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It just blows my mind that CACW put people off stony. I swear that movie is sooo shippeable, it was so melodramatic and everything was stevetony and how they love each other and were hurt because they couldnt find a common ground. Obviously that movie broke my heart but also my stony feels were satisfied.

Hard same, Anon!  I loved it.  Yes, of course, it broke my heart, as you said, but that was because there was so much emotion there!

“She misses him like the sky misses the stars but it doesn’t make her belly drop like it used to. Her heart doesn’t yearn for him anymore. Everything Is more breathable now, she’s stronger and wiser”

- j.t.m

some nights it feels so hard to find sleep. my mind races a mile a minute, and my heart beat quickens to keep up with it. Life is an everchanging thing. Literally, everything changes. Seasons, time, relationships, friendships. And life stops for nothing & no one. It’s scary. It’s terrifying. The concept of it all. // how much family would I lose if I chose to be open with them on who I wanted to love? // how long will it take before my past comes back to haunt me? // how long until this girl, sees me for who and how I really am? //

@grethanss tagged me to list 5 things I love about myself. I really love the idea of this – appreciating who you are and being confident in yourself :’)

  1. I really love my sense of humor. I swear I’m the funniest person to (not so gracefully) grace this earth
  2. I love how devoted I am to my studies. I love learning, and I wish I could learn absolutely everything.
  3. I love how close I am to my sisters. Even when they are far, they are still so close to my heart. We have the best relationship ❤️
  4. I love how open to change I can be. I often feel stuck in the same place, so I change things up to make life different and exciting. Usually change scares people, but it doesn’t really scare me. I like that.
  5. I love that I’m open to trying new foods. I used to be the pickiest eater ever. About 6 years ago, I lost my sense of smell to most things which also screwed up my taste buds. A lot of things taste really bland now, so I’m always trying something new foods in hopes that it tastes like something good hah

I’d like to tag the following amazing people to list 5 things you like/love about yourself 😊  @coconutethan @california-grethan @tidsoptlmist @thetwinsonthemoon @detoxdolan @obsidiandolans @viadolans

“I had this vague notion that one day I might be editor of ‘Vogue China.’ It was a bizarre ambition, as I didn’t speak a word of Chinese. There were flaws in my plan, admittedly.”

Maybe we feel empty because we leave pieces of ourselves in everything we used to love.
—  Drake
  • Me, to other people: It's okay if you don't feel inspired for a little while. Just give yourself some time, don't put too much pressure on yourself, and you'll break out of it.
  • Me: *doesn't write for 3 days*
  • Me, to myself: you are literal trash

Twelve Days of Twelve: July 18th: Team TARDIS

A relationship in all its forms, in the combination of a passionate and powerful Time Lord and a young woman so very similar to him.

This beautiful masterpiece was created by @panda-capuccino <3 I commissioned her to create an artwork for my reylo fanfiction, Ashes of Eden. She went above and beyond my expectations: this artwork is everything I’d wanted and even lovelier than I could have hoped for.

Writing Ashes of Eden has been a life changing experience for me - for reylo changed many things in my life - and thus to see a scene from my own story brought to life like this? And so beautifully at that? It’s an incredible gratifying feeling. I can never thank you enough, @panda-capuccino. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this perfect and beautiful artwork.<3

Torment and restraint was simmering against her senses as he cradled her ribbon-tied wrist against his chest. But she fanned her fingers over his heart, and a pulse of her affection flared from her, unbidden and uncontrolled, but in that moment she couldn’t care less. He was shaking his head, his forehead coming to rest against hers, her fondness met with so much conflict and pain that it made her ache.

“I am not worthy of this. Not any of this…”

“Ben,” she whispered breathlessly. “You are.”

He met her eyes, and his were so unguarded, so open, that for the first time she truly felt as though she could see what he was feeling within his eyes, and not through their bond alone. He reached up to feather-lightly trail his fingertips along her jaw before tangling them into her hair.

“You make me want impossible things, Rey.”

He was leaning in, his warm breath ghosting against her lips, “You make me careless. And you change… everything.”

And then, he kissed her.

- Ashes of Eden | Chapter 10