my heart was racing while watching this

college au where the empty cup fam rent a place together and have roommate shenanigans

  • magnus fills the entire apartment with plants, to the point where you literally can’t navigate around them. any guest gets ‘watch the plant!’ shouted at them approximately nine hundred times bc the last time his aloe vera was knocked onto the ground magnus was devastated for a week
  • samirah still lives at home but she’s at the apartment so often they forget she doesn’t live there too. she gets them in trouble for throwing paper airplanes off the roof and alex stomps around shouting that ‘she doesn’t even go here!’
  • if you’ve ever shared a space with an art student you know that any attempt at cleanliness is a dream. alex has smudged every known surface in the apartment with clay. magnus laments the amount of times he’s found clay in his hair. 
  • hearthstone is in the particular hell called ‘being in love with your best friend and also living with him’. it’s the worst kept secret to everyone but blitzen. this means that magnus, alex, and samirah are constantly making encouraging comments, winking over breakfast in blitzen’s direction, and trying to lock them in closets.
  • if they can’t sleep, they can at least be guaranteed some company bc blitzen is always awake at night, still working. alex sits on his bed, painting her toe nails (pink and green) while describing modern art history at 3 am. magnus drags his comforter across the hall and lies on blitzen’s floor, listening to his sewing machine until blitzen trips over him on the way to the bathroom bc he forgot he was there. if hearth can’t sleep, blitz stops working and sits on the couch with him, watching terrible movies and trying to still his racing heart at his best friend’s proximity. 
One Hundred Miles Away


Request: oh what about a dad!shawn one where the reader and their 1 year old son surprise him at an ellen interview? (Shawn thought they were in Canada)

Word count: 2,401

One Hundred Miles Away

“Hello everybody and welcome to today’s show! We have the most exciting guest for you and a fully packed show” Ellen started, looking into the camera.

It already gave me butterflies, knowing my hubby Shawn would walk out at any second now. I still can’t believe, I got to keep that one.

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(Another day when smut didn’t want to come out and having serious hoseok feelings but when am I not? This is about poor baby being stressed. Fluff)

Hoseok threw himself on to the bed, his light hair hitting the pillows next to you, making you look up from your romance book that you’d been getting lost in since Wonho had been away a lot with his hectic schedule. Surprising you, he turned on his side, wrapping his muscular arm around your stomach, placing his leg over yours and nuzzling in to the crook of your neck before adorably rubbing his tired eyes. Gazing at how stressed he looked, you put your book down before kissing his forehead. He hummed at your touch, a slight smile on his lips. 

“Hey Mr Needy, are you alright?” 

You asked, your heart sinking as his eyes closed, enjoying the moment of tranquillity. His hold on you got tighter.

“I think so baby. I just missed you.” 

He uttered, his lips tickling your neck as he spoke. Oh, your boyfriend could be so sweet sometimes, well, all the time. 

“I’ve been right here baby.” 

You replied softly, running your finger tips through his lilac hair, trying your best to soothe him. He opened his eyes, propping his head up with his hand. His gaze fell over your body from bottom to top, drinking you in. Hoseok let out a deep sigh before looking longingly in to your eyes.

“I mean, I’ve missed ‘you’. I’ve missed waking up in your arms. I’ve missed you putting your legs over my lap while we watch movies. I’ve missed your beautiful laugh when I say cheesy things. It’s been so hard doing all of this without you. You’re my energy, baby, the reason I breathe.” 

You didn’t know what to say; you were stunned. He’d taken your breath away. You knew Hoseok was romantic, a true gentleman, but he’d never said something that had touched you so deeply before. With your heart racing, falling even deeper in love than you imagined was possible, you wrapped your arms around his broad shoulders, pleading for him to come closer with your eyes and before you knew it, you were kissing him harder than you ever had before. It seemed like the two of you were feeling particularly needy. Hoseok gently cupped your cheek in his hand as he affectionately teased your tongue with his, claiming your mouth, desperate to fill the void he was feeling. His lips on yours felt heavenly, so plump and peachy, you hadn’t been kissed like that for a long time and suddenly you knew what he meant by truly missing you. It was moments like this that he longed for. His lips lingered upon yours for a few precious moments, brushing against yours and pecking cute, innocent kisses upon them until he placed his head on your chest, wrapping his arm around you again. 

“I just want to listen to your heart beat for a while.” 

He murmured, making your urge to take care of him go in to a frenzy. There was something about your man that made you want to baby him, to make him smile that smile that made everyone fall for him. You held him in your arms, watching him cuddle you and be so at peace. You could tell he could stay there forever and so could you, he was all you needed in life and all you needed to be happy. 

“I have an idea baby. Stay right here.” 

You instructed as you climbed off the bed. Hoseok pouted, his sad puppy dog eyes coming to play as he reached out for you. He knew how to tug on your heart strings too much. 

“I have something planned for you. Don’t worry Hoseok, I’ll be back in a moment.”

The sound of trickling water echoed around the steamy bathroom as you washed Wonho’s prominent abs with a cloth, droplets of water chasing each other down his soft, milky skin. He sat in between your legs, leaning back so his head rested on your shoulder. You liked it this way. It was intimate and beautiful, you could hold his hands and kiss his cheeks as your stressed lover needed taken care of. Skin on skin, you placed an adoring kiss on his temple.

“Do you like taking care of me jagi?” 

Wonho asked, breaking the blissful silence. His question made you giggle, your heart swelling and filling with warmth.

“Yes I do, very much.” 

You replied, bringing the wash cloth up his strong arms, leaving a trail of glistening suds. Wonho beamed, the reflection of the bubbles in the bath sparkling in his eyes. 

“I like it too…although I feel a little emasculated.” 

He admitted, his chubby cheeks turning pink. Once again, you giggled, running your hands through his wet stringy hair. Hoseok smelled delicious and there was something about seeing him in his naked glory, soaked with water that made your downstairs speak to you.

“There’s nothing wrong in letting your girlfriend fuss over you baby.” 

You reassured him, starting to rub the cloth on his thick thighs, tantalisingly close to his groin.

“I know but…I think I’m the one who’s supposed to be taking care of you. I like taking care of you too.” 

His words made you smile. Inwardly, you purred; you liked it when he took care of you and he did it so well.

“Well, if you’d like, you can take very good care of me when we get out of the tub.” 

The suggestive tone in your voice sent a grin on Wonho’s lips. He took your hand in his before kissing each pad of your finger tips.

“I think that can be arranged baby.” 

The Carnival (Negan x Female)

Summary: The Saviors find a fairgrounds fully intact and Negan asks her to be his date.

Characters: Negan x Female

Word Count: 1,920

Warnings: NSFW, Smut, and Swearing 

Author’s Note: This fic was requested by @prettyepiic who wanted “smut at the Carnival”. I hope I delivered! Fair warning, it’s pretty dirty. ;D

Thank you to @ashzombie13 for being my beta reader!

Please let me know what you think! You can message me anytime! I LOVE feedback!

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Yes Sir Part 5

Yes Sir by evansrogerskitten
Part 5: His Fantasy Girl

Professor Winchester has a fantasy that his girl is eager to star in.

Series Masterlist

Warnings: Explicit. NSFW, double dose of smut. jealousy and angst, feels, fluff, role-play, dirty talk, dom!John, NSFW gif. WC: 4505 On AO3

A/N: Shout out to my graduation thesis making a cameo. This fic is kinky af. Let me know what you think! I’m writing it because of its amazing followers! xoxo Gifs & images aren’t mine, thanks to the creator peeps.

The little plastic remote clicked in my hand as I advanced the PowerPoint projected on the screen.

“My thesis is on the Undemocratic Tendencies of the Early American Founders.”

Looking across the classroom I could see encouraging faces although I knew everyone was listless, my presentation being the fifth one that week. Nevertheless, it was 30% of my grade. So I continued flipping through the slides, arguing my cases and backing it up with evidence from my interpretation of the effect of the Founder’s beliefs in creating the original Constitutional laws.

I had worked my ass off on this project. I knew I deserved an A. And with mid terms in a couple weeks, I needed to ace it. So I kept my eyes on my goal, focusing on the screen and not on the man in the back of the room.

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Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.5

                                                 Part F I V E 

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 3k+

A/N: let’s reach for 100, as usual! i really hope you guys enjoy this part as well (bc i kinda really like this part). im so happy to write this series and it makes me happy that ya’ll totally encourage me on it!! 

Parts: one, two, three, four, fivesix, seveneight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]

                                                  I M A G I N E 

Helsinki, 18:28 P.M. (last day in Finland, concert day)

“Where the fuck is it?” Calum growled, throwing Ashton’s clothing up in the air as he dug through his things. You watched in fear as Michael, Luke, and Ashton watched with you. 

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Interruptions pt 2 (Sort of Edited)

Shawn Mendes 
Words: 2,000 
Warning: Smut! 
Note: Its 1 bloody am and I have school so I’m not editing it. But I hope you enjoy it, shitty spelling mistakes and  all  😁

Originally posted by simplemmind

Three pages into the book and Alice was out like a light. I finished the book anyway, just to make sure. Untangling her little body from around me, I carefully shuffled off her tiny bed and took off her hearing aids without waking her. I placed them in the box on her bedside table before slipping out the room.

Shawn was already laying on the bed when I walked into the bedroom, still shirtless with grey sweatpants, eyes closed, although he wasn’t snoring.

“It’s only half nine.” I teased as I pulled my jumper over my head, dropping it on the never-ending mountain of laundry sitting on the chair in the corner of the room. This morning didn’t help the situation; instead of being productive and actually putting his stuff in the wash, Shawn just added all of his dirty tour clothes to pile. Our room now had the lovely sent of various pets, Shawn’s cologne, and sweat.

You get used to it.

“Mhm.” He hummed sleepily without moving an inch. His hands were behind his head, body fully stretched out dead in the centre, leaving a small square of space for Zoey whose head perked up at the sound. I tried not to stare, but come on, who wouldn’t stare at this amazing piece of art that I somehow ended up marrying.

“You’re such an old man.” I laughed when one of his eyes popped open, eye brow raising as if challenging me to say it again.

“At least I don’t make grunting sounds when I try to stand up.”

My mouth dropped at the stupid smirk on his face. That cheeky bastard. Grabbing the first thing I could fine – which just happened to be my bra – and chucked it at his face, only for it to hit him in the chest instead. He chuckled and picked up the piece of underwear, mumbling something about keeping it before shoving it under his pillow.

I - there was no words.

“It was one time. And I was pregnant.” I huffed in my defence as I shimmed out my jeans and socks, leaving me in just my tank top and pants. My arms instinctively wrapped around my stomach, not comfortable with how tight the fabric was. It was stupid, I knew it was. He was my husband! I shouldn’t feel this way in front of him. But that didn’t stop the alarm bells rung in my head, thinking Shawn had noticed something was up, but he didn’t seem to catch on.

His eyes were fully open now, smirk still planted on his face as his eyes searched down my body. He sat up, moving to sit at the end of the bed as he stretched out his hand towards me. I knew from that funny look in his eyes that I shouldn’t have trusted him, because as soon as I reached for his hand, he tugged me a bit too harshly onto the bed.

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Auston Matthews #4.2


Anonymous said: Please please pleaseee do a part 2 to the auston matthews imagine you just did 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 soo good


Anonymous said: Can you do a part two of your recent Auston one? How they end up watching movies after the fire please !!!

Anonymous said: Please do a part 2 to the most recent Auston Matthews imagine!

deannaard said: Can you make a part two? This is just so cute and cuddly

okayleafs said: this was so cute! you should definitely make a pt 2💗

boo-boocmf said: Please do a part 2. This was SOOOO good.

A/N: wowowowow i was not expecting so much response from this imagine but damn thank you all so much <3 sorry if this sucked haha i wasn’t sure if i liked it honestly

Word Count: 1,747

Originally posted by nylanderhoe

“Auston’s coming over?” Steph questioned while looking over at you, her eyes only leaving the road for a moment before she was focused on driving once again. You shrugged and then bit down on your lip. “I mean, you two were pretty cozy by the fire,” she smirked now. 

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anonymous asked:

People need to stop making such a big deal out of the month of March. Nothing is going to happen. Stop acting like it's cursed.

day: february 28th, 2017

time: 11:45 pm

i sat in my bed, nestled amongst my blankets, ice cold and shivering in fear. the blankets did nothing to warm me up or calm my anxieties, but the feeling of protection was enough to keep me at bounds. i looked at my blue and green watch, dimly lit in the darkness of my room. its ominous ticking was the only noise to be heard, other than my staggered breaths. only fifteen minutes… fifteen minutes until…. the “Month.”

the “Month” lost its true name after all of the strange occurrences that happened every year. people thought that reading its name on the calendar gave it power over them, allowing its curse to take course. from 44 BC, the month after february was always referred to as the “Month.” it all started with the ultimate betrayal. was it the wrath of caesar? or was it the curse of hatred and greed continuing its path? no one knew why it continued. while avoiding its name helped to ease the nerves of the people, it did nothing to take away its treacherous evils inflicted upon those who remained.

i was fortunate enough to escape the wrath of the mysterious shadow figures only a few weeks prior. the tweet notification had saved a lot of people that day, but the power held by the “Month” was enough for me to lose hope already. my heart raced, pounding in my ears against the steady rhythm of my ticking watch. i glanced down. 9 minutes. my eyes squeezed shut, images of the previous two “Months” taking over my thoughts.

with the previous few “Months” being rather calm, 2015 took everyone by shock. it was only 8 days after st. patrick’s day. tragedy had struck. one of the Five leaders vanished in the dark of the night. he took off in the middle of the night, the sound of wolves obscuring his disappearance. since then, the world hasn’t been the same. there was a major split in alliance, those taking the side of the insubordinate former leader and those whose alliance remained with the Four. the wars have plagued the nations, tearing friends and families apart. this was further exemplified the following year with the slander campaign running full force against the remaining 4 and the dark forces attempting to bring them down in any way possible. people were beginning to lose hope.

my thoughts were cut short with the beeping of my watch. midnight. the first day of the “Month.” i quickly silenced my watch, holding my breath. here we go.

i didn’t expect it to happen so fast but i heard knocking at my door almost instantly. they’ve found me. i tried to remain as silent as possible but the voice at the door yelled “i know you are in there! open up!” hesitantly, i made my way to the door and opened it. there stood a faceless, mysterious figure. their shadow presence gave them no visible features, but they wore a rather ostantacious floral print tshirt. my gaze lingered on it. “it’s gucci, inspired by the leader of the next rebellion.”

“the… what?” i whispered, voice trembling.

“the prodigal one. the one above them all. this is his ‘Month.’ he hates everyone who supports the Four. he doesn’t need the other Three… so get ready for him to take over the world,” the mysterious figure said. 

“but, he loves his brothers… the other Three leaders, he would never do such a thing,” i said, standing my ground. i knew how he was like. he would never.

they moved forward, closing in the space. i could feel their hot, angry breath on my skin. “the curse said so, it was prophesied.” the tears started streaming down my face just like the showers that are british. i couldn’t believe this. the figure held out a gucci shirt for me. “put this on and show where your alliance stands,” they said with a smirk. i was about to put my arm through the luxurious sleeve when suddenly, i heard a ping from my phone. i froze. 

dropping my shirt to the ground, i took my phone out of my pocket, eyes reading the words on my screen in disbelief. the figure shifted uncomfortably in front of me, the silence making them uneasy. i read the message out loud.

“Your support is unbelievable. Always has been. Thank you, Love you. H”

the tension seemed to be lifted from the air, the burden the “Month’s” curse put on my shoulders now nonexistent. the figure screamed out in disbelief, “but the prophecy foretold he would be the one to leave the others in the dust?? how could he? the curse of the ‘Month,’ it’s… over…” 

the figure bolted out of the room and outside. in the darkness i could make them out, kneeling in my front yard. “Et tu, Brute?” they yelled to the sky, fists pounding against the grass. i shrugged and closed my door, making my way back to my room. i popped in MITAM and ate some popcorn.

since that day, the curse of march has been lifted. anonymous, you were wrong and right. something did happen; the curse was broken. the end. 


“Kill her!”, the women in front of you said, as you crawled backwards in panic.
Knowing about vampires was dangerous, Raphael had told you but you had also always felt safe with him.

Now this vampire, Camille the leader, was telling him to kill you.

You looked to him scared. He had his feelings better under control than you, but the way his eyes moved, showed you that he was terrified too.

“No,” he said out loud and shook his head. Camille clearly wasn’t pleased, so he added. “I can’t.”

“Why”, she demanded to know.
“Because I love her.”

If your heart had been racing before, it stopped now. He loved you too?
Even Camille seemed amused from it.
“Raphael loving a mundane?” she giggled. “It would be funny to force you to kill her now. But even more fun to watch you, while she is aging and dying without letting you do anything against it.”

requested by anon
hope you like it

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Jughead & Reader: Behind Closed Doors

Summary: Everyone thinks you and Jughead hate each other but as it turns out, the two of you actually hook up behind closed doors. One night Archie drops by your house and finds out the truth.

NSFW** Like, for real.

Requested by: anonymous

Listen to: Closer - Nine Inch Nails 

“Trade you my baked lays for your flaming hots,” Kevin suggested as the two of you joined your friends at lunch. 

“That’s a terrible trade,” you told him with a laugh. “And this isn’t elementary school. You can just go to the vending machine and buy better snacks like an adult.”

“If we’re adults why must we continue to ask permission to go to the bathroom?” Kevin argued. “This place is like a prison.”

Veronica laughed. “I take it you aren’t having a good day.”

Kevin sighed and said, “Joaquin cancelled on me this weekend and we were going to see a movie. I had the whole night planned and my dad was going to be working late so we’d have the place to ourselves. But now I’ll just go home and eat a ton of ice cream and ugly cry while watching really old Audrey Hepburn movies.”

“Sounds good.” You laughed, teasing him. He rolled his eyes at you. 

Betty smiled. “Well why don’t we all do something this weekend?” 

“I’d be down for that,” Veronica said. “Beats sitting at home thinking about what it’s going to be like when my father comes home next week.”

“I don’t have any plans. I’m in,” Archie said. 

Everyone looked at you. “What about you?” Veronica asked.

“Oh, um. Sure.” You shrugged. “Sounds good.”

At that moment, Jughead walked over to the table. Your heart was racing but no one would ever tell by your expression. You rolled your eyes and shifted in your seat so you weren’t looking at him directly. Kevin just laughed. “You still hate him, huh?”

“What are you guys talking about?” Jughead asked as he joined the table.

“We’re all going to go see a movie this weekend. Want to go?” Betty asked him.

“Who’s all going?” He asked. 

Veronica sighed. “_____ is going but that doesn’t mean you can’t go.”

“It absolutely does,” you interjected.

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Home (Seungcheol)

24: “You okay? You seem little off today.”

42: “oh thank goodness…I didn’t think you’d still be here.”

You didn’t want to seem desperate, but maybe you were. You wanted to give him space, not seem so clingy, so maybe that’s why you have to do everything to restrain yourself every day from calling him. But maybe just once, you thought, just once you could be a tiny bit clingy.

You held the phone to your ear, heart racing, eyes moving all around the room. The ringing caused time to move slowly. Your knee bounced rapidly, fingers tapping your thigh. Just as you were about to give up all hope, there was a click.

A smile broke on your face, “Seungcheol!”

“The number you are trying to reach…..”


With a deflated heart, you pulled your knees to your chest. The darkness outside began to consume you, the loneliness slowly settling itself in.

The vibration of your phone shook you. Your heart leaped but once again fell. It wasn’t a text or a call. No. It was a vlive. Ah, you thought, the boys were live. You clicked on the notification. You assumed you weren’t going to see Seungcheol, but what was the harm in watching his other members play around.

Your lips tugged upward, scanning the four boys. Chan, Soonyoung, Seokmin. The smile dropped. Seungcheol. You’re eyes fell, a defeated sigh leaving your lips. For 5 minutes you watched him smile, listened to his laugh, saddened at his voice.

Did he really ignore my call?

You watched as the live came to an end. One minute passed. Two. Then three. Four. Maybe I should try again.

Your finger hovered over the call button. Pressing it lightly, holding the phone to your ear. It rang once. Click.


“The number you are….”


Eyes threatening to water, you held yourself back. An idea popped in your head. You scrolled through your contacts, quickly clicking on the boy’s phone number.

He answered right away, “Y/N!!!!!” the boy screamed in excitement. A smile crawling onto your lips, a happy sigh being let out.


“Did you watch our live. I looked cool right.”

You giggled at the boy’s enthusiasm, “you were the coolest. Say, um. Is Seungcheol there?”

Chan hummed for a moment, “How come you didn’t just call hyung?”

“I..uh..” you thought for moment, “I didn’t want to wake him if he fell asleep quickly. I knew you’d still be up.”

Chan hummed once again in agreement, “yeah hold on a second. He’s right here.” you could hear Chan’s voice as it moved away from the phone, handing it over to Seungcheol.

“Hello?” His voice was low and tired.

You felt the calm rush over you, eyes beginning to water slowly. God you missed his voice. How long had it been you wondered 3 months since you last saw him?

“Hey.” your voice fell quiet, “You okay? You seem a little off today. I tried calling.”

Seungcheol let out a sigh, one that sounded more annoyed of you, “yeah. I’m just really tired right now. You know practice and promotions. Plus Jihoon is really hovering over my shoulder to get these lyrics done. And you know how it is.”

“Ah…” your voice slowly cracked. You coughed hoping he didn’t notice, “I just missed you that’s all. We hadn’t talked on the phone in a long time.”

The annoyed sigh was released once again, “You can’t keep doing this. Calling me just randomly. I’m really busy okay. I told you I’d call you when I have the time.”

A fire was lit inside of you, “so I’m just suppose to wait around next to my phone waiting for your call. What am I, someone you can just call up for fun.”

Seungcheol could feel the small glances he was receiving from the few member that had walked in the room, “We’ll talk about this when I get home.”

“Home?” You scoffed, “I’m surprised you remember this place over here was your home since you’ve been living at the dorms for the last 3 months.”

“Stop being such a drama queen!” Seungcheol raised his voice. The members stared for a moment but he disregarded them, “I’m the one paying for you to stay there! So stop whining just because I’m not there twenty four seven!”

His harsh words stunned you. Your mouth was left agape, your eyes gave away, letting the flood gates open. You hung up the phone, letting him have the last say as you broke completely in the middle of the living room.

Seungcheol tossed the phone onto the couch. Chan grabbed his cell phone and the others stared at him in concern. Silence plagued the room.

Chan stood uncomfortably, “You didn’t have to yell at her.”

Seungcheol looked at the boy, “what.”

“Y/N didn’t do anything wrong.”

“I didn’t yell at her okay. It was just a mini fight. It’ll blow over.”

“Chan’s right.” Jeonghan spoke up, “she’s your girlfriend. Of course she’s going to call you. She’s probably worried sick.”

Seungcheol squeezed his eyes shut, “This is between me and Y/N. Just butt out.”

Jeonghan stood from his seated spot, “Between you and Y/N? It doesn’t sound like that anymore. You basically told her the only reason she’s with you is because you pay for where she lives.”

Seungcheol opened his mouth to protest but Jeonghan intervened.

“She can’t call you but you can call her? Honestly she wouldn’t even be with you right now if it wasn’t for the rest of us updating her on her idiotic boyfriend.”

Updating? Seungcheol looked in confusion, “what are you talking about?”

“This is the first time she’s called you in 3 months because you’ve been so self absorbed in yourself.” Jeonghan pulled out his cell phone, scrolling to your name in his messages, “did you even notice that she hasn’t called you.” Jeonghan shoved the cell into Seungcheol’s hand.

Y/N: hey jeonghan. I watched you guys perform on tv. It was great. I know Cheol is busy so please take care of him for me.

Y/N: Please make sure Cheol is eating his meals, he looked a little skinny in the last performance. Don’t forget to eat yourself too!!

Y/N: i haven’t called Cheol in a long time. I hope he’s not too worried. I know how absorbed he gets into his work sometime so please make sure he stays healthy.

Y/N: Cheol hasn’t come home in a while. I hope he’s resting at the dorms. Please make sure he’s taking breaks, don’t let him over work himself so much. Take care of yourself too!!

Y/N: 3 months pass by slowly when I can’t see you guys. Don’t overwork yourselves. Also, can you make sure Cheol is alright. I haven’t seen him in a while, I hope he’s okay.

Seungcheol stares at the screen. 3 months. Did he really forget about you for 3 months. And here you were, every day, making sure the others were taking care of him. All because you knew he always put work first. Jeonghan’s phone vibrated in his hand.

Y/N: you probably won’t hear from me for a while. Please take extra care of Seungcheol for me in my place.

Seungcheol gripped the phone tightly. Idiot. He hated himself. He loathed himself. He wanted to punch himself so much at the moment. How could you still possibly care for him after he had spoke so harshly to you. His heart began to race.

you probably won’t hear from me for a while

What did that mean? Were you going to end it with him? Were you leaving? Seungcheol stood up hastily, shoving the phone back to Jeonghan as everyone watched him curiously.

“Where are you going?”

Seungcheol slipped his jacket on, struggling with his shoes, “I’ll be back later.” He flew out the door.

By now your tears had ceased. You hadn’t known if it was because you were numb or if you had literally cried all your tears out. Your body weak and tired, you dragged yourself to the kitchen, opening the fridge and pulling a water bottle out to hydrate yourself. Your shoulders felt heavy as you moved slowly, closing the fridge door, you heard the slam of something louder.

Seungcheol stood before you. He was still panting, out of breath because he decided it would be faster to climb four flights of stairs to the apartment. He noticed your state, hair a mess, eyes and nose red, your limbs looking smaller than he remembered. But most importantly, he saw you standing in his home.

He ran towards you. Entering the home with his shoes still on, his arms engulfed you. Seungcheol buried his face in the crook of your neck, taking in the scent he was deprived of for 3 months, “oh thank goodness…I didn’t think you’d still be here.” his voice hitched, “I thought I lost you. I thought I’d come home and everything about you would be gone. I’m so stupid. I’m so utterly stupid.”

You felt the wet tears of his drip onto your neck. The water bottle rolled off your fingers as you brought your arms to wrap around his shoulders. You took the softness of his touch in, your sadness, your anger, the loneliness, all of it slipped away, “Welcome home.”


Glad to be here 

Loki x reader

Anon: Hey! For an earth-loki imagine could you do one where Loki comes back to the reader all injured and stuff and she welcomes him into his home but it’s revealed that he’s ran away from something and is maybe only using her as a getaway???? Could he be an old friend of hers, where he previously has done this before too? Also could the reader be like kinda in love with him where she’s angr but just hapy that he’s back? I know it’s a lot but thank you <333333

A/n: tell me what you think, I’m not too happy with the quality of this fic

Words: 700

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Watercolors (epilogue)

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Pairing: Kyungsoo/Reader

Genre: Fluff (artist! au)

“…and then, I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?”

You swing open the door and step into your shabby apartment. The yellow-stained walls and peeling paint don’t exactly scream ‘welcome home’. Well, it’s not like you made an effort to pretty up the place anyway. You only have essential furniture, and nothing decorative– no houseplants, no carpets, no pictures, no paintings…

The uneven wooden tiles seesaw back and forth as you walk across the room. You toss your bag at the leg of the coffee table, and only watch with a neutral expression as all your sketches pour out. You throw yourself onto the couch and a satisfied sigh escapes you. You lay still, staring up at the cracked ceiling. The setting sun pours in from your balcony, coloring the room an orange tint.

It’s been about a year and a half since you moved to Paris. Luckily you’re quite fluent in French, after taking it for eight years straight. But the transition was hard, no doubt. New country, new people, and new job. And… no Kyungsoo.

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hi! :) since your requests are open, can you do a gangster/fighter!au for shownu? i actually had this idea of him being an underground boxer or with a gang after seeing his outfits for fighter era, hehe

yes!! I was just thinking about this the other day, bless you little angel i got you


  • So Shownu and the rest of Monsta x have been labelled as the school badboys, every girl wants them, every guy wants to be them (remember when fanfics used to call them kingkas because i do)
  • rumours have been spread around over the past couple years that they’re involved in gang activity but no one’s been able to prove it
  • Shownu is the ‘silent leader’ type and hangs in the back but the others respect and listen to him when he sets them straight
  • the rest of the boys are pretty rowdy and mess around, usually Wonho is the voice of authority because Shownu doesn’t really like having to act like their dad
  • to some extent they are involved in …. illegal activities
  • Shownu is involved in underground fight clubs (among other things we’ll cover a little later)
  • he used to do it for fun, when he was having trouble at home and needed a way to vent all of his frustration and anger (plus he was making money so win/win)
  • he stopped after a few months because people were getting suspicious when he was showing up to school repeatedly with cuts and bruises
  • but recently he’s been fighting for a different reason
  • you
  • so basically, he’s had a giant crush on you for like almost 2 years and he’s always been too scared to do anything about it
  • your family is struggling and you work nights at the convenience store that CONVENIENTLY happens to be right by his house
  • the guys always hang out at his place and he always volunteers himself to go get snacks etc just so he can see you for a couple of minutes and interact with you for all of five seconds
  • like we’ve all seen how cute and flustered Shownu gets when he’s shy
  • that would be him with you, to the point that he goes bright red and can barely speak to you so he just grins and leaves asap
  • (you think it’s adorable and can’t understand why people are so scared of this dude because ?? he’s so precious, and always asks about your day)
  • also the thing about Shownu is that because he’s more of the quiet observant type, he sees a lot more than anyone would think
  • so he knows that your family doesn’t have a lot of money and that’s why you work there
  • he wanted to help you but he didn’t know how at first, you wouldn’t even take a $5 tip one of the first nights he stopped by to get snacks
  • Changkyun is another observant type and Shownu confides in him about his feelings and the problem he was having
  • he suggested to maybe drop the money anonymously? so tries that…
  • and wow he really did not expect you to take the money to the principle and tell him that someone just left an envelope of cash in your locker…
  • so they try again a couple of days later after writing an anonymous note to go along with it, to explain what it was for and to make it slightly less weird (but still hella weird)
  • you tell yourself you’ll accept the money only because you were REALLY struggling and needed to get the loan sharks off your back
  • he’s such a little dork he’d totally spy on you before class and make sure you took the money, and his heart would race as the corners of your mouth upturn into a small smile

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With You By My Side - Seven

A/N: I am now finished writing this series. There will be in all ten parts, and I will try and post every day, but I make no promises. Thank you to everyone that has liked, reblogged or commented on this series. I loved writing it, and it keeps me motivated to read all of your kind words. Special thanks to my beta @thorne93.

Characters: Jensen x Reader. Jared x Genevive

Warnings: This is pure fluff.. All the way. I got cavities writing this.

Wordcount: 2731

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“What?” you whispered in disbelief.

“Marry me..” he repeated a little more confident this time.

“We can’t get married, Jay!” you exclaimed, shooting out of the bed. “I can’t make any plans for the future when I don’t know how long it’ll be. I can be gone within a year.” You paced the floor, running a hand through your hair.

“All I know is that I want to be with you, for as long as I can. I don’t want to waste anymore time (YN), I want you, and I have wanted you for years now. Take this leap with me,” he pleaded, placing two strong hands on your shoulders, making you look into those emerald orbs of his. Before you could say anything he was down on one knee in front of you, looking up at you. “I love you, more than I ever thought possible. You are an amazing woman (YN), and you make me a better man. You have been there to support, encourage and motivate me for years, and you always manage to put a smile on my face. Will you (YN) (YLN) make me the luckiest man in the world and spend the rest of your life with me?” he finished with a smile.

“Are you really serious about this?” you asked carefully.


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Summary: Request: Best Friend Changkyun and you are always together, but you have feelings for each other.

Idol: I.M of Monsta X

Word Count: 1444

Warnings: None

Mentally, you and Changkyun were 5 years old. You’d just been like that your entire friendship. It was a nice escape from the pressure of the real world, growing up, and all that.

“Bet I could swing higher than you,” he grins, gripping the metal chain tightly in his hands.

“You’re on,” you laugh, kicking your feet to propel you and your swing into the air.

The two of you were used to this. Not caring what others thought. Focusing on the rush the two of you got when you were around each other. The endless memories you two cherished forever. And, while you were happy with that, you wanted more.

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chapter 6.

Mayday || Jinyoung

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Reader (you) x Jinyoung

Word Count: 1422

Warnings: a gun is involved …

note: hey everyone! finally friday is here and i’m beyond happy that the weekend has arrived. to summarize my week is basically saying a lot of emotions because of got7 and a lot of stress haha. but an award of excellence for my band festival really pumped my week haha. anyways happy reading and take care! -admin

“You deserve better, (Y/N).” Jenny told me as I sat in front of the mirror, getting my hair done. It has been weeks since I’ve last seen Jinyoung. Whenever I thought of Jinyoung, Jackson’s words would ring through my mind and it bothered me. I told Jenny everything about Jinyoung, from the moment at the party to the moment we shared in bed. But Jenny didn’t find him charming at all. She told me that I was used as an item. And after sorting my thoughts together, I came to an agreement that Jinyoung was a rebel. A dangerous con artist.  

“We weren’t even dating.” I replied bitterly.

“Well he left quite an impression on you. It’s been weeks, (Y/N). There are other guys out there that are ten times better than Jinyoung.” Jenny noted, standing up from her seat.

“Don’t you have other things to do?” I changed the topic, not wanting to hear Jinyoung’s name again.

“I’m going now.” Jenny huffed out. “I’ll see you out there.”

Letting out a heavy sigh, I let myself close my eyes to ease my mind. Lately, I haven’t been feeling so well with all the stress that work gave me. My finance issues were a problem and my bills piled up. On top of that, the thoughts of Jinyoung only made my head heavier. So the only thing was to drown myself with my work, which involved multiple photoshoots, just to keep my mind off of Jinyoung and to make money. But what was it about him that kept me thinking about him? What was so intriguing about him that most guys don’t have?

“(Y/N), let’s get shooting.” My manager yelled just outside the dressing room. Quickly getting up and fixing my outfit, I made my way to the studio where most of my time was spent these days. Jenny came to support me as a friend who knew that I was going through a stressful time. For hours, I stayed in the studio while the lights blinded my eyes, shoot after shoot. My body was getting exhausted and it felt like I was about to pass out. The only thing keeping me conscious was the bubbly best friend I had, cheering me on.

“(Y/N), there’s a man who wants to see you. Apparently, he’s looking for a model for his new clothing line. He wants to meet you now.” My manager told me as soon as I sat down on the chair, giving my body a rest.

“Where he is?” I sighed, leaning back on the chair and closing my eyes for a brief moment.

“The fifth room down that hall.” My manager pointed. I gave him a nod before slowly standing up my chair and dragging my feet down the hall. The sound of my heels clicked on the tile of the building as the bare skin of my leg felt the black silk robe I was wearing flow behind me. The soft fabric of the red satin dress I was wearing brushed my mid-thighs as I slowly made my way to the fifth door. Entering the room, I found myself facing a man, whose back was turned to me, feeling the dark atmosphere of the room.

“Sit down.” The man demanded, his accent quite heavy. I did what I was told, sitting down on the leather chair placed in the middle of the room. I observed the man, looking at what he was wearing to see if he was professional or not. But telling from his back, he wore something that appealed to the richer kind. A navy suit.

“I need your help.” The man spoke up, after a moment of silence.

“Sure,” I sweetly replied back, wanting a good first impression on this man, “I’m more than happy to model for you.”

“No, that’s not what I meant.” The man growled, his back still faced towards me. I furrowed my eyebrows and tried to think about what he meant but instead, I started to panic. The way this meeting was set up was far away from the main crowd of people and the atmosphere was very dark. It seemed suspicious that the man didn’t want to face me while speaking to me. But I was wrong.

I watched as the man reached inside his jacket and pulled out a gun. At this point, I froze at the spot and my heart stopped beating. I could feel a scream coming up my throat as I watched the man load the gun with bullets. My mind went numb and my heart started to race. I thought of different things I could do at the moment but I knew I was hopeless. He had a gun and all I had was my heels. If I moved, I could get killed in an instant. So it was better to stay put and listened to this man’s reason.

“Ryder is the name.” The man, who supposedly was named Ryder, turned around to look at me dead in the eye. I examined his features and concluded he was in his late twenties since he looked young for his age. But I couldn’t focus on anything else as he came closer to me, pointing the gun dangerously at my body. The sweat started to form on my forehead as he grabbed my chair and leaned forward.

“Who knew Jinyoung could choose a pretty girl like this.” Ryder whispered in my ear as I felt the cold metal of the gun hit my jaw, forcing my head to look up.

“What do you want from me?” I finally spoke, with a harsh tone in my voice. If I wanted to live, I had to fight for my life. And I concluded in my head that action was the way to go if I wanted my life.

“Jinyoung is the man I want.” Ryder growled as he trailed the gun down my body. I could feel tears starting to form in my eyes but I held them back because, I couldn’t show sign of any weakness.

“I-I’m not the person you need.” I shakingly stated. I thought I was being bold by telling Ryder that but instead, I heard the click of the gun. At this moment, I knew I was trapped and I couldn’t do anything about it but hope. The feeling of boldness I had a few moments ago was soon lost by the feeling of terror. This was the second time my life was on the line because of Jinyoung.

“I heard you need money,” Ryder smirked before letting go of my chair and walking away from me, “I’ll pay you as much as you need if you do this for me.”

“And if I don’t?” I asked, gripping the edge of my seat.

“You’ll die.” Ryder smiled at me, while playing with his gun. I took in a deep breath and tried to think. There wasn’t a high probability that I will make it out of this room alive if I didn’t comply. Even if I threw my heels at him, the gun could go off before the shoe could hit him and I’ll possibly get killed.

“Okay. What do I need to do?” I sighed, giving myself in. My heart and mind started to calm down as I told myself I was going to be okay. If I complied with this man, I’ll get outside and hopefully scream for help. There are always other ways to escape and I had something in mind.

“Come with me to a banquet happening now.” Ryder stated as he offered me a hand.

“In these clothes?” I asked, hesitantly taking his hand.

“Yes. I’ve sent men to talk to your manager to cancel your shoot. Come with me.” Ryder smiled as he closed his hand on mine and led me out of the room. I tried to steady my legs as I walked with him, down the hall and out the building. The cold air hitting my bare skin as I started to think of a plan to escape.

Ryder led me into his black fancy car, shutting the door on me before driving off to the banquet. I looked outside the window, observing the city as my head mapped out my plan. If my job was to get Jinyoung where Ryder wanted him, then my plan was simple. Going to the banquet was part of it, and meeting up with Jinyoung was another. But what was I going to do?

Shout mayday.

A Needed Night of Romance Chris Evans x Reader

Summary: You come home frustrated with your editor, and discover a surprise guest.

Notes: Straight Fluff!!! // This is my first Real Person fic, so I would LOVE feedback from you guys. I may even consider making another part to this. I’m not using my usual tag list since this is a different pairing than I have ever used, so if you want to also be on my RP tags, let me know!! (I will tag @moreinfinite because she always wants tagged and the lovely @tsfrce)

Word Count: 2,199

In the silence of the plane, Chris anxiously scratched at his full beard. In only another two hours, he’d be strutting into Sweet Thing’s house to surprise her with his early arrival. Y/N had been so good about Chris’ time away for press and filming. Honestly, it gave her time to work too. She was in her final phase of writing her first novel. She was able to schedule her writing around his less malleable schedule. That way, she had more available time to spend with him when he was home. Chris was over the moon with how disciplined she had been to keep her schedule. He knew that she was now ahead of schedule, much to his excitement, so he planned out a long evening for the two of them. He actually found himself discussing it with the kind woman next to him. Her heavy lidded and wrinkled eyes seemed to shine more and more as Chris swooned over Y/N.

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