my hedgehog


Just about the mics~

My very first Sonic OC when I was around seven years old ended up being a hedgehog, but originally she was a type of cat. I couldn’t remember what kind of feline exactly so I just made her a regular kitty.

Her name is Paige now and she has magical cards (not tarot cards like Amy tho think of like, Cana from Fairy Tail. But not exactly).

She used to have telekinesis (didn’t know about Silver then) and she was the princess of her home planet and could fly and wield swords and her old name was Pressy Wings. Friendly reminder I was seven years old at the time.

Tbh I wouldn’t mind if she still has skills in swordplay x9

[ Please don’t use my art without permission or credit while of course adding credit ]

An incredibly messy Shad doodle. I was really just puking on my canvas. Also, here’s a headcannon I have for him.

Shadow works for G.U.N. The G.U.N. however are afraid of his power. To keep him on a leash, the military orders Shadow to use human weapons and vehicles. If Shadow wants to use his Chaos abilities, he would have to have permission from the Commander or that given the situation Chaos abilities would be much needed.

Yay. Headcannon done.

@notnights in return for the welcome home arts earlier today, here is a pair of 90′s nerds being vintage cinnamon rolls for you.

Shadow’s dorky 90′s gear by @pumpkin-hill-rap-dance