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So. I had a thought, and I ran with it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I thought: there needs to be a line of apparel for Heathens / Lokeans / Rokkatru / NT Pagans etc., that is safe from bigotry. Something that bites back against all of that hateful “You Are The Wrong Kind Of Heathen If ____” bullshit.

So, I decided I should start designing.

And I thought to begin by reclaiming ‘ergi,’ as a nonbinary Lokean, it seemed as good a place as any to start.

I also thought - won’t those folkish bastards just shit themselves over this - an enby reminding them that All Ur Gods R Queer  (◡‿◡✿)

[If this offends any LGBTQIA+ pagans out there, however, please let me know and I will do my best to remedy that or remove this design all together.]

I have plans in the works for other designs that call out racism, sexism, and all the other nasty -isms that Heathenry is infected with, and other designs that focus on positivity. More on that as I complete each one.

These will be available through CafePress, most likely, unless I can get a good enough deal to order a bunch and offer them through my Etsy shop. Please let me know if you are interested in getting a shirt & I will send you a link :)

Thoughts, anyone?

I wholeheartedly believe that protest can be a devotional act.

Educating yourself on politics? Reading up on your enemies and their philosophy? Figuring out who to avoid and who to ally with in your area? Planning direct action? Old One-Eye loves that shit. He’ll keep a watchful eye on you - on the trans folks, the disabled folks, those who defy binaries and lash out at systematic, crushing oppression.

Standing with your fellow outcasts? Protecting those who have been called monsters by society? Ripping off the veil of misinformation and lies to reveal truth to the world, no matter how painful? Loki stands with you. He’s the mother of monsters, after all. May his silver tongue speak along with yours to inspire your allies and demoralize your enemies.

Fighting tooth and nail for justice? Recognizing when laws can be and need to be subverted in order to do the most good? Fiercely protecting your own? Tyr has your back, and you have his sword. Stand up, be brave, be loud, and remember that fighting oppression does not make you like your oppressors.

Honoring our fallen? Holding vigils and moments of silence for those we have lost? Women of all walks of life, standing in solidarity, holding hands; the femmes and the butches and those who have never fit any prescribed label; women of color and trans women especially - Freyja watches over all of us, all of you, with her fierce and sacred femininity, her warrior’s spirit and cunning crafts, and she stands with the fallen, bathing them in her golden light.

anonymous asked:

You should make more POC Norse deities! They are really amazing!

Funny you should say that anon… Because I plan to.

I saw how much it twisted the folkish panties around these parts with the Idunna board and decided I was going to do PoC moodboards for every Norse deity.

Yes, every single one.

Also… THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Your kindness is appreciated.


Jormungandr, zie of the ever-shifting tides, serpent of the depths, Thor’s bane, child of Angrboda and Loki Laufeyson, ruler of the unknown secrets of the ocean.

My Jormungandr statue before final touch-ups and glossing. I’m posting it now as the gloss is supposed to cure for a couple weeks and I’m impatient to post photos of this since I’ve put so much time and effort into this devotional artwork. Materials used were sculpey polymer clay (literally the cheapest sculpey available from Walmart and I think it’s like 5 years old to boot), acrylic paint, and my finger nails to mold all those goddamn scales. Gloss will be mod podge.

Sorry for terrible photo quality. I tried my best with a broken camera. Info on decision making/thoughts below the cut.

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why, when we’re talking about modern interpretations of gods, is óðinn never mentioned as a senior or mental health care practitioner.

for huginn i fear, lest he come not home; but for muninn my care is more.

óðinn working with alzheimer’s patients. amnesic patients. patients suffering from dementia. schizophrenic patients. patients who can’t remember; patients who can’t think. those with adhd. huntington’s. major depression. parkinson’s. patients who are losing memory, losing thoughts, losing control (óðinn is a god of frenzy, but there’s a time and a place).

a sympathetic óðinn who mediates between these patients and their families. who listens to the stories they can remember to tell, who tells them his own. óðinn who understands wisdom and experience, who understands how hard it is to lose a grasp on these. óðinn whose load to bear has been heavy across many, many long years, knowing the stress and the fear that these patients have invading their lives, against their will. oðinn who, as the berserkr god of the wild hunt, knows what it’s like to not recognize the faces around you, or to know them but be unable to connect them to anything.

óðinn, with calm grey eyes, watching the families make the hard decisions, guiding them to make the right choice. óðinn, reading at the bedside of a sleeping woman on life support. oðinn, seeing tears and hearing shaking voices, offering comfort where it’s sorely needed. óðinn, weathering the sometimes-violent outbursts of his patients, knowing they aren’t meant.

óðinn releasing a patient who’s bettering, praising them for fighting and winning their battle, for the valor they’ve shown, for all that they have done to overcome, as he still works to overcome.

óðinn holding the hand of a terminal or aged patient as they bravely cross the border from this realm to the next—óðinn rewarding their struggles and strifes in valhalla.

After a long time of meandering and searching, recent developments in my spiritual path have brought me back to eclectic Heathenry as my home base.

And I have to say, I forgot how fucking obnoxious some heathens can be, and why that drove me away in the first place.

I’m a queer woman with disabilities who is proud of her Native American heritage, and shockingly enough, the Gods (Norse or otherwise) haven’t smited me yet. In fact I have good relationships with several from the Norse, Greek, and Egyptian pantheons.

The Gods also haven’t gotten pissed at me for the different ritual styles I’ve explored to honor them when trying to figure out my path. Most of the time, they just seemed happy with the veneration. This might, in fact, partly be why there are so damn many people ways to honor the Divine: Because by and large, it is your sincerity, versus your style, that matters. Otherwise, I think the Gods would have let us know if they didn’t like something.

Oh, and I also haven’t been smited for mixing pantheons during my ceremonies. Granted, I try to honor the pantheons one group at a time, sort of like you would groups of foreign delegates, but my point stands. This might partly explain why sycretism was so big in the ancient world, with little to no smiting in response: The Gods really don’t, by and large, care that much as long as you are respectful.

Finally: I’m sorry that your delicate sensibilities are offended by Loki, but stop acting like he’s the Norse anti-Christ. We know Snorri played around with the myths, and we also know that the Christianizatuon of Scandinavia affected the myths. They shouldn’t be taken at face value, ever. Loki in particular is a complex deity with a necessary, if not always pleasant, role to play. That does not make him evil. No deity is purely good or perfect, let’s be real here. Likewise, many of the gods are Jotun in origin or part Jotun; this doesn’t lessen the fact that they are gods. Like it or not, Loki is a god. He is part of the Aesir. He is Odin’s blood brother. If nothing else, trust Odin’s judgement here. (Same for Hela: Odin gave her the souls of the dead, for fuck’s sake, and I doubt he would have if she was some untrustworthy, “evil” piece of filth like so many seem to act.)

If it wasn’t obvious, I am a Lokean. I honor Loki, and I am devoted to him above all other deities. I owe so much of my growth into the confident, generally self-assured woman I am to Loki it is unreal. He has been a positive, if at times hectic and chaotic, influence in my life. Hela has been a wonderful influence, too. I get that these deities aren’t for everyone, but for the love if the gods: Stop shitting on people for their connection to Loki or Hela or similar deities, and stop insulting the deities themselves. If you want to see Loki’s worst attributes, just try going after his family. I dare you.

Sorry for the rant, I’m just in a flare and I am so Done With This Shit.

  • what the dudebro heathens say: i stand with my gods, i don’t kneel before them!
  • what the dudebro heathens mean: i have absolutely no respect for literally any other religion because i'm so pumped up with hypermasculinity that it's impossible for me to find beauty in the ideas of submission and repentance even though the admission of guilt and the search for forgiveness aren't things specific to faith i still think they're stupid because i just want to feel important and like everything i want to do (no matter how shitty) is right because i can always fall back on one of the nnv to back up my gross behavior
#ProjectRedo Reading List

As per request, the following is the list of books I’ll be reading during Project Redo, to help research and restructure my specific flavor of heathenry.

Some of these books are iffy, a couple of them are outright bad, and most of them need to be taken well-salted. Some of them are super academic. Some of them are just heathen-flavored for funsies. I’ll be posting notes from each one as I read it. Some of them aren’t ones to read cover-to-cover, but are ones to keep around for reference (such as dictionaries or vocabulary lists).

Please do keep in mind: this is NOT intended to be a 101 list! I’ve been a heathen for several years, and I am reading these as part of a refresher course. I am purposely including some crappy books in this list, because one of the few pieces of good advice I got from our old kindred is, “if you know what you’re reading, you can learn just as much from bad examples as you can from good ones.”

I am reading these in a specific order, recommended by my lovely wife @wodneswynn, who knows things about things.

List under the cut:

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sympatheos replied to your post: what’s up with this recent klingon obsession? what…

hey anon did you know an individual can have eclectic interests that are not about you smh personally i love your klingon runes and what youve told me about your spirit work involving angrboda about it

-shrugs- I love my heathenry stuff but tumblr has made me feel like it’s totally pointless to waste the energy it takes to make the posts. I’m not a resource and I give up trying to be one.

and eee ty I am currently making the bag for them. Doing the embroidery work on it rn. Putting the empire’s insignia on the bag!

i’ve also come to the realization that ‘living heathenry’ is a more correct phrasing (at least for me) than ‘practicing heathenry’

‘practicing’ seems to imply doing rituals, and altho that’s great and I want more of that in my life (executive dysfunction and no materials makes this difficult), to me the core of heathenry really isn’t ritual but developing and maintaining a heathen way of understanding and engaging with the world.

So altho I usually don’t get to practice ritual, I do try to live every moment of my life in the spirit of heathenry, and my heathenry manifests this way.

I saw this book on Amazon about the “divine feminine in Asatru” so I got the sample on my kindle and I couldn’t even read more than a few pages without wanting to puke up in my mouth, sigh.

Turns out the author is from the AFA so I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I’m still annoyed. I don’t want to read about archetypes or how Frigga represents the ‘integrated feminine’ in a man, and I don’t want to read anyone saying Sigyn represents anything negative the fuck at all.

I want a book about heathen goddesses that tells me about them, who they are and what their likes and dislikes are; and, I want a book in heathenry that doesn’t tacitly tell me my place is managing the home just because that’s what historical heathen women did, or that their way of managing their home life was somehow more practical or equal than mine.

I am a devotee of Thor primarily. But I know what these goddesses are capable of – how they can stir the souls of women, men, and anyone in between. They’re much more than an allegory of men relating to their anima, and telling me otherwise is condescending.

I often get that little voice in the back of my head that says, “If you wish it existed, make it,” but this is bigger than me. How would I even start?

I just want to say

That I’m very much humbled by the fact that so many people get things out of my posts about Odin/Heathenry. I’m just a bearded frothing madman who writes what he knows, and what I know comes from my personal relationship with the Old Man and the way I see the world.

I’m no authority, and what I talk about here is often written simply because I feel moved to do so. I’m aware it’s a very personal take, and we each have our own worldviews and experiences, so the fact that my words resonate with folks is incredibly humbling, and a privilege for me to able to write these things and not have anon bollocks or drama thrown my way.

So thanks.

Heathenry right now is basically in this one corner you have Protestant Heathenry that is all like “mysticism is ew and those magical woo people aren’t twu Heathens” and then in the other corner we have Catholic Heathenry that is like “we must make reparations to the Holy Ones for the impious who consume their offerings instead of leaving them alone“.

And then there are those of us who are just like “Why is there so much Christianity in my Heathenry?”