my hee

To the boy with the universe in his cape and whose eyes shine brighter than the stars. It’s our dear starry price! ☆

To the boy who also doesn’t wear matching socks, but they have stars so it’s cool// Based off the DLC chat! 

Reasons to love the platonic relationship between Eun Bong Hee & Ji Eun Hyuk

You follow whatever silly things your best friend does

Clicked well even when you barely know each other

Give supports to each other

Able to comfort each other without speaking a word

Randomly passing each other snacks

Do weird shit stuff to make your homie jealous

Protect each other from hot serial killer

Working together to scheme your homie 

Wishing that you’re each other type instead but realised it’s impossible after all

Consult your problems with your best friend first

Doing illegal stuff together

…and being crazy together  

Side note: I would love to see them together in another drama. (better if they were main leads in a new drama 😍)