my heart won't stop wanting you

ooc;; hey alpha dream/intelligent systems, i know you’re having fun working on the mario series, but you know who’d also be good for fun RPGs,

And with every ‘I love you’
My heart went further
Past cloud nine
Trying to catch
All the stars in the universe

Unafraid of what happens
When the ‘I love you’s stop
And my heart falls
Back to earth

It’ll shatter
But for now
I’ll relish in the high
Before the low

And I’m not afraid, no
Of the fall that’ll shatter me
I just want you to know
How high you get me

—  //The shattered flower

I’m happy just because baby, it’s true. Sure you ask for reasons why, but they are just so many reasons that I can come up with and my mind tries to think of them all at once that I just become speechless (that’s one of the reasons why I love you :p).

The only thing I would change about this picture is the heart on the bottom. That heart is an empty. I would fill that heart in with ink because my heart is filled with the endless love I have for you<3