my heart stops every time i see this bit

alive and safe and with me

They’re sitting at their dining room table and Philip smiles over at Lukas, picking another piece of pepperoni off his slice of pizza. 

“Why’re you still wearing long sleeves?” Philip asks, narrowing his eyes. “It’s hot in here.”

Lukas has had a sort of quiet contentment on his face since he got home late this afternoon and he just smiles, shaking his head.

“How are you not hot?” Philip asks. “I’m hot.”

“Yeah you are,” Lukas says, grinning at him.

Philip laughs, shaking his head. “What’s up with you? You meet some new cute guy at that group project thing? You getting ready to tell me you’re leaving?”

Lukas scoffs. “As if,” he says. 

Philip knows it’s the most impossible thing, which is why it’s so easy to joke about it. “So why are you acting like you’re staring at something beautiful?”

“Well, I am,” Lukas says, gesturing towards him. He grins when Philip sits back in his seat, clicking his tongue. “Angel face, you walked into that one.”

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Wanna One reaction to their girlfriend blushing easily


He would love it a lot.He'e like to see you getting all red whenever he says something.

“I want to eat you.You look so cute.”

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He would also love it a lot.He’d find it really cute.

“You look like a tomato.”

“You look like a dwarf.”


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Hed like too see you getting shy over him.He’d tease you sometimes,but not that much to make sure you’re not uncomfortable with it.

“Sometimes I think you are the cutest like this.”

“Just sometimes?”


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He’d tease you A LOT.Every time you’ll be blushing he’d tease you about it.

I just told you about Daniel,why are you blushing?I’m your boyfriend.”

“Yes,but how can you say that you like to sleep on Daniel’s abs?I get shy dude.”

“Do you want me to lie?”

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He’d also be similar to Ong.He’d enjoy to tease you.He’d get jealous whenever you blush in front of someone else.

“Okay.That cashier was hot,but that doesn’t mean you can blush in front of him.”

“Are you jealous?”

“Yes,I am.Stop blushing.”

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He’d love to see you getting shy and that would be a lot since everytime Daniel’s smiles you blush.

“Yaa,stop blushing.”

“Stop smiling then.”

“But I like to smile…….and make you blush.”

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He’d pinch your cheeks whenever you’re blushing.He’d find it really cute.

“I always thought that I’m the cute one in our relationship but I guess I was wrong.”

“You are always wrong.”


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He’d fin it really cute.He’d keep himself from making you blush in unnecessary situations.

“You always blush when you talk with Daehwi,why?”

“He’s cute.”

“But you don’t blush every time you talk with me.”

“I do blush a lot with you too.Cause you’re cool,but still a little bit cooler than Daehwi.”

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He’d tease you sometimes.He’d like to see you blushing over things he says.

“Woah,you have such a handsome boyfriend.”

“Stop it.I already know it.”

“So cute.Also you have my heart for appreciating my visual.”

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He probably blushes a lot when he’s near you.He’d think you are cute.

Cute cute cute just like me.”

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He’d tease you a little too much.When he is blushing and you’d tease him he wouldn’t like it.

“Baby Guanlin blushing.”

“I’m not a baby and I’m not blushing.Say more and we’re breaking up.”

“So mean.”

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time of the month // theo raeken

pairings: theo raeken x reader

warnings: fluff, mentions of period.

a/n: kinda short but still cute though.

You were laying on your bed currently scrolling through the channels on your TV. You have no motivation to do anything but do nothing and in your favour you have a damn good reason; Mother nature paid a visit.

So yeah back to the TV, As you searching for a movie to watch you heard the doorbell ring downstairs, Since both your parents were at work you unwillingly brought yourself downstairs to open the door. You swing the door open to reveal your fine-looking boyfriend with pizza in one hand and a bag of candy in the other.

“What are you doing here?” You ask him giving him a small kiss as he walked inside and you closed the door.

“Well, I knew it was your time of the month so I wanted to spoil you a little bit.” He said putting down the food he brought you.

“But how did you know?” You asked curiously.

“You reeked of blood at school today and considering I knew you weren’t injured, There was only one option left.”

“How did I ever get so lucky?” You said wrapping your arms around his waist.

“Come on I brought your favourite.”

He gave you a slice of pizza and  once you took the first bite in it you let out a small moan from how good it tasted, Theo looked at you smirkingly and let out a small chuckle.

“Please don’t do that again.” He smirked before taking bite out of his pizza.

“Do what?”


“Come on, What did you mean?”

“Babe it was nothing.” He grinned.

“Oooh I get.” You smiled widely.

Theo just rolled his eyes in response.

“I turned you on..” You smirked.

“You’ll have to do more than that to turn me on baby girl.”

“You’re underestimating me.”

“You sure are confident.”

“I learned it from my smug boyfriend.”

“Keep eating.” He joked.

“But apparently that turns you on.” You chuckle.

“I can’t take that risk today, I don’t want to have little wolf babies running around.” You said trying to hold in your smile.

“Just so you know I’ll be glad if you have my little wolf babies.” He smiled at you.

“And I’ll be glad to have them just not when I’m in high school.”

“Good idea.”

“You see I’m not just good looks, I’m smart too.” You said smirking at him.

“Trust me, I know.” He smiled.

Once you two finished your pizza you both went upstairs to watch a movie. Theo laid on your bed and you laid next to him with your head resting against his shoulder. Theo would always hold your hand so every time you would wince or feel any discomfort he could take away your pain.

“By the way, What candy did you buy?” You asked him.

“It’s in the bag over there.” He pointed to your table.

You walked up to the bag and brought it back to the bed before opening to see what sweet goodies Theo bought you.

“Yes you bought Reeses!”

“Ooh and Sour patch kids..” You said excitedly

“I know how to take care of my girl.”

Just hearing him say that made your heart flutter and you bit your lip trying to stop the huge smile spreading across your lips.

“What?” He asked smiling at you noticing your beautiful smile.

“Nothing, I just love it when you call me that.” You gave him a small smile.

You two got back to the movie while eating the candy he bought. As you reach inside the bag of the Sour Patch Kids you found only two left.

“You ate all the Sour Patch Kids.” You pouted jokingly.

“In my defence I’m a growing werewolf with an increasing metabolism and I need my.. Candy?” He laughed.

“And I’m on my period so I win.” You smile and eat the two candies left.

“How does that overpower a werewolf?”

“To be honest I don’t really know.” You laughed.

“You’re lucky you’re cute.” He said kissing your temple.

“You love me though..”

“Always.” He said kissing your lips softly.

You rest your head back against him as you two turn back to the movie, After a couple of minutes your cramps started again and you were starting to get uncomfortable and Theo immediately sensed it.

“Give me your hand.” He said softly.

“You now you don’t have to do that every time I’m cramping.”

“I don’t want you to be in any pain, Come on.”

You gave him your hand and he held it between two of his hands intwining his fingers with yours. He held it tightly and once the black veins started appearing on his arm you felt the cramps going away.

“Better?” He asked.

“Yes, Thank you.” You said softly before pressing your lips against his and sweet yet sensual kiss.

lavender + vanilla ; two/two

one/two , two/two 

pairing; taehyung x reader

genre; angst angst angst

word count; 5.5k

a/n; under editing! i apologize for the mistakes, but i will fix them soon!

summary; a story about a boy who had forgotten his memory of you

“Lavender,” He repeats. “You’re the girl that smells like lavender.”

You stared at him with confusion, your hair probably a mess with spit drooling off your mouth but you were too bewildered to worry about your appearance. “Lavender? What are you talking about?”

“Lavender is the scent that I would sniff in your hair when we slept together,” Taehyung states, his eyes staring at his jacket and back to you. “It was that scent that would wear off when you wore my clothes; it was that scent that was on this jacket- the jacket that you wore.”

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UNFINISHED (If someone else wants to continue the story, please go ahead!)

Commander Peepers becomes the talk of the ship once his diary is discovered, and he must do everything in his power to prevent the news spreading to Lord Hater.

((Just something I wrote for fun while on a long car ride! Probably filled with errors, but it was fun to write regardless!))

Commander Peepers scribbled anxiously in his diary, his red glove clutching the pen tighter as he continued to write. Lord Hater was most definitely asleep — Along with a majority of watchdogs — but the Commander wanted to take extra precautions as to not arouse suspicion. His lights were turned off, and he lay under his blanket beside his flashlight. If any emergency were to occur that required anyone barging in to his room, all it would take was a swift motion to click the flashlight off to appear as though he was sleeping.
The Commander, ever since the defeat of Lord Dominator, hasn’t been able to bring himself to sleep. It was odd, to say the least, that after defeating what kept him up for months, a new problem started gnawing at his stomach the same day.
It was a feeling he couldn’t, and wouldn’t dare to try and describe. All he knew is that they were connected to Lord Hater, and if he wanted to continue to be a productive commander, he’d have to destroy whatever feelings plagued his vision.

“Dear my very manly, very evil logbook meant for only the most crucial details involving my life…”

Peepers muttered quietly under his breath, without even realizing he was doing so.
“It is to my great misfortune that I must bring up my feels dealings with Lord Hater once more.”
Peepers took a moment to give the word ‘feelings’ a few more hashes through it, his gut feeling like it was twisting. That was not the correct word, it was just an easy mistake brought forth by his exhaustion. Clearly.
“It appears as though I can’t stop thinking about him in ways indescribable by even the smartest watchdog: Me. It’s like hatred, but not really at all. It’s miserable and…”
Peepers shuddered a bit as he continued to write, the tip of his pen pressing harder in to the paper.
“… Happy at the same time, which only makes it twice as more miserable. Every time I close my eye I see him conquering plants, or shouting threats, and so on. I’ve noticed that, peculiarly, I hate not being around him more. And certainly not the good kind of hate.”
Peepers felt his heart beating faster, a feeling of dread laying heavy in his chest. The more he wrote, the more obvious it became, and the more denial he forced himself to feel.
“Surely all second-in-commands feel fondly of their boss in the same manner. It is nothing significant or worth worrying about. Perhaps all this spawned from the pride I felt at seeing him act all tough and brave and strong when—”
Peepers’ pupil shrunk in realization. There was no denying it, and absolutely no possibility of ignoring it any longer. The pen barely contained any pressure as he sloppily wrote, barely allowing himself to look down at his own writing. He couldn’t help but mutter out the words.
“I appear to have a certain endearment to Lord Hater.”
Peepers wailed in despair, his current thoughts outriding his goal to keep quiet. He slammed his eye repeatedly against the cover of his diary, in some hopes to knock the feelings out of him. It was ridiculous, embarrassing, and worst of all, the exact opposite of evil. Hater would be ashamed of him, but nowhere near as ashamed as Peepers was with himself.
“Uh, sir?”
Peepers frantically waved his arms as he panicked to switch off his flashlight and shove his diary under his pillow. Afterwards, he ripped his blanket off his eye to face whomever entered his room.
“WHAT!?” Peepers shouted irritably, quickly blinking away the wetness in his eye.
Several watchdogs were standing at the door of his room, peering in. Peepers blinked again, this time in confusion.
“We heard you yelling and—”
“NO YOU DIDN’T!” Peepers shouted before he grabbed his blaster and threw it at the door. It slammed it shut, knocking over at least two watchdogs in the process.
Peepers glanced at his alarm clock.
7:00 AM.
“Oh grop!” Peepers quickly scrambled out of bed, frantically reaching for his helmet as he slipped in to his shoes. “I lost track of the time!”
In a matter of seconds, Commander Peepers was ready. He quickly opened his door and pushed the crowding watchdogs aside, rushing to catch up on his duties. With as much effort as he could, he left his feelings in his room and focused on his job.

“Greetings, dear viewers! Today, there has been an overwhelming request for today’s special topic involving none other than our very own: Commander Peepers!”
Andy the watchdog held his microphone proudly as he spoke.
“Lately, our commander has been reported to be, and I quote, ‘Not himself’. It’s got every one of us watchdogs talking and curious.”
Andy began walking down a hallway, his eye not leaving the camera. The watchdog carrying it kept it as steady as possible as he followed him.
“Rumors have been spreading throughout the Skullship! But today, dear viewers, I will get to the bottom of all of it, just as you requested! Dangerous? Of course! But not so much so that I would consider not satisfying my dearest, special viewers!”
Andy halted in front of a door, and gestured to it with his hand.
“This is the Commander’s room! It is time that we begin investigating!”
Without a moment’s hesitation, the watchdog entered the room, walking lightly on his feet.
“There isn’t much to search in here…” Andy stated as he glanced around the surprisingly empty room.

Andy walked towards the bed, which was left in the center of the room. It wasn’t made.

The watchdog gave a quick glance around the room, double checking to make sure he was the only one there before he began pulling at the blankets. His hands gripped something peculiar, and he quickly pulled it out for inspection.

“A flashlight! Perhaps our Commander has developed a fear of the dark?” Andy pondered a minute as he continued to examine the object.

“Nah, that can’t be it.”

He stuck his hand back in to the blankets. After just a few moments, his fingers slid under the Commander’s pillow and he felt another object. Immediately, he pulled it out. Bingo!

“Aha! All our answers might be answered in this… Diary?” Andy questioned, holding it up closer to the camera.

Without thinking of the possible consequences, the watchdog began flipping through the pages.

“Now, we don’t want to invade all of Peeper’s privacy. We’ll just skip to last night’s entry, and see what we can get.”

With book in one hand and microphone in the other, Andy stopped at the previous day’s date. He mumbled out the written words as he read, carefully searching for evidence. When his pupil reached the final sentence of the page, it shrunk before looking back up at the camera.

“Commander Peepers has a certain endearment towards Lord Hater! Could this be w—”

“ANDY!” The watchdog quickly turned, tossing the diary up in to the air in shock. Commander Peepers was standing in the door way, his eye bloodshot in anger. Though frightened at first as the commander began approaching him, the watchdog quickly tried to regain his composure for the sake of the show.

“Commander Peepers, sir! What exactly did you mean by a certain endearment?”

Peepers’ pupil shrunk as Andy held out his microphone towards him.

“I.. YOU…” Peepers stuttered in anger, shock, and embarrassment. His fists were clenched and shaking. “GET OUT OF MY ROOM AND DELETE THIS FOOTAGE BEFORE ANYONE SEES IT!! BY THE TIME I’M DONE WITH Y—”

“Oh, uh, this is actually broadcasting live across the Skullship! It is Live-Friday, after all!” Andy “winked” at the camera.

“I… Live F-Friday?” Peepers looked at the camera, his pupil even smaller.

“That’s right, sir! The Eye on The Skullship’s Live Fridays, where every Friday the show is live! We just started doing it last week!”

“So you mean to tell me that right now, who knows how many watchdogs are watching this, and saw you… Reading that?” Peepers pointed at his logbook.

“That’s right sir! All for the sake of the watchdog’s curiosity!”

“ANDY!” Peepers quickly reached for his diary, holding it close to his chest.

“Sir! One time I saw you and Hater walk in to the smooching room together! Is there a relationship budding!?”

Peepers turned around to see a crowd of watchdogs outside of his room, all either staring at him or the camera. Andy wrapped his arm around the watchdog who had spoke out before holding out his microphone once again to their commander. The watchdogs then began speaking of other instances involving Hater and Peepers.

“Wha— NO!” Peepers shouted, quieting the chattering watchdogs. “I couldn’t believe that we had six smooching rooms, Lord Hater was simply showing me that they existed! There is NOTHING going on between us!”

The watchdogs were quiet for several seconds before Andy asked another question.

“Do you wish there was?”

Before Peepers could respond, another voice shouted out above the rest.


Peeper’s felt his stomach drop as Wander appeared from the middle of the crowd, a smile taking over the majority of his face.

“Oh grop, no.” Peepers squeaked out in disbelief.


Wander yelled out a “yee-haw” before running out in to the hallways.

The watchdogs watched him run off before turning to Peepers.

The commander held out both of his hands, signaling for them to all stay in place so he could speak.

“Weddings have cake!” A watchdog shouted. Not a second afterwards, the watchdogs began running with Wander.

“NO!” Peepers quickly ran after the group, frantically trying to raise his voice over the cheering and chatter.

“Commander Peepers! I bet our viewers are just DYING to know what flavor cake you plan on having!” Andy fell back from the crowd to run beside his commander.

Wander appeared from seemingly nowhere and got in between Peepers and Andy’s microphone.

“Well, I was thinking about having a layered devil’s food cake with buttercream icing, custard filling, and some luster dust! Hater does love his glitter!”

Peepers shouted loudly over the two. “THERE WON’T BE A WEDDING! THERE WON’T BE ANYTHING!”

Wander’s smile didn’t falter. “Sure there will! When Hater finds out how you feel, he’ll realize that you two have always been close, and you two will fall in love and get MARRIED!”

Peepers came to a halt, grabbing Wander by his arm. He continued running forward a bit before he bounced back, much like a rubber band.

His immediate reaction would’ve been to threaten him, but he knew that it wouldn’t work.

“Listen! You have to use your banjo or something to stop them!”

Wander tilted his head in confusion. “Why? Don’t you want Hatey to know how much you care about him?”

Peepers blushed and screamed in fury. “I DON’T!”

“Well, why not?” Wander asked. His genuine sound of confusion was infuriating.

Peepers took a deep breath, trying to remain calm.

“You trying to pair us up is just as crazy as trying to pair him up with Dominator!”

“Aw, C. Peeps! This is way different!” Wander wrapped his arm around Peeper’s shoulders, leading him forward.

“Sylvia helped me learn that you can’t force love.. But you and Hater are already in love!”

Peepers shuddered at the “L” word. Before he could respond, Wander continued.

“Dominator and Hater barely spent any time together, it was silly of me to think that they could’ve gotten married after a music number when they weren’t  even friends yet… That’s how Sylvia explained it, any way. What you and Hater have is definitely special, it’s easy to see why the watchdogs are so supportive!”

“They’re only supportive because they want cake!” Peepers argued. “Lord Hater and I are buddies, I admit that, but we aren’t, and CAN NOT be anything more than that!”

Wander stopped walking, and Peepers shoved his arm off.

“But why?” Wander’s confused face returned. “You two already spend every day together, and you’ve got significantly closer than when I first met you two! Plus, the two of you would be ADORABLE together!”

“Why is this so hard for you to understand!?” Peepers shouted. “Hater does NOT like me in that way!”

Wander’s confused face turned to one of worry. “But how do you know that?”

“It’s obvious!” Peepers couldn’t believe that he had to explain this. “If he already did, he would have told me!”

“And what if he thinks that way, only with you? I know Hater tends to usually be more forward with who he likes… But that’s what makes you special!”

Peepers groaned.

“PEEPERS! The watchdogs won’t stop barking at me!” Lord Hater came running down the hallway, a crowd of watchdogs following close behind him. They were all yelling loudly, and nobody could really make out anything they were trying to say.

“Oh grop, I completely forgot!” Peepers quickly stood up and ran towards the crowd, quickly trying to formulate a plan in his head as he confronted them.

Hater quickly ran to Peepers before standing behind him, glaring at the watchdogs who started chasing him.

Hater, without thinking, grabbed the journal from Peeper’s arms and threw it across the hallway. “FETCH!”

The watchdogs were quiet for a moment and looked at each other. Peepers looked to Hater.

“Sir, they aren’t—”

Before Peepers could finish, the watchdogs ran after the journal. They wanted to find the page that Andy read.

“Phew!” Hater smiled at himself for his clever plan. “What do you think that was all about?”

Before Peepers could think of a response, Wander ran up.

“Hater, C. Peeps has something to tell you!”

“WANDER!” Hater turned towards him, his fingers already sparking with lightning. Peepers turned his attention to the group of watchdogs that had started running back, much louder than before.

Wander began running in circles, with a screaming (and very angry) Lord Hater following close behind him. The group of watchdogs split: One group went after Hater, and the other went after Peepers.

  • aoi kurashiki: *exists*
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I’m so late but I’m here nonetheless!! I’m sure that this list is incomplete and there are so many more writers I haven’t mentioned but I’m terribly tired rn, please excuse me ;-; 



Ellie!! You and your absolutely precious aus, the way you depict Eren and Levi’s relationship is so tender and precious, I can read your fics for hours and tbh thats what i do. Everytime I read your fics I can’t stop smiling like an idiot lmaoo. I will never forget pear eren tbh, it is up there in the top 10 favourite ereri aus for me ;;;;)


This writer’s word is pure magic in print form tbh. I treasure every single little sentence you send me bru!!! Seeing is Not Believing is always going to have a special spot in my heart! Every single word, stringed together with such elegance, your writing always have the feeling of a nostalgic trip back down memory lane, with occasionally a sprinkle of humour that relates so well back to the reader. No matter what fandom you go into, I will always support you, I’m lof u bru!! (we gotta sort out the witches universe sometimes!!!!)


The Bagelaaaaaa!!! The most precious Bagel ;-; I remember the first time I read your fic when we collab-ed, I was head-over-heels for your knight!eren aaaa!! The subtle but definite warmth ignited between eren and levi’s relationship in your depiction of them makes me so thankful that we have such a wholesome content creator amongst us!! 


SYN HERE!!! DESERVES A MEDAL FOR THOSE DRABBLES THAT HE WRITES!! Not only a talented writer and artist, but also an excellent singer, damn son is there just no end to your abilities!!!?? Your eruriren makes me weep tbh!!! The poly relationship is depicted so well. Behind the beautiful writing is one of the most caring and sweet person I’ve had the pleasure to meet, give it up for Syn!!!


Oh my gosh shulkie’s writing owns my heart! From Starboy, to Stag in the Dark and then Halocline, every story takes me on a journey like no other. The style of writing, with the intriguing complexity and heaviness thinly veiled by beautiful words, takes my breath away every time. You never cease to amaze everyone with your words! 


Heyya! I only started to read this lovely person’s fics (and headcannons too!) and I’m already swept away! I played myself, I’ve been missing out on such beautiful writing for so long aaaa ;-; the stories you write makes me stop and think about Eren and Levi’s dynamics a bit more, I’ve learned so much from how you write them tbh! A gorgeous person too, coupled with a fiery and endeavouring heart, I’m very honoured to have met you! I can’t wait to see you posting more of your fics in the future!


I’ve been a quiet admirer of this writer for so long T-T, their fic “Sparrow” gets the canon Eren and Levi’s relationship so well, I love the tenderness between the two, the deep bond shared by them that fits in line with canon seamlessly. It’s such a unique journey to digest the story bit by bit, savouring every single little moment between the ereris, I have yet to finish the story, but I can already tell that I’m going to enjoy it!


;; Frauk mother! How can i express the amount of admiration I have for your fics!! Your little cat Levi and owner Eren warmed my heart so much XD and you go out of your way to explore themes, concepts, ideas that I’ve never heard of, you taught me so much tbh! Not only a talented writer, but an extremely kind person too, it’s such a pleasure to meet yoy ;///;


This person writes canon fics so well!!! And is also the first one!!!!! To write hanmika too!!!! I’m so blessed ;-; it’s been a while since we’ve talked, but your quiet charm and gentle words has inspired me so much to exceed my own limitations (not to sound totally dramatic lmao), I hope that whatever you’re doing, it’s going smoothly for you Stella!


How tf am I supposed to forget my Nit dear Hannah. I love you bich,,,,I ain’t ever gonna stop loving you bchi,,,,,,being a beta reader for your fics is so much fun! Running the ereribuns blog with you is something very special to me too. I can’t even begin to describe how good your writing is tbh! Levi’s gentleness? Check, Eren’s temper? Check, the two is balanced so well in your stories, just like,,,the cat and buns,,,,, I will support tf out of you once you upload your first work like watch me leave 3000 comments bih just fuckn n wa tc h

Not A Perfect World: a Nurse Offstill fanfic

In which my OC Nurse Offstill and Harold have a private talk in her office. 

A lot of students came to her office in tears, because of some pain or another. If it wasn’t a skinned knee, it was a classmate’s mean remark. A nosebleed, or Principal Krupp’s severity. A splinter or a broken heart over a bad grade. Nurse Offstill considered it her duty and her privilege to cure all of it, and cure it all she did, with her supplies, her equipment, her secret stash of biscuits that she shared only with the kids, and her sympathetic ear. The students at Jerome Horwitz Elementary came to her for care and support for almost everything. 

Well, it had been almost everything, until the day Harold Hutchins stepped into her office, looking deeply distressed. 

Without a word, Nurse Offstill put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door and closed it so that they could be alone and uninterrupted. She knew that look on his face. It was the look kids made when there was something eating them alive, a woe or a guilty secret they had to share before it led to their mental breakdown. Throughout her career as a pediatric nurse she’d heard more confessions than a priest. And, like a priest, she considered the confessions to be sacred and never shared them. 

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Jacob Frye x Reader - What I Never Knew I Always Wanted

A/N - Yeah, I’m late, sorry. Real talk though, what is with me writing things involving weddings and proposals? I am terrified of commitment what is happening to me. I also don’t like song fics very often and yet, here I am.

The song

Never was the kind to think about dressing in white
Wasn’t waiting on a prince to come riding into my life
Thought I was happy on my own
‘Til you came and proved me wrong

  “You look incredible!” Evie’s voice shocked you from your trance. You were staring at your wedding dress in pure bliss, analyzing every inch of the gorgeous fabric Evie had helped you pick out.
  “I never really thought I looked good in white,” you confessed, tears building behind your eyes as you grinned, “Evie!” You threw your arms around her, thankful the friend who did your makeup decided to play it safe with waterproof mascara.
  “You look fantastic and I know Jacob will think so too.”
  “I can’t believe I’m getting married!” you turned back to the mirror, fixing yourself up and holding back the happy tears still ready to fall. “You’ve got to admit, I never really seemed the type.”
  “You certainly seem the type now. Look at you!" 

Never pictured myself singing lullabies
Sitting in a rocking chair in the middle of the night
In the quiet, in the dark
You’re stealing every bit of my heart with your daddy’s eyes
What a sweet surprise

  You hummed quietly to the baby in your arms, eyes drifting shut, but still far from sleep.
  You might have missed sleep, but every time you looked at your child’s face, you fell more in love.
  "You look so much like your daddy.” The baby, tears stopped for the moment, stared at you almost like he understood. “You’re probably going to worry me just as much as he does too, aren’t you?”
  “I love you, sweetheart." 

I finally found what I never knew I always wanted
I couldn’t see; I was blind 'til my eyes were opened
I didn’t know there was a hole
Something missing in my soul
'Til you filled it up with your love

  "Jacob?” Your voice was quiet, cutting through the darkness of your room as you traced patterns on your husband’s bare chest.
  That word still threw you for a loop when it went through your mind.
  “Is something wrong?” His arm, around your waist tightened, pulling you closer to him.
  You hadn’t really expected him to be awake, so you tripped over your words a bit as you spoke. “No, nothing, I just- I love you.”
  A deep chuckle escaped his lips, igniting a grin on your own. “I should hope so.” You feigned a pout, barely visible in the darkness and he laughed again, before placing a kiss against your forehead, “I love you too.”

I never was the kind to think about dressing in white
I never pictured myself singing lullabies

Rescue Me

Title: Rescue Me
Rating: M (Adult Content: Physical Abuse, Language Warning)
Pairing: Roman Reigns/Reader/Randy Orton
Disclaimer: I sadly regret that I don’t own much.
Summary: Roman has to stop it, before it’s too late.

-Rescue Me

-Reader’s POV-

The pressure around my throat increased as I felt the heels of my black pumps leave the floor as my back scrapes up against the concrete wall. I try to breathe, to suck in as much oxygen as I can but all attempts seem to fail. The seconds turn to minutes, I feel my lungs tightening as my French tip nails claw at his hand and wrist.

“Please.. Stop..” I managed to squeak out. My vision begins to blur as he continues to choke me out, his fist squeezing me like a vice as I tried to cry out for help. The colorful pallet of tattoos down his arm fades into a sea of gray as hot tears pool in my eyes before falling down against my cheeks.

“I told you, I own you.” He hissed at me, his voice now sounding as if he was speaking in an echo. I struggle to imagine myself anywhere else but here. “Just like I owned you last night.” He laughed. The tears continued to roll down my face, sliding past the bruise on my cheek and the cut on my lip. My cover up make up now completely destroyed and stinging my eyes.

Suddenly nothing. Darkness surrounds me. Randy’s image was gone and all I could feel was numb.



-Roman’s POV-

“You almost ready to go man?” I asked, watching him throw the last handful of stuff into his duffle bag. I was dog tired and ready to hit the shower back at the hotel and get some sleep. I glanced over at my brother again as he nodded, pulling a plain white t-shirt over his head.

“Yeah, you?” Dean asked, then zipping up his leather jacket as he pulled it on as well. I ran a hand through my hair before tying it up at the base of my neck in a knot.

“Yeah dude, just let me get my shit from the bathroom.” I mumbled, disappearing through the doorway. My mind was anywhere but here. I felt like I had been walking around in a daze for months now. I couldn’t blame anyone else but myself though.

I had grabbed my brush and mouthwash from the counter when I heard a banging on our locker room door. I figured it was Seth wanting to ride back to the hotel with us so I blew it off initially. It wasn’t until I heard Dean yelling that I knew something had happened.


“Rome, bro, get your ass out here now!” The new tone in his voice told me everything I needed to know. She was in trouble again and I instantly felt a weight on my shoulders and a pain in my chest at the thought. This had to stop.

“What is it?” I asked, as I entered back into the room. I could tell by the look in Dean’s eyes and the level of his concern that it wasn’t going to be good. Standing next to him was Renee, tears streaming down her face, Ambrose’s arm around her waist. “What happened? Where is she?” I continued to rattle off, coming closer and becoming anxious.

Renee’s broken and distraught voice began to retell what she had seen as she grabbed a hold of Dean’s hand for comfort. “I was coming out of the girls locker room and I heard these noises… It sounded–so I just–and I saw–” Dean rubbed a hand across her back trying to calm her down.

“Babe, it’s alright, just breathe..” He whispered in her ear. Their relationship, their closeness, their love made me long for the one I had given up. I had been so stupid to walk away from her and now she was paying the price.


Within minutes Renee had taken us to where she had last seen them and the altercation that had taken place this time. She had hid behind a production crate long enough to know she needed help. Renee stopped just short of a long hallway, afraid to see what condition her best friend had been left in.

“Just around there…” She sobbed, wiping more tears from her eyes as Dean kissed her cheek and softly told her everything would be alright.

My heart pounded in my ears as I hurriedly turned the corner and saw her small frame lying face down against the cold cement floor of the arena. As soon as I could reach her I fell to my knees in a heap. My hands were shaking, afraid to touch her. Every time this happened I blamed myself a little bit more. It was all my fault and I knew it.

I could feel Ambrose standing just above me, watching closely as I brushed her long dark hair out of her face. My blood boiled and my heart broke simultaneously when I saw what he’d done to her this time. I can’t keep letting this happen. He’s going to end up killing her.

“That motherfucker..” Dean hissed, seeing it too. I gently rubbed a hand down her back. “Is she…?” His voice trailed with the question and I shook my head as I tried to roll her over as carefully as I could. The feel of her skin sent electricity through my veins just like it had always done.

“She’s breathing, but unconscious. That bastard choked her out, look at her neck…” I studied the bruises on her face, the gash in her lip and the newer markings he had left on her. I vowed right then and there that this would be the last time that Randy Orton ever touched her.

I picked her up in my arms, raising to my feet. I asked Ambrose to grab our bags from the locker room. I wanted to get her out of here as soon as possible before Orton had a chance to come back and look for her. Renee promised to meet us in the garage with her bags as well.

Once in the rental car, Ambrose drove as I sat in the backseat with her head in my lap. Looking down on her I continually checked her pulse, my fingertips running through her hair. She was the missing piece to my heart. But yet, I had done this. I had driven her into the arms of a man that continually assaulted her. He abused her and used her whenever he felt the need… What the fuck is wrong with me? What have I done?

I tried to stay as calm as possible, she needed me now more than ever and I’m not about to let her down a second time. I know now that I was wrong, I never should have left. I need her just as much, I can’t do this anymore. I am still very much in love with her. I won’t let him take away the only person I’ve ever really cared for…

But I will handle Orton later.


I walked out of the bathroom with a cool compress in my hand. I took a seat on the edge of the bed that I had tucked her into. She had started to stir not too long after we had gotten back to my hotel room but had yet to fully wake up.

Gently I pressed the folded washcloth to her forehead, mindful of her bruised cheek. As I wiped away the dried blood from the split in her lip her leg moved under the covers behind my back and I heard a slight whimper.

“Babe.. Come on.. It’s Roman, wake up for me baby girl.” I passed the cool cloth across her forehead again as I tried to coax her back to me. I watched her jerk again, her eyes fluttering open in a panic.

“Get off me Randy, get off! I told you no! Don’t touch me!” Her voice was hoarse as she tried to fight away her nightmare. I threw the towel to the bedside table as I took her hands in mine.

“Calm down, just calm down. You’re safe sweet pea, I promise.” She slowed her movements when she finally realized who I was and it wasn’t a dream. Her eyes instantly filled with tears and I could tell she was embarrassed. She quickly turned her head away from me to let out a guttural sob.

“He’s never going to touch you again.” I held onto her shaky hands, squeezing them gently. I tried to keep my breathing in an even rhythm to try to stay calm, for her sake. “I can promise you that.”

“You don’t know what he’s capable of, Ro…” She whispered and I felt her start to squeeze my hand back but she still refused to look at me. I could see the tears sliding off her face and onto the pillow.

“This has to stop. I can’t stand by and watch you suffer anymore. I’m going to end up killing that prick for what he’s done to you. The rage I feel inside is already unbearable. You’re not his toy, you’re not some whore that he can use whenever he wants it. This stops tonight. I can’t just sit by and watch him destroy the person I love anymore…”

Her eyes snapped shut, upon hearing my admission. Another sob escaped her, her body started to shake more violently as she continued to cry. Her grip on my hand tightened and my chest tightened with it. I couldn’t do this anymore. I had to stop pretending. I’m never going to be okay without her.

“Ro… Lay with me. Please. Hold me.” Her voice broke me again, her whimper, her sobs. I moved in to lay next to her, pulling her into my arms as carefully as I could unsure as to how much damage Orton had actually done to her. She pressed her face into my chest, her hands gripping my t-shirt so hard her knuckles turning a bitter shade of white.

“I’ve never stopped loving you…” I whispered into her hair before I pressed my lips against her temple. I could feel her body trembling. “I’m sorry for the way I acted. I’m sorry I tried to push you away because I was afraid.”

She pulled back a little, looking up at me through glassy brown eyes. The same eyes that made my whole body respond to her every time she looked at me. I brought my hand to her face, gently wiping away her tears with the pad of my thumb.

“Why?” She asked slowly, trying to calm herself down. “Why did you leave me that night?” My heart shattered into a million pieces but she had every right to know why I had ran away from her. Even though I knew I lacked a good enough reason.

“I started to realize how deep we were getting. It scared me, the way I feel about you still terrifies me. I’ve let this consume me, I haven’t gone a day without thinking about you–without missing you.” I paused, holding her a little tighter than before, trying hard not to get emotional myself.

“I wanted you to move in with me, I had planned on asking you that night. I wanted to get a new place, just for us. I had even looked at a oceanfront townhouse in Pensacola.” Her eyes got a little wider and I could tell she wasn’t expecting that. I brushed her hair away from her. My eyes trying to ignore all the bruising on her face.

“I would have accepted..” She whispered, her face moving back to press against my chest. I knew she was getting emotional again and didn’t want me to see it. I sighed heavily, rubbing my hand up and down her back gently as I thought about what to say next.

“I can’t apologize enough for being a coward, for leaving you the way I did. I suddenly felt overwhelmed, not only by how I felt about you but how much I wanted to make you a premenant fixture in my life. I’ve never felt that way about anyone before. All that bullshit I told you that night was a lie. It’s not that I didn’t want to settle down, that I wasn’t ready for a commitment–I wanted it all and more but I let my fear of the unknown control me. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to be the man you needed me to be…”

I paused as she shifted in my arms. We laid there together face to face against the pillows. She reached up to cup my cheek in her palm, I instinctively nuzzled into it closing my eyes as I breathed her in. I missed her touch so damn much.

“You will always be the man for me…” I grimaced, opening my eyes to see another tear slip down her cheek.

“I feel like I’m the one that pushed you into all this shit with Orton. I should have said something sooner, I should have stopped it. He’s hurt you over and over and I wasn’t there to protect you. You always came to me but I wasn’t there when you needed me the most. I’d never be able to live with myself if something happened to you, baby. I’m so sorry… For everything. Please, please forgive me.”

I leaned my forehead against hers as she started to cry again. Her hand never left my face, the opposite pressed against my chest over my heart. As much as I hurt and hated to see her cry, I let her get it out. I knew I deserved to see how much pain and hurt I had put her through. I just held her, staying close, not saying another word. A few minutes passed before she broke the silence.

“Ro… At first he was just a way for me to cope with losing you…” She took a deep breath in, trying to regain what little composure she could at this point. “It’s been almost four months since that last night with you… And I’ve lost count how many times he’s hit me. He uses me for sex when he wants it, for as long as it takes for him to be satisfied. And every time I would pretend I was somewhere else, somewhere with you…”

“I’m so sorry baby girl. I just can’t say it enough. It could never make up for being such an idiot and walking away from the best thing that ever happened to me…” My voice betrayed me, for as much rage as I felt in my gut for Randy Orton right now, I felt more heartbreak for her, for finally coming face to face with what I’ve done.

“I love you, I have loved you and I will always love you. Please stay with me, I don’t deserve you or your forgiveness but I want to be us again… I don’t want you anywhere near that son of a bitch ever again. I want you right here, with me, by my side, where you belong.”

I took a chance, my body reacting to the moment as my lips gently pressed against hers. For as much as I ached for her and wanted ravage her, I knew she physically couldn’t handle it. I could feel her lean further into the kiss but still taking it easy, mindful of the split in her bottom lip. My hand rested at the back of her neck, holding her as close to me as I could get her.

“I love you too, Ro.”



焼肉デート (Grilled Meat Date)

Playing hide and seek with this world
Being deeply moved by stupid songs
After drawing nothing but girls crying in a fetal position,
I got the feeling that my number of friends increased

If you want to change your fate starting tomorrow,
It’s useless to do the same things you’ve done every day

Because even if I have the last laugh every time,
You won’t turn around to notice, not even once
see see see,
Just by seeing your silhouette, my heart always flutters, and yet
Writing my last love letter of 100 pages,
Not a single thing would be transmitted, I get it
see see see,
Someday, in a quiet place, I want to talk with you, just the two of us

A bot with a strong soul but down
Common retweets are so boring!
B-b-b-b-baby, becoming a scapegoat
yo! Come on, come on
In the way of Lydon? It’s dangerous over there
Beautiful Giant, no no no
Not getting the meaning, OK, okay, I’ll just say “I’m living”
Let’s break up, boy
12345910 A friend that says “Let’s just go out!”
My kindred spirit is here
Hey, who are you? Choose your favorite sauce and let’s eat, okay?

If you want to change your fate starting tomorrow,
Just a little bit more than today,
Greet warmly with a bow and a “Yes!”

If I tell you all the foods I hate,
You won’t remember any of them
see see see,
If on the day I die we’re not together, it’s fine by me
That’s proof, right?
When talking to people you hate, stop giving them such a scornful look
see see see,
I get it, I’m a little strange

Because even if I have the last laugh every time,
You won’t turn around to notice, not even once
see see see,
Just by seeing your silhouette, my heart always flutters, and yet
Writing my last love letter of 100 pages,
Not a single thing would be transmitted, I get it
see see see,
Someday, in a quiet place,
I want to talk with you, just the two of us, okay?

tgweaver  asked:

Hey, I just wanted to say I was checking in on this blog after your ask some weeks ago, and I just wanted to say I think your art is developing rapidly. Whether or not you see it yourself, you're improving every day, and between facial expressions, scene framing, and basic rendering, you're already making a lot of progress in a very short time. Keep up the great work and never stop striving for more.

Um… Thank you so much! I very platonically accept your praise. I assure you it did not make my heart flutter even a little bit…

Joan, please put away the newspaper.

As Blue As The Ocean

Author: the-stressmushroom

Word Count: 2k

Rating: PG

Warnings: Swearing?

Authors Note: FLUFFFFFFFF! (First time writing fluff)  PLEASE GO VOTE FOR ME IN THE PHANFIC AWARDS @phanfic​


My name is Daniel James Howell and I am in love with Phillip Michael Lester.  It sounds easy enough.  He loves me, I love him, we live happily ever after right?  Thats what we deserve at least.  Phil and I deserve happy.  But, of course, nothing can ever be perfect.  Phil and I cannot do things other couples can.  He thinks we should, but I am afraid he might get hurt.  You see, Phil is blind and he has been since birth.  He is very capable considering his disability, yet, he still cannot see.  Ever since eighth grade, when we first met, I have been his best friend, and his guide.  I am his eyes, and I always will be.  I’m fine with that.  I fell in love with him the day I met him, and I will gladly lead him around this world if that means I get to take every breath of my waking life by his side.  His beauty is beyond measure and his personality is so kind, it could change the world.  I don’t deserve him, but somehow, I am lucky enough to be with him.  And I am even luckier that such a wonderful man loves me back.

“Dan?”  Phil asks, clutching my hand tightly.  I caress his skin with my thumb and turn my head towards him, admiring the way the moonlight bounces from his porcelain skin.
“Yes Phil?”  I reply, scooting closer to him on our checkered little picnic blanket, enjoy his warmth.
“Could you describe the sky for me?”  I smile at him.
He has always been fascinated with the sky, longing to know what it looks like.
It has always puzzled him about how the sky changes.  He can’t quite grasp the concept that the sky looks different at different times of the day, or during different seasons.
I turn onto my back at stare up at the vast night that lay out above me.
“Tonight Phil, the sky is dark, but clear.  Not a cloud in sight.  The color is an inky black, almost how you would imagine jealousy looking.  But it is not off putting, it is inviting.  And the inky black is layered with a blanket of twinkling lights, stars.”
Phil’s eyes light up at that. He loves stars.
“Are there lots of stars out tonight Dan?”  Phil asks, burying his nose in the crook of my neck.  I sigh, pulling him closer to me.
“Yes Phil, there are millions.  And they all shine for you.”  He giggles and I can feel a bubble of warmth grow in my chest.
“Do you think I will ever be able to see them?”  Phil asks, his eyes wide and unfocused, like always.  He has asked me this before, and I never know how to answer.  Sure we have looked into.  There are surgeries now that can re-attach the severed optic nerves that prevent him from seeing, but the success rate is so low and the complication count is so high.
“I don’t know honey.”  I wish I did.  But I just don’t.  I know it’s his life and he can do with it what he will, but how could I ever let him dive head first into an extremely dangerous operation?  
“Dan, are you okay?”  Phil brings me back from my thoughts and I lean down to kiss his forehead.
“Yea Philly I’m fine.  Why do you ask?”
“You’re just being uber quiet tonight, it’s not like you.”  I can hear the worry in his voice, so I kiss him again, this time on the lips, trying to release some of the tension that has filled the air.
“I’m fine, trust me.”  I say, sighing.  We spend a few more minutes in comfortable silence, just enjoying each others company.
“I love you Dan.”
“I love you too Phil.”

“Dan!”  Phil shouts from the kitchen.  I shoot up from my sitting position and rush to his side, thinking something is wrong.
“Phil! Phil, are you okay?”  I say, a bit out of breath from the sudden burst of exercise.
“Oh yeah, I’m fine.  It’s just Dr. Moore wants to speak to you.”  I grunt in response, taking the phone from Phil’s grasp, more than a little pissed that Phil is now snickering about how out of breath I am.
Dr. Moore is Phil’s eye doctor and therapist, and has been since we first moved to London.  He is excellent and is always trying to find new ways to help people like Phil.
“Hello Daniel,”  Dr. Moores voice pours out of the phone receiver, “I am calling to inform you that Phil has been selected for the clinical trial of a new procedure that may be able to fix his eye sight.”  I nearly choke on my saliva.  Phil might be able to see?
“What are the risks Doctor?”  That is always my number one priority, Phils safety.
“Well, so far, none.  It has been very successful-“
“Then we will do it.”  Phil is going to be able to see.  We have to do it.  No risks?  No problem.
“Are you sure Daniel?  What does Phil think?”
“I’m sure he will say yes.”  I know he will.
“All right then, come into the office at 8:30 AM next Monday, I will email you with all the information you will need so that you may prep for the surgery.  I’m so happy that you were so quick with your answer.  See you Monday.”
“Thank you Doctor.”  I choke, tears threatening to slip down my face.
“Dan are you all right?”  I here Phil call from the other room.  I walk in and sit down in front of him so that I can look him in the eyes.  Though they are vacant, I know it makes him feel better when I treat him as though they are perceiving.
“Yes Phil, I’m wonderful.”
“Then why are you crying?”
“Because I’m happy!”
“Because you are going to see.”

It’s Sunday night and I am freaking out.  The operation is tomorrow, and Phil is the perfect picture of serenity; not a worry in the world.  
“Dan, come here sweetie and relax.  Sit with me.  I need you to do something for me.”
I put down the packet Dr. Moore had sent over hesitantly, and plop down next to Phil.
He turns to face me.
“Dan, can you describe to me what you look like?  Like what you really look like.  Not some half-assed answer.  When I can see, I wanna be able to compare your answer to mine.”
Phil had asked me to describe myself in the past.  I hate how I look, I hate thinking about how I look, but I will do it for Phil.
“Alright.  I’ll do it.”  Phil smiles at me, and pulls his legs up underneath himself.
“Well first off, I’m tall.  Freakishly tall, but luckily your pretty tall too so it’s less awkward.  I have a boring hair color that matches my boring eyes, brown.  Brown is the same color as a lot of gross things in this world, like dirt, but it’s not all bad because it’s also the color of coffee and chocolate.”  Phil hums at that, he does have quite the sweet tooth.
“And my eyes aren’t all brown I guess.  They have a bit of amber in them.  Amber is the color of honey, and sunlight, so I guess having that in my eyes makes them a bit special.”  Phil smiles at me.  I hope he knows how hard I am trying right now.
“My face is average, I can’t really describe it to you and my skin is pale, but not as pale as yours.  I’m not fit in anyway, as I have a bit of pudge around my tummy and-“
Phil cuts me off there.  
“I think your tummy is perfect.”  He says, laying back on top of me and resting his head on my chest.  I spread my legs a bit more so we can both be comfortable and I put my arms behind my head.
“There is not much more to say, except that I have one dimple.  A dimple is like a little dent in someones cheek that appears when they smile.”
Phils eyes glitter.
“You sound beautiful.”  I sigh, he always says that.
“I’m really not, especially in comparison to someone as gorgeous as you.”

“Dan, can you describe me?”  I look down at him puzzled.  He has never asked me to do that.  Now that I think about it, why hasn’t he ever asked?  I mean thats a pretty standard question.  I know I’d want to know what I look like.
“Phil, you are light.  You shine so brightly it hurts because you care so much.  You make everyones day a bit happier and it shows.  Your skin is perfect, porcelain white like snow, and your hair is black as night.  You have a radiant smile that is completely contagious and never ending.  But there is one thing about you that I love the most. Your eyes.”
His smile falters at this and his head turns to face me.
“What’s so great about my eyes.  They’re broken.”  He looks as though he may begin to tear up, and I raise my hand to caress his cheek.
“Just because they are broken, doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful.”  I smile down at him.
“Your eyes are glorious.  They sparkle whenever you are happy, and look like crystals when you are sad.  Their color is mesmerizing.  They are as blue as the ocean on a sunny day and have flakes of gold in them like you captured sun beams in your heart the day you were born.  Everything about you is beautiful and perfect Phil, especially your eyes.”
He sits up, and bites his lip.
“Dan, I’m nervous for tomorrow.”
“It’s okay baby, me too.”

The hours pass slowly.  I’m sitting in the dank waiting room biting my nails, which became nubs long ago.  My foot has not stopped tapping since I sat down, and my heart speeds with each passing second.  I am praying to every god that may be for Phil to get through this safely.
“Mr. Howell?”  The doors to surgery swing open and a nurse waltzes out.  
“Yes?”  I say, my voice cracking a tiny bit.
“The Doctor would like to see you.”
Time stops, my heart drops, and my head fills with shouting.
The only word being shouted is Phil.
The nurse leads me back to Dr. Moores office, and he surprises me with a smile.
“Daniel,” he says, his voice light.  “The surgery was a complete success.  Phil now has his sight.”
I cannot stop the tear from falling and I don’t give a flying fuck.  My baby can see.
“He is going to be extremely sensitive to light in the beginning, but soon, he will grow accustomed to it.”
I nod.  I really do not care.  Phil can see.
“Would you like to go and see him?”  Dr. Moore asks.  I try to find the words to answer him, but just nod as I cannot construct my thoughts into words at the moment.  A smile is permanently plastered to my face.
“Right this way then Dan.”
We walk quickly down a few long hallways until Dr. Moore stops in front of a recovery room, I reach for the handle and look up at him, asking permission.  He nods, and I burst into the room.
And, there is my Phil, sat on a small hospital bed, in a white gown, examining his own hands with a look of wonder on his face.  His eyes are brighter than I have ever seen them.
He can see.
“Phil, the doctors said the surgery was a success baby!  What’s it like?”
Phil has yet to look my way, he is still examining his own hands, turning them every which way, fascinated.
“It’s a bit over whelming I will admit, but-“
He looks up at me and gasps.
“What, whats wrong?”  Is he okay, is he hurt?
“Nothings wrong.”  He says smiling, a single tear dripping down his face.
“You’re just so beautiful.”

Where Flowers Bloom, So Does Hope

Where Flowers Bloom, So Does Hope

By: DreamingKate


Summary: A jealous god curse’s the love of Apollo’s life with a horrible kind of immortality. He will be reborn and fall back in love with him only to be snatched away before they can truly be happy. Blaine is the newest reincarnation.


Author’s Note: Written for the Blaine Anderson Big Bang. Inspired by the tragic tale of Apollo and Hyacinth. The title is from a quote by Lady Bird Johnson and this story was betaed by my wonderful sister.


Warnings: Death, violence  

Beautiful art here by the amazing Lillemian!!


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anonymous asked:

can you please write what remus says when he leaves little notes for sirius in their apartment??

  • so as we all know, remus leaves sirius little notes in their apartment every morning.
  • and this could be because he has to wake up and leave earlier for work than sirius or he just simply loves making his boyfriend smile.
  • so here are some of the notes remus would leave sirius:
  • ‘good morning, my starshine.’
  • ‘hope you slept well, pads. i won’t be home until midnight so don’t wait up for me. make sure you eat dinner.’
  • ‘wish i could be by your side when you wake up.’
  • ‘you look absolutely beautiful today… but then again, you always do.’
  • ‘i’ve made you breakfast.’
  • ‘it hasn’t even been five minutes since i’ve left the house and i already miss you.’
  • ‘don’t strain yourself trying to cook (notice how i said trying), i’ll pick up something on the way home. love you, pads.’ 
  • ‘you look so adorable when you’re sleeping.’
  • ‘sometimes, i still can’t believe you’re mine.’
  • ‘i don’t want to leave you.’
  • ‘it’s been over 12 years and you still give me butterflies.’
  • ‘you mean the whole world to me.’
  • ‘i never knew what true beauty meant until i first laid eyes on you.’
  • ‘i’ve never stopped loving you.’
  • ‘can’t wait to come home to you.’
  • ‘how can someone look so good without even trying.’
  • ‘you are my favorite person in the entire world and i love you to absolute bits.’
  • ‘say you miss me because i’m dying missing you right now.’
  • ‘you take my breath away.’
  • ‘you are everything i have ever wanted and more.’
  • ‘hope you have a lovely day, beautiful.’
  • ‘can’t wait to see you tonight.’
  • remus always draws little hearts on the notes.
  • ‘never forget how much i love you.’
  • ‘can’t stop thinking about you.’
  • ‘i appreciate you.’
  • ‘i adore you.’
  • ‘wish i was lying next to you.’
  • ‘you are my everything.’
  • and he always signed all of his notes with, ‘love you always.’
  • and sirius would be blushing like crazy every time he read those notes.

***If you’re not too busy may you do that? You don’t know anything about love and stuff, and every time you see Thomas your heart go crazy and your ears on fire and you think that’s because you’re sick. At one point Thomas ask you what’s wrong***

Oh my lord, I’m so sorry I wrote this in the car in my book and I remembered bits of your request but my mind mixed it up so this is the result. So sorry! I can always just fix it up, let me know

You’re lying in your hammock with a wet rag to your head when Newt walks in. He stops short when he sees you.

“What are you doing?” He asks.

“Newt, my dear friend Newt. You mean the world to me, you know?”

“Have you been drinking?” He’s confused by your words. You wouldn’t expect him to understand.

“I’m dying, Newt. These are going to be my last days, soon I’m just going to be another headstone in the Deadheads.” You sigh wearily and close your eyes. You hate goodbyes. “I’m sorry. I didn’t want to be the one to tell you this.”

“What makes you think you’re dying?” He’s covering his grief well. You can’t bare to look at him.

“I’m allergic to Thomas.” You reply.

“Allergic?” He’s so upset he can barely speak.

“Yes, allergic. When he’s around it’s like I come down with a fever. My ears turn red and my heart starts beating erratically. It’s particularly bad when he looks at me, somehow it compromises the stability of my legs.”

“You get weak knees?” He interjects, tears are forming in his eyes and he’s trying not to cry. You grab his hand.

“It’s okay Newt. You’ll survive without me.”

Newt bursts out laughing. “I’m sorry, I just couldn’t hold it in any longer.” He wheezes. You look at him in disgust.

“You think this is a joke? I tell you I’m dying and this is how you react?” You accuse.

“You’re not dying, slinthead.” He starts.

“Uh, yeah, I am. Were you not listening when I told you my symptoms?” Your tone conveying that he is wasting your time among the living.

“Okay, well do you also receive a fluttering sensation in your stomach?” When you nod, he laughs again. “Those aren’t symptoms of dying." 

"Well it feels like it.” You cross your arms defiantly.

“Yeah, sometimes it does.” He agrees. You look up at him.

“Have you felt like this before? What is it?” You ask.

He casts a look over his shoulder. “I have,” He admits shyly and turns around and starts walking out. “And it’s called love.”

“Newt? Newt! What is love? Is it fatal?” You call out after him. “You didn’t answer my question.

All I Want

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Kim Taehyung

A/N: wooooow I haven’t posted in a while…… but here’s a Taehyungie angst inspired by Kodaline’s ‘All I Want’ (I recommend listening to the song either before or while reading c: )


It had felt as if every drop of love and happiness had leaked out of her chest and dripped down onto the concrete below her. Bitter tears plummeted from her eyes in a similar fashion as she continued to distance herself from his apartment. She knew it was for the better though every fiber of her being screamed to turn around and take it all back. He’ll be happier, she repeated, hoping to any god that this pathetic mantra would sedate her pounding chest.


“What did I do wrong? Just tell me! I can fix it I swear! Please don’t leave me, please, please,” Taehyung no longer understood the words that spewed from his own mouth just as he couldn’t comprehend the words that had left yours. Red-faced and desperate he continued to throw frantic pleas at your already heart-broken form. It felt like hell now but you knew it would soon pay off.

His career was picking up and if you stuck around nothing good would come out of it. With this in mind you decided that it was best for you to leave now before it all became too much.

“Tae, I can’t do this. I- I just have to go.”

“You can’t! You can’t do this to me!”

“I’m doing this for you! I’m leaving.”

You quickly turned and ripped through the doorway like you would a bandaid. Doing this you left Taehyung a crumpled ball in the middle of his own living room.


It had been hours since you said your final good bye. Somehow he had managed to stand from his hunched position only to crash onto his stiff mattress. He stuffed his sticky face into the cool pillows, a mixture of sweat, tears and snot coating them in a glossy sheen of liquid misery.

This couldn’t be it. You couldn’t just break him like this. He thought you had loved him, that he was doing everything right. In a state of total delirium he snatched his phone from the nightstand and aggressively searched for your contact. He wasn’t sure of what he was going to say but he knew that if you just heard how defeated he was you might just come back to him.


You didn’t even bother turning any lights on, instead dropping onto your couch and pressing your face into the upholstery. Cry after cry tore from your throat until you passed out from exhaustion, still violently heaving even in your sleep.

The first thing your swollen eyes saw upon waking was a dozen or so voicemails from Taehyung. Going against your better judgment you placed the phone to you ear and began to anxiously listen.

‘You- I.. I can’t even think straight right now, (Y/N). Who do you think you are? How could you just walk out? You can’t do that! You can’t just leave!’


‘I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to yell. I just don’t know what to do right now. Just forget you heard that last one.’


‘Please come back to me. Please, I’m begging you. I feel like I can’t breathe without you here. Please, please, please.’


‘Let me hear your voice. Just one time. Please answer me. Please, God, answer me.’


‘How could you just ignore me like this? How could you break my fucking heart and just pretend like I don’t exist? Did you ever love me? I fucking loved you! How could you do this?’


‘I’m sorry. I’ll stop. Just let me say one last goodbye. I need to see your face one last time, that’s it.’

With each message you felt as if you had been starved of every last bit of oxygen. Immediate regret seeped into the cracks of your spine as you broke out into a fresh new crop of tears. While your sobbing continued a feeble knock sounded from your door. As you debated whether or not you had even heard such a thing, desperate bangs began to replace the stillness of your apartment.

You quickly stood and weakly ran your hand over your face smearing God knows what onto your cheeks. Not really caring who was on the other side you wrenched the door open and immediately froze at the sight before you. It was almost comical how perfectly Taehyung and yourself were mirroring each other. His eyes, like yours, were red and puffy while his face glistened with the excrements of heartbreak.

Before you could runaway and hide from the mess of a man you had made Taehyung sighed and focused on some spot on the floor.

“I don’t know if you got any of my voicemails, but I really did need to see you one last time. I won’t try anything I just need some closure.”

Feeling guilty as hell you moved to the side, figuring you owed him at least that much.

“Can I ask you something?” He choked out to which you meekly nodded in response.

“You loved me, right?” Without hesitation you replied with an ‘Of course’ but returned your gaze to your feet.

“How then?”

“How what?”

“If you loved me, how could you leave me?” You took a moment to carefully choose your words, deciding that the truth in its simplest form would be the best.

“I’m no good for you, Tae. You’ve got your whole future ahead of you and I’m just going to hold you back. I left you because I love you.”

“God, you’re such an idiot sometimes. I need you! I need you so fucking badly! You can’t just leave me because you think I’m going to get held back.”

“Tae, I-“ You stopped mid sentence as he swiftly crossed the room and enveloped you in the tightest hug you had ever experienced. He clung to every part of you as if you were his last hope, burying his face into the crook of your neck.

“I couldn’t do any of it without you, (Y/N). Please don’t do this.” He whispered into your hair, dampening the locks with salty desperation. For some reason those words struck a chord deep inside of you and you cradled him to you.

“I’m so sorry.” You kept repeating, stroking his matted hair with a shaky palm.

“You’re all I want, (Y/N). Fuck, you’re all I want.”

I suck at endings :(