my heartbeat has not been normal


Witnessing pure magic at the doctor’s today. 💕 ✨

At first we were a little worried, since I’ve had to deal with such extreme morning sickness lately, but the doctor says mama and Beenie are doing more than fine and the morning sickness should get better too the next days with the medicine I’ve been getting. The little one has a strong, healthy heartbeat (look at Ash’s face while listening to it, I almost cried ❤️ ) and is developing totally normal. Considering my worries when I’ll finally start feeling the magic doing happy dances in my belly, Dr. Pierce said we shall just be patient and wait, since it’s normal in your first pregnancy to feel the first baby move a little later on. So, things couldn’t be any better right now. 👶

28+6 Prenatal Appointment

•I gained 5.7 lbs since my last appt, putting me at a total weight gain of 13.3 lbs. My doctor says I’m right on track with weight gain and to expect another 10-15 lbs.
•BP was pretty low at 99/58.
•Fundal height is right on track at 29cm.
•Baby’s heartbeat was in the 130s, which is a lot slower than it has been, but normal.
•Baby is head down already, which is great.
•I was prescribed an iron supplement for anemia and Colace for constipation caused by the iron supplement.
•I go back at 32w.
•Today I’m signing up for a hospital tour and labor class that should be next month sometime.


Can we just take a moment to appreciate Jenna Coleman right here? I mean, holy wow. She goes from our Clara, worried about saving the planet, to this other wordly villain in a heartbeat. 

The whole episode Clara has been pretty normal but something’s been off. She seemed unconcerned about little Sandeep and his obviously creepy parents. She went back to her apartment for seemingly nothing instead of jumping into action. Her middle age comment to Jac was odd and her almost sadistic enjoyment when preparing to shoot the Zygon pods was unsettling. And, let’s face it, there was a distinct lack of heart eyes for her Time Lord (although I think Bonnie might have slipped up at one point). 

But really she’s so close to Clara that it’s easy to not suspect anything. Until you know. Jenna Coleman absolutely killed it. Her secret flies under the radar so subtly until it’s finally revealed and then you’re going, “I knew it!” Plus, it must be said, she looks drop dead gorgeous here. Especially that last gif. Damn. Make her a Bond villain or something.