my heart shout out

I feel like crying and shouting and ripping my skin off - no ripping my heart out to stop feeling. To stop loving people. Because I only f**king suffer and I can’t endure this anymore. It feels like the end is coming for me. I have so little strength left. I’m becoming powerless. I’m scared I will become numb. Just so I don’t have to feel all this pain in my chest.
—  dewdropheart 




The View from the Summit
Wada Shunsuke

Engeki Haikyuu!! ~ Winners and Losers, 2017

I had walked a lonely road before
Now I’m walking on the road I longed for

I am not alone ‘cause you will always be there
There’s no more lonesome king, anymore

What sort of view is on the other side of the wall
No exceptions, we’re “ALLIES” on this side of the wall
We will definitely reach out the summit
'cause we are on the same team
Only the strong
Remain on the court

I had everything but now I don’t
I was scared to face myself, you know

I was blinded in the court
but always you were there
You never gave up anytime

What sort of view is on the other side of the wall
Can you feel there is always
Teammates behind you
We have no time to lose
We rise up every time we fail
Only the strong
Can reach out to the summit

Isn’t “Defeat” more like a crunch time
Should to overcome
Whether you can stand up after falling

“I’ll receive it all”
He’s shouting out by my side
“You are not alone anymore”
The voice echoes in my heart
“I’ll bring every single one to you”
He’s shouting out by my side
These legs will ovgercome any walls
We will see “The view from the summit”

So every year my school has a mandatory 50s/60s themed swing dance and today was the swing dance. So I’m dressed up in a leather jacket and pretty much look like a greater from Grease or something and I’m dancing with my friend who’s partner ditched her. My friends has never seen supernatural. So we’re dancing, and suddenly a very familiar, painfully sad song comes on. Twist and Shout. I just stop dancing and look at the band. Because here I am, dressed in a leather jacket, on a THURSDAY of all days, at a 50s/60s themed dance. I had to excuse my self to go into the bathroom and cry because it’s Thursday, I’m wearing a leather jacket, the weather is beautiful and my heart was ripped open and torn to shreds by gay porn. My friend thinks I’m crazy.