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Stupid random headcanon au (because of that awesome dancing picture someone made of Aurora): Rory is a dancer who is taught by her very overprotective father (since I just learned today that one of Sonic's supposed past times is breakdancing XDD). She is trained classically, but is drawn to more contemporary dance by a gruff but sweet experimental dancer named Shadow. Overportective Sonic not only feels threatened for his little girl, but for her possible career as a "real" dancer.

(I never realized how stupid the pose is for the Step Up poster oh my god!)

I love it XD The first one is more realistic, but I think the second one would be way funnier! Especially if it followed all the typical movie cliches. Sonic had to give up dancing years ago because he couldn’t complete a move or he hurt Amy during a particular signature move, and then Shadow is trying to teach Aurora it and Sonic is like “YOU CAN’T DO IT!” and Aurora is like “YES I CAN FATHER! YOU JUST HAVE TO BELIEVE~!” and she disobeys him and decides to go through with the dance.

And then Sonic goes to the performance to try to stop her but they start dancing and he instead just watches, and then they perform the move perfectly and Sonic’s like “My god, it’s beautiful. I was so wrong.”

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(Also the drawing you’re talking about was by celepom and it was beautiful!)


It isn’t a drawing but it still counts as art! A little felt chip I made since I have been playing sonic unleashed quite a bit. I’ve been making a bunch of these little critters so there will be more to come!