my heart. it is breaking

Last Love Letter

Tears are rolling down my cheeks as I vaguely think if you’re aware of their presence behind this screen; blocking me from everywhere with your jaws clenched you probably didn’t think of the invisible marks you left on my soul. Loneliness is starting to take over and in your arrogance, you will gladly think that I will now mourn your loss.

Will I, though? Or will I mourn the shattered hopes I once reluctantly accepted from your persistent words and actions.

It really doesn’t matter. I let another man come in my life, spin it around, break my heart open and leave.

And it doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter. Yes, these were my favorite expressions that you loathed and I clung on to them because I knew they would be my lullaby when you’re gone.

Your whispers are now replaced by mine as I rock myself to sleep; ‘it doesn’t matter, I’ll be fine. It doesn’t matter.’