- Pidge is constantly stealing Allura’s phone, and trying to take it apart, etc.


Also (other things that don’t fit in above):

The Park:

- smol lance and keith on swings challenging themselves to who can go higher. Shiro having to save them before they jump off and break and arm.

- Shiro pushing the kids on the swings

-if someone scrapes a knee Shiro is the one to fix it.

- everyone having juice after running around. Keith and Lance sharing juice… or both of them not having juice, so they have to share with Shiro.

- Sendak tries to steal one of the paladins lions, Shiro gonna fight him (simple as that)

- everyone getting tired and laying under the shade of a tree

- Lance accidentally hit Shiro with the nerf gun in the head and not being allowed to play. Keith then mocking him. They both get a time out, Shiro ain’t having it.

-Keith and Lance fighting over the slide

-Keith getting stuck on the jungle gym/ monkey bars and Shiro having to rescue him.

-Keith and Lance pushing each other on the slide and both falling off. Shiro isn’t happy one bit.

- Pidge sitting under a tree tinkering, most likely with Hunk


myself and @shiroklance were busy with these one night OUO 



I feel like this team would collapse in itself if they didn’t have their tsukkomi team-mom  Captain Tsukinaka to keep them in line….

…either that or they purposely torture him to keep from being bored.

(  ̄▽ ̄ ;)

when i get older and have children, im going to make sure that they are happy with their life and every aspect of it, and if they find something such as a band that makes them happy im not gunna get all pissy because they spend most of their time thinking about them or blogging about them, i will embrace my kid, if he/she likes a band? that’s fucking awesome that they find something as simple as a few people playing instruments and singing amusing, and if my kid what’s to be punk rock? hell yeah, ill buy them black skinnies and band tees. there’s nothing more important to a teenager than their favorite band, and parents shouldn’t be such dicks about how much time and money we put into getting merch or blogging, don’t be an asshole parents. IM GOING TO BE A BADASS PARENT HOLY SHIT