my heart will explode with so much perfection

inspired by this video (sfw, but a sex toy is being used as car repair, so take that as you will)

“Laura’s gonna flip,” Derek says in dismay, looking at the huge dent in the driver’s side door of the Camaro. Her most precious possession, the car she’d been saving up for forever, the car she waxes and washes every weekend, the car that she let Derek borrow to go to the Mathletes competition in San Francisco because Derek had a basketball game on Friday and couldn’t make the official school bus, the car that Laura made him swear his life on, is now forever ruined.

“Damn, if there ever was a good place to curse, that would have been it,” Stiles says, crossing his arms and looking far more attractive than he had the right to. “C’mon, Derek. Just say it. Fuck.”

Derek blushes, watching the word tumble out of Stiles’ pink mouth. “No, I… there’s gotta be a way to fix it. But if I call her insurance people she’s gonna know…”

“It’s totally my fault,” Stiles says. “I was the one who wanted to go to Tastee Freeze on the way back, and let some dingbat hit you in the parking lot. Actually, it’s their fault, whoever can’t drive.”

Derek shakes his head. It’s his fault. He’d been having too much fun this weekend; he’d spent practically all of it with Stiles. He’d had a crush on him forever— in fact, joined Mathletes at his request, and the whole year of practice, of spending afternoons with Stiles poring over math problems, watching Stiles lick Cheeto dust off his fingers— it’s been too much. Coupled with the fact that Stiles actually just plain forgot to catch the bus on Friday, and then caught a ride with Derek, meant hours in the car listening to him sing along to Hamilton and muddle through the rap bits, and sleeping next to him in the four-to-a-room motel Saturday night, and waking up with Stiles’ face smashed into his shoulder.

Derek had been too overwhelmed by it all, too overwhelmed by Stiles. Getting the chance to spend time with his friend this weekend had just intensified his feelings, and he knows there’s no chance that Stiles will ever feel the same, so he’s just drinking it all in, savoring these moments when he can.

It had been a terrible parking job, the Camaro was at a weird angle, that’s why the person rounding the turn had hit him. Derek sighs. He guesses it’s for the best. He’ll just have to pay Laura back. For forever.

Stiles is studying the door, eyes narrowed in concentration. “Actually, it’s not that bad. They didn’t even scratch it. It’s just a dent. With the right amount of leverage…”

“I’m sorry, do you happen to have a magical car-door fixer in your overnight bag?”

Somehow, this causes Stiles to turn bright red. “Okay. I have an idea. But you have to promise not to laugh.”


Derek watches, perplexed, as Stiles pulls his duffle bag out of the back seat, and then rummages around in it.

“Promise not to laugh,” Stiles repeats.

“I promise.” Derek is confused, but sincere.

Stiles pulls a bright blue dildo out of the bag. It’s springy, and jiggles a little with the movement. There’s a thick vein running along the side, and the base even has… balls.

Derek’s brain short circuits, an image of Stiles, naked, working himself on the girth of the toy, his mouth open, panting, as he tries to get the right angle, skin flushed pink from pleasure…

“Fuck,” Derek says.

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100 Reasons to Love Kim Namjoon

today is my 3 year anniversary of loving namjoon and so here’s 100 reasons everyone should love him !!!!!!!

  1. he gave up a stable future of studying and going to college (despite being so smart) to risk everything and pursue his dream of becoming a rapper
  2. had to fight criticism for being an ‘idol’ rapper and struggled for years with his decision and identity
  3. when he says he loves himself !!!!
  4. never forget this cute tummy flash !!!!!!!!
  5. he loves all his members so much sosososo much, he always puts them before himself 
  7. that one time tae came to sleep next to namjoon and namjoon sleepily held tae’s hand and wouldn’t let go
  8. his signature move when he takes his two index fingers and covers one of his eyes while looking deadass into the camera
  10. professional self-dragger, literally willingly drags his own ass
  11. his mixtape release in 2015, every song was so important and deep and okay, it’s largely forgotten because of yoongi’s mixtape but it has so much emotion and meaning behind every song
  12. he loveloveloves dogs !
  13. literally has looked like the best thing the world has to offer no matter what rainbow ass hair color bighit sticks him with
  14. that golden age when his hair was black when will that look come back from the war ://////////
  15. you know that thing he does when he’s been rapping and suddenly breaks out into a smile and scrunches his nose and winks with one eye mmmmmmmmokay !!!!
  16. his angry rap when his neck veins show because he’s literally putting his all into it
  17. the way he looks in beanies !!!!!!!!! with one ear tucked in and the other sticking out
  18. the mole on the left side right under his jawline 
  19. the fact that he literally read books on philosophy for hyyh
  20. THE WAY !!!!!!!!! HE LOOKS !!!!!!!!!!!! IN A SUIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. that time his speaker wasn’t working and he yelled at it and it started to work, Legends Only
  22. the fact that he isn’t afraid to try out weird kinds of fashion and won’t hear shit about it
  23. has been known to support LGBT since 2012
  25. when he’s too lazy to wear contacts so he wears his thick black rimmed glasses :’(((((((((((
  26. that time he had a wardrobe malfunction and had his whole shirt ripped off during that dance break and he did the whole performance holding up the sorry remains of his shirt 
  27. the fact that kim namjoon invented dimples !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no really he did
  28. how he is literally incapable of doing a fan sign without making it a display of how much aegyo he can fit in any given span of time and then immediately be shy and embarrassed about it
  29. 6 feet tall, he is 6 feet tall also don’t forget that he is literally the eiffel tower because nothing is taller than 6 feet just sayin
  30. that amazing and blessed time he had silver hair and my heart literally exploded !!!!!!!!!!!
  32. that time bts was doing rainism and he was the only one who didn’t know all the moves and messed up but pulled it off confidently in the end
  33. he literally loves his mom so much i’m :’(((((((
  35. the fact that every time someone tells him to do a freestyle dance, it’s literally the same awkward robotic jerky dance with the failing arms and legs since 2013
  36. when he tries to sing even though the members laugh at him
  38. his cute soft pretty pink knees :’))))))))))
  39. in the fire era when he had that acorn haircut and pulled that shit off when will your fave ever
  40. he reads, he has an IQ of 148, he was the nation’s top 1% in 5 subjects in high school, he -
  41. his smile his beautiful glorious soft glowing stunning breathtaking smile that smile that you only have the privilege of seeing someone have one in a million times in your life, the kind of smile that could change the world
  42. the way he looks in a choker the way he looks in a choker the way he looks in a chok-
  43. okay !!!!!!!!!! but his cute squishy tiny nose so kissable n someone please bop it and pinch it and it’s soosososo cute 
  44. the way he gets his hands inky and dirty every single fan sign every single darn one !!!!!!!!!!!! why are they dirty? what is he doing ?????
  46. the way his arms look in sleeveless tops his arms !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  47. the way he looks in snapbacks mmmmmmmmmmmm
  48. that time on running man when everyone was supposed to have as many boxes as possible and he literally got his box snatched from his hands and he tripped over nothing he’s the dorkiest softest boy -
  49. SAILORMON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  50. that time he wore the army khakis and outfit and i just ://////// oh my god
  51. his side profile his perfect gorgeous beautiful angelic side profile !!!!
  52. his obsession with ryan and how happy he got when jimin got him a ryan cake for his birthday fkdsfhgfd
  53. legs for days !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  54. that time namjoon was a minion for halloween 
  55. “I had to dance to survive in this cold, cruel world.”
  56. his cute outfit in the baepsae dance practice video :((((((((((
  57. he looks sosoososososo unbeliveably beautiful bare faced i just love him so much 
  58. that time during the hyyh prologue shooting when all the members were piling onto him and he yelled ‘MY BALLS, MAN’
  59. his fucnkgn !!!!!!!!!! puma photoshoot binch !!!!!!!!!!!
  60. the fact that he sang expensive girl and took the fact that he didn’t get a grammy for it like a man :///
  61. that time they won their first award in 2015 and he was cleARLY CRYING but denied it like “i’m not crying”
  63. that one time !!!!!!!!!!!!!! bts had an outdoor performance and his white shirt got sososososooso sweaty it was basically stuck to him and see through if you don’t know what i’m talking about then goodbye
  64. those RARE times when he smiles and sticks his tongue out at the same time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  65. that time he was complaining about jungkook and the fruit flies and the weird as shit way he pronounced ‘vaccuum’
  66. his messy friendship with jackson 
  67. the fact that he apologized for the mistakes he has made in the past and made no excuses about them 
  68. award for having the world’s cutest and flattest tushy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  69. i don’t know if anyone noticed but the way he holds his fingers when he’s explaining something like he puts them in awkward bent angles and they’re really long and expressive i just looooovvveeeee
  70. that time he was doing a duet with this female singer for a show and he picked her up from the airport and held a sign with her name and got shy around her he’s the biggest gentleman DDDD:
  71. deep husky voice like shots of pure liquid gold sends shivers down my spine ://////////
  72.  KIM DAILY
  73. that time he held a tiny itty bitty baby frog on his index finger i dont know why it was so cute of him i just !!!
  74. sweaty namjoon when namjoon sweats the sweat namjoon produces 
  75. that time he tried to twerk but ‘something keeps dangling’
  76. when !!!!!!!!!! he wears tight pants and his thighs are almost bursting out of his pants jdfkkhkj
  77. the way he says ‘baby’
  79. that time he was asked to pick between solo and bts and didn’t hesitate for a microsecond before saying bts
  81. taught himself english by listening to 10 english dvds 10 times over 3 years 
  82. special thank you to every namjoon stylist who made him wear low cut shirts
  83. THE WAY HE LOOKS WEARING A MASSIVE HOODIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  84. ‘and i’m sexy like a porn star’
  85. accepts and settles for being the least popular bts member
  86. the way he looks when he wears headbands 
  87. when his sleeves are super long so he has sweater paws and his pretty fingers stick out slightly jdsfkshgkjfmncvb
  88. sub par body rolls that can still make you squirm and cry :////////
  89. once when he was the first in a lineup in a fan sign he told a fan ‘now you’ve practiced on me, you can do this in front of your real bias’
  90. got to write in “힙합하다 1” (‘This is Hip Hop 1: South Korea, Hip Hop and Life’) which is a hip hop book for 42 top korean hip hop artists
  92. the way he looks in a tie ohohohoohohoho my gosh !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  93. that time in the ariport the cameraman said ‘the girls love you guys’ and namjoon was like ‘thanks, we love you too’
  94. the way he wrote about the sunset in his diary when he went to dubai 
  96. he once told a fan ‘sorry’ when she told him she got him photocard
  97. he said that he wanted to know what it was like going to college and sometimes he feels like he missed out on that experience :///
  98. can you believe namjoon invented having pretty hands??????? Amazing
  99. he cares sosooso much about other people he’s always wondering how his fans are doing, what they feel like, always giving advice, always learning and growing, never stopping
  100. “I’m still existing, still breathing. Even though I keep looking forward and run, sometimes I still look back. The path in front and behind are still far, but even so, if the people who look at me are still dreaming and picking up their strengths, that alone makes me feel good. It’s okay to live this way, breaking down, getting hurt and looking back at the past. I will live. I am living like this. Me. Us.”

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Tom Holland x Reader

Request: Yes

Summary: Struggling with scars due to several surgeries as a child, Tom is there to comfort and love the Reader.

Word Count: 2,580

Warnings: Language, body image issues, talk of scars, childhood, loving!tom, sad stuff, fluff. (That’s it ??)

A/N: Wowza, I posted ?? I know, it’s crazy. Hopefully this is close as to what the anon asked for and is a decent tom imagine (still struggling w/ those tbh). As always, enjoy reading and feedback is appreciated!

Today was yours and Tom’s one year anniversary of being together.

You were beyond ecstatic when he had asked you out for the first time.

Thinking about it always makes you crack a smile, remembering the horrendous first impression you both presented to one another.

You had been at a local cafe getting a simple cup of coffee, enjoying your time.

Tom, however, was in a rush to get to a meeting, so as you were reaching to grab a napkin off the baristas counter, he quickly and accidentally rammed into you.

His coffee went everywhere.

He started apologizing profusely, but you were too entranced  by his muddled hair and deep brown, chocolate eyes that glistened every time he stared into yours with worry spread across his gorgeously chiseled face.

After that, you two kept running into each other.

A few of your friends always commented how it was “fate.”

And after a while, you started believing it too.

Tom is my soulmate.

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Has your inner fangirl ever gone totally crazy because of something that happened in real life?

Mine has, last week

There are these two guys in my university who, in my head, are Harry and Draco  respectively (I also think they are gay); let’s call them “H” and “D”. I swear I spent the whole month of february trying to find a way to make them talk or something, but it was a huge problem bc “D” treats me like Draco would treat a hufflepuff, and “H” treats me like Harry treats girls in HBP (he’s super cute and polite, but that’s it); in short, I don’t have much contact with any of them. And then, last week, I saw them, together, smiling (to each other, and I had barely seen any of them smiling), side by side, studying, they entered a clasroom to do homework (or so I guess) but they were really close and Idk, my head and my heart just exploded and I nearlly screamed

I’ll just go to do homework now….

Em's 2.5k Fic Recommendation

Why hello there! There’s 2.5k people following and that’s absolutely unbelievable. Thank you all for following me, reading and commenting on my imagines, talking to me, or even just being there and supporting me through my time of being a writer. I’ll never forget it. *cue sappy music*

These are imagines that have come off the top of my head, all Teen Wolf related or actors in TW, that have stuck with me through my time on here, stories that I would go back and read through. From me to you, thank you all for being so amazing at writing.

And I probably forgot so many amazing people off this list, but keep up the good work guys. And remember, I’ve said it before; I find it so hard to read Teen Wolf imagines lately - I’m stuck in a world full of Stucky lately - so if you have wrote an amazing imagine within the last little while and it’s not on this list, to be honest I probably haven’t read it (I know that sounds awfully rude, I don’t mean it to come across like that either but it’s the truth)

I had 20+ fics here, but I had to cut it down to 11! because it was just a never ending thing, I hate leaving people out but I’m that nice I would have added every single person I follow

This will, and always will, be the first on my list for any recommendations that I’ll give. This list is not in order of preference, but I’ll say this once, THIS WILL ALWAYS GET FIRST PLACE. This story made me an emotional wreck and it truly is a work of art. Kenzie is so damn wonderful at writing, and if I could reread this story all my life, I happily would. Who doesn’t love a 50 era story though? Slicked back hair, leather jackets.

I sure am a sucker for best friend reader x Stiles, this story was so cute and so well-written. I don’t usually read stories based around the plot line of Teen Wolf but I always make an exception for this one <3

I found this story whilst going through the Theo tag on Tumblr, and I just fell in love with it straight away. I absolutely love the banter between the reader and Theo about the dread doctors, it’s so light hearted and the smut is ace!!

If I could, I would add every single imagine Mal has wrote to this list because her smut is literally the best smut you will need. Ever. This story is just so wonderful and it literally had me shook from the start. And like I mean, I would love to have Stiles wank over me too!

This story was an emotional rollercoster for me. It’s definitely my absolute favorite imagine from Bee. It’s so real, and I would 100% become a makeup artist if I got to fall in love with Dylan. I do love stories based on movie sets with Dylan, he’s just so wonderful just like this story!

I don’t read many Peter stories, I don’t know why, but this one was just so damn cute and amazing. I love a wounded and shirtless Peter, and as always, cocky as fuck. This story made the butterflies erupt in my stomach. It was just do damn good!

Of course I had to add the queen to this list. I was so tempted to tag your complete Brett masterlist *cough* here y’all go *cough*. Joey is definitely the best Brett writer out there, she captures him so damn well! I love the concept of this story and the smut is just squeal-worthy.

If anyone knows me, or if you’ve been following me for a while now, you know I LOVE DEREK HALE. I LOVE HIM. So much, and protective Derek is definitely no different. And when Derek grabs the reader to spin her around, MY HEART it exploded. This story is truly amazing, and I 100% recommend for Soph to write my Derek Hale smut! Plus, I was going through my followers list and Sophie was the FIRST ever person I followed her on Tumblr, so amen to her.

I don’t actually think I follow this page, but I got this sent in by @awesomelion and I remembered it straight away. This was the first fic I read when I joined Tumblr and I reread it when I got it sent in, and guys IM STILL SO IN LOVE WITH THIS FIC how many times will I have to cry over it?? I completely forgot what had happened and it broke my heart reading it again.. BRB CRYING

I remember I went into a reading slump and couldn’t read anything and I was scrolling through Tumblr and this came up, and I immediately fell in love with it. I love Jealous Scott, and Alpha/Beta/Omega smut so this story was perfect for me. It’s absolutely amazing and so well written. If anyone hasn’t read this, and is a Scott lover like me, give it a read because it’s so amazing!

This… this is just so perfect. I love it. Everyone knows how much I adore AU and Teacher Dylan is no different. Chloe is probably one of the best writers in the fandom, and even though shes on a hiats at the moment, I;m still excited for Part 4 of this! PLEASE GET IT OUT! But honestly, this story is pure smut but yet somehow still so fluffy that my heart just explodes!

And as well as fic recommendations, I just want to say a quick thank you to all people who give me feedback, like & reblog my writing. I do love writing, and it means so much that y’all stick around.

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Can you rank Jughead's best styles ranging from funeral, construction, serpent, retro, homecoming, sweater, Scottish kilt or nothing but a towel.

This is gonna be such a hard task, since I LOVE his style, but yes! I think I’ll be able to do this!

8th Place: Scottish Kilt
Don’t get me wrong… He looks really good, but… NEXT!

7th Place: Homecoming
Damn it, isn’t he just… Perfect?

6th: Retro
Such an adorable boy!

5th: Construction
These arms…

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4th: Sweater
Okay… I have a thing for Jug in sweaters…

3rd: Nothing but a towel
No words are necessary. (PS: this is in the 3rd place because we didn’t get to see much of that scene XD)

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2nd: Serpent
Oh god… *fans myself*

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1st: The Funeral
Formal Suit + Beanie= My heart exploding! He just looks so cute!

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This was probably the hardest ask I’ve ever answered, tbh… I just love this boy with all my heart, and ranking his looks… Oh, god… This boy is just

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I don’t want to be like, dramatic or something, but this was the best episode of Shadowhunters so far, and one of my all-time favourites.

I can’t begin to tell you how much I relate to Alec on his “I’m not experienced because no one came along that I liked enough to risk it” and the “please don’t treat me differently because of it” . It was the perfect discussion and the slow realization that even though being completely different they still care enough to give It a try.

I’m just having so many feelings y'all. So many.

BTS Reaction #6 - You dress up in a cute onsie and cuddle them to death

monsta x / black pink/ bts how would they react if you would dress up in a cute onesi and cuddle them to deathxD

And the final part is here! I’m a little sad since this is so cute!! ^.^ Thank you again anon!

Seokjin (Jin): *practically has a heartattack from how hard he’s fanboying over you* “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! How can one person be this cute??”

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Hoseok (Jungkook): *this is his favorite moment of his entire life and he acts cute with you* “You are the most perfect human being I have ever met~”

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Namjoon (Rap Monster): *blushes and smiles super widely* “What got into you, you little cutie?”

Originally posted by baebsaes

Jungkook: *malfunctions from adorableness but is also still a dweeb* “BABE WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME? MY HEARTS GONNA EXPLODE, IT’S SO FULL OF RAINBOWS”

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Taehyung (V): *happiest alien ever* “Yah, how did you know just what I needed tonight? You know me so well sweetie. I love you.”

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Jimin: *always up for a cuddle session* “Aww, babe! You’re so warm and cuddly~ Want to watch some movies and just chill tonight?”

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Yoongi (Suga): *usually initiates the cuddles so he’s happy for the switch* *lughs* “Yah, why are you so weird?” *gives you a gummy smile and laughs more at your pout* “I love your weirdness though!! I swear!”

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CHEATING|| Harry Styles Imagine

Cheating- Harry Styles 

 His P.O.V 

 I can’t even remember the first time I dated her or how I ended up kissing her. I don’t love her, at all. I only have one true love, my fiancée. 
Why am I doing this to her? She doesn’t deserve it. 
I don’t deserve her.
I vaguely remember all the times I skipped out dates for going to Maribel- the girl I was cheating her with. But she was so insistent all the time, she would call me, send my things, come to my studio, everywhere. 

 My fiancée was always more than enough, always caring, kind and loving. Her laugh used to make me feel in cloud 9, more powerful than Superman.
When did I stop acknowledging that?
 But it’s too late now.
Too late for regrets. 

She saw us, Maribel and I, making out on our very own bed. The one that had seen us making love several times, is now the witness of a simple fuck.
A mistake.
Her face showed pure horror and her eyes sadness. It was all my fault.
 I quickly separate myself from the girl I was fucking with. I’m such a coward, and an asshole.
I stand up as fast as my body lets me, feeling dirty and the adrenaline floating on my system, my head and heart pounding at what is going to happen.


She’s gonna leave me. I know that. She has always been very clear.
 No cheating, be loyal and honest.
And I failed it.
I failed her love.
My promise. My promise to always protect her from everyone- and I was the one who hurt her. What a fool. I try to take her hand in mine but she takes a step back, trying not to cry but her eyes let tears roll down like cascades. I only feel my heart breaking at the scene. She’s so hurt.
I hear the door shut downstairs and I know that Maribel is gone, but I couldn’t care less. 

 “Love…” I try to call her, more a whisper than anything but she shakes her head, as if my words would hurt her more, however, she hasn’t left yet, she wants an explication, I know. My heartbeat races when I see her playing with the engagement ring I gave her.
She can’t take it off now, she has never taken it off.
I take a step closer and this time she doesn’t move so I take her hand.
“Why, Harry? I trusted you.” Her voice was so broken, barely a whisper. She was looking at our laced hands.
I didn’t have an answer. I can’t even tell when this all started. For fucks sake, I love this girl so much I can’t even see her like this anymore. I feel so weak.
“I.. I don’t know. I love you, so much… don’t misunderstand this, please. I’m such an idiot… and please forgive me, I’ll do anything… babe please.”
All that I could hear back was silence.
 She wasn’t screaming at me, saying bad words, or fighting, anything and that just made me realize how serious this was.
 “Please… hit me, yell at me, make me feel like the worst man on earth, just… do something.” I beg, sounding so desperate. Tears are running down my face now, tears that can’t be stopped unless it’s by her touch.
But she’s not touching me.
I pull her closer and kiss her. At first she’s not responding it but then she kisses me back. And the kiss is full of love, the love that I thought I had lost, only feeling stronger, but there is something else here, something that makes me feel uneasy, and I try to push that feeling aside.
Slowly, we lay down on the floor, in front of the fireplace, never separating. The kiss only gets deeper and deeper as we both separate for brief seconds for air, as if we couldn’t take enough from each other. It was all so full of love, so beyond description that I felt my heart exploding with it. Her hands wandering all over my body, grabbing my hair, bitting my lips, her soft moans on my mouth. I break the kiss, asking for a silent permission to take her clothes off, and she nods. While undressing her, we never break the glance. Her face, her breathtaking beauty. She undresses me too with sluggishness as if she doesn’t want this moment to end. And don’t do either. I look at her body, her perfect figure. I feel desire, but more than desire, love.
How can I feel that much love for someone.
I look back at her and see that she was doing the same thing. When our glances meet I can see something in her eyes I can’t quite describe and that weird, kind of aching feeling comes back, one that makes me want to hold her.
And that’s what I do. I hug her while I make love to her.
Only breaking the hug for looking at her eyes while our moans fill the cold empty room. Stunning. I don’t want to forget her.
As we both hit the highest point I let her name out of my lips, accompanied with an “I love you” that doesn’t get an answer. But I let that slip. She’s still hurt, I know. 

In the morning I see her engagement ring in my hand and I quickly stand up. Calling her name without getting an answer.
Desperate I run to the kitchen.

All her things gone, and the necklace I gave her with the engagement ring is with a hand-made letter. 

 Dear Harry. 

I know I should not be explaining myself but here I am. I used to believe that we were inseparable, but time showed me wrong.
Forgiving is harder than you can expect and right now I don’t know if what I need is time or to be away from you, so I’m doing both.
I love you, I always will and that’s what’s bothering me if I’m honest.
I can’t be with you now. But you have such and amazing heart… yes, even after what you did, and you deserve someone that loves you as I do, but at the same time someone you can love too as much as I did, and I hope you can find that girl that makes you feel like you made me feel. 

All the love to you, (y/n).

I feel rage and pain. I love her. I truly do, I thought she felt that love yesterday. But then again, this is all my fault. I made her feel as if I didn’t love her.
I try to call her, but there’s no answer. 
I take my car keys and drive to her house. Nothing, her neighbors say she left earlier this morning with a suitcase. She’s not at her parents house, not at her best friend’s house. She’s gone. I lost her. I lost her love and I might never get her back. But I will fight, I will fight for her. I will look for her on everyplace, I won’t give up. I love her.

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My Sun, My Moon, My Stars

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❅ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

❅ Genre: Fluff

 A/N- Sorry this is just a short little one shot, I suddenly felt like writing a bit of cute fluffiness so I hope you guys enjoy :) x

❅ “Yours is the light by which my spirit’s born: - you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.” - E.E Cummings

Snowflakes tumbled down in a flurry as the two of you made your way through the dimly lit street hand in hand.

You were both bundled in thick layers of clothing, everything from thermal socks to woollen hats and yet somehow the evening’s cold still seeped through, though the warmth of being next to Jungkook was enough to keep out any chill, no matter how harsh or bitter. Your boots left imprints in the freshly laid snow as you trudged along the silent street, the only noise gracing the air the sound of distant church bells ringing.

His grip around your hand tightened.

“It’s freezing tonight” he remarked, and you hummed in agreement, your breath forming steam as it left your mouth.

After a few more moments of walking in a very happy silence Jungkook seemed to take note of the way your entire body was shivering and your teeth chattering. He let go of your hand instantly, ignoring your protests and removed his coat before gently draping the item around your shoulders, the comforting heat enveloped your body immediately.

“Jungkook no, you’re gonna be cold now, put your coat back on you silly boy” you insisted, trying to remove the jacket from around you, but he grabbed it and held it in place firmly.

“No, I’d rather I was cold than you, and besides, I can handle it better than you” he said, taking your hand in his own again and guiding you down the twisting roads lined with houses on either side. You could see inside some of the windows, Christmas trees hadn’t been taken down yet and families sat inside their living rooms, talking or gathered around the TV. The sight made you oddly sentimental.

“Jeon Jungkook, are you implying that I’m a weakling?” you said jokingly, punching his upper arm lightly.

“Of course not! I would never do that Y/N” he replied, his voice heavy with sarcastic offence “I wasn’t implying you’re a weakling. I know for a fact you’re a weakling”

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I literally have no words to describe how much this woman inspires me. The Series 6 finale was fantastic by far, and there are so many people to thank for it. Laura Main portrays Shelagh Turner so well. Shelagh is usually tight laced, somewhat bossy, but always cares. In the finale, we watched Shelagh have her baby, a baby she was told that she could never have. I saw different parts of Shelagh that I never thought I could see in that episode. She was somewhat frustrated, and reflecting on her past life as Sister Julienne told her that singing was a way for her to keep some control of the pain. She and Patrick started singing together, and my whole heart exploded. Shelagh got to hold her son in her arms, and that… Was so truly perfect! 💙

I’m thanking Laura Main, for being the most incredible actress I know, for portraying my favorite character in existence, and for being such and inspiration to me and so many others! Laura, thank you, thank you so so much. You inspire me more than you know. I can’t wait to see what the rest of this year has in store for you! Thank you, and I hope you have a fantastic day! ❤

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I've found the worlds most perfect girl! I'm just so lucky to have her!! I love her so much and I'm so thankful for your blog because I have a hard time articulating what I feel and these posts help a lot. She's so beautiful inside and out and she's all I think about. She has the prettiest green eyes and her smile just makes my heart explode. I'm just so in love with everything about her. I've never felt this way before. She follows you too so I know she'll see this. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ABBIE

Aww it seems like you love her very much and I’m so happy that my posts help you express that :’) Abbie sounds absolutely amazing and you definitely deserve her <3

ScorpioxCancer Chapter 2 Part 2/2

‘Oh, hey, Cancer! How’re you? c;’

Ignoring the flutter the winky face sent through her heart, Cancer replied:

‘I’m great! You? c:’

‘Pretty decent, even better now that you’re talking to me c;’

‘Haha, thanks, but nah. I’m pretty boring ^^;’

‘Someone boring never would’ve gotten my number’

Oh god, her heart. This guy was gonna have her throwing up rainbows by the end of the conversation!

‘Oh god, blushing. BLUSHING HARD.’

‘Wish I could see that, cutie c;’

‘I’M NOT CUTE! \(O////O)/’

‘You just sent a blushing emoji. That is literally adorable XD’

‘fjkhlsnskbsixhsldbfjx SHUUUUUSH!!’

‘Pfft try and make me’

‘I will when I see you!’

Cancer froze. Wait… What? DID SHE JUST SAY THAT?! Oh god, SHE WAS GETTING DANGEROUSLY FORCEFUL! She had to cover that up! FAST! Her thumbs flew to the keys, and she quickly sent a follow-up message.

‘I mean, if you want to, that is!!’

‘Haha you’re cute. Of course I want to.’


‘Haha cool! When you wanna meet up? c:’

‘Whenever you want to, cutie~’

Oh, why did he have to leave the decision making to her? She was just about the most indecisive person on the planet!

‘Uuuum haha idk! ^^;’

‘Pfft, me either XD Well, when are you free?’

‘Literally always haha’

It was true. It was mid-June, and all of her friends were on vacation. She was bored.

‘Well, hm… Hey, I have an idea!’

‘What?? 0.0’

‘The carnival is in town rn. Today is the last day, so would you maybe wanna go tonight?’

OHMYGOD OHMYGOD OHMYGOD! Cancer just about fell off the couch in excitement. TONIGHT? She was seeing him tonight?! YES! YESYESYES! This was awesome! She could hardly wait— WAIT! She needed to text him back first!

‘Yeah, that sounds awesome! c: How far of a walk is it?’

Cancer didn’t exactly have another mode of transportation. The car was in the shop for repairs. She wasn’t exactly sure what the story behind THIS was, but she had a feeling they needed to stop leaving Gemini and Sagittarius alone with mechanical appliances.

‘Pfft don’t be a dork. I’ll pick you up.’



‘All the way to the other end of town? Ha, that’ll happen. I’d be more than happy to pick you up. Can I get an address, tho?? XD’

‘Haha, thanks! ^^; It’s XXX Zodiac Circle. You know, where the big “Beware the Water” signs are?’

The water signs really did make too much of a deal. They stood like an annoying barricade on either side of the road going over the stream that ran perpendicular to Cancer’s street. It was just a little creek! ‘BEWARE’ made it sound like a friggin’ ocean. But Gemini had fallen in there ONCE, and suddenly the neighborhood was plagued with the water signs’ overdramatic existence. Cancer had a little resentment toward Gemini for it. It wasn’t her fault the airhead couldn’t swim!

‘Really? That isn’t too far from my house, haha. Though I suppose that makes sense, considering we walked to the same laundromat. So I’ll pick you up at 6:30, does that sound alright? (:’

‘Yeah, haha! ^.^ That sounds great! And thanks again in advance for giving me a ride!’

‘No problem, cutie (; See you then~’

‘See ya! ^^’

Cancer set her phone back onto the coffee table at last. Her heart and stomach were filled with butterflies, and a beaming smile adorned her warm face. She was seeing Scorpio tonight! She could hardly contain her happiness and let loose a small squeal. She paused for a moment self-consciously before remembering she was home alone and squealing again. She was so happy! After a couple more moments of fangirling over her anticipated date with the alluring man by the name of Scorpio, Cancer checked the time. 2:45P.M. She had plenty of time to get ready…but she wanted this to be perfect! The elated girl ran upstairs to her room with a heart swollen in joy. She needed to get ready!


A/N: Sorry it’s so short guys, and sorry they don’t hang out in this chapter. But don’t fret! :3 The next chapter is their first date and it’s gonna make your hearts explode c;


Did you like my punny Water/Air Sign shade? XD I amuse myself too much~


Queen of Hearts. A Matt Brown story

You sat forward on the queen sized mattress and Matt sat close behind, his legs wrapped around you. The wind and the waves were making you a little sick to your stomach but you didn’t want to let him know that. The two of you had been floating for almost an hour just off the shore of Brown town in the frigid Alaskan waters. Nestled comfortably between his legs, you had embarked on the maiden voyage of his hand made boat, the Queen of Hearts.

“Are you too cold?” Matt’s lips were on your ear and his hands were on your hips.
“No. I’m not cold.” You admitted honestly.

The truth was that snuggled up next to Matt, his body pressed tight to yours, you were feeling everything except cold. Nervous? Yes. You were on an inflated mattress powered by the wind and a large shovel, floating in the ocean. Excited? Oh yes. Every date with Matt was an adventure. Some more wild than others, but always new and fun. Happy? You were always happy when you were with Matt. All he had to do was say your name or smile into your eyes and your heart lifted and soared.

“Too wet?” His knees pressed into the sides of your thighs and you struggled to answer his question without bringing sex into it. With Matt, you were always struggling to keep your hands to yourself and your mind focused. He had told you often that you didn’t have to keep your distance; that he was ready and able to handle anything you could dish out. You had laughed and yanked him toward you by his shirt and slammed your lips onto his. Within a half a second Matt had pushed you hard against the wall and returned the kiss with so much passion you thought your head would explode.

“No. I’m fine.” You finally pushed away that blazing memory and focused on the foamy waves sloshing high on either side of your queen-sized floating deathtrap.

“HAHA! Is this amazing or what?” Matt shouted as he jiggled your hips with his hands.

“I’m going to have to go with, ‘or what!’” You shouted back and Matt laughed even louder.

“This is perfect.” He said more quietly and kissed the side of your neck. “I have the queen of my heart floating with me on the "Queen of Hearts.”

You weren’t that far from shore and the waves weren’t really that high. But you were starting to get a little concerned because you knew Matt. And you knew it was only a matter of time before his kisses on your neck would begin traveling down to your shoulder and his arms and legs would tighten around you. You glanced off to the left and tried to gauge the distance to the shore. And true to your prediction, Matt’s arm slid around your waist and he buried his head in the soft place between your neck and shoulder.

“No, Matt.” You grabbed for the large shovel he used as an oar and twisted it around to begin paddling.

“Why not?” He asked like it was no big deal. “We’re all alone out here and it is a queen sized mattress. Plenty of room.”

“You have lost your mind and I don’t think you’re going to find it this time, Matt.” You jabbed him in the ribs as you began hauling back on the oar/shovel.

“Nothing wrong with my mind that a few more minutes here with you wouldn’t fix.” He said and nibbled at your shoulder.

Normally, you would have chucked away the oar and fell happily into Matt’s arms. But he hadn’t yet seen what you saw. You had to tell him before things got too hot and steamy so you thrust the oar/shovel behind you and he had to grab at it quickly to keep it from falling into the water.

“Do you see this, Matt?” You shrugged your shoulder to get him to raise his head off your neck and look where you were pointing.

“See what?” His voice was muffled and you realized he was trying to snuggle back into your neck again.

“There’s a hole in the boat!” You screamed.

Matt’s head jerked up so fast his forehead slammed into your ear and you grabbed at his thighs with both hands to keep yourself from catapulting over the side into the freezing water.

“Where?” Matt yelled.

His eyes followed your finger to the side of the mattress where you both stared with wide eyes at the air bubbles rapidly escaping into the water.

“That’s not good.” Matt laughed and you wanted to smack him.
“It’s not funny, Matt. We could drown!”

You reached out with a finger and tried to press down on the hole, hopefully sealing it until Matt could row you back to the beach. Instead, the jabbing of your finger gouged a hole deep into the plastic and the rapid whooshing of air screamed out of the mattress.

“Noooo!” You yelled and slammed both hands over the hole.

“Forget it!” Matt shouted and began rowing with all this strength toward the shore.

The beach seemed so far away now as the mattress softened in the middle and you and Matt began to sink toward the middle. You scooched your butt forward to try to get out of the bowl but your movements only made the air rush out of the mattress faster.

“Sit still.” Matt said as he rowed frantically with the shovel.

The freezing Alaskan water sloshed over the sides of the mattress and over your feet but you didn’t want to move an inch. You kept your eyes on the beach and wished you had an oar/shovel of your own. But matt was paddling steadily, his face determined. That was one of the many things you loved about him. He could come up with crazy ideas that might kill you both, but it was also true that when he set his mind to something he never stopped until he succeeded. So little by little as Matt rowed, the quickly submerging mattress worked its way to the beach. When you were close enough to see the gray sand and rocks through the shallow water, you knew you would be OK. And apparently, Matt knew it, too.

“HAHA!” Matt’s laugh was loud in your ear.

This time you did smack him. Repeatedly and hard.
“It’s not funny, man! You could’ve drowned us!”

You kept whacking him on his arm and chest until the mattress, no longer air-filled, sunk beneath you and your feet slid down, touching the bottom and water rising up almost to the top of your boots. The water was freezing! Together you hauled the soggy plastic mattress up onto the beach and slung it the rest of the way onto the grass. Matt still hadn’t stopped laughing and you were planning how you would kill him. But before you could do anything he had wrapped his arms around your waist and lifted you in the air and flung you down onto the wet, flat mattress.

“Matthew, stop!” You protested and rolled from side to side trying to get out of the way before –

Matt’s laugh was loud as he threw himself down on top of you, nearly knocking the wind out of you. Struggling to catch your breath, your teeth were still chattering from the cold water. You laughed and twisted trying to get away but his weight finally overcame you and Matt pinned you firmly to the wet mattress.

“Be still, girl. I’m warming you up.” He grinned and grabbed your hands and held them up over your head. “And you know you want me.”

Of course you wanted him. You had wanted him from the minute you met him in town and your desire for him had only grown the more you got to know him.

“Yes, I want you.” You gasped and laughed. “But I want you alive so I can kill you for almost drowning me.”

When you were both finally able to stop laughing, Matt lay still, his body warm on yours, and he smiled into your eyes. You moved your head up and kissed his stubbly cheek. He pulled back a little and his eyes darted left to right, looking closely at you. His smile was calm and you sighed softly and relaxed beneath him.

“I’d never let anything happen to you.” He said so seriously that you thought you might cry.

“I know that, babe.” You wrested your hands out of his and wrapped them around his shoulders and let his kisses warm you all over.

“Matt. You’re so romantic.” You smiled.
“I am, aren’t I?” He laughed and held you close.

“But your poor Queen of Hearts?” You said sadly as you slid your eyes down to take in the flattened mattress.

Matt’s gaze followed yours and a momentary shadow of disappointment crossed his face. He had worked so hard on that boat. Then he looked back at you and the shadow passed and his blue eyes once again shone with joy.

“It’s just a boat.” He said and kissed the tip of your nose. “You’re the real queen of my heart.”

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That's one thing I like about your story actually!! Every character has their flaws and makes mistakes and is a bit of an asshole in some way or another and they're not perfect, but they're not bad either. This doesn't help the fact that I get too emotionally attached to characters and when something bad happens, my heart just kinda... explodes. It's great. I love it. I love your story. I love the characters in your story. I love your writing. I love you. Keep doing what you're doing 💖💖

aaahh thank you so much :’)

taekook fic recs

i decided to rec some taekook since i’m bored and i want to get this blog started  ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

  • infinity on high : For his first year of university, Jeongkook expects sex. If he was honest with himself, it’s one of the things he looked forward to.What he doesn’t expect, is to become fuck buddies with the first person he hooks up with. 

(very emotional, i think i cried  (ᵕ̣̣̣̣̣̣﹏ᵕ̣̣̣̣̣̣) but very nicely written with an amazing plot  (ノ・ェ・)ノ a good start to shipping taekook, tbh  ╰(✧∇✧╰))

(i was sad, but it ends well. it has a sequel to it too, just click on the author’s profile and look for it  ٩(•౪•٩)三)

(a fic by mindheist, is there anything more i need to say? just read it, trust me.)

(i just realised how many fics in this list are longfic- i love reading longfics, so… but once again, another college!au taekook, me, a masochist, another angst. but it’s beautifully written, so.  ٩(^ᴗ^)۶)

(another long fic, 47k  ٩(●ᴗ●)۶ but this is nothing too angsty, and no smut!! so if you’re a religious avoider of smut, here you go  (▰˘v˘▰))

  • taste of ink: Jungkook is a drug runner for the largest gang in the whole of Busan: the Sam Yong Pa.

One day he bumps into a runner for a rival gang in the next district that has trespassed into their territory: a Geum Sung Pa boy called Jimin. Jimin has a friend, a goon for the rival gang.

Taehyung beats people up for a living, and boy, does he look good when he’s doing it.But their blossoming friendships reignite old gang flames and causes the most brutal gang war the country has ever seen.Dragons destroy and stars explode.

(oh so very emotional, a long fic of 120k words, and worth every word.  (ᵕ̣̣̣̣̣̣﹏ᵕ̣̣̣̣̣̣) will make you cry legit tears, and so angsty. you don’t know taekook angst till you read this,(; ̄д ̄))

(tumblr!au. is there anything more to say? also, this is short and sweet, and it’ll make you smile so much (◍•ᴗ•◍))

  • rich bitch When you make six figures a year, Valentino isn’t that big of a deal.

(yay!! it’s mindheist, y’all. another perfect fic, just read it.)

  • my world only has you in it:  When Taehyung signed on at BTS Entertainment, he just thought he’d start getting laid a lot more. Then he films with Jeon Jeongguk. (Porn Star AU)

(so good, i cried a tear. nothing too angsty, but wonderfully written and i’ve reread this multiple times.)

  • never let me go Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone’s hand is the beginning of a journey.

(another mindheist fic becuase they’re all just too good  (♡´౪`♡) this was the fic that made me ship taekook too, and my very first one. soulmate!au, and i’m so in love with this fic. the dynamic between taekook are so real and honest, i love this so much. kind of angsty, with smut. (♡´౪`♡))

(aaaand, it’s another mindheist fic, because i’m trash for her fics. this is so good, i wanted more but it’s 4k words, so (ᅌᴗᅌ* ))

(college!au, i loved this so much.  (✾♛‿♛)ノ*♡ angsty but amazing, you won’t regret it.)

i’m finally done, rip :’)))) i’m sure y’all have read most of these already, but it’s all good, so why not reread it? :”)))