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Okay so let's pretend that the RFA were able to talk to their respective MC in a language besides Korean so they've been assuming for the longest time ever that MC can't speak Korean. One day, they come home and hear her singing a song creepily in Korean and once they find her she's just laughing her ass off. How would the RFA react? I'm sorry I just have a sudden urge to see someone write this if your requests aren't open feel free to disregard this~

A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long omfg ;A; But I hope I got what you were talking about??? ~Admin 404


               -Since you didn’t start out speaking Korean in the chatroom, he just assumed you couldn’t


               -After the two of you got close, he came home early from his classes one day- not knowing you were in your shared home

               -He was in the middle of changing, shirt halfway over his head, when he noticed singing?

               -It was a standard Korean lullaby, but it was being sung quiet and very slowly


               -Tried to run out of the house, thinking it was a ghost, but ran into the wall- resulting in him falling on his ass

               -You pull the shirt off his head, asking if he was alright

               -“MC WE GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE, THERE’S A GHOST!!!! A G H O S T!!!”

               -He’s up on his feet, trying to drag you out of the house yoosung what about your shirt

               -“A ghost? What do you mean? What makes you say that?”

               -“I just heard someone sing this lullaby all slow and creepy and we just, WE GOTTA GO”

               -Super confused when you bust out laughing

               -omg you weren’t laughing at the fact he had no shirt on, were you???

               -“That wasn’t a ghost, I was singing!”

               -One second, two seconds, three seconds…. ding! Light bulb!

               -“You learned a Korean lullaby? When did you do that?”

               -“Uh, years ago. When I learned Korean. Didn’t you know that?

               -when you fuckin’ WHAT

               -He is completely mindblown to find out you speak Korean??

               -Though now he’s really embarrassed about just assuming you didn’t know the language

               -Super happy to talk in either language, it makes him feel cool tbh

               -is completely pissed off when he finds out you sent a video of him running into the wall to saeyoung


               -He always asks for an extra copy of his scripts in *insert mc native language here* so you can practice with him!!

               -You never understood why he did that, maybe he was just trying to be nice?

               -But he always did that with you? With everything?

               -Any DVD’s, CD’s, absolutely anything he brings home is in your native language

               -Does he think you’re more comfortable that way?

               -Obviously, you appreciate it but it’s kind of like…..

               -There’s no need to go so out of his way to do all of that for you!

               -One day, you were taking a shower and decided to sing one of the songs from his most recent play

               -You love Zen and love that he’s happy with his career but god daMN THAT SONG IS STUCK IN YOUR HEAD AND YOU ARE BEYOND DONE WITH IT

               -So you made fun of it by singing ridiculously, trying different voices, tones, anything you can think of

               -All of a sudden, the bathroom door is thrown open, slamming against the wall


               -You just poke your head out of the shower to stare at him, watching as he starts to talk to himself about how beautiful his voice must for you to have learned it so quickly

               -“Do you know the meaning??? I can give you a word by word translation!! Do you want that? DO YOU WANT ME TO DO THAT?”

               -“No? I mean, yeah… You play it all the time… because you’re learning it but I know the words on my own, thanks sweetheart”

               -You??? Knew what the words meant??

               -He just kind of stares at you in disbelief before you roll your eyes and return to taking your shower

               -“Zen? Why are you still here? Go aw-” “YOU CAN SPEAK KOREAN”

               -You sigh and agree that yes, you can speak Korean, and you’ve been able to this whole time

               -He starts crying??? What in the world???

               -“I CANNOT BELIEVE I DIDN’T KNOW THIS ABOUT MY LOVE! I’M A TERRIBLE MAN, DON’T LOOK AT ME, MC!” not looking at you anyway, zen, tryna shower here

               -“Save the drama for your play later, sweetheart. It’s alright, I just never said anything about knowing another language”

               -Literally spent most of the rest of the day just pouting and feeling terrible that he never knew. You have to comfort him often because it was something neither of you ever really brought up way to go mc ya broke ya boyfriend


               -After working for Jumin for so long, she’s unfortunately learned to assume if you look foreign, you might not speak other languages

               -So she’s already assumed you speak only your native language, so she automatically accommodates to your needs

               -Though you…. don’t need it??

               -You figured that she wanted to make things easier for you, which you appreciated, but you wanted to make things easy for her too!!

               -What’s funny is that you’ve talked to her late at night, after she’s been up for days, in Korean so that it’s easier for her mind to process what you ask

               -Did she pick up on it? Not at all. poor tired bby, someone help her

               -So despite the fact that you leave notes for her written in Korean, she just… hasn’t…. noticed?

               -Because she still talks to you in your native tongue

               -Seriously, you’ve tried everything to make it blatantly obvious that you could speak Korean

               -The easiest way to tell her that, ‘hey, i don’t need you to translate convos for me, i promise’ is to just straight up tell her

               -Except you didn’t get a chance to?

               -You were sweeping the house one day, belting out one of Zen’s songs from his latest musical

               -Getting into it, you dance with the broom, dipping it dramatically

               -During your dip though, you look up to find Jaehee standing in the doorway, at a loss for words

               -“Oh… so.. you really do speak Korean.. I wasn’t going crazy, then”


               -“I, um, I apologize for just assuming that you-”

               -You cut her off when you pulled her into a quick dance around the living room, singing the previous song all over again

               -With a swift motion, you dipped her like you did the broom

               -A quick peck to her lips sent her over the edge and she burst into giggles

               -“You’re a much better dance partner than the broom” you tell her in Korean, with a wiggle of your eyebrows

               -She pushes you away from her and laughs as she leaves the room, calling over her shoulder

               -“Maybe you should learn a few more songs there, MC”


               -Also guilty of just assuming you only spoke your native language

               -Also never bothered to ask

               -You don’t even bother to tell him though because you’re lowkey salty about it

               -Like??? He didn’t even ask???

               -You love him and all, but it’s been… how long? And he never even bothered to asK YOU IF YOU KNEW HIS LANGUAGE

               - damn mister trustfund kid

               -But it’s actually really funny because he talks to Elizabeth in Korean

               -So he thinks you don’t know how much he’s praising her, or baby-talking her

               -But you KNOW

               -And you’re left wondering why he doesn’t talk to you like that sometimes

               - god damn cat getting all the attention (kiDDING I LOVE U ELLY)

               -But let’s be honest, you love her just as much and do the same exact thing

               -In fact, you love to sing to her! And she loves it too!

               -She turns into a freaking motor box when you sing, she loves it soo much

               -So you sing to her every day, it makes her happy, makes you happy, everyone is happy

               -One day, you were singing to her, but Jumin actually came home early??

               -So he heard you singing too, and just sat down quietly next to you

               -Waited patiently until you finished the song before speaking

               -“So, you sing to Elizabeth?”

               -“Every day, sweetheart! You just happened to catch the show”

               -Immediately thought about asking Saeyoung to install some hidden microphone or something to capture you singing every day

               - that isnt creepy at all, dude

               -With a slight tilt of his head, he looked at you, eyes full of question

               -You had to fight the urge to kiss his cute little face, but it was worth it

               -“So, MC? You can speak Korean? Not just *insert native language here*?”

               -You nodded in agreement, looking down at Elly, petting her with a smile on your face

               -“I’ve known this whole time… *pulls Elly up to face* But SOMEBODY *kisses Elly’s nose* Never bothered asking. Did he? No, no he didn’t! He didn’t, did he Elizabeth??”

               -You shot him a side glare, watching as his face twisted into slight embarrassment and back to a playful one before getting up to leave the room

               -“It’s okay, MC. I’ll test out how well you can pronounce those Korean words later tonight.”


               -He loVED your aCCENT

               -So he spoke to you in your native language just so he could hear it

               -Did he know you could speak Korean?

               -Yeah probably

               -DID HE CARE? I’m hearing “no”

               -Did he remember, a long time later, that you could speak Korean?

               -Again, I am going with no

               -He’s always thinking about god knows what all the damn time so it isn’t surprising that he forgot you spoke Korean all together

               -In fact, you were hoping he did forget you spoke Korean, or your new plan wouldn’t work out how you wanted it to

               -You see, you and Saeyoung like to prank each other like crazy, but his last one really irked you

               -(I mean come on??? Who in the world thinks it’s funny to sneak a permanent marker into your pants pocket when you do laundry??? That rUINS YOUR CLOTHES)

               -So, you decided that revenge was in order, and you wanted nothing more than to scare him to death

               -After a long set up with a creepy life-size doll trapped to an rc car, a couple of speakers hidden, and a ton of hidden cameras, you were ready for him to come home

               -When he got into the room and noticed the girl standing in the corner, he immediately noped the hell out and tried leaving

               -But you locked the door! There is no escaping sweet revenge!

               -You started to sing little kids nursery rhymes through a microphone, it coming through the hidden speakers broken and ominous


               -So you kept singing, stopping only to ask him to come play, in child-like voice


               -You decided to chase him around with the doll, using the wireless controller from the other room

               -You didn’t know he could scream in such a high pitch, I swear to god, dogs from around the world could hear it

               -He was getting out of that room, then and there. He broke down the door. Ran down the hallway and heard you laughing from another room

               -He didn’t even think about why you were laughing, he just jumped onto your lap, and latched onto you, hugging tight and burying his face against you


               -But you couldn’t even reply- you were laughing too hard. He looked around and saw your set up of monitors, wireless controller, and microphone

               -He looked up at you with a ton of mixed emotions

               -First of all he was still a little freaked out?? But he was also kinda pissed off that you scared the hell out of him! But he’s also in awe that you set all this up… and so in love with how hard you’re laughing…

               -HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT TO F E E L

               -Takes a second to think about the situation and suddenly remembers


               -You give him an innocent smile, but based on the look he gave you once he stood up and walked away

               -He was probably going to use that fact against you for his revenge prank, and you weren’t positive you wanted to know what that was going to be


               -Off the bat, he asks which language you’re more comfortable speaking in

               -When you said your own native language, he understood, and tried his best to accommodate for you!

               -Ever since then he’s always making sure he can translate things for you, whether it be signs or casual conversation

               -You knew Korean but didn’t know if you were a strong enough speaker, which is why you initially told him you were comfortable with your first language

               -So, you secretly were testing out your language skills every time the two of you went out!

               -When he translated for you and you had gotten it right in your head, you were so excited!

               -But he didn’t know that ’s what you were doing??

               -He just always saw you light up and smile softly to yourself and it made him weAK

               -Was it because he was translating for you??

               -Didn’t know exactly, but was definitely going to keep doing whatever he was doing because that loOK

               -IT WAS SOOO PRECIOUS

               -But he felt bad that he couldn’t go shopping with you one day because he had some people he had to see

               -What if you couldn’t read the signs?? What if you couldn’t talk to the people?? WhAt If-

               -So he tried to make his meetings go as quickly as possible without being rude

               -And he ran to meet you at your favourite coffee shop, where he knew you’d stop first!

               -As he walked up behind you, getting ready to surprise you and order for you, he took a step back when he heard you ordering perfectly fine in Korean

               -You even made small talk with the barista! In perfect Korean!

               -When you turned around with your coffee, he stared at you in surprise, but he scared the shit out of you! You almost dropped your coffee!

               -“V! Hey! You scared me…. I thought you had to go meet a few people? Did something happen? Are you alright?”

               -You asked. In perfect Korean. Why did you doubt your language skills??

               -“I thought you only knew *your native language of choice*? So I haven’t needed to translate for you this whole time?”

               -You could see the disappointment in his eyes as you quickly shook your head (and hands) in embarrassment

               -“No no no no, you asked me in the beginning if I was more comfortable with my native language, which I am! I know Korean but I was afraid about getting something wrong, so I really appreciated all of your translations! They help me make sure I’m learning and getting it all right!”

               -Explaining it to him was definitely the smart move because you watched as he went from sad puppy to ecstatic pup knowing that he was able to help you learn new things and solidify what you already knew!

               -From then on, he always tries to let you figure it out first, then help you if you need it!

               -Was he embarrassed that he always translated when you didn’t need it? Yes

               -Did he get over it quickly? Also yes. He’s a precious tol bean. He is alright with this revelation.


               -Also knew from the start that you knew Korean

               -He talked to you from the beginning in Korean so he knew afterwards that you’d know

               -Not like you all of a sudden lost your knowledge on a full language….right?

               -That being said he just plain refuses to let you pretend like you can’t speak him language

               -Every time you try to talk to him in your native language he just kind of looks at you with absolutely no emotion

               -“Hi, MC, speak in a language I know please, thanks”

               -Like seriously

               -This man does not let you have any fun with it at all

               -You even tried to fake some sort of amnesia, too

               -To like, pretend you forgot how to speak Korean so he’d have to talk to you in your native language

               -Did it work? No

               -He just stared at you like you were stupid

               -He’s such a jERK


               -You even try to mess with him in public

               -You ask him to order some food for you, asking him in your native language

               -The cashier is confused but Saeran just stares at you

               -He completely understands what you say, despite pretending that he doesn’t

               -Turns back to the cashier and tells them that you’re getting nothing


               -Until the day he slips up and responds to a question you ask him in your language

               -You celebrate, including a victory dance

               -He just curses at himself for messing up and letting you win

               -Though he does think it’s really cute that you’re this excited about winning

               -Maybe he should let you win more often thAT WONT HAPPEN

Love me do

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Request:jhello!! i love your writings and i was wondering if you could do a angsty peter x reader writing based off of the seven minutes in heaven scene from Riverdale?-  @lukesxmermaid

AN: I LOVE RIVERDALE AND I LOVED THIS REQUEST SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG! So I decided to mix this scene and this other one for the request! Hope you guys enjoy! Also little rambing I’ve been feeling like writting is a duty rather tha a hobby lately, so I’m very sorry if I dont upload as regular, but also school just started so I’m trying to work things out

Word count: 2091


Originally posted by peterparkerimagine

As Y/n listened to the loud music and watched everybody drinking and dancing she felt out of place. She knew she probably looked that way as well. She thought maybe coming to the party would be fun, after all, Michelle and Ned were supposed to be here as well, but who she really came here for was Peter.

They’d been best friends for as long as she could remember, living next door to each other, walking to school and back home together, having sleepovers and so on. Everything was perfect between them, but of course Y/n had to fall like a fool for her best friend.

Anyways, she had arrived to the party, and had been hiding in the bathroom for 20 minutes, while the other 10 she had been standing in a corner pretending to have fun and eating chips. Finally she spotted her three friends coming into sight. They probably came together after decathlon practice.

“Hey Y/n! You’ve been here long?”

“Not much” she lied as she talked to Michelle. “Just got here”

“We would’ve arrived earlier, but someone couldn’t decide on what to wear” Ned rolled his eyes as Peter blushed. They were obviously talking about him.

“Guys! Seriously I didn’t even take that long!”

“Well, you ended up looking great, doesn’t he look handsome y/N?” Michelle questioned, a knowing smirk on her face.

Michelle was the first and only person Y/n told about her crush for Peter, and she was always looking for ways to push the two of them together, although it hadn’t worked very well in previous occasions.

“I mean- yeah umm, you look good”

“You really think I look good?”

The girl’s cheeks blushed as tried to look for words. Peter look at her with curiosity in his face, making her quickly look away. Why did her heart had to race up that much every time he saw her?

Before she could answer they were interrupted, as Flash threw his arms on both of their necks.

“C’mon lovebirds, we’re going into the sitting room to play a little game, and you’re all in”

He dragged Peter and Ned as Michelle and I seated across the room, next to Liz.

“Ughh I hate Flash! If he hadn’t interrupted outside you would’ve probably had made some progress with Peter”

“Let’s be honest MJ, Flash or not I wouldn’t have told Pete anything, I just can't”

“Why not? I’m pretty sure he likes you just as much!”

“But what if he doesn’t?”

Flash cleared his throat as he got a bottle in his hands and starting explaining the game’s rules, as if not everybody knew them already.

“We’re going to play 7 minutes in heaven people! So who wants to go first? Not you Penis Parker- we know nobody wants to kiss you anyways”

Peter sank into his seat as some people tried to muffle their laughs. Michelle rolled her eyes at Flash’s immaturity and made one of her sarcastic remarks.

“Seriously Flash? Are we back at middle school or what?”

“Since you’re so eager to start, why don’t you go first?

“Whatever, give me the stupid bottle”

Michelle spinned the bottle in the middle of the table. As Y/n watched the bottle spin she thought ‘Poor Michelle, I hope she doesn’t get Flash, I can’t imagine a worst chance’ but oh god was she wrong. As the bottle got slower and slower her own nerves increased. Why was she so nervous? It wasn’t like it was her turn. But of course the bottle had to stop in front of the one boy she had feelings for, the one she actually cared about and wanted to kiss herself.

Both Michelle and Peter stared wide eyed at the bottle and then at her. She felt as if all eyes were on her, waiting for her response. Was she really that obvious? She tried to swallow the lump on her throat and gave Michelle a reassuring smile. She knew it was just a game, and besides, she trusted her. She wouldn’t kiss the boy she knew she liked.

“Well, seems like Penis Parker is actually living his first kiss today! Congrats Parker!”

“Fuck off Flash- Peter is my friend! We’re not going anywhere!”

“You know the rules Michelle, you either take him or someone I choose- wait actually, forget about it, you can take me instead, forget about Parker”

Michelle looked over at Y/n. She knew it was wrong, but she didn’t want to go with Flash either. She tried to give her best apologetic look as she stood up and took Peter’s arm, guiding him towards the nearest empty room.

Y/n looked helplessly as Peter followed her and closed the door behind them. She tried to stop her eyes from burning, but she couldn’t help it. She tried to take deep breaths and relax, but with every second that passed through she found herself wondering, what if? What if they actually did kiss? What if Peter, or even Michelle gave in? What would she do? Would she be able to handle it?

She tried to ignore what was happening behind the closed door, but Flash kept making little comments about the noises he heard. Y/n thought he was probably making things up right? He kept saying how he could hear Peter moaning Michelle’s name, but she knew that couldn’t be.

She was glad most of the time was over, only 30 seconds to go. As she started to actually relax she heard a loud noise, and soon enough Flash was giving the insight.

“Yooo! I think Peter pinned Michele to the door! Who knew Parker got it in him?”

Y/n stared wide eyes at the door. She didn’t want to believe in Flash, but she had indeed heard the noise. Just 15 more seconds. Time seemed to stop as the boy announced time was over and opened the door.

Both Peter and Michele had swollen lips, crazy hair and even though they were both staring at the floor she could see their guilty faces. She felt her eyes starting to water once again, and a pressure in her chest telling her to get away as soon as possible, before things got embarrassing for her.

Michelle tried to find her sight but she refused to do so. She didn’t want him or her to know how she felt. Y/n stood up and made her way to the exit, without glancing in their direction. However she did say some last words to her so called friend.

“Good to know I can trust you”

“Y/n wait-”

“Save it”

She crossed the door to the living room as calmly as she could, but as soon as she was out of the house she started running, trying to leave everything behind. Not only the betrayal of her best friend, but also her broken heart.

She got to the streets and realised she didn’t knew where to go. She had planned on going back home with Peter, but now that she couldn’t maybe she should just go herself. She started walking trying to think of anything but tonight. Y/n had only made it a couple houses away when she heard Peter coming calling her name from behind. She wanted to keep going, ignore him and run away, but if she wanted to get things over better do it right now.

Y/n tried to keep her tears inside as she took a deep breath and turned around to face her friend. As he came face to face with him she wanted to forget what had happened, and just go back to how things used to be an hour ago. But now Peter obviously knew how she felt. She couldn’t go back.

“Y/n wait up!- What’s going on?”

“Don’t act like you don’t know it”

“I seriously don’t know what you’re talking about”

“Peter you cannot be such an ass! I like- I like you okay? I have for so much time! and not just as friends” The girl finally let the truth out, the one she had been holding for so long, as well as the tears as she thought of how things could change from now on. “I’m not asking what you did with Michelle in that closet- but I am asking you- do you love me?”

Peter avoided her gaze as he tried to think of an answer, but after the silence felt like to long she knew the answer. He didn’t love her, and he would probably never love her. She tried to turn around once again and stop embarrassing herself, but Peter walked  towards her and took her arm, spinning her around.

“Y/n, of course I love you”

“But of course you don’t love me as I want, am I wrong?”

“You’re just, so perfect”


“You’re like- the perfect girl next door and I- Y/n you’re way out of my league, I think you deserve better”

“If you don’t like me Peter you can just say so, you don’t have to make up a lame excuse as always”

“I’m telling the truth, I just- you could do much better than me”

“I don’t want anybody else”

The girl still had a sad look on her face, but she tried her last move. She got closer in his arms, and stroke his cheek with her left hand, staring into his eyes. She could see Peter getting nervous, and giving in. Maybe it really could work. She felt as they both moved closer, leaning into each other, looking at their lips and back into each other’s eyes. She wanted nothing more than to kiss him right now.

“I didn't”


They were so close to each other they were whispering. The girl didn’t even remember what they were talking about, she just wanted him to shut up, but apparently Peter was in a talkative mood.

“I don’t kiss MJ back in the closet, she was just- trying to help me”

This brought Y/n back to reality as she remembered what had happened a couple minutes ago. If they hadn’t kissed what had happened back there? She felt herself rolling her eyes, thinking Peter was just trying to cover for her. She stepped back and pushed him back, feeling her walls building up again. But so did Peter, knowing her better than anybody else.

“Y/n let me finish! She wanted to help!”

“Help how?”

“She told me you liked me okay?! And she wanted me to ask you out but I- I didn’t knew how! So she came up with this plan to make you confess and- that’s it! She faked the whole thing”

Y/n’s head was hurting from trying to process what Peter had just said. So had it all been a lie? What about the swollen lips and messy hair?

“But what about? the hair? the sounds?”

“It was all staged!”

“And you agreed to do it!?”

“I had to!- I wouldn’t get the guts to do it otherwise!”

“Do what?”

“Tell you how I feel, kiss you. I’ve like you for so long I don’t even remember. You’re the only girl I think of when I wake up and when I o to sleep. You make me so happy I don’t want to be away from you ever”

“Peter I-”

“Y/n, please, believe in me, when I say I love you”

Y/n smiled as she heard the words she had been waiting for. She took his face into her hands and this time didn’t stop until their lips crashed together. They kissed, moving their lips together. Both of them were eager to kiss more, but wanted to take their time to get to know every corner, every inch of each other. They kissed with years of love and passion. Pulling each other’s hair, running their hands through it and trying to held the other closer to themselves. They finally felt themselves smiling into the kiss, pulling slightly apart to catch their breaths, and join their foreheads.

“I love you too Peter”

Peter took her waist and spinned her around, like in all those movies they had watch, and all those dreams she had had. But this time it was for real.

She still had to apologize to MJ and thank her, but as she stared into those brown eyes, with his hands pulling her close and running his hands through her hair she knew things would be okay.

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36 for the prompt thing :D

“We’ll figure it out.”

Okay so this one sprung entirely by the GORGEOUS art of @fennethianell , who is an amazing person and incredible artist and you can see the art here! Seriously please go look at it because I cry every time I do it’s so beautiful T-T. 

It’s not even Thor’s fault, really. He’s a solid guy, great sense of humor, and Peter would definitely be down for getting drinks with him if the circumstances were different. Peter should actually probably thank him, once he stops freaking out, because at least he’s learning this now, as opposed to, say, mid-battle, where he can’t freak out (again). It’s just…a lot to take in, at the moment.

For one, freaking Thor’s on their ship. Mythological Norse god of thunder, who apparently is real. It shouldn’t be surprising, considering he lives with a walking, talking tree and raccoon, but still. Thor.

Who is a god. Who apparently knows all about other gods, and is thus able to spot god…liness, just by looking at someone. Which he reveals by clapping his hand on Peter’s shoulder and telling them that he’s glad they have a Celestial on their side.

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i wanna believe we're free to practice witchcraft. i want to. but we're not. idk what you're doing. we can't have sex with people we're not married to, we can't party, we can't swear, we can't practice craft. it breaks my heart, but my mom says it's just breaking the sinful part that christ meant to save us from. i'm working on choking out that part of myself. you should, too. save yourself and go back to our god.

Hey friend. I understand where you’re coming from; I really do. Because honestly, I’ve been there. I tried doing that. I tried being the perfect Evangelical child. I tried so hard and even wound up with a Biblical Studies degree from a high ranking evangelical university. I served others to the point of seriously damaging my own well being. I know Koine Greek well enough to extrapolate various biblical arguments and analyze them and the accuracy of interpretation.

I tried so hard to save myself in order to be God’s Perfect Daughter and do you know what it felt like? Personality prison.

My sister and her husband once hid the fact that they celebrated the New Year with a glass of wine from my parents because for a while my mom wasn’t sure that Christians should drink alcohol. I hid my own sexuality from myself for years. I hid my anger, my frustrations, my questions. Following all the right rules didn’t make me a better Christian, it made me a sneakier one. And it loaded me with guilt and shame because anytime I thought I messed up I assumed God was just…frustrated by how horrible I was. I couldn’t stand how unbiblical I was, why would God even bother with me? It didn’t help that I’d developed anxiety and depression from the age of 16 and didn’t get help because no, I was too good, too kind and caring, I got good grades, I looked good.

That supposed salvation condemned me to hide myself from myself. And when I got angry about things like child abuse and racism and homophobia in the church, my mom basically told me that I’m reading too many negative things about the church and that I need to be more involved with the good churches that aren’t like those other bad ones because Not All Christians are like that.

Do you know what choking yourself of these things does? It hurts you. It keeps you from breathing. If your salvation comes at the cost of enjoying your life and yourself, what is it worth? I tried so hard to choke all those parts of me and it eventually broke me. It put a wedge between me and my family, between me and God.

Strangely enough, it was discovering ritualistic faith/Christian witchcraft that began to mend the bond between me and God. The day I decided to explore it, I had a dream where I watched Jesus come to life out of stone. It renewed my faith, my desire to know God as She truly is, not just as what I was told to believe.

You tell me I should save myself, but Jesus already did. And I use my craft to connect to God, to pray to Her, to love others and myself. I use it as a form of worship. I don’t need to try to be anyone but myself to be saved, to be free.

Maybe it will be different for you. I hope so. I hope you are able to live authentically to yourself within the church. But for me, Christian witchcraft brought me back to God. Leaving evangelicalism was a healthy and necessary choice for me. I found freedom and laughter. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke. I have a fiancé, soon to be my wife. (And for some people I’m already going to hell for that lol. If I'a already going to hell, I’m gonna go with a lot of love in my heart for myself and others and be true to myself.) I have friends who encourage me and listen to me and don’t just say “I’ll pray for you.” They let me talk about my feelings and beliefs, even if they don’t agree with me on some of them.

If God is love, shouldn’t that love be freeing rather than confining? If God is love, then why do people insist that love means changing who you are in order for God to love you, in order to be worthy? If God is love, why does that mean that it’s God’s way or eternal suffering, that God is always right and we are always wrong? Is that truly love? If your God was your significant other or parental figure, would it be called love, or would it show signs of abuse? If God is love, why do I feel so miserable following every letter of the Bible, every ideal of the Perfect Christian?

I hope you have a better experience than me. But for me, this is what freedom looks like. I light a votive candle and burn a sigil asking God to help me love myself. I use the herbs of the earth God has made for us to celebrate life, petition them and God to aid me. I get to take part in the act of creation.

And if I am wrong, I am wrong. But I do not believe that living authentically and enjoying yourself is contrary to the love of God. I am human. I am flawed. And I love that.

Sorry for writing such a long response. If you read this whole thing, good on you! I wish you the very best, but I am afraid I cannot return to what once damaged my spirit. I pray that your relationship with God only deepens and allows you to be true to yourself. Take care, friend.

  • Scene: Altair as the Beast, Malik is Beauty (very fetching in a gown...not really). Kadar as the plot device that brings Malik to Altair's castle to be prisoner forever.
  • Malik: I honestly expected you to be so much scarier what with your frighteningly bad manners.
  • Kadar: how about we not make him angry.
  • Malik: let my brother go.
  • Altair: if you take his place.
  • Malik: about I kill you and then just take my brother?
  • Altair: ...
  • Kadar: ...Malik don't make him angry he has razor sharp teeth and claws like knives. I mean, you're good in a fight and all but he could take you. He's seven foot tall.
  • Malik: fine. I'll stay if you let Kadar go.
  • Altair: Fine.
  • Altair: no, you have to go to the fabulous room in my castle
  • Malik: fuck you no i don't.
  • Altair: I WILL MAKE YOU
  • Malik: I cannot believe that bastard is holding me prisoner in this lap of luxury.
  • Malik: I can't believe you won't feed me just because I find your company literally repulsive. Why the hell do you even need me here to begin with? Were you getting lonely with nothing but the furniture to watch you throw your temper tantrums?
  • Malik: Bitch, whatever, your furniture already likes me best.
  • (Furniture: Dude we are never, ever getting this curse broken, ever.
  • Furniture 2: I miss my arms and legs. Do you think if we drug them and lock them in a room together and they have sex it'll break the spell?
  • Furniture: ...I think if we tried they'd kill one another.)
  • Altair: I don't need books I can climb walls with my CLAWS.
  • Malik: I can feel myself growing stupider every day in you company.
  • Malik: ...I think you just insulted yourself.
  • Altair: No I didn't.
  • (Furniture: how about a song? we can just sing them into falling in love.
  • Furniture 2: no we have to put one of them in mortal danger so the other one realizes they secretly have feelings for the one in danger.
  • Furniture: just want an excuse to light something on fire.)
  • Altair: I'm covered in fur, dickwad
  • Malik: I cannot believe my life right now. I am literally rubbing snow on your giant naked body while your fur blows smoke up my nose.
  • Altair: Well, if you'd done something besides stand there and LAUGH we wouldn't be in this situation, would we?
  • (Furniture: oh my god.
  • Furniture 2: song or drugs. these are our choices now.)
  • Malik: did you put something in my food?
  • Altair: What is happening to my penis? Why is this happening?
  • Malik: ...are you kidding me right now?
  • Altair: I GOT CURSED AT LIKE AGE 11 OKAY. IT'S NOT LIKE SOMEONE TOOK THE TIME TO EXPLAIN A THING. Seriously though, it like wants to get closer to you.
  • Malik: you are a seven foot tall creature with three inch knives at the end of his fingers I don't think your mammoth dick will be getting anywhere near me.
  • Altair: but it wants you!
  • Malik:
  • Furniture 2: *hums a tune*)
  • Altair: So, uh, when I got cursed the lady told me that I had to find someone to love me or I'd die at age twenty one.
  • Malik: When do you turn twenty one?
  • Altair: like tomorrow.
  • Malik: ..............................................
  • Altair: I'm only telling you because the lamps have been following me around aggressively singing about it all night.
  • Malik: at least it wasn't a feather duster with a lonely solo. What kind of love are we talking about here? Like forever or I'd do you for a night kind of love?
  • Altair: I'm not really sure. It happened pretty fast, I opened the door there was this hag and I was like ew no but she got all offended, killed my parents, took my kingdom, turned my servants into objects and abandoned me here as an eleven year old beast-child.
  • Malik: ...I did not think it was possible to feel sympathy for you but I think that's what's happening.
  • Altair: yeah, you'd think she'd be all like: look here child, there's more to life than how things look, or something. I mean I was a child. Also you're really good looking so I'm not sure what the ultimate moral of the story is.
  • Malik: *shrugs*
  • (Furniture: ok, new plan. We're going to storm the village, kidnap the brother and hold him as ransom until Malik declares his true and undying love for Altair.
  • Furniture 2: *takes all the knives* I'm ready.)
  • Altair: not responsible for this.
  • Malik: I cannot believe I'm being forced into a shotgun wedding by a candelabra and a clock. OH ALTAIR THE LOVE THAT I FEEL FOR YOU IN MY HEART KNOWS NO MORTAL BOUNDS.
  • Altair: You could at least try to sound sincere.
  • Malik: whatever. get down here so I can kiss you.
  • Altair: at least I won't die without this final indignity.
  • Malik: ...*smooches Altair*
  • Altair: ...what's happening? *explodes into light, dramatically, entire castle is suddenly sparkling and pretty again, everything is awesome*
  • Malik: ...
  • Kadar: dude! kiss me!
  • Malik: what? No.
  • Kadar: you kissed him and he turned into a handsome prince with a house full of servants and an entire kingdom to obey him. Kiss me, I just want a horse and a girlfriend.
  • Malik: you are ridiculous and stupid.
  • Altair: ha! you liar. You said you didn't love me.
  • Malik: that is not what I said. I said the love that I feel for you in my heart knows no mortal bounds.
  • Altair: Yes but you were just being an asshole.
  • Malik: was I?
  • Altair: I thought?
  • Malik: maybe you shouldn't do that anymore. Now that you're man-sized and non-lethal how about we go to your room and I'll explain the whole sex thing to you.
  • Kadar: could someone untie me tho?
  • Kadar: no?
  • Kadar: that's fine.
  • Kadar: you'll come back eventually.
  • Kadar: ...won't you?
  • Kadar: MALIK!
  • simon meets maia first
  • after a while, he brings her to meet the shadowhuntersl, out of necessity
  • isabelle, being her confident, nonjudgemental, extremely pansexual self, flirts with her from the very first second, but all maia can do at that moment is growl
  • because all she can think is shadowhunter
  • and in her mind, that’s bad. she’s been taught for a long time that the nephilim are cruel, prejudiced, cold and untrustworthy
  • but this one is not cold nor prejudiced, and she doesn’t seem cruel, either
  • and maia almost trusts her but she doesn’t
  • because trusting people has never gotten her anywhere
  • and she refuses to fall for it again, for radiant smiles and warm eyes and general unearthly beauty because beauty is just another tool of deception. just like everything else
  • and it’s not like she trusts the redhead more, or the tall, brooding guy who apparently has a warlock boyfriend - which, what the fuck? that doesn’t sound very shadowhunter-ish of him. even though simon says they’re all okay, and she sorta does trust simon
  • either way, she doesn’t trust any of them much, because that would be naive and stupid and she’s neither
  • but the others don’t make as much efforts to worm their way into her fucking veins the way this girl does
  • and so maia makes sure isabelle knows she does not like her
  • she isn’t her friend and she doesn’t want to be
  • even though isabelle shows up to jade wolf sometimes and she seems to know when maia’s there
  • and she leans against the counter and flips her hair around and acts all flirty and maia is disgusted except not really
  • and sometimes she even fucking shows up to the hunter’s moon???? like what the fuck this shadowhunter won’t leave me alone i can’t even have a quiet moment at my own job
  • and she orders a drink and sips it so gracefully, red lipstick not smudging one bit and isabelle knows all the werewolves are looking at her, and maia knows she knows but she doesn’t seem to care and just keeps showing up almost every day and flirting and talking on and on and maia is e x a s p e r a t e d but is she really?? who can tell
  • “simon she won’t leave me alone what the actual hell” “you know, she just got out of a relationship……..” “what the FUCK, simon”
  • “i’ve never seen izzy act like this around anyone before,” clary says one day, and maia sort of got along with her until this precise moment, in which she decides she should feed her to the pups. “i don’t know what you’re talking about.” she answers, and clary smiles: “you’d be cute together.”
  • and then she walks away and maia is left to wonder what exactly her and izzy would be like…. you know….. together

and wow this got super long so the rest is under a cut wtf

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Red vs Blue fic: Gift of the Magi (8/12)

Summary: Wash has already gone through too much, been broken too often. So when they get captured by Hargrove together, Tucker figures he has one job: until the cavalry shows up, keep Wash alive and (relatively) sane. No matter the cost.

Unfortunately, Wash is just as determined to protect him.

Parings: None.

Warnings: Rated M. Canon-typical language, aftermath of canonical character death, psychological torture, hallucinations, hallucinated child harm, mentions of torture and suicide, fake-out character death.

Notes: Also available on AO3!

Wash wakes up back in his cell. He’s stripped down to his undersuit—he feels raw and naked without his armor—and his whole body aches.

I disobeyed orders. Tucker will pay for it.

The thought drums through his head, over and over. All he’s tried to do, ever since they got captured, is keep Tucker safe. It’s the only mission he has left, now that Caboose is dead. And now, because he froze up, Tucker is going to be punished.

Just because he didn’t want to kill Palomo.

Tucker wouldn’t want him to kill Palomo.

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Roman, pls come assist your children. 

SERIOUSLY. Seriously. You know what, fuck you for being able to pull off a suit and still look like a grungy, hot mess of a man, YOU CAN’T HAVE BOTH AT THE SAME TIME DEANFORD. 

… Okay so I have a little bit of a thing for bloody Dean, sue me. He seems content, therefore I am as well.

Look at this little cutie golfing, aw. I cannot honestly imagine this dork golfing, but instead driving the golf carts into random places. 

So soft, so cute, so yes.

*pew pew* 


Okay, but if this isn’t the cutest picture you have ever seen, then really, what is? Becuase okay, let’s just start with how sweet and pure and FUCKING BLUE HIS EYES ARE BECAUSE WOW OKAY, WHY DON’T WE JUST INSTALL LASERS IN THEM SO YOU CAN FINISH KILLING ME WITH THEM???? And okay, the little tongue sticking out? Wow, 12/10, please. AND HIS LITTLE THUMBS UP? WOW. And it’s raining, like imagine this giant dork in the rain??? HIS HAIR IS ALL WET AND LIKE KINDA CURLY AND HE’S GOT THE SCRUFFY AND I’M SORRY I’LL STOP NOW, I AM SORRY I AM, not really lmao.

…. Those black shorts are gonna kill me, wtf.


*me all the time, 24/7, about everything* 


Blurry but still WOW?????? 

Okay, I love wrapping hands and wrists, it’s so sexy??? 


>.> I mean, or I can just keep you? No? Okay. 



Back again with the black shorts

This just reminds me of Bugs Bunny saying “Put ‘em up, put ‘em up.” 

Renee took this photo, and I honestly LOVE THEM TOGETHER SO MUCH, WOW THEY ARE SO CUTE???? I know they aren’t together in the picture BUT WOW I SHIP THEM THEY ARE ADORABLE AND I HOPE THEY NEVER CHANGE. 

… Sweaty, shirtless Dean. Mama likely. 

Fluffy Dean

“Hey Shannon, why do you have so many pictures of Dean working out?” “I mean, I-” *FUCKING RUNS AWAY* 

I am trying to lip read here, and all I see is ‘What the table?’ 


This is like one of the Office moments.

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NOW SISSY THAT WALK. I’m sorry I have no control, I’ll make a real comment, hot dang like a summer choir, walk a little slower why don’t ya Deano? 

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I know I shouldn’t be attracted to him smoking, I’M SORRY MOM, I KNOW I’M A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT BUT THIS IS SO ATTRACTIVE TO ME, I DON’T????

Originally posted by deanambroseismines

Okay wow, this wins. This wins everything. My heart. My life. Everything, I literally am speechless, I CANNOT THINK OF A PROPER SECNTENCE THIS IS TAKING SO MUCH CONCENTRATION BECAUSE HE IS ASO BEAUTFIUL???? 

Originally posted by iletyoudowniknow

Look at these happy little goobers, I love them so much. Are they giggling over going over a speed bump? They’re literally the ccutest and will be the death of me

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More evidence that this is a huge dork, I REPEAT DEAN AMBROSE IS A HUGE DORK WHO DESERVES ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD (and the WWE World Championship, amiright) 

Originally posted by thesawcesomeone

Listen, this is me about 98% of the time. Sometimes, they’re not drunken. 

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Any questions? No?? This post is made possible by the floofy Dean Ambrose fic my fav wrote @hardcorewwetrash (I suggest you all follow her 5ever, because everything she writes is the ALSO IT’S THIRST PARTY SATURDAY AND GUESS WHO I’M THIRSTY FOR, HAHAHAHAHA, everyone, the answer is everyone. 

anonymous asked:

I am asking this in all seriousness, but I really do want your thoughts, since I respect your opinion. At what point do you think "I can't write, I get too upset, etc" becomes not just the traditional struggle of the artist and becomes something really serious about yourself that you need to seek out help for? I'm really having a hard time trying to "work", but I'm embarrassed to bring it up with a therapist.

When I got this ask, my cat was in surgery.

She was diagnosed with early stage kidney failure mid-July. Last week, they found cancer. They removed half of her intestines to get rid of it.

Gravy is the most precious thing in the world to me. There is nothing else in this entire planet that matters to me even half as much as she does. She’s dying, I can’t fix it, and the grief is paralyzing. I have written maybe two thousand words this entire month.

Sometimes when something outside of writing is wrong, it ruins our ability to write.

There’s this thing called referred pain. A pinch in your neck can cause a headache. A tight hamstring can cause lower back pain. If you get back massages but don’t stretch your legs, you’re never going to get rid of the pain in any meaningful way. Minds have this too, I feel. When something inside you is hurting, opening yourself to that can make whatever you’re doing feel impossible. And if your mechanism for tapping into that is writing, it can seem like writing is the problem.

I always encourage people, when they’re stuck and blocked in writing, to look outside of writing and see what else in their life might be bringing the negativity. By addressing the underlying issue, you might find yourself able to write without the oppressive cloud of doubt.

But maybe nothing else is going on. Maybe it is just that you’ve gotten trapped in your own head about writing.

In this case, maybe something in your work is stuck, and you can’t see it, but you can sense it. Take a breather. Take a walk. Take a timed break. Give yourself a few days or even a few weeks of not writing. Put a date on the calendar that you will return to your art. Read books you like that have inspired you in the past. When you have cleared your head, go back to what you were working on, go back to the last place in your work that made you happy, and start from there. Or start something new. Find your joy again.

Sometimes its your head, sometimes it’s the work. Part of the process is figuring out what it is, and addressing it.

You said you don’t feel comfortable talking to a therapist about this. The way I’m reading this, either you already have a therapist you’re not comfortable bringing this up with, or you don’t have a therapist and you’re considering seeking someone out to discuss this with.

If it’s the first one, the point of a therapist is to help you figure out how to live your best life. If you don’t feel comfortable telling them about this, I wonder how good of a fit they are. I’m not saying find a new therapist, I’m just saying consider why you are hesitant. Have they not created a safe enough environment for you? Or do you feel this isn’t worth the time? How can you work with them to create an environment where you feel like you can talk about this?

If it’s the second one, well, again, the point of a therapist is to help you figure out how to live your best life. You may find yourself eventually able to go to a therapist to discuss this with them, and through therapy discover that there’s more to discuss than just difficulties in the creative process. Maybe, maybe not. But generally if someone thinks they want to go to a therapist about something, it’s probably a good idea to go. Even if it’s just for a handful of sessions.

And if you are worried because you think this is a frivolous reason to talk to someone, consider: if you are a runner and you have a pain in your ankle that makes running difficult, you’d go to a doctor. Why not go to a doctor about the pain in your heart that is keeping you from writing?

If you don’t feel comfortable going to a therapist yet, try talking to your fellow writers about it. There’s a bit of despair and a bit of comfort in knowing that everybody deals with this, at some point in their career. (In my case, it’s an ever-present cloud that surrounds me in every waking moment, but it’s there for literally everything I do, so I’ve learned to live with it.) Some incredible writers have been struck by the fear that they cannot write well and will never write well.

It’s disheartening to know that, no matter what skill level you’re at, you’re going to face this feeling. Almost every writer does. But there’s comfort to be found, too. Even the best writers deal with this, and we know they write well. That voice that says you can’t write is a liar. If it’s telling even the greatest writers you can think of that they can’t write, then you KNOW it’s a liar.

Sometimes you have to plow past that voice and tell it to fuck off. Sometimes you have to sit down and figure out where that voice is REALLY coming from. When to do which and how to address it varies from person to person. The best I can offer is a bit of comfort and a list of paths away from that voice and towards writing again.

I hope this helps, at least a little bit.

anonymous asked:

Bucky, how often do you have to fend off the annoying Steve admirers who can't get a clue? Ps: I love you and Steve! You two are so adorkablez, I have hearts perpetually taken permanent residence in my eyes every single time! Ohhh! Could you tell us a story about your vampire self being all protective of Steeb? Pretty pleaaseeeee

Greaaaattttt.  Now look what you did. 

We got a Winter Soldier swearing up and down in Russian - Nat’s kind of useless, because she’s laughing too goddamn hard at Barnes’ inventive use of profanity and Steve’s kind of trying to calm him down. 

So I have to tell this story.  Awesome.

So kids, hunker down and listen to a tale from your Uncle Clint. 

It’s not a kissing book.

(Okay, maybe, fine, there will be kisses involved, since this is Steve and Bucky we’re talking about here, and those two can’t seem to go about their day without Frenching at least once and AUGH OMG MY EYES CANNOT UNSEE BARNES’ HANDS ON CAP’S ASS EVER.)

You got to remember a few things - the truth is, Cap and Mama Bear - excuse me - Bucky Bear are actually two of the nicest people on earth.  Sure, Barnes kinda radiates the whole “bad boy” thing, what with the metal arm and leather and shit but no, for real, he’s about as nice as Cap and you people all know that Cap’s niceness is positively fucking unreal.

(A lot of people seem to forget that between the two of them? Cap was the actual guy with the chip on his shoulder.  Smart mouth, going around picking the good fight even when he’s like five foot adorable and ninety pounds soaking wet? That was Steve, not Bucky.)   

So annoying fans who can’t get a clue?  Pfft.  That ain’t nothing to write home about.  The guys both have their ways to shut that down nicely, but firmly and saying, “Classified Avengers business, sorry!” works like a charm.   Occasionally, you do get a Winter Soldier glare out of it but when you pair it with the “Captain America is disappointed in you, son” look?  That’s a fucking WMD right there, people.  Devastation everywhere.  

Trust us, nobody wants Captain America disappointed in them. 

And then, there’s William “Nope, You Can Never Be Steve Rogers” Burnside. 

Once upon a time, back in the 1950’s, a guy named William Burnside was such a huge Captain America fan that he dedicated his life to researching everything about Cap, right down to his attempt to duplicate the Super Soldier Serum.  The dude even had plastic surgery done so he could look exactly like Steve Rogers.

Say it with me - the man was like several tacos short of a full shawarma.  Enchilada.  Cuckoo.  Loony Tunes without Bugs Bunny to make you feel better about it all.  You get what I’m aiming for here, right?

So, the problem was that apparently, his version of the Super Soldier Serum needed the Vita Rays to stabilize it but he didn’t factor that in and he pumped himself full up of that serum.  Together with another poor sap named Jack Monroe, also injected with that serum, the two of them took up the Captain America and Bucky Barnes identities and tried to do the superhero thing. 

Originally, they went after communists and in the beginning, yeah, they did nab actual Soviet spies, real threats to US security.  But then, if you read your history books, they got caught up in the whole Red Scare thing and essentially became Senator McCarthy’s attack dogs.  Innocent people got hurt.  Shit started happening.

And then, it was pretty clear that the version of the Super Soldier Serum they pumped themselves with was unstable.  Both Burnside and Monroe started going crazy for real. 

This is a legend in the SHIELD archives.  Director Carter eventually gave the reluctant order for Burnside and Monroe to be taken down. I say reluctant because Carter is - to quote our Super Soldiers - “a classy dame” but seriously?  Burnside fixated on her, being Cap’s so-called “love interest” and all, and apparently, he wasn’t so down with a woman leading SHIELD.  Yeah, he oughta try that line with Hill, Nat and the Cavalry all in the same room together.  Could’ve saved us a lot of trouble. 

Anyway, the original plan was to subdue both men and maybe, hopefully figure out a way to make them less crazy, fix the Serum inside them.  Burnside did take out that new Red Skull after all.  

It didn’t take. 

SHIELD sustained casualties in that operation.  Just as Carter was about to give the order for lethal force to be engaged, somebody brought down Jack Monroe with a headshot. 

And then a lot later?  Somebody brought down Burnside with another shot, in that final showdown at the Hoover Dam.  His body was never recovered.

Pop quiz:  guess which ghostly assassin was given the order by HYDRA to take down “Captain America” and “Bucky Barnes?” If your answer resembles a certain tall, dark, broody “I’m not actually Russian, I’m Romanian” definitely not sparkly Super Soldier?  You win a trip to Tahiti!

It’s a magical place. 

So at that point in time, HYDRA thought that their programming worked because hey, they got their Winter Soldier to shoot “Steve Rogers” and pal down. 

The real answer was that Mama Bear Barnes just knew that guy wasn’t the real thing and it absolutely pissed him off.  He couldn’t have explained it then, not without the programming unraveling for real but yeah - he hated this asshole.  Took a real pleasure in offing him.  

And on the other hand - Burnside being “lost?”  Y’all wish it were that simple.  HYDRA nabbed him, froze him up and his blood pretty much provided all the wonderful Super Soldier failures we’ve gotten so far - from Emil Blonsky to Project Centipede. 

So, yeah, Burnside woke up in the 21st Century, only to find out that the real Steve Rogers was back for real and was pretty active in “causes that support the degenerate side of America that needs to be purified.” 

For a guy who claimed to be Cap’s biggest fan and supposedly did his research, he seemed to have forgotten that Cap’s Howling Commandos team actually desegregated and had an African-American and a Japanese-American in it.  Also, Cap - our Cap had been in more than a few brawls busting the heads of anyone who tried to take potshots at Gabe Jones and Jim Morita.  

So you can imagine the epic clusterfuck that ensued, with this nutjob, with some help from fellow nutjobs, tried to take down our Cap and our Winter Soldier.  He’d gotten help from this group that really wanted to hold Barnes accountable for the DC Incident.  But of course, all they managed to accomplish was another Incident, with even more innocent people getting in the line of fire. 

That picture that made the cover of TIME?  The one with Barnes supporting Cap and the shield?  That pretty much summed it up.  Steve and Bucky eventually did get Burnside and made it permanent.  Yes, we made sure we saw the body being burned afterwards and everything.  We didn’t leave anything to chance. 

As for the nutjobs who helped Burnside?  They were brought to justice too. 

- Clint Barton

anonymous asked:

We love you even when you don't write prompts ❤ I have one though and I can't write so I'm sending it to you. Sterek AU wherein Stiles is an undercover cop who infiltrates the mob to get to mob boss!Derek. And Stiles looking young plays it as if he isn't 18 yet and tries to charm Derek. But Derek falls in love with him and he is just like: no you're not 18 and I'm not doing anything to you until you're of age and so many little things like this that make Stiles heart melt and then fall in love.

Stiles didn’t expect for Derek Hale to have morals.

Stiles knows what he looks like, okay. Even with a freshly buzzed head and the clothing and gait of a teenager, he’d been told many times, both by wanted and unwanted advances, how pleasing to the eye he was. It was the reason he’d been offered the undercover job in the first place. That, and his police expertise. But mostly his looks. 

Mission: Infiltrate the Hale Mob as a drug peddler, as the operations were usually run by older high school students. Figure out the base of operations, and then bust them. Simple.

Not so much.

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I can't lose you either

A/N: I once read it somewhere, in one of those writing advice sheets, that you shouldn’t be afraid of making your characters suffer and pushing them to their limits.

I may have taken that a bit too seriously this time.

This is the most deliciously heart-wrenching angst I’ve ever written.

All I can say is brace yourselves, and I hope you enjoy the feels overload. :)

With every heartbeat I have left
I will defend your every breath


She is holding onto him for dear life, her nails biting into his shoulders as she lets herself sob violently. His hand cradles the back of her head as he whispers incoherent words, his hook rubbing soothing circles on her back.

(It’s at these times when he wishes most he had both hands to hold her with, to bring comfort to her rather than touching a cold, murderous piece of metal to her soft, warm skin.)

“I- I can’t believe he’d hurt Henry.” She cries, the sheer agony in her voice making his heart break to pieces. He merely holds her tighter as he’s at a loss for words, focusing instead on holding back his own tears - and failing miserably at that. “But the worst is that it’s my fault, Killian. What kind of mother lets her own son get kidnapped?" 

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You and I (we can’t be wrong)

Ok, the title is probably lame but I’m so bad with these things. Anyways, this is for our dear justanotherfiveminutes! My first drabble written in one sitting and in about an hour. I can’t believe the things I can achieve when I’m procrastinating!

Caroline heaved a sigh as she dumped her bag by the front door, grateful to have the weight of the books and her laptop off of her. She might have been a vampire but that didn’t mean her shoulder didn’t ache from time to time. Even if it was a short couple of minutes from her car to the front door of their New Orleans home.

Stretching, she contemplated making the trek upstairs to stow away her college stuff before they ended up disappearing like the last time Rebekah needed a laptop immediately or being set on fire like the time when Kol was trying to teach some local witches in their library and somehow set her essay alight. Luckily, it was a printout and she could make another physical copy instantly. That didn’t mean she hadn’t been upset or that she hadn’t berate him for three days about it until Klaus had calmed her with a Spring Break trip to the Canaries for the two of them.

She had promptly forgotten all about her in-laws, and rightly so. Her husband loved with a passion that left her with no room for anyone else at times.

A grin broke out when she heard Klaus’ familiar footsteps approaching from his studio. Forgetting her bag (Elijah would move it out of annoyance soon enough, she was sure), she stepped right up to him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders before he had even stopped moving.

Catching the hybrid off guard was pretty hard to do, but Caroline revelled in managing the feat on occasion. Such as right then then he stumbled and momentarily froze against her.

“Long day, my love?” he murmured, breath warm against her neck as his hands settled on her hips to pull her tighter into him.

Too long,” she groaned, tucking her face into his shoulder and inhaling. It was a mix of his natural musky and earthy scent with the lingering smell of oil paints, relaxing her almost immediately. “Can you hug me, Klaus?”

His chuckle ran deep in his chest, vibrating into her as he wrapped his arms around her middle and held her closer than she had thought possible. “Better?”

“Always,” Caroline sighed, cherishing their small moment alone in the unusually empty hallway of their house. If it wasn’t another Original, there was always a vampire or a witch milling around. “I hate school.”

“You always say that, yet you keep going back,” Klaus reminded her in amusement. Though she knew he stood firmly on the stance that she was more than welcome to do whatever she wanted with her life, she always knew he hated it when she stressed herself out. Especially when studying her third degree in as many decades.

“I know. I’m a glutton for punishment,” she joked, shifting to lay her head against his chest for moment so that his heart beat lazily right under her ear.

“You know,” he began slyly, and she could practically guess what was coming next. She should have known; she had left it open and had known him long enough to know he would take every opportunity to turn things smutty. “If you really like punishment, I could turn it into pleasure.”

Slapping his chest in faux-annoyance, she huffed and pulled away, unable to keep the smile off her face (or the images out of her head). “Are we talking bondage or role playing?”

“How about both?” he countered, licking his lips and tantalisingly running his hands up her back and over her shoulders. Caroline shuddered under his touch, already feeling the heat building within her and pool between her legs.

Klaus laid his hands softly onto either side of her neck, using his thumbs to strum against her jaw and tilt her head up towards him. Closing her eyes, she awaited for his lips to meet hers, only to be treated with the mere ghosting of them against her tingling ones. Deciding to take it into her own hands, she tried to chase his mouth, only to earn herself a silent yet taunting laugh as he pulled away and pressed his face into the juncture between her neck and shoulder. The feel of his stubble against her smooth skin as he peppered kisses along her jugular was enough to make her moan out loud, tugging on his hair to pull him away.

“Klaus,” Caroline breathed out, peering at him through her lashes to notice his smirk, which slightly unnerved her.

Brushing her hair back from her face, he pecked her lips sweetly before grabbing onto her hand. “There’s dinner in the kitchen. Eat first. I don’t plan on letting you out for while,” he informed her, voice still rough and lustful, making such ordinary information sound much more enticing than it really was.

“Seriously?!” she snapped when the meaning of her words finally hit, realising that sex would be put off by at least 20 minutes now. Mood ruined, she surrendered to his instructions and allowed him to pull her into the kitchen. “Fine.”

The fact that they didn’t run into anyone didn’t strike her as unusual until they entered the kitchen. Lit candles lined the breakfast bar, glowing red in their holders and the dim lights. Dinner was laid out on the table with a champagne bottle resting in an ice bucket, bubbles already popping in the glasses they were poured into.

“Klaus,” she uttered, completely taken aback by the romantic gesture, as he pulled out her chair and waited for her to sit before pushing it in. “Did you make this?”

“No, of course not. But I did decide on the menu,” he brushed off easily, taking his own seat opposite her with an easy smile. Moving the napkin next to his plate, he unveiled a small white box which he pushed towards her. “Here.”

“What-?” Caroline asked in confusion, brows furrowed until the light finally hit it so she could see the small logo on top to indicate it was from her favourite jewellery store. The one where she requested he bought her the charms for her charm bracelet on that one special day, every year, to keep him from buying anything extravagant. A gasp left her lips as realisation hit, horror and guilt flooding her immediately. “It’s our anniversary.”

“It is,” he confirmed, dimples breaking out with his adoring gaze, only making her feel worse,

“Oh, Klaus. I’m so sorry! I’ve just been so busy with coursework that I’ve completely lost track of the days and the time,” Caroline babbled, feeling tears spring to her eyes in both anger at herself for letting such an important date slip her mind and the hurt Klaus might be feeling at her forgetting. “I’m so sorry. I’m a horribl-” she began, hiccupping and wiping at her eyes just as he interrupted her.

“Okay, Caroline, let me talk,” he insisted, taking her hands in both of his even as she kept her eyes cast down at the table. A small part of her realised she hadn’t even opened her present yet, but it was knocked aside for the time being and she decided to focus on the more important aspect of the evening. “As much as I love being the correct one in our relationship for once, I can’t take all the compliments. I only remembered earlier this afternoon when your previously ordered gift arrived.”

Brightening up at his admittance, she slowly lifted her eyes and blinked away the few tears clinging at her lashes. “So it wasn’t just me?”

“No, sweetheart. It wasn’t,” Klaus reassured her, squeezing her hands and rewarding her with a kiss to the back of one of hers from she squeezed them back. “And trust me; it doesn’t represent how much our marriage means, alright? I love you, Caroline. You are the best thing in my life. Marrying you was the best decision I made in my life. You’re not a horrible anything because you forgot.”

Grateful for his words, she let out a long sigh and nodded. Only Klaus could ease her worries with smooth words layered with tenderness, straight from the heart. It was a side of him that only she got to see, this caring and passionate husband who stopped at nothing to make her happy.

“If it was, you’d be a horrible something too,” she pointed out, watching as the corner of his mouth quirk up.

“Which we both know I am not, therefore, it cannot be true,” Klaus stated with a tone of finality, causing a bubble of laughter to rise up and erupt from her lips. Apparently achieved his goal, he placed her hands onto the table and leaned back, casually pulling the napkin onto his lap before gazing up at her with a dark desire in his eyes. “Eat up, my love. I meant it when I said I wasn’t planning on letting you out of our room for a while.”