my heart's bursting with joy

I'm so proud of Danai!

Dania Co-Captaining Richonne with Andy! I am so proud this beautiful woman is co-leading our team! Rick and Michonne are perfect together and these actors do us proud!

Just look at that smile! She looks so happy, and excited, and she looks like she’s ready to burst with joy!

It makes my heart happy knowing that she and Andy are having fun while delivering some of their best acting scenes yet! And yes, I’m partial. Just saying! I love these guys!

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Do people realize how insanely talented Chadwick Boseman is? Like, the man can sing, dance, and act supremely well and he speaks so eloquently and proficiently. Also, he emanates such class even as he is an absolutely natural and pleasant personality to see??? I don’t think people understand how lucky we are that we got to see him as the unparalleled Black Panther and will see him again reprising the role. I didn’t think I could love someone more than Don Cheadle at first then Anthony Mackie came and shared the spot. Then Chadwick Boseman came in and now my heart is bursting with pride and joy at the magic of these exquisite actors. 

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i can't believe that there's going to be a westallen wedding. my heart is bursting with so much joy that idk what to do w myself 💓

it’ll be the most beautiful wedding. can’t wait for the vows. but i think we gotta wait till season 4 for it. which is fine tbh. 


March 28, 1994~

Wang Ka Yee
My baby wang my love. He’s made my life brighter and I love him so much. My little wang is so talented and deserves all the love he can get. Jackson is one of the rarest boys that you’ll ever get cherish. His love for his parents, his love for his friends and members, his love for the people around him makes my heart burst with joy. His love and commitment to his fans. I hope my baby well soon recognise that he’s worth more than millions and he’s beautiful in his own skin. My baby was always insecure about himself. I’m so thankful Jackson is part of GOT7 and so thankful to be his fan. I love his hyena laughs, his pouting lips, his big baby eyes, his beautiful face and everything about him. I hope he eats well and rests a lot. Happy Birthday to my baby wang❤️❤️

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Matt in that video smiling is so soft and pure and it makes my heart burst with joy. And Isaiah is an actual sunshine. This cast is going to kill me Caitlin

I seriously dont know what we did to deserve such an amazing, kind hearted cast. Like ????? Isaiah just thought to himself ‘im gonna grab this microphone and serenade matt’ like sorry but thats so precious

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fatimom my heart is BURSTING W JOY it makes me so incredibly happy to hear abt that guy treating u like u deserve I NEVER WANT TO SEE U GET HURT and from the bottom of m'heart i am so glad to see u happy i love u so much

HEHENDNWJF UR SO CUTE n sweet I love u so much thank u my kid 🤧🤧♥️♥️♥️♥️😭😭😭


Look at fucking Mako, oh my god. she’s SO CERTAIN.

“Between us and that club you can’t even use yet, we have got this shit covered. Nobody can even THINK about hurting you!”


Confident, NATURALLY, but look at that smirk, that little glint in her eye.

Minako’s not just sure that they’ll protect Usagi, SHE’S KIND OF LOVING THIS. This is a DIRECT CHALLENGE. Of her Senshi. Of HER. And they’re all doing SO WELL at meeting it head-on, Minako feels. That is the satisfied, anticipatory look of preparing to crush the arrogant dickwaffle who dared to think they could get the better of you.


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You are an amazing person! NEVER forget that! We love you!

Omg my heart burst with joy!!! This made my day thank youuuuu! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I love you moreee!

Just… look at John’s eyes. The wonder in them. The way they are glistening slightly with tears he would never spill. Maybe once upon a time, with Jessica, or before that with… he used to get gifts. But then he changed as a person… and how much do you want to bet this is the first time someone has given him a birthday gift in years. He probably think he doesn’t even deserve one… what with the self proclaimed monster he is. 
And i can’t with how he swallows in the end. Swallows all the words and protests and the gratitude. Because he must think… this is usual for Harold. He has lots of money. Gifts are no big deal for him, and even if my heart is bursting with joy… i can’t burden him with all these unwanted emotions.

But i bet Harold sees it all. In the little thanks. and his heart breaks just like mine does. JOHN REESE DESERVES AND NEEDS ALL THE LOVE OKAY. 

I spot a photograph that makes my breath pause in my chest, my cheeks flushing. My heart does a double take in my chest—

It’s the picture of me yesterday, holding my camera in one hand, and our winning contest photo in the other. Just like Victoria’s, the pedestrians are lined up behind me, but…

What I think sticks out the most is the dorky smile I have.

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Thanks to more than 1,500 donors and even more who watched our video and shared our campaign, today I am thrilled to present our Indiegogo-created striped hyena diorama, now on display at The Field Museum. I’ve got lots and lots of feels - so here are the remarks I presented at our Hyena Homecoming event last night. My heart is bursting with joy. <3 


Hi everyone. My name is Emily Graslie, and I’m the Field Museum’s Chief Curiosity Correspondent, and the host and writer of our educational YouTube channel, The Brain Scoop. Most of you know that already, but I haven’t yet become tired of saying it out loud. With the help of Jaap and the exhibitions department, our communications, marketing and fundraising teams, research and science staff, conservators, designers, supportive executives, the 50+ staff and over 1,500 donors from around the world, tonight we bring you the Field’s first-ever crowd-sourced project, and the first full-scale habitat diorama created here in over 6 decades.

I am ridiculously happy that you’re all here, and want to thank you for coming out tonight. Many of you traveled quite far to get here, and everyone in this room has waited for a long time for this special diorama.. depending on how you think of it, on the one hand it was a minimum of eight months in the making, and on the other hand, that figure is closer to eighty years. So, first and foremost, thank you for all of your hard work, patience, commitment, and the shared belief that Project Hyena Diorama was, in fact, a good idea.

That all being said, April 6th, 2015 - the day we launched Project Hyena Diorama on Indiegogo - was one of the most terrifying days of my life. The Brain Scoop was pretty much all fun and games up until that point. Because there aren’t a lot of comparable channels to The Brain Scoop, I calculate our program’s success with things like hand-drawn holiday cards from children, fan art, and letters from students recently inspired by our episodes to pursue new fields of study. But this was the first time we’ve taken a chance and gone out on a limb based off of a belief that those letters, comments, shares and retweets, and the thumbs-up on videos translate into a genuine and deep interest in museums and their roles in our lives. Project Hyena Diorama was a way to tangibly involve those digital supporters – including many of you – in a very real, very permanent thing.

None of us were 100% certain we would pull it off. But I imagine that same level of nervousness happened here when the Field decided to bring me on, and in doing so become pretty much the only institution with a full-time YouTuber on its staff. I’m told frequently that big ships turn slowly, and the Field Museum is one massive ship. I can’t emphasize enough how much faith my bosses and colleagues had to have had in me to even entertain this idea. When I say it couldn’t have happened without you, and the 1,400 other donors who couldn’t be here tonight, I genuinely mean it.  

So, fast forward six weeks from that terrifying launch date, and - spoiler alert - we did it! Then, people started asking me why I thought viewers and museum fans donated to the project. After all, hyenas aren’t the most charismatic creatures. So if you’re up for it, I’d love for some of you to let me know why you decided to help out and come here tonight, because honestly I’ve just been making up answers for you. “January is a great month to visit Chicago!” said nobody ever.

Your reasonings probably vary, but I’ll tell you why I was so compelled by this project idea. It’s the same reason why I’m so enamored with natural history museums in the first place. This diorama, and our museum collections, function to create and maintain a universally owned legacy.  

This project allowed us the opportunity to contribute to a history that is beyond any one individual, and spans almost a century of time. Today, we continue to consult Carl Akeley, a character who has been dead for ninety years, because he truly was a pioneer in this field, and his craftsmanship is still highly regarded. Our exhibits staff researchers and artists looked back many decades into the Field Museum’s history to learn more about artists and designers who came after Akeley, to make sure the techniques and materials used for the hyena diorama were in line with the wishes and intentions of those who began constructing the Hall of Asian Mammals back in the 1920s and 30s. And now, we’re able to use technologies available to us today to hone those practices. We contributed to improvements in conservation, we’ve utilized software that told us the exact star pattern in the sky for this moment in time, and we can rely on new knowledge about these animals that was unknown when the specimens were first collected.

Legacy is about the fact that our scientists care, in meticulous detail, about the exact shape and texture of the ball of dung that is being rolled by the tiny, mighty dung beetle in the front of this scene.

The very, very sad reality of why accuracy matters so much for dung balls and the beetles who roll them in museum dioramas is because there’s an exponentially growing threat of this scene not existing outside of Museums in another hundred years. What drives me to do the work that I do is knowing that I alone can’t stop that from happening, but I will do whatever I can to make sure we remember, share, and admire these moments in time, so generations from now children and adults can walk down this hall and become intrigued by what is naturally intriguing, and express curiosity for what is inherently curious. And your contributions to this project are the ultimate assurance that I am not alone in this idea of wanting to create compelling legacies that can be enjoyed and appreciated by hundreds of thousands of visitors to The Field Museum, and by just as many more who have gotten to know us through a twitter feed and YouTube interface. And that is certainly something to celebrate.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. 

Aaron being lighthearted and joking with Adam about double dates with Robert and Vic.

Aaron wanting to help Adam in a fight but knowing he needed to give Ross a good ass kicking.

Aaron being concerned about Vic.

Aaron and Finn banter. Complete with Aaron’s on par facial expressions.


Aaron being concerned about Finn and genuinely trying to be a real mate.

Aaron being perfect and making my heart burst with joy.

beautiful post from one of junghwan team in soompi thread..

I Iike you Kim Junghwan. I said I like you.My every thoughts and concern were for you.My every thoughts and concern were for you. Do you know what I did because of you? I woke up at ungodly hours just to watch a stream of a show in a language I couldn’t understand. When you wouldn’t be on screen. I couldn’t pay attention I was so worried. “Where is he?” “Why aren’t we seeing him?” “Does one boy have to study or be broody for this long”.. Watching you keep the bus waiting for her, going to McDonald’s for her, telling her not to go on the blind date. When you got her the pink gloves and you took your pink shirt. I was so happy, I thought my heart would burst from joy. I wanted to see your beautiful face on screen for every scene and a dozen more. I was happy whenever I saw you but especially with you older brother. I like you so much. I love you. You are one of the best things to come out of this drama for me and I will never forget the son, brother, friend, student, lover, and first failed love that you were. You are a fictional character and this is insane. But, I truly fell in love with you and your journey. You are right there on equal footing with Oppa-ya (that is the highest position even higher than my Jongbong) of the greatest thing this franchise has given me. You truly stole the show not only for me but the greater most of fandom in Korea. I look forward to supporting and following your future endeavors Ryu Joo Yeol. The husband of my heart

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